What can the Mayan Calendar tell us about the past and about the future

This course is led by Carl Johan Calleman, and shows that the entire history of the universe is guided by the evolution of consciousness and that this evolution is an expression of the quantum leaps described by the Mayan Calendar. The purpose is to explain the true meanings of ancient mythological concepts in order to help the participants to navigate our own times and for this the Mayan Calendar plays a unique role. Hence, the Tree of Life, the Cosmic Serpent or Heavenly abode by translating to modern scientific language in order to make it clear that these concepts have a real existence and that they are necessary to master for all those who want to live in accordance with the cosmic time plan. Hence, there will also be a significant emphasis on the rise of ancient civilizations from which can learn about our own situation today.

Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, the deities of light and darkness

The year 2024 is likely to be one of the most tumultuous years in history and the world order established after World War II of Western dominance may be expected to come to an end. Regardless where you are this will demand knowledge as to how to navigate the situation as well as finding new ways forward. The Mayan Calendar system plays a unique role among ancient wisdom tools as it is not based on the physical astronomical reality as most other calendars, but on the underlying quantum field. For this reason, it is able to describe the entire evolution of consciousness from before the Big Bang to the present time and beyond. Through the patterns that this reveals regarding human history probable patterns regarding our future can also be discerned and we can explore what we may do to prepare for this in the best possible way for humanity.

The course, which is an updated version of what I have given previously, has six modules – each 1.5 hourlong plus Q/A – beginning on sequential Saturdays at 9 am PST starting May 25, 2024. The course is interactive with ample opportunities for the participants to discuss the matters afterwards. The price for the course is 200 USD.

The six sessions cover the following topics:

June 1, 2024, Session 1: The History of the Maya and their calendar system.

June 8, Session 2: The Sacred Calendar of 260 days.

June 15, Session 3: The Plumed Serpent and the Rise of Civilization. 

June 22, Session 4: The Nine Waves of Creation and the Four Directions of Creation.

July 6, Session 5: The Plumed Serpent of the Ancestral Pueblo peoples and the star maps of ancient people. The climb to the 7th Wave.

July 13, Session 6: The 8th and the 9th Waves and the Future of Humanity.

Recordings of the different sessions will be saved for the participants to listen to afterwards.