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Starting July 27, 2024

What the Mayan Calendar system can tell us about the past and the future

The Mayan calendar system is certainly the most intricate and rich that any ancient people developed. It can teach us about a world view which is truly cosmic and where life takes on a meaning in a larger perspective than we normally think of. From this calendar system an learn not only about the quality of the days, divination and the individual meaning of the day we were born, but also that the entire history of the universe is guided by the evolution of consciousness and that this evolution is an expression of the quantum leaps. The purpose is to explain the true meanings of ancient mythological concepts It provides no small shift in perspective that influences not only our view of where we come from and where we may be going based on the cyclical wave movements that the Maya were charting. I will be leading a new course about this starting July 27, 2024. 

Orion-mysteriet i Sverige

Fornnordisk och svensk historia ur ett kosmiskt medvetandeutvecklings-perspektiv

Seminarium på Svenska, 19.00-21.30 Svensk tid. Kostnad 40 USD.

30th of January, 2022

Why did the ancient civilizations create star maps on the Earth?

9.00-11.30 am PST. $40.

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