Why did the ancient civilizations create star maps on the Earth?

30th of January 2022 at 9.00-11.30 am PT: Cost 40 USD.

Left: The Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Center: The Belt stars of Orion, Right: The Giza Pyramids

”As above-so below” is a saying which potentially refers to many different levels of existence one of which may be how the earth plane is recreated as a mirror of the heavens. While this ideal is now essentially forgotten, the ancient peoples of the Earth certainly took it very seriously.

One of the expressions of this was the ambition in many different civilizations of our planet to create temple and pyramid sites that mirrored the heavens, so-called star maps. Why did this activity stop? In this seminar, based on the Mayan calendar and what this tells us about the evolution of consciousness, I will discuss not only those formed by the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, but also some others lesser known that in certain ways present a consistent pattern that I believe can clarify our understanding of this Creation.

The cost for this seminar, which will take place online Sunday 30th of January 9.00-11.30 am PT is 40 USD.