Will the Covid19 pandemic come to an end if Trump loses the election?

In a couple of articles earlier this year I pointed out that psychological and existential factors are almost completely ignored when it comes to understanding how pandemics, such as that of Covid19 has affected the global population. Yet, it is well-known that adverse medical conditions, so-called co-morbidities other than the virus itself have contributed to the severity of the disease and why should existential factors be excluded from these? For many other types of diseases stress factors of a more psychological nature is known to strongly influence their onset. Cancers for instance, which is generally thought of as a disease with a physiological etiology is more common in singles than people living in stable marriages, which implies psychological or at least life style factors for the risks. How severely or often a disease manifests thus is not independent of the general life situation or outlook on life of an individual. There is no particular reason to believe that the Covid19 pandemic should be different in this regard.

Since for the most part pandemics hit in dark ages it is relevant to look at the broader cosmic context and relationship to the evolution of consciousness of this one. Most importantly in this, as of October 28, 2011 the quantum state (of the Sixth Wave) that created the Western dominance of the world came to an end and will not come back in the next four hundred years (Figs 1 and 2). Because of this very long period, the effects of the quantum shift are in significant regards irreversible but also slow in coming. This downturn of the West (affecting primarily the US and the UK, but also other western European powers and less markedly the Western hemisphere in its entirety) does not come about because of some actions that these parts of the world have taken, but is a direct consequence of the wave-like evolution of the macrocosmic quantum states. Ancient peoples were aware of this wave movement and would let its ups and downs be symbolized by the Plumed Serpent or the Phoenix Bird, symbols of death and rebirth. Yet, today the shifts in the quantum field are almost completely unknown to the population at large who think of history as a linear process where the West would forever maintain its role gained in the 7th day of the Sixth Wave (see the Mayan Long Count in Fig 1). 

Fig 1. The rise and fall of civilizations in the Long Count.

This lack of knowledge and the absence in our educational system of how the evolution of the universe on several levels takes place makes it difficult for many to see what is now happening in the world as the results of macrocosmic quantum shifts. Yet, the end of Western dominance was predictable and I wrote about it in my book The Nine Waves of Creation before any visible signs of it had really appeared. Regardless, since this downturn is not explicable through a linear understanding of history many have now chosen to explain it by conspiracy theories, while we are in fact witnessing the effects of a consciousness shift originating on a cosmic scale as the 7th day has turned into a night.

In Fig 2 we can in more detail see how the quantum shift in 2011 has parallel effects on both the global and individual levels. The wave movement in Fig 1 was for instance expressed not only in terms of western dominance in relation to the rest of the world, militarily and economically in the time period 1617-2011, but also in terms of left brain thinking (the scientific revolution took place in Europe at its beginning). At the same time as the light went out in the Western Hemisphere in 2011 similarly by resonance the light also went out in the minds of the human individuals resulting in much anger as we could see in 2016. Hence, as Western dominance began to go out on the global level the duality (see Fig 2) that has created the ego also began to go out so that a mentality of equality and balance is over time poised to take over (but presumably not without resistance).  While the period that began in 2011 definitely has a Dark Age character this is thus not necessarily only negative but it has a purpose. It serves to rebalance the world after a long period of left brain/Western dominance. The task then becomes to keep what was beneficial and discard what was not from the preceding time period. In Fig 2 we can see more clearly how the last wave period in Fig 1 is associated with different quantum states and also how this affects the global and human minds in synchrony.

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Fig 2. The consciousness shift in 2011. (a) day state and (b) night state.

As mentioned earlier, since the night we are entering on the level of the Sixth Wave is so long it was slow in coming and its effects became notable only with the Brexit/Trump vote in 2016 (five years after the shift). Yet, to see the power of the shift we can note that neither the US nor the UK has had a peaceful political moment since. Its respective populations have been sharply divided as to whether to try to live in accordance with the good old days of world dominance provided by the dualist quantum state (a) or adapting to the new state (b), which will increasingly shape the human mind. The Brexit/Trump votes in 2016 essentially reflected a desire by parts of the respective populations to maintain the world dominance (or at least the mentalities that went with it) that had been developed during the past 400 years. These elections meant reactions against, rather than an adaptation to the quantum state (b). Hence, rather than adapting to the new quantum state that called for global equality those supporting Brexit/Trump wanted to go back to, or maintain some ego-boosting dominance on the part of their nations. Such reactions to a cosmic quantum state (opposite to what the new quantum state calls for) have happened before in history. It is a quite natural reaction since especially people of high age for a long time have had their mentalities shaped by the previously ruling quantum state and it will reasonably take some time to adapt to the change that has taken place at a cosmic level. Yet, such attempts to block the course of history in accordance with the 6th Wave can not be long-lasting.

In addition to this constant state of political distress in recent years, the West has been further weakened not only by the global pandemic especially affecting the Western hemisphere (see Fig 3), but especially in the US also by very serious consequences of global warming such as forest fires and strong hurricanes. All of this is connected to the cosmic consciousness shift I just mentioned as the duality of the quantum state (a) also created a mentality of dominance versus nature in the human beings and the new quantum state (b) no longer supports this. Overall this has created what seems like a negative spiral for the West that can hardly be broken by the mind set of (a). What might have seemed right before 2011 no longer applies in the same way. Hence, unless we want the negative spiral to continue downwards we will have to adapt to the cosmic quantum state (b), which mandates a mentality of non-dominance.

In this perspective the Covid19 pandemic with which I started the article may be placed in another context, that of the shifting states of consciousness. The map in Fig 3, showing the total number of deaths associated with Covid19, for instance clearly shows how the Western hemisphere has been much harder hit by the pandemic, something which would be consistent with the turning off the light of this hemisphere shown in the quantum shift in Fig 2. I have then suggested that many of the Covid19 cases are strongly conditioned by the shift in consciousness that began in the cosmos in 2011, and especially in the extraordinary amount of stress that this has resulted in on the political level in the West. (PTSD, the President Trump Stress Disorder, caused by incessant tweeting has obviously added to this stress by creating much widely spread discord).  The fact that for most people the quantum shift and its nature is unknown I believe has added to the state of confusion and hopelessness. Yet, here the reader may have to decide if he or she agrees with me that psychological or existential factors may have contributed to the Covid19 disease.

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Fig 3. Total accumulated deaths (October 23, 2020) attributed to Covid19.

As an alternative explanation to the East-West discrepancy many have suggested that China created the virus and is to blame for the pandemic and the harm this has done to the West. On my own part I am open to the possibility that the virus was manipulated and had leaked from one of their labs (such events are not uncommon anywhere in the world), but the suggestion that it could have been designed only to infect the genetically diverse population of the Western Hemisphere and essentially save the East seems absurd to me. It is not conceivable that anyone could create a virus with an address label. What seems like a better explanation to the enormous difference between how the Western and Eastern Hemispheres have been affected is that the East has not experienced the turning off of the light that the West went through in 2011 (Fig 2) and so have not suffered the same existential shake-up.

Let me now return to the question whether the pandemic will disappear if Trump loses the election. I am not here trying to make the case that Trump has mishandled the pandemic. Overall, he probably has and at the very least he has quite consistently downplayed it. Thus, if he loses and the pandemic goes away it would seem as the incoming president handles it better. Obviously Trump’s political enemies will create such a narrative and with some right. Yet, I should emphasize that this is not the case that I am making here. What I am saying is instead that if Trump loses it would reflect a significant mentality change among the American electorate reflecting an adaptation to the new quantum state (and the new world that will go with it) and it is such a mentality change, and its consequences for human health that I suggest may cause the pandemic to go away.

It could very well be that the current (October 2020) surge of Covid19 cases in the US and Europe (and the Western Hemisphere in general) is linked to the stress especially of the US elections, which by themselves may have consequences for the spread of the pandemic. Few could deny that these elections will be critical for the future of the world. What I am suggesting is that if Americans surrender to the shift in quantum shift and accepts a role of non-dominance in the world it may also have consequences for the spread and severity of the virus even to the point that it would relatively soon go away in the event of such an outcome. This would be linked to Trump losing the election as Trump in fact explicitly idealizes the idea of domination. The Spanish Flu in 1918-1920 seems to have suddenly miraculously come to an end. Possibly this happened because herd immunity was attained (nobody knows for sure), but possibly it was because the malaise associated with the end of World War I had come to pass. Maybe now a malaise will similarly come to pass.

When we look at Fig 1 and the Western dominance in the 7th day (1617-2011) we may primarily think of dominance in the form of colonialism and other expressions on a global scale. Yet, as we can understand from Fig. 2 this mentality of dominance has also been expressed in domestic politics and individual relationships. What this means is that the very same mentality of dominance in the time period 1617-2011 also manifested for instance in slavery, the near-extinction of Native Americans and the suppression of women and emergence of huge economic inequality in the then victorious Western powers. (I should say here that the reason that I am here bringing up only negative aspects of US history is not because it reflects my overall assessment of the country, but because it is the very purpose of a night to deal with what was not accomplished in the preceding day and so these aspects need to be highlighted.)

As expected from an adaption to the new quantum state (b), we now after 2011 can also see how such abuses of power and their current-day expressions begin to be reversed. Since 2011 when the shift into a new quantum shift took place the United States has in fact begun to export a new mentality consistent with a non-dualist quantum state. Examples of this are the #metoo movement, Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders campaigns against economic inequality. That this happens at this particular time is not an accident. These are movements that are consistent with the new quantum state (b) and are thus examples of phenomena that will become prominent over the next 400 years. Yet, the old quantum state (a) still retains an appeal much because there is a light in it that creates its duality and this is partly why many will still want to go back to it. This is the reason that both Brexit and Trump among certain groups of people have gained an almost religious status. Paradoxically, however trying to resist the new quantum state and recreate a world of one that has gone out just makes the situation worse and it is in such resistance to the cosmic plan that the greatest risk currently lies.

Most of the above are just rational consequences of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory, but the proposal that the pandemic will go away if Trump loses the election is a hypothesis, which obviously is wildly outside of the confines of established epidemiology. Yet, it seems to me that no one has any better explanation to how the pandemic has spread the way it has both in space and over time and the reader will now what it is based on. For this reason, and increasing evidence that there is a very direct relationship between psychological factors and the health of the immune system I think such an outcome is possible if Trump (and other proponents of maintaining dominance both domestically and in the world) loses this election. If the pandemic relatively soon miraculously disappears I think this would be the explanation.

4 thoughts on “Will the Covid19 pandemic come to an end if Trump loses the election?

  1. In fact, NYT graphs show at least a 30% dip in cases since Trump left the White House. This can not be explained solely by vaccine distribution, and many of us have felt the heat disappear (only now to be replaced with 75% of the US under ice and snow).

    1. Yes, it is remarkable that the turning point was January 20, 2021 when Trump left office as the number of cases has been decreasing ever since the immediate threat of a coup was gone and the effect this had on people.

  2. Here we are, almost a year after the elections and I don’t see a real relation between the activity of the virus and the position of Trump.

    I have done a lot of thinking after reading the book: The Maya Calendar and the Transformation of Conciousness. To say a cycilcal calendar ends never felt right to me, so I extrapolated the calendar by inverting it and placing it on top of the old one. My findings were quite interesting and I would like to share thoughts with Carl et. al. Based on my calculations I found that now we would be ruled by the 10th god. The same god that was said ruling the skies during WW2 and the French revolution, which was a dual god insinuating a conflict of duality. Each god brings their own characteristics to the word is something that I don’t see addressed in the more recent articles. I might digress, but that is certainly a conversation I would like to have.

    Based on what I observe in society now that Biden is in power is no prettier than the hypothesis of a Trump still being in power. Now that we are one year into his reign, what are your thoughts? Are all these mandates democratic? What is the result of the division in current day society and how do we keep our hopes up?

    Stay strong and grateful in these trying times!


    1. Hello Frank,
      You are bringing up many different topics and maybe you can come back to those that I do not respond to. First of all The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness is now a fairly old book of mine written well before the shift in 2011, which naturally has prompted a rethinking since. My more recent three books however incorporate how I think about the continuation of the Mayan calendar at the current time.

      I do not understand the basis for you saying that we are now ruled by the tenth god (tezcatlipoca) or that this would be the god ruling during the French revolution (although certainly during WWII).

      When it comes to the US, it is on its way down since the shift in 2011 and this downturn happens regardless of whether it has been Obama, Trump or Biden who has been president. The decline of the west is simply a function of the night in the Sixth Wave and it will continue. Yet, there are degrees to the extent that these president contribute to the downturn and personally I think Trump may accelerate it the most because he poses a direct threat to the democratic institution of the US. Nonetheless it is England rather than the US that leads this downturn of the west and if you want to know what is next that is where you should look. A majority there now regrets Brexit and Boris Johnsons position is very shaky.

      A further result of this decline of the West is the fact that the per capita deaths in covid is something like a hundred or even thousand times higher in the US than in China. In conclusion, hope will not come from attachment to the success of the West, but from a larger global perspective and a unity consciousness that transcends the dichotomy of east and west.

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