Light at the End of the Tunnel

At first sight, it may then seem, despite the divine connection, as if everything is now about to go wrong. The Sixth Wave at the origin of the current world civilization is on its way down at least for the coming 200 years and the Seventh Wave whose peaks have given us freedom and democracy will be in a night until 2031. The Eighth Wave that has given us the digital world will continue to oscillate between days and nights on its high frequency but at the same time bringing an intensified egotism and separation of the human individuals. Without going into detail about the most likely scenario for people on our planet in the short term it should be obvious that the prospects for this planet are not shining. It should also be obvious that a tremendous overhaul would be needed in order to arrive at a planet whose future survival is not threatened by the constant intrusions into its environment by some 8 billion people. Such dire prospects derived from macrocosmic quantum theory are also corroborated by an overwhelming number of news reports about what is going on in our world. With the current state of consciousness (created by interference between the highest four waves) the prospects for the future of human life on this planet indeed seems slim. 

            However, as we have seen in this book, and several earlier books of mine, there is no such thing as “human nature”, which usually by adherents of such a view is presented as being egotist greedy and self-serving. Instead, who humans are, how they perceive and recreate their external reality and relate to others is by no means unchanging, but depends directly on the states of consciousness that they are downloading. These states of consciousness are not created by the human beings themselves, but specified by the cosmic plan as charted by the Mayan calendar system. This cosmic plan is the reason that despite all the above-mentioned factors there is some hope for humanity to manifest heaven on earth, which according to several religious traditions is the purpose of this creation. But such a manifestation of the plan emanating from the cosmic center of consciousness (God of you like) can only be created by a new kind of human being, who prioritizes unity and the common good rather the individual interest. This can only be a human being, who has downloaded a new state of consciousness and so transformed him- or herself to something better, a human in total and immutable resonance with the central sun and living in accordance with its current state of consciousness of the Ninth Wave. 

            Then many people will naturally ask the question why has this kind of person not appeared in massive numbers on our planet yet and stared to transform the world in the direction of manifesting a new heaven on earth. The reason, I believe is essentially that in order to be an expression of an immutable unity state of consciousness (meaning unity with the divine or cosmic consciousness) you absolutely have to have been born into the 9th Wave or in other words after 2011, which I hinted ar in an earlier chapter. All the astrological traditions of the world emphasize the importance of your date of birth for your future and so does the Mayan, which we have here seen to be an accurate description of the evolution of the universe. Presumably, the initial energetic imprint that you get when entering this world at birth thus continues to provide you with guidance as to what to strive for as you grow up to take control of your own life. If you then do not have this (which in the case of the Ninth Wave is true for everyone born before 2011) you will always be fathoming in the dark when it comes to how you could attain unity consciousness. We may have temporary such experiences through various kinds of spiritual practices and we may do our best to go in this direction, but we will never attain such an immutable state of unity consciousness. As a parallel we may think of how people like myself born in the 1950’s, will never be fully immersed in the digital world in contrast to those born into the Eighth Wave (the past twenty-five years), who at a very early age seem to be able to navigate it.

There are, I believe consequences of this insight that we need to contemplate. First of all, we cannot expect a true heaven of earth to appear on earth until a large proportion of the people on our planet have been born into the Ninth Wave and have reached a mature age. At the time of writing (2023) such people are however not yet teen-agers and even if there could be a youth revolt, it seems to me at least to be more reasonable to expect that any awakening on a collective scale will have to take around ten years from the present time to surface. The thinking at the current time is so much off the mark that even for those born into the Ninth Wave it will take some time to shake off and it is in this that the hope for the future lies in.

            But this perspective also has consequences for those that have been born before 2011, many of whom have thought (to quote a Hopi elder) that “we are the ones we have been waiting for.” As it turns out, baby-boomers and any spiritual-leaning people coming later are not the ones we have been waiting for, but are rather in the best of cases the midwives of those that we have been waiting for. We would have to look upon ourselves as the facilitators of the creators of a new world rather than those actually born to create it. Yet, even if we may never attain an immutable state of unity consciousness, we may still work for things going in this direction by facilitating for those to come.

            We should not either take it for granted that in the context of the interference pattern of all the Waves it is a negative thing that the Sixth Wave for the foreseeable future goes into a dark age. Yes, people may become less interested in looking at things both ways or open-minded intellectual discussions, but on the other hand the deactivation of duality on both an individual and a global scale may possibly lead to increased equality and an end to competition between individuals and nations. It is thus wise not to expect things to evolve in a linear fashion and also be open to a world beyond borders to evolve over the next couple of decades. What at first may seem like a very negative development may turn out to be very positive or vice versa. 

            Part of facilitating such a transformation is then to provide clarity as to how consciousness evolves in this universe, and in this regard spreading the truth about the Mayan calendar plays a crucial role. Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, once said that “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” This is a somewhat cynical view of the state of affairs, but there is some truth to it. Thus, the future of the world and the possibility of people who have immutably downloaded the Ninth Wave eventually taking over its stewardship will also depend on people in the current generation (born into lower waves) doing their parts in spreading a new scientific truth.

            Only in this way do I believe that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Without an immutable transformation to the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave, our world will simply disintegrate based on the egotism of competing individuals whose goals are not primarily shaped by the common good. Without the immutable transformation to the Ninth Wave consciousness wars and environmental destruction will continue to bring the world down because people in lower states of consciousness are projecting dark filters on people or nature with deleterious consequences. To avert this, we can however all do our parts by facilitating the shift towards unity consciousness and providing the information necessary for the people to see this as a real possibility also in times like our own that in a spiritual sense are still dark. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we can all contribute to making it visible for the benefit of a future Earth.

16 thoughts on “Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. Thank you Dr. Calleman,
    You may remember I’ve asked before about what a 13 Tone Batz Chuen person should be doing to navigate the current state of affairs.? I find my intuitive feelings bringing thoughts in my consciousness that are in line with many of the things in your letter. Changing the entrenched egoic system will take much time to do as peacefully without violence. Cooler minded leaders hopefully will try and direct albeit slow progress via those intentions that put them into there positions to start with. To me the more collective intentional power by the people in mass will be a major contributor to that end. I hope for that. Less domination and more collaboration essentially.

    1. Hello Clark, great response. As for yourself, a Transcending Monkey as i call it, you may wish to look to your birthday exemplars: Dennis Tedlock & Barbara Streisand & Matt Kahn & Rudolph Steiner. Now, Barbara i dont know that much about, other than the fact that she was an extremely accomplished singer who presumably wrote her own music and lyrics. Which is very 13 Chuen. If you’re not familiar with Dennis, get familiar with him, as i’m sure you know the others. Be like them. Which means to be a creative, artisitic man who is inspired by Cosmic Consciousness. I do personal readings, called Mayan Embodiment, and that’s how i met Dr. Calleman.

  2. Thank you Carl, for your tremendous insights. It appears that our midwifery is imperative to the evolution of humanity and our planet. Much appreciated…always.

  3. Dear Carl, it is with immense gratitude for the wisdom you share, in your books, your seminars and these posts, these bring Light to all. Will share with fellow evolutionaries In my lift. Gerda

  4. Thank you so much Carl for your continued wisdom.
    I am 61 and one of those still being dragged into the digital age. I’ve given up on Facebook and don’t communicate on any other platform other than text and , phone and email.
    I live in Canada, Edmonton Alberta specifically and wonder if there is anyone close by that I can contact , to have meaningful discussion with like minded individuals who may want to meet on a regular basis.

    1. Hi Trevor, My name is Cathy, I too live in Edmonton, AB and if you’re still interested in connecting for meaningful discussions regarding Carl work, I can be reached by email,

  5. Namaste Carl, I went to one of your workshops back in 2004, in India, at the Golden Age Movement. It is nice to see you are still posting about humanity’s future.

  6. Thanks for the interesting article.
    Here is a tiny text edit.
    Please let me know if you need editing assistance, I will happily volunteer.
    “But such a manifestation of the plan emanating from the cosmic center of consciousness (God of you like)”
    I believe you meant “God if you like”.

  7. My intuition and experience tell me we are born connected to the quantum field, this through our right brain and heart. The left brain is designed to more linearly shape our outer world, if based first based on the deep quantum connection to others and the planet. Therefore, I am about to further my outreach about changing education to support the interest and passions, as well of inner knowings of children, rather then focusing more and more immediately on the delineating functions through thought of the left brain. As we have focused more and more on the latter, we find much/most of humanity living in mental and emotional separation from each other and the planet. Hence, the troubles of our world. My website:,, first created to explain the more right/heart brain orientation of autism spectrum individuals, now to be updated to include this new outreach. Latest paper there: The Right to Learn in Public Education.

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  9. Thank you, Carl, for lecturing me about the Mayan Calendar in the 90`s in Stockholm where I bought your book. I am not surprised that our paths meet Again while I traverse into the unified consciousness using heartmath techniques and attending Patricia`s sessions. Our future is finally here now.
    Best Regards
    Jan Röstlund

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