What is the origin of Artificial Intelligence and where is this taking us?

It is in the Nature of Waves to Oscillate

Looking at the future tends to divide people into “optimists” and “pessimists.” Thus, there are on the one hand those that will only talk about what they see as positive aspects of where things are going, for instance those who without a foundation in history or any qualified scientific theory will talk about humanity suddenly entering 5-Dimensionality, a Great Awakening, Ascension or something in the same vein. On the other side there are those that see only negative aspects and argue that the world is hopelessly lost because of climate change, overpopulation, environmental destruction, etc. 

Based on my own work I do not think that either of these attitudes really has any merit. If the reality we experience is a product of wave movements generating alternating quantum states with different Yin/Yang polarities they are just too simplistic. Especially now, after 2011, when all the waves of consciousness are running in parallel creating our reality through a quite complex interference pattern, it is for those who want to contribute constructively to the future of the world necessary to know not only the descriptions of what superficially is happening in the world, but also the deeper, underlying reasons for this. Such a deeper analysis does mean however that not everything may seem positive to everyone and we may sometimes be compelled to shift our views of what is “good” and “bad.” 

Naturally, there are for instance people who do not like dark ages, and especially not so if it means that something that they have identified with will go down. This is an understandable response to significant shifts such as the profound one that took place in the Sixth Wave in 2011 and was discussed in my previous article The Great Reset of 2021. Yet, I think it is important to see that the way the universe is designed creation of something profoundly new is only possible if the reality of the past has lost its grip. Simply resisting what the evolution of consciousness is bringing will thus never be fruitful. To symbolize this in Hindu mythology, the god Shiva is for instance perceived both as the creator and the destroyer, he who destroys in order to be able to create afresh. Maybe it would serve us, or at least the delivery of the cosmic plan, to abide by such an attitude. Even if from our own limited perspectives the evolution of consciousness is not going right, it may in a long run have a direction that will facilitate balance and unity consciousness beyond what is immediately visible to us and in this article we will look at such a possibility. 

Quantum Leaps of Consciousness

But in order to be able to see this, a more complete perspective is required, which takes all nine waves and their interference patterns into account. Thus, my previous article only dealt with two waves, the Sixth and the Seventh, which do not give a complete framework to understand the coming course of events. Despite the enormous explanatory power of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory it does require of us to consider several different time lines that in parallel create the multidimensional universe. For the present purpose of discussing the future and the role of artificial intelligence in this what at least should be added are the Eighth and the Ninth Waves in order to understand what this may have in store for us.

Fig 1. The Five highest Quantum States and their dates of activation.

A key to understanding humanity’s path into the future is then the nature of the various macrocosmic quantum states, which are shown in Fig 1. Mostly unbeknownst to ourselves these provide filters to us through which we perceive reality, and then also have a direct bearing on the kinds of creativity we develop affecting not only human art and science, but also more broadly our religions, technology, social relationships and systems of governance. States of consciousness that are dualist will for instance tend to create more separation than those that are balanced.

The different quantum states are transmitted to us by waves that have different frequencies meaning that the shifts between days (peaks) and nights (valleys) happen with different rhythms (see Fig 2). While it is meaningful to analyze these waves one by one in order to understand the course of history, the reality is that every human being is driven by a particular interference pattern of such waves and, as can be seen from the diagram, this may at the current time be quite complex. This unified interference pattern is why we experience consciousness as singular rather than as a combination of distinct states. Since we as individuals have developed resonance with the different waves to different degrees they will play different roles as to how we perceive reality. While to some the unity consciousness of the ninth Wave may already be prominent, the minds of others may be dominated by the Sixth Wave still trying to see the world as it was before 2011. This diversity is the reason that changes in human consciousness are not likely to happen across the board simultaneously having the same effect on everyone. 

Fig 2. The highest four waves of creation since October 28, 2011

What we can see from Fig 2 is that while the Sixth and Seventh Waves went into “dark ages” in 2011, the Eighth and Ninth have continued since that point in time to oscillate between days and nights with periods that are only 720 and 36 common days long, respectively. Thus, also these waves need to be taken account if we are to understand the underlying factors for the evolution of consciousness in the present world. This is especially so as the lower waves have gone into nights so that much of the forward movement of human society is now driven by these higher waves and the light that they may bring. Ultimately, it is the light of the various waves that pulls humanity forward to create new realities or if you like, Worlds. We will soon see how this is playing out when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

There is free will, but in the larger perspective this is constrained

If a new quantum state such as those in Fig 1 is activated it means that in principle it becomes possible for us to “download”. Human beings are however not compelled to develop resonance with (or download) a new quantum state just as this has been activated. Rather what happens at such an activation of a wave is that a small group of people is attracted to its light and have their minds transformed. Then, as this new creativity seem to be beneficial others will follow suit until the new mind becomes the default and people essentially supersede or transcend the lower state of consciousness, which will be relegated to a less important role. 

It may here be in its place to exemplify with how the first civilizations (and nations) were created after the activation of the Sixth Wave in 3115 BCE. It started with some individuals in a few locations, Egypt, Sumer and the Indus Valley downloading a new rationally organized mind. What we know from Egyptian and Sumerian sources is that people there thought of their civilizations as “new creations” given to them by the “gods”). Inanna was for instance seen as a goddess bringing the gifts (so-called mes) of civilization to the humans and pyramids began to be built reflecting the new linearly structured mind. As it became evident more broadly that the new creativity had advantages such as organized irrigation systems to facilitate agriculture, writing to keep records and metallurgy to create tools and weapons, people came to develop stronger resonance with the new wave. Through this new dualist quantum state a centralized system of governance based on divine or absolute monarchies and a stratification of society came to be accepted. At some point enough people had become so used to their new minds that it became the default and people forgot that prior to this they had been in a floating state of mind. (The floating state was only preserved for instance in flood myths that no one understood anymore once the Sixth Wave became predominating). The essence of this is that it takes an intention to enter a new quantum state and usually such intentions have been fostered not only by a pull of a new light and a higher frequency, but for those that follow that they have seen advantages and have feared being left behind in the evolution of humanity.

So much for the first rise of civilizations as a result of the quantum leap some 5,000 years ago. Let us now return to our current time and look at what kinds of phenomena that the 8thand 9th Waves have the potential to develop. These phenomena are different compared to the lower waves as their corresponding quantum states are different and so provide different filters for the human mind. The creations of the 8th and 9th waves also build on the creativity of the lower levels of the pyramid (Fig 1).

Much of the developments in the current world can be explained by the filters provided by the different waves. The Eighth Wave with its Yin/Yang duality favoring the right brain hemisphere has brought the economic rise of Asia, an increased role of women in world society, the rise of an eclectic spirituality as well as the digital revolution and the emergence of artificial intelligence. The economic rise of Asia – and China in particular – is explained by the fact that the Eighth Wave gives the light to the right brain half which is in resonance with the Eastern hemisphere. Similarly, the increased role of women in the world is presumably related to the fact that it is the right brain half that holds the light in this quantum state. The eclectic spirituality (one that is not limited to a specific religion) also finds its origin in the fact that the light has returned to the right brain half (in contrast to the completely veiled Seventh Wave).

The Eighth Wave is also behind the digital revolution and artificial intelligence because its quantum state provides a dualist (or in this context more appropriately, binary) field through which reality is seen (light =1, darkness = 0). When reality is seen through such a filter the human mind becomes capable of digitalizing all aspects of reality thus creating a possible direction into Artificial Intelligence, or in other words self-learning computers. Even those that are not software engineers themselves will by looking at reality through the same filter as they do, increasingly be willing to accept all the digital products that are now being produced. 

But similarly to in the urban revolution (the first rise of civilizations) 5000 years ago people have not been forced to take this path of digitalization. Rather, we have worked ourselves into the new state of consciousness producing it although we have been much encouraged to do so by powerful economic interests. The effects of a wave on the human beings are not predetermined and we could have chosen to follow any of the other potentialities mentioned above of this quantum state. Hence, even if there is a shift in cosmic quantum state that everyone is affected by, there is not only one way in which such a quantum shift can be expressed. However, even if there is free will involved in this, I think it is an illusion if someone believes that he or she is able to ignore such a cosmic quantum shift. Whether we like it or not how we look at the world and the kinds of creativity we develop are always connected to the cosmic source and the states of consciousness that we download. We are in other words not at liberty to create anything we like. Ultimately, it is the light of this that keeps pulling us forward whether we seek to express this through technology or spirituality.

The Origin of Artificial Intelligence 

The Internet itself and the simple use of emails (1991-1992) finds its origin in the Seventh Wave as a result of its development of the telecommunications that I have described in several books. The emergence of an interactive Internet and smart technologies however only began to be developed after the cosmic quantum shift in January of 1999 (soon after which there was the so-called dot.com bubble reflecting the first failed steps). The new mind that came out of the Eighth Wave however continued with the introduction of social media (Facebook 2004, Twitter 2006) and most importantly the introduction of the smart phone in 2007. These early innovations has led to the situation today where five major American IT companies: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple make up for 15% percent of the stock value of the whole world. There is a kind of winner-takes-it-all logic in the whole digital industry that drives it in the direction of forming monopolies and has led to an extreme concentration of money in the hands of very few individuals such as Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Thus, because of the duality of its quantum state the Eighth Wave has contributed to increased economic inequality and at least for now there is little indication that this increased dominance of the IT oligarchies will be reversed. The IT companies are much more of monopolies than the industrial companies ever were. 

Fig 3. Share of income of the top 1% in different countries has increased beginning with the pre-Wave of the Eighth Wave in 1986 and continued into the future.

These major IT companies as well as several smaller ones are now to different degrees actively participating in the development of Artificial Intelligence to take over many human activities. In the same sense as the Seventh Wave essentially removed the need for human muscle power Artificial Intelligence may now come to remove the need for human intelligence. These companies are now also increasingly taking over the power that in the past have been held by national governments (such as censorship) and are basically making decisions about the future of humanity without any external control or transparency. 

As part of the development of Artificial Intelligence robots are thus increasingly taking over the jobs so that even the most qualified people are at risk of being lost. As it turns out, robots can now process so large amounts of data that they are more effective at making a diagnosis than highly trained medical doctors. Almost any profession that relies on data processing is likely to become superseded by robots. Similarly, for instance self-going cars and trucks are in a not too distant future likely to become safer than those driven by humans and expected to replace a large number of people currently employed in the transportation industry. Examples of the introduction of AI can be found in practically all areas of manufacturing. Although these are developments that have the most profound consequences for the future of human society the decisions to go in this direction are made behind closed doors. There are thus obviously several risks associated with this development such as an extreme centralization of non-democratically elected power in the hands of very few and a possible concomitant massive unemployment to come. The fact that the ability of human workers to contribute to society is increasingly being lost may come to trigger another existential crisis. (Are human beings needed for anything if robots can do their work better?) 

To take a further step, things may also come to go in the direction of an “Internet of Bodies”, in which devices that monitor the human body are envisioned to transmit the data collected to the Internet, which in turn may interact with the human bodies through such devices. Moreover, the possibilities of exerting control based on these technologies are not only hypothetical. China, which is also a significant player in the digital arena, is using its resources to develop techniques for face recognition on a large scale as well as implementing a system of surveillance giving points for good behavior to its citizens. The temptation is also there to apply the same kinds of systems in other parts of the world.

To this may be added that digital devices tend to isolate people from direct contact and communication with each other. Hence, even if many would probably say that it is the current pandemic that has created distance in human society, I do not think it is an accident that this has taken place in a time when the Eighth Wave has had a predominant role and the Sixth and Seventh Waves are in night modes. As a secondary effect the digital capital is now also increasingly taking over the control of the industrial capital accumulated in the Seventh Wave. Industrial manufacturing today can hardly exist without being organized by Artificial Intelligence. There is a consistent picture of in what direction things seem to be going.

To most people this development of artificial intelligence is something that is just happening out of the blue, while at least in my view it has been strengthened by the particular quantum state of the Eighth Wave. For a number of reasons I think it is important to see this origin of the digital revolution and the ensuing artificial intelligence in a cosmic quantum shift. Firstly, it explains why these phenomena have come to be as predominant as they currently are, with a potential to drive humanity into a course which most of us do not desire. Secondly, I think it is important to see how the digitalization and artificial intelligence have emanated from a potentiality in the cosmic plan. Hence, even if this has resulted in an extreme concentration of power and wealth, it does not originate in an evil plan to enslave humanity as a host of conspiracy theories are currently claiming. 

The Ninth Wave and the Future of Humanity

             Given these potential (and sometimes already real) developments we may wonder if there are any reasons for optimism on the part of the human race and the evolution of the planet. If you look upon the Eighth Wave in isolation and as if no other wave can be accessed I think the answer is no. If the dualist quantum state of the Eighth Wave is the highest level you can reach, all there is to expect is an increased concentration of power in the hands of the few and the downplaying of the interests of the large masses of people and their desires of making a difference in the world.

What however alters the picture somewhat is the fact that in 2011 the quantum state of the Ninth Wave was activated, which holds the potential to create a very different world based on unity consciousness, contact with the divine and non-separation in all respects. The Ninth Wave brings means the possibility of accessing an unveiled unity consciousness with the potential of creating mutual awakening rather than a technological revolution. We should also keep in mind that because the Ninth is the highest wave of creation it reflects the direction in which humanity is ultimately meant to go. It will do so by replacing or transcending the ego that has been created by the lower waves and in particular those of duality: the 6th and the 8th. The 9th Wave is thus antithetical to many of the potential negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence that I have discussed.

To understand the role of the Ninth Wave in this it is meaningful to again go back to look at the Sixth Wave that created the first civilizations. Its quantum state was dualist and thus generated relationships of profound inequality between for instance on the one hand the monarchs and the nobility and on the other the simple peasants, serfs or slaves. Overall, what we know of the period of history beginning in 3115 BCE is that it was marked by horrible dominance, where cruelty was the norm not only in its constant warfare but also against the subjugated classes of society. On a national level there was an enormous concentration of power in the hands of the monarchs whose powers were often absolute. Overall, the predominating belief shared by everyone was that there was nothing that could be done about your situation, which was something you had been born into and was endorsed by the gods. Either you were privileged or not and few thought of having the power to change this order. Slave revolts always failed as the reality they had rebelled against was always recreated by the state of consciousness that had created it in the first place.

These social relations and associated belief systems only started to be questioned as a non-dualist quantum state was activated in 1755 CE (See Fig 1). Only after this shift in consciousness did people start to question the slave trade and the ideas of human rights started to be heralded. The absolute French Monarchy was ousted and a republic was formed by the British colonies in America, which even if it did not give the right to vote to everyone took a step in this direction. In many countries, prisons and hospitals where torture had previously been the norm, were humanized. Women and children began to be respected in a new way. Even though arguably there was a long way to go in most of these respects the beginning steps were taken as a result of a cosmic quantum shift from duality to non-duality.

We have reasons to suspect that the shift from the Eighth to the Ninth Waves holds the potential to mean something similar. Granted the Eighth Wave has not created the same kind of brutality as the Sixth Wave, but in terms of concentration of power and wealth it may even be more extreme. We should therefore consider that in the same way as the Seventh Wave demolished the old society based on inherited privilege, the Ninth Wave (which by its nature is non-dualist) may bring down the extreme concentration of power in the hands of the IT tycoons and foster a direction of Artificial Intelligence in the interest of democracy and human dignity. 

Unfortunately, accessing the Ninth Wave is however considered only by very few and this leaves people with little or no hope for the future. As I mentioned earlier people are not compelled to develop resonance with any particular wave and for this reason the Ninth Wave will not automatically be expressed in human life. A quantum shift to the ninth wave is thus not just something that will happen suddenly on a massive scale for no reason. Much as the lower waves it can only become prominent and predominating in human life if it is cultivated to the point that it becomes a default state of consciousness. It does not bring any advantageous technologies or psychological benefits for the separate individuals as the Eighth Wave might. Individual spiritual paths do not automatically take us to the highest level of creation. Instead the ninth wave has to be maintained and experienced as a quantum state given to the human collective from the cosmos and if we do not respond to this what we can expect is that the dystopic visions of AI provided by various think tanks will get the final word. 

Regardless, it is truly a mystery to me that not more people are engaged in the study of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory or the practice of Mutual Awakening through the Ninth Wave as it seems the future of the world depends on it. This absence of commitment is not something that can be blamed on anybody else since the information is available and the means to at least start a process of accessing Mutual Awakening is available. Those that want a free introduction are invited to be part of a free Heaven on Earth event on New Years Day. And if someone thinks other means are necessary why is he or she not taking on developing such to create a path in the same direction? Merely complaining about difficulties or blaming them on others does not make a difference in the world. What is needed is to create new possible roads forward.

12 thoughts on “What is the origin of Artificial Intelligence and where is this taking us?

  1. Thank you Carl for this informative update on the nine waves. There is a very active effort to involve networks in projecting the new unified field coming from many spiritual groups as well as civil society. We may indeed pull it off for a new humanity as we enter 2021 and beyond. Certainly there is an intention to do so from many sources.

  2. Your pessimism seems to have shut out some of what is actually happening. You dismiss those people who anticipate the so-called 5d reality, yet these may be the very people who are responding to the 9th wave. Many are still worshipping the ego, but a good number of them aren’t. There are many who are anticipating a unity awareness and what some are calling ascension. The motivation would be consistent with what you anticipate, even if the details are misguided.. Some expect being part of a collective consciousness, perhaps misunderstanding that unconditional .love is intrinsic to the process. Still, the idea of the collective consciousness is like the unity consciousness of the 9th wave.

  3. Maybe the covid-19 will be the end of the huge urban mega cities as places to live. Perhaps a return to a type of high tech village based society/ life that will run on renewable energy, zero waste and mainly locally sourced food with smaller human scaled schools and medical care could result. These village societies would be human scaled and be huge rings of villages using feet, bicycles, and light mass transit to move around.

    1. I am totally with you Dennis. A long time ago I was talking about the emergence of “Exciting villages”
      as the future for humanity rather than megacities. Needless to say the path there is not likely to be a straight line.

  4. …in 2011 the idea of supporting ,unity conciousness, worldwide started to manifest as 2y2d.org. in 2020 a 2.0 version was created focusing only in its solution.

    …unfortunately ,consciousness, needs ,Information, and to get ,Information, it needs to ,observe,, ,feel,, or ,experience,…

    1. Exactly… E~motion… Energy in Motion The Mind cant Experience, it only SEE’s. Man prefers Logic over Feeling. The Mind is constantly trying to figure out what the heart is going to do. The Mind is scared of the emotion, because the emotion comes, the feeling then the thought then the action. Mind/Consciousness/SEE’s It..no action has occured. Heart/Awareness/Feels it…Experienced it and now fully understands it, Man is so Mind dominant allowing no space for the doing of a thing, the actual experience, which come’s through FEELings. There is ever only 2 things going on. Truth and Love… Truth, is Information and Love, is Form, or a State of Being. Truth and Love are in a Symbiotic Relationship. True Love can not exist without Truth. It is 2 things existing as one. Masculine and Femminine as one. Truth is Logical is a Masculine Trait. Love is emotional is a Femminine Trait. Truth is Mathamatical, the blueprint and Love is the Substance, the Form, the Beauty. In everything our Mother and Father create there is a HUGE Spectrum, Variety. Too make a long story short, I got sick, and read and watched alot of video’s while bed ridden to find the real truth. I started through ACTION, which is EXPERIENTIAL, Not Mental, NON ACTION… Changing my life through research… I began using non metal, non toxic products. Basically DTE, and ACV and Coconut oil and Drank Rain Water and Spring Water only that doesnt strip the body of minerals but add minerals to the body. I became very active, in my passions, desires, and longings doing solar projects, creating and building. I spent alot of time outside in the sun. And then it started happening… I started getting what I call “Downloads” is the only best word to even begin to describe a Personal EXPERIENCE into Mental understandable Words. It was like a packet of information came inside my Soul and then opened up inside me and filled me with information via, images, color and feelings. and I understood things at a higher level, and opened me up more to understand even more now. I began having Psychic Dreams. I dreampt very very vividly an experience in complete detail that happened the very next morning as I walked into work. I sat at my desk held on tight as I watched every detail of my dream take place infront of my very eyes. Then I became Telepathic… first time it happened i walked into work one morning and I could FEEL not with my mind but with my whole body, what everyone was feeling and thinking all of the people in the room at the same time. It was like I was processing information at a quantum speed. The more water I drank the more I could handle the energy in motion. then I found Ian Lungolds video which led me too Carl. But one thing stood out and big was Ian saying in one of his video’s that in 2007 heck this is when Jesus is liable to come back. 3 years later I feel I was led but I came upon a video while researching Truth. http://www.divinetruth.com in 2007 is his first public appearence and it is Jesus, he discovered with Mary the Real Truth about Reincarnation and did it, and is back. He is not only telling everything Fanscinating about all of the structure of the universe. but everything that happened to me prior to finding him he describes in his videos. I personally know through experiences I had way before I found him that are unexplainable experiences that it is him and his videos will revolutionalize many on earth at this time. The Secrets of the Universe, are mind opening and heart expanding.

  5. Thank you for sharing such profound insights. I have a question per your statement in the article that “People are not compelled to develop resonance with any particular wave and for this reason the Ninth Wave will not automatically be expressed in human life. A quantum shift to the ninth wave is thus not just something that will happen suddenly on a massive scale for no reason. Much as the lower waves it can only become prominent and predominating in human life if it is cultivated to the point that it becomes a default state of consciousness.” Does this just refer to the people who were not born into the 9th wave frequencies? Do you think that as children are born (any children born after 2011), that they are born with the resonance to the ninth wave and as long as parents support who they are, eventually as those children grow up to become active members of society where shared unity/ninth wave consciousness will be come the default state of consciousness? I do. In our home, both my husband and I were born in the 7th wave, I have two children born in the 8th wave (14 and 11 year old) and one born in the 9th wave (8 year old). I see amazing gifts with the children and I have great hope within the next 10 – 15 years that the children born in the 9th wave frequencies will create enough resonance to create a tipping point to pull the older people with them that have not quite aligned with the 9th wave. Isn’t that how evolution was designed? I have great hope for the present and the future.

    1. I love this question, as it’s one I have as well, also being born in the 7th wave and having a daughter born in the 9th wave. Going along with what others have posted as well, I feel as though my personal evolution has brought me into resonance with the 9th wave as well, and that it’s an option for everyone once perhaps some of the other karmic patterns and densities of “lower” waves are integrated. It’s all quite fascinating as a system to define what is happening to be sure. 🙂

  6. Just as there are acupoints located along meridians and within human energy fields, perhaps there are Kuxan Suum points that may be accessible to unblemished mother creativity and preeminence.
    The new spirit of Bolon Yookte Kuh transcends AI and is independent, possessing dimensional agency.

  7. Since this world was created, every new generation came in with a different energy from the the previous and it has been the case since then.. This is part of the Evolutionary Process. Every newborn carries within himself a new shade of light that is set out to pave the way for a new direction. But as Carl pointed out, the free will of any newborn will always be subjected to the environment into this child will grow up. He might carry the light (energy) he has come with, or he might drop it, and continue to reflect and express the light (energy) that is commonly accepted and that came with the previous generation.

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