The “Great Reset” of 2021

The spiritual community of the world has for some time now heralded the idea of living in the present moment and to “Be Here Now.” This ideal, of not mulling over the past or constantly focusing on what is to come makes perfect sense as long as you and the world has the wind on the back and is evolving forward. But what about when this no longer is the case and it feels like in some profound sense the world and you are no longer moving forward? Then it may be necessary to get a grasp of exactly what drives the evolution of humanity in order to find a successful way out of an established time-line. This is typically what happens when you are entering a dark age, where the light is not as easily accessible as in a light age. One of the most typical characteristics of a dark age is that people are not automatically moving forward. In Dark Age things come to a halt and I think many can relate to this at the current time.

So what is a “Dark Age”? What is its origin and how does it differ from an age of light? These are questions that cannot be dealt with adequately from the ideal of living in the present moment, but to have answers requires studying the time-lines of evolution going from the past to the future sometimes in a long perspective. Such a study is necessary if we come to a dead end and want to find a time-line that allow us and the world at large to move forward. In my own view the only time-lines that allow us to get a full understanding of the evolution of consciousness and how this manifests in the present world are those that go back to the calendar of the ancient Maya. In contrast to for instance common astrology, these evolutionary time-lines are not just repeated cycles, but actually have directions and are going somewhere actually towards infinity. Moreover, these time-lines are not based on man-made phenomena, but are inherent in Creation. They go back to the origin of this creation, when neither stars, nor planets or human beings existed and through this we can have some guarantee that they are related to its very purpose. Naturally, at the present time human beings are needed to interpret this purpose, but the time-lines themselves are not human creations and so they have a deep significance, which goes beyond whatever particular interests human individuals may have.

The critical point that I feel so many modern people have failed to understand is that these time-lines are not straight lines. The consciousness that creates the evolution of the universe, including that expressed through the human beings, is instead a wave form. Time, or if you like the illusion of time is created by such wave forms and so we will not be able to understand how the world evolves without taking these into account. These wave forms alternate between peaks and valleys, or if you like periods of light and darkness (which may be referred to as days or nights even if they cover much longer time periods than common days and nights). Only to the extent that there is a widespread understanding of these cosmic wave forms (which are not physical in the traditional sense) will there be a great awakening. As long as there is not an understanding of their nature, people will attempt to live their lives based on the premise that everything will or should stay the same or develop in a linear way. If it does not, many will presume that there is something wrong, while in fact the wave-like evolution of the universe is part of its design.

As a consequence of this wave-like nature, to live in the present moment only makes sense in a universe that does not undergo cosmic quantum shifts and does not evolve in a wave-like manner. In a series of books I have then also argued that the dragons, cosmic serpents, (including the Mayan/Aztec Plumed Serpent) are actually cosmic quantum waves that drive evolution and that such a world view is more true than the current one based on the idea of a linear uninterrupted progress. There is a reason that the most prominent pyramids in the Western hemisphere was dedicated to such a wave, the Plumed Serpent seen as the bringer of civilization and that Chinese parents to this day especially treasure children born in the year of the dragon. I believe the worldview based on linear progress also in today’s world is now coming to an end. In reality the periods of ups and downs (or forward movement and rest) are inherent in the way the universe is designed and not of human making. These waves are the consciousness of the universe and go back to a time when nothing physical existed.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fig-8.2-1024x366.jpg
Fig 1, The rise and fall of major empires/civilizations originating in the Mediterranean/European context as matched to the time-line of the  Sixth Wave.

One such wave is shown in Figure 1, the Sixth Wave, which is mostly referred to as the Mayan Long Count. This describes the rise and fall of major empires/civilizations, and it has a lot to tell us about what is going on in the world today. This seems clear enough but the reason that the evolution of consciousness sometimes may seem more complex than what is given by such a single wave is that it is created by an interference pattern of nine different waves (or time-lines). Hence, we can never gain a complete picture of changes in this world unless we take all of these waves into account. Yet, we can analyze them one by one and then reconstruct what is happening on the level of human consciousness.

Fig 1 allows us to get a clear definition of what a dark age is. Dark Ages are the valleys between major civilizations that I have previously called nights. It should from this diagram then be clear that the dark ages are inherent features of the evolution of the universe. Despite superficial appearances they are not human creations as their timing have a cosmic origin mediated by the wave. The darkness in a dark age then does not necessarily mean a time of evil (even if there are times when humans turn them into that). Rather it is part of a pattern of death and rebirth. From Fig 1 we can then see that the most well-known example of a dark age, the time period AD 434-829 following the collapse of the West Roman empire, is just one example of a dark age. Another not so well-known, but still by historians recognized such time period is the Greek Dark ages, 1149-749 BC after the fall of Mycenaean and the Minoan cultures in the so-called Bronze Age Collapse. So maybe this tells us that if we want to understand things and have some power to influence the course of events it is a good idea to look at things in a larger perspective and that living in the present may not guide us fully to this.

Looking at the larger perspective becomes even more relevant if we notice that as of AD 2011 we ourselves are living in a dark age following the period of dominance of Western empires, notably those of Great Britain and the United States in the preceding era of light, 1617-2011. As I have argued in a couple of articles the current situation in those particular countries, and to some extent in the rest of the world is a reflection of a shift in the above time-line, and if we want to understand what is happening we will have to recognize that this time-line is a wave and not a straight line.

As I have argued earlier, part of the effect of this night in the Sixth Wave is the Covid19 pandemic, which has hit the Western hemisphere much harder than the East. Some very recent events are also fully consistent with with the decline of the West in the time-line in Fig 1. One is that the questioning of the presidential election results (not the result by itself but the questioning of it) has meant that the United States have lost much of its role as a beacon of democracy. The United States is now also abdicating much of the dominating role in the world that it held in the previous era. The Transpacific Partnership (of which the US was part), which was annulled by Trump has thus for instance now been replaced by a huge trade organization where the United States is not taking part ( essentially meaning that China will gain the leading role in trade in this part of the world. Similarly, the further withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan means that the US is abdicating the role it has had in the Middle East and inviting, Russia, Turkey and/or Iran to take over. I leave aside here whether these steps were good or bad for the world and am just pointing out that things are developing in accordance with Fig 1. I think it is reasonable to expect further such abdications of the role of the United States in the immediate time to come.

Ironically then, despite the fact that Trump campaigned in 2016 under the slogan of Make America Great Again, his reign by any objective standards seems to have accomplished the very opposite. While he and his followers are mostly seeking someone other than themselves to blame for this, whether it is the democrats, China, the WHO, a global cabal or something else, I suggest that there are larger forces in play here, forces that are inherent in how the universe was designed, namely the shifts between days and nights and the ensuing evolution of consciousness.

Certainly, the ancient peoples of our planet recognized that evolution was not linear, but subject to death and rebirth and that no individual, or nation for that matter, would escape this. However, if people are not aware of the wave-like nature of evolution they will just continue to push agendas that are dead ends indefinitely expecting things to stay the same (in this case meaning that the Western dominance of the world would continue). I think the lesson from this is that the evolution of consciousness is a much more powerful force than the thoughts or desires of the human beings, and this goes for all of us. The wave-like evolution of consciousness takes it course regardless of what anybody thinks. It has a stronger power than human thoughts and this is even more so if people are unaware of how its course is designed.

However, there are as I said earlier nine different waves, or if you like time-lines, and we as humans may be in resonance with any or all of them by means of which an individual interference pattern that crafts our path in life is created. It is possible for us to make quantum jumps between such time-lines and to the extent that we do we will also make quantum jumps between different states of consciousness. This in turn influences, or even shapes the kind of thoughts that we have. I will however not here talk about all the nine waves, but only add the influence of the Seventh Wave to that of the Sixth Wave that was shown in Fig 1. The result is an interference pattern of the two waves, which is directly relevant to how things will evolve in the near future.

While the Sixth Wave above describes the ups and downs of the overall long-term evolution especially of Western civilizations, the Seventh Wave, which was activated in AD 1755 describes the evolution of several special aspects of these after this point in time. What I will focus on here are only the systems of governance and the phases of economic growth. The activation of the state of consciousness of the seventh wave has for instance led to the birth of democracy (Fig 2) and industrialism (Fig 3), phenomena which are some of its hallmarks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fig-6.7-1024x473.jpg
Fig 2. The evolution of democracy as a function of the peaks in the Seventh Wave.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fig-6.8-1024x443.jpg
Fig 3. The evolution of the industrial economy as a function of the peaks in the Seventh Wave.

In Figures 2 and 3 there is an enormous amount of information and I will here limit the discussion to what is relevant for our current time. Hence, before the consciousness shift brought by the Seventh Wave in 1755 there were essentially no democracies in the world and for most of the timeline in Figure 1 the empires that it created were based on dominance, brutality and subjugation of the poor peasants and the slaves.  Only with the activation of the Seventh Wave does a process begin when – notably in its peaks – steps are taken in the direction of increased equality, democracy and respect for the dignity of the human individual. As we can see, this is not a result of a straight line, and even if the process is complex its overall direction is quite clear so that by the end of seventh peak in 2011 only a few monarchies remain, which with the possible exception of the British and Thai are completely powerless. Inherited privileges of the nobility that used to be the norm has disappeared and republics where in principle all individuals have equal rights have replaced them. This is a result of the peaks or what you may call the periods of light in the Seventh Wave and the influence those had on human consciousness. In parallel with this development towards democracy there has also been a development towards increased globality. What in the Sixth Wave was a world of strictly separated nations has in the Seventh become a world that is integrated and where what happens in one corner of the world affects it all. This was not the case before the activation of the state of consciousness of the latter.

Similarly, before the activation of the Seventh Wave in 1755, there was no industrialism anywhere in the world based on the use of anything but muscle power. Step by step in the peaks of this wave fossil fuels and later electric and nuclear power have however come into use together with their many industrial applications. Mass production of goods, say for instance of cars, were unheard of before the shift in consciousness to the Seventh Wave had taken place. What humans may create in terms of technology is hence a direct consequence of this particular state of consciousness, but since this is something I have dealt with in books I will not detail it here. Naturally, the results of these steps forward in technological development has also been times of economic growth in contrast to the depressions that especially towards the end of the wave have been associated with the nights.

An important thing that we can see from Figures 2 and 3 is that there is a parallel between the Sixth Wave (Fig 1) and the Seventh Wave (Fig 2) in that the movement forward happens during the days. Moreover, not only the Sixth Wave, but also the Seventh Wave has its nights or dark ages, where the one that most clearly stands out in the Seventh is the one between 1932 and 1952. Hence, the rise of nationalism including fascism is something that happens especially during the nights as democracy then tends to be suppressed. Nights also tend to cause economic depressions.

I suggest that the world can now (2020) to a large extent be understood as a result of the interference pattern of these two waves and the state of consciousness this creates in the human beings. Since in both waves we are now in dark ages it is not surprising that the world at least partially now has come to a halt. On the surface this halt is of course caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, but I would at the same time argue that this would not have had the effects that it has had unless it fitted into the consciousness field that these two waves combined have created.

So what does all of this mean for us now? Well, we can understand why Western dominance of the world now seems to be coming to an end. We can also understand why especially after 2016 there has been a rise in nationalism and distrust in democracy among large groups especially in those countries, which has led to a concomitant rise of political strongmen acting nearly as dictators. This is in marked contrast to the time-period 1992-2011 when democracy seemed to spread everywhere. Again, the time-line of the seventh state of consciousness is not a straight line but a wave.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-11-21-at-12.18.23-PM-1024x512.png
Fig 4. The current wave period in the Seventh Wave.

But what can be said about the economic situation? To address this I think it pays to look at where we are now in the Seventh Wave more in detail (Fig 4). One thing I want the reader to notice is that midnight in the current wave period 2011-2031 is not in 2020, but the year 2021. Thus, if there will be a Great Reset this will rather take place towards the end of 2021 than in 2020, although many have thought of 2020 as the critical year. When it comes to how the world economy has developed, this, as I mentioned has been in depression during the nights. This then should be true also for our current wave period even if this only came about in 2020 and may be even more troubling in 2021.

Something that I believe may set the current depression apart from depressions in earlier nights is that the current crisis with all clarity has demonstrated the fictitiousness of the value of money. Even if money in the present world is power it really has no substance and just amounts to digits in bank amounts or elsewhere. In the current situation the United States has for instance simply printed up trillions of dollars in support of its population during the Covid19 pandemic and similar actions have been taken in Europe. Rightly so I think as also fictitious money may have power. It may however also have begun to dawn on many that money can be generated out of thin air if the political will is there. What determines for what and how much money shall be printed is simply power.

Yet, the ability to print money on a large scale will only be possible in a country that maintains global power that as I pointed out above is now highly questionable regarding the US, which holds the world’s primary currency. For this reason, and the convergence of the processes I discussed above in the Sixth and Seventh Waves, I think we have very strong reasons to expect a collapse of the US dollar in 2021 and its replacement with something else. This among other things is what I refer to as the Great Reset of 2021. A change in administration will hardly alter this perspective. Exactly how the Great Reset 2021 will play out is unclear, at least to me, but I think I have outlined the evolution of consciousness leading up to it. I admit that I may not be using the Great Reset in the same sense as its originator Klaus Schwab. Yet, regardless of political views it seems clear that after this pandemic the world will need to be reset in order to adapt to an entirely different interference pattern created by the waves. Hopefully, this reset will happen in accordance with the interest of the large masses of people and not those of IT tycoons, but this still remains to be seen. It may thus be time for everyone to think about what such a reset should mean. I feel this should be done in the light of the fact that from September 6, 2021 (midnight) and onward there will be a climb to July 16, 2031 (dawn), which holds the potential to generate a world where democracy is again cherished and there is global collaboration to tackle the world’s problems.

15 thoughts on “The “Great Reset” of 2021

  1. I want to thank you for your clarity, intent and generous sharing of your talents and skills in conveying such a complex subject as you have in your book, The Nine Waves of Creation. I’ve recommended it to others and will continue to do so. I was happy to see your face a time or two in the Evolutionary Collective practice. I shall continue to lean in further…

  2. You say, Carl, “Exactly how the Great Reset 2021 will play out is unclear, at least to me,…”

    As you know I have long had great faith in your interpretations of the Mayan Calendar and your predictions therefrom, but I wish to offer a prediction which I think differs from your own, in light of what I see as your disdain of President Donald J Trump.

    My own observations of Trump are that he is very well aware of the dangers to not only the American people but also to the whole of humanity, of what he calls ‘the swamp’, ‘the deep state’, ‘the globalists’ (not to mention the mainstream media) which I believe he considers all to be part of the same thing.

    I believe he believes, as I too believe, that these people pose a great danger to democracy throughout the world and must be stopped if democracy is to become, as you say, “again cherished and there is global collaboration to tackle the world’s problems.” around the start of the new Day starting in 2031.

    There are two main ways in which this can happen:

    Firstly, if Trump wins the 2020 election, which at this time of writing, November 22nd 2020, hangs in the balance, he will use the evidence of incalculable corruption in the election voting process to explain clearly to us what he has thus far been unable to explain because we have not yet seen it with our own eyes.

    He will rightly blame the people behind the curtain, ‘the swamp’, ‘the deep state’, ‘the globalists’ who are using the U.S. Democratic Party to remove their greatest threat, President Trump himself, as they have tried multiple times throughout his presidency.

    This time, people will see that he is right. This will enable Trump during his 2nd term to remove the U.S.A. from the clutches of ‘the swamp’, ‘the deep state’, ‘the globalists’ in order to restore true democracy and freedom to the American people; and, whilst he’s at it, set a clear example for the rest of the world to follow.

    In that way, the Great Reset will begin in 2021 but not at all in the way that you and most others seem to be expecting. Yes, the U.S. dollar will collapse, to be replaced with something else. Trump is known to be planning this, to remove us from the insidious debt-based monetary system which, like many things, most people do not recognise as insidious.

    In effect the Great Reset will be ongoing through the years to 2031 until the new Day has finally dawned, clear and bright.

    The alternative to this scenario, as I see it, is that if Joe Biden were to win this election, ‘the swamp’, ‘the deep state’, ‘the globalists’ will have finally secured their victory and an extended version of the current lockdown will begin as we slide inexorably into a global totalitarian control system of some sort.

    The people will be drawn into it like frogs in boiling water, unaware of the rising heat until it becomes too late to escape.

    It will become increasingly apparent to people everywhere that this is indeed happening, and resistance may begin but may yet be futile. If it is to succeed, as the Mayan Calendar predicts, it will take a revolution of enormous proportions, not just of the people versus ‘the swamp’, ‘the deep state’, ‘the globalists’, but of people versus people, perhaps divided 50-50 as in the U.S. and other western democracies today, neither side having the knowledge of how corrupt the globalised government has become, all people propagandised by the mainstream media to believe in the virtues of global institutions – all of which, if genuinely virtuous, could be created by the people, for the people without the ongoing lockdown by the ‘world government in pretence’.

    The obvious preference would be for Trump to win the 2020 election, and show to us all the dangers we now face. He, seemingly alone in the world, has the power to banish and defeat ‘the invisible enemy’ from the U.S.A. and set the example for the rest of the world to follow suit. Would he be alone, or would all the people be with him against the common ‘invisible enemy’ that can now become visible to all?

    Failing that, we would be in for a very rough ride if we are to restore true democracy by 2031 which could be “again cherished and there is global collaboration to tackle the world’s problems.”

    Indeed, a Golden Age for democracy beckons if we choose for it to be. Which way will we choose for it to be?

    Philip Snow
    Stoke-on-Trent, England

    1. I think you are simply projecting your own wishes on Donald Trump and his agenda. I do not think he is connected to your wishes at all, but is an expression of the downturn of Western civilization, which he has dramatically speeded up. To me it seems obvious that a civilization cannot survive if a large minority of its inhabitants do not respect its democratic institutions or elections. I prefer to see Donald Trump as he really is.

    2. Philip, Carl,
      Today is December 1st and it is clear that Trump has lost his election by more than 6,000,000 votes. He’s got beaten in every way he choose to attack the result of these elections.
      Since his arrival, Donald Trump has been described by many in the spiritual community has being the “Man of the situation”. The man who will straight things up. It’s been the complete opposite. To all these spiritual channelers, today I can honestly say they were all right. Except for one thing : While making these assertions, they forgot to look at what was on the other side of the coin.
      Philip, personally I have no disdain for Donald Trump and here is why : I’ve been following Trump since he came down this famous elevator in 2015 and I think I can without hesitation say that he is filling perfectly his Life mission. He has been placed under the biggest spot light for the whole world to see in plain sight that what he represents for now, is ALL what a human being should never be.
      The TV reality show producer never left him for a minute so, he could never be a real president. And Trump never drained the swamp, he created a new one to his liking ! Now people have the choice between two swamps.
      This man has lied at every breath he took and when he pulls out numbers or accomplishments from nowhere on whatever the subject he wants to talk about, it is always followed by these words : “Nobody has never seen something like it before”. Of course, the whole world has never seen anything like it before….
      Look at all these republicans or all of his advisers who won’t ever dare contradict him and say publicly that he’s flatly lying to everyone listening. Have you noticed how he treats every people that disagree with him ? Every single one of them suddenly becomes an enemy of the people and should be taken away. What I find the most surprising and I really cannot understand is, how 70,000,000 people can’t see that clearly, it’s so obvious ! Even republican officials see it, but 99% of them won’t even dare say a thing.
      It’s just unbelievable, never seen something like it…
      How about his lawyers like the ones that said on TV that the machines counting the votes were made in Venezuela by a Hugo Chavez’s friend ? (Chavez died more than 7 years ago) And this other lawyer who publicly said that the Michigan Secretary of State (Which is a Republican) should be quarter and Taken out at dawn and be shot. Trump never said anything against these baseless and harmful public statements from his supporters.
      And with this kind of popular votes, the republican party is now stocked with the guy who if he decides to, can come back for the 2024 run. The ride we’re in until 2031, is going to be a really tough one !
      Democracy will never exist as long as there are political parties. Political parties created swamps as well as dictatorship ! Political parties bring division, lies, corruption, and are held hostage by whoever got the money to finance their campaign. Money should be completely taken out of the electoral process. Democracy will only come true when each and everyone of all elected officials are free from all party’s lines, free from having to finance their election, and swear in to work only to represent the will of people who voted them in. They should be re-known in their own community for their honesty, their simple way of life, their accomplishments and their service to people. A cute face on a poster is not really a promise of honesty and a good representation.
      On an economic standpoint, I think that if a reset is going to occur, the creation of a new currency, the “America” will be try before. Few seem to remember that during the creation of the Euro, the US did about everything it could, to prevent it from happening. And it’s even during that time that the idea of launching a new currency called “America” to compete with the Euro was brought forward. The idea is not quite dead yet and still on the table. China wouldn’t care a minute if it would happen. The Chinese do not want of a strong currency. A strong currency would only kill their economy and brings up manufacturing wages. And beside for many years, the Chinese have quietly invested en masse, in European and American lands, agriculture, manufacturing and in economy in general. I’d be curious to see how much money and what part, Chinese investors have in the Western economy. And now that the US has dropped out from the Transpacific Trade Accord, China has got all the seats of the first row. Think about it, anywhere from 50 to 85% of all the parts and components that make all of the products we in the Western world consume, are made and manufactured in these 15 Asian countries. That’s what I would call a full hand !
      There would be so much more to say about this era… But I’ll stop here.
      Serge Perreault

  3. The “gap” we spoke about during our conversation some time back has been closed eloquently. Thank you for releasing this perspective and providing a pathway many will find helpful as we navigate our existence.

  4. I have to note that living in the present moment is an empirical concept. Therefore has nothing to do with observing the past or future on intellectual or conceptual plane of thinking.
    In other words we can experience our fully self at the reality of present continuum but it does not interfere our intelligence and knowledge about the past or concept about future or any kind of scientific research as they are related with the process of thinking.
    If we put it another way around, being fully aware of self in the present moment is not an obstacle of being present in historical or any other kind of research in any other moment apart of the present one both in the one that I experience as NOW.

    1. I totally agree with you and the way you present the concept, Lila. Being in the present, only means being fully aware of who we really are at any time of the day. It is also Being aware of our own responsibilities and limits toward the world that surrounds us.

    2. I totally agree with you and the way you present the concept, Lila. Being in the present, only means being fully aware of who we really are at any time of the day. It is also Being aware of our own responsibilities and limits toward the world that surrounds us.

  5. This was a great and very true read…I believe we are entering one of those great periods of change on a global scale..maybe one the size of 12,000 years ago a true reset.. Bless you a d your dedication to understanding and interpretation on the Maya
    a d Happy THANKSGIVING

  6. Quantum Akasha supports this universe, and periodicity rules space time. 2011-2012 is 9-10 years away …suggesting that we crossed a “time wave” and this is an initial echo of that “cosmic event”
    The cell phone was the last punch up, what’s this next step ?
    Carl Calleman opens significant doors of perception in his work… and the Maya voice is long under heard…

  7. John, I recently listened to a talk by you sponsored by the Theosophical Society. I chose to listen to it because the title promised insights on the evolution of human consciousness as part of human evolution as a whole. I have yearned for some information about this for quite some time. There is already much information available on consciousness and paths to higher states, but I have been mystified and frustrated by the dearth of information about how the capacity for consciousness and higher states ever came to be in the first place or any attempts to unify that body of knowledge with what is known about homo sapiens’ progress from its earliest forms to one capable of achieving heightened states of awareness.

    I feel that finally I have come to the source of information that I have been wanting. What you present is a most coherent explanation for so much knowledge that otherwise is fragmented and incomplete in regard to the evolution of biological life, human evolution, and the evolvement of consciousness as we know it, all grounded in particulars of human history.

    Thank you so much.

  8. Speaking of the 7th wave, is the 7th wave creating generations?
    Below on each line we have: 7th wave generation name & years, followed by corresponding common generation name & birth years, and then years of delay from 7th wave to common generation years:

    5th ascent 1903-1923 Greatest generation 1903-1924 0 at start & 1 at end
    5th descent 1923-1942 Silent Generation 1925-1945 2 at start & 3 at end
    6th ascent 1942-1962 Baby Boomers (overall) 1946-1964 4 at start & 2 at end
    Ascending 5th night 1942-1952 First Wave Boomers 1946-1954 4 at start & 2 at end
    Ascending 6th day 1952-1962 Gen Jones Boomers 1955-1964 3 at start & 2 at end
    Descending 6th day 1962-1972 Gen X (only) 1965-1974 3 at start & 2 at end
    6th descent 1962-1982 Gen X (mainly) 1965-1980 3 at start & -2 at end
    6th descent 1962-1982 Gen X (at all) 1965-1985 3 at start & 3 at end
    Descending 6th night 1972-1982 X-ennial / Gen XY 1975-1985 3 at start & 3 at end
    6th night & 7th ascent 1972-2001 Millennial / Gen Y (at all) 1975-2000 3 at start & -1 at end
    7th ascent 1982-2001 Millennial / Gen Y (mainly) 1981-1996 -1 at start & -5 at end
    Ascending 6th night 1982-1992 Millennial (only) 1985-1994 3 at start & 2 at end
    Ascending 7th day 1992-2001 Zillennial / Gen YZ 1994-2000 2 at start & -1 at end
    7th day 1992-2011 Gen Z (at all) 1994-2012 2 at start & 1 at end
    7th day 1992-2011 Gen Z (mainly) 1997-2012 5 at start & 1 at end
    Descending 7th day 2001-2011 Gen Z (only) 2000-2012 -1 at start & 1 at end
    Descending 7th night 2011-2021 Gen Alpha 2012-2025? 1 at start & 4 at end?
    8th Ascent 2021-2041 Gen Beta 2025-2039? 4 at start & -2 at end?

    Many view a generation as being about 20 years or so of births. The 7th wave approximates this time frame in terms of length of a day or a night and also the time from a trough to peak or vice versa. If the 7th wave has been the key wave in defining generations of human beings, at least births from 1755 AD to 1999 AD and after 2011 AD, we could have a new generation as much as every 10 years or so nearing a shift in the 7th wave. A generation could be based on whether the 7th wave is ascending or descending as well as if it is in a night or day phase or a combination of these factors. The actual manifestation of certain common and prevalent traits in people that is used to define their generation based on a range of birth years may be on average at about a 2-year delay from the corresponding positions in the 7th wave to the manifestation of traits linked to birth years. Most people not clearly consciously remembering the first few years of their own lives as well as delays from the seventh wave to manifestations of generation-defining historical events may be factors too.

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