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Starting January 14, 2024

What the Mayan Calendar can tell us about the past and the future

This course is led by Carl Johan Calleman, and shows that the entire history of the universe is guided by the evolution of consciousness and that this evolution is an expression of the quantum leaps described by the Mayan Calendar. The purpose is to explain the true meanings of ancient mythological concepts in order to help the participants to navigate our own times and for this the Mayan Calendar plays a unique role.

Orion-mysteriet i Sverige

Fornnordisk och svensk historia ur ett kosmiskt medvetandeutvecklings-perspektiv

Seminarium på Svenska, 19.00-21.30 Svensk tid. Kostnad 40 USD.

30th of January, 2022

Why did the ancient civilizations create star maps on the Earth?

9.00-11.30 am PST. $40.

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