Why might Putin’s Russia want to invade Ukraine?

            Making predictions based on the Mayan calendar always holds some uncertainty since after all the evolution of the world in this perspective is not deterministic, but based on the potentialities of different states of consciousness. Nonetheless, this calendar system does exhibit a large number of patterns when it comes to how the course of history has played out and sometimes those have proved to be useful for making predictions. For instance, the geopolitics that at the current time dominates the attention of the world is a potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia, with the purpose of either annexing it or making it into a vassal state. In addition to seeking to expand Russia to include a large territory that it has more or less controlled in the past, it may aim for such a subordination also because a relatively democratic Ukraine presents a threat to the authoritarian rule of Russia. Presumably to uphold this Russia has in recent years significantly modernized its military. 

Moreover, in addition to the pandemic by which it has been especially hit, the current weakness of the United States based on its recent pulling out of Cenrtral Asia, as well as domestic division and tiredness of wars, makes this a good time for Russia to act based on its ambition to claim a role as a superpower in the world. Adding to this risk for war, there does not seem to be much room for negotiations at this point. The current government of Ukraine and the majority of its population want it to be a sovereign nation with the full right to sign treaties with other nations, whereas Russia considers it as a part of its security zone. While an invasion now seems likely, the same result of a subordination could however also be accomplished by a long-term isolation of Ukraine by military means. At least for now time is on the side of Putin. The purpose of this article is however not to report on such details that the press is already discussing. It is instead to discuss the deeper reasons existing in the underlying quantum field that may lead Russia to de facto incorporate Ukraine whether through an invasion or not. 

In fact, the historical pattern of the Sixth Wave (so-called Long Count) of the Mayan calendar system clearly tells us that the energies this wave produces make a Russian incorporation of Ukraine in some form highly likely. To demonstrate this, Fig 1 shows maps of some of the historical movements in relation to the planetary midline at the beginning of the past 7 baktuns (a baktun is a Mayan time period of 394.7 years. The planetary midline that goes through Malmö, Berlin and Rome down to Cape Town is the 12th longitude East, which separates the Eastern and Western Hemipheres of our planet and is established on the level of the inner core of the Earth). Recently, in 2011, the fourteenth baktun in the Long Count began, but no map has as yet been added for this. The pictures show major military movements during the katun (19.7-year period) following a baktun shift in the Long Count. 

The study shows a clear pattern where in the beginning of baktuns that are days (shown in the left column of Fig 1) expansions have taken place from the planetary midline, whereas in time periods that are nights (right column of Fig 1) Europe is attacked from the East. The pattern includes some of the most important movements in European and world history such as the rise and fall of the Roman empire, the rise and fall of the British empire, as well as the beginning of the dark ages and the Mongol Storm. which created the largest empire in human history. 

Fig 1, Major movements from and towards the planetary midline at the beginning of the later baktuns of the Sixth Wave.

It should be noted that this pattern of military movements from and towards the midline only becomes apparent in light of the shift points in time between the different baktuns in the Long Count. Other calendars than the Mayan Sixth Wave would thus not reveal a pattern of alternating energies generating movements in different directions of this kind. It does provide an explanation to the fact that not only the Maya, but other ancient peoples as well recognized different powers in the four geographical directions and that these do play a role for the course of human history. The line through the twelfth longitude East thus serves as a kind of wave generator for the evolutionary process of the Sixth Wave which ultimately has produced the different mentalities of the East and the West. That Europe has had a disproportionately important role in world history is explained by this energy line in its midst.

            The very fact that this pattern of alternating movements exists also shows that history indeed is driven by an underlying wave movement (called the Plumed Serpent by the ancient peoples of Mexico and cosmic serpents or dragons in many other ancient cultures). The results of this wave movement on the emergence of major empires in the Mediterranean/European context is shown in Fig 2, which highlights the dominating empires in periods that are days (peaks in the wave). While much of world history can be explained by this wave movement events outside of the European context will be left out here because it is not relevant to the current discussion of Russia and Ukraine. Yet, it should be pointed out that not only does this wave explain the rise of civilization at its very beginning, but also the commonly noticed phenomenon that the pendulum swings in history and produces cylical phenomena on a large scale. Those that want a deeper understanding of the evolution of consciousness (the waves), and how the various structures of the mind are downloaded from the hemispheres of the Earth to the brains of humans and how this in turn shapes human political and military behavior (and much else) may be referred to my books and courses, which also discuss where these waves come from. In short however, the waves provide human beings with states of consciousness (structures of the mind) and as these states are altered the human perception of the world will undergo change. As the human perception changes, the kind of world humans create will also change and this is why a wave movement of consciousness underlies the rise and fall of civilizations. The human brain then is looked upon more as a receiver of cosmic waves than as an isolated generator of thoughts and actions.

Fig 2. The rise of major empires in the Mediterranean?European context resulting from the peaks in the Sixth

Fig 3. The Rise and fall of the British Empire and the US in the seventh day of the Long Count.

Fig 3 (which is a detail of Fig 2) adds another perspective on the current conflict, which is that the 7th day (thirteenth baktun) which fostered Western power and dominance in the world now (since 2011) is over. Hence, as we have now entered the fourteenth baktun, the power of the West has been in constant decline. In case of the United States its military reach into Asia, to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and more broadly to Central Asia, has, regardless of who has been president, been in decline and there is little to indicate that this trend will be turned around. In a sense, the current Ukraine-Russia conflict is thus also a reflection of the altered US-Russia relationship resulting from the shift from the seventh day (ending in 2011) to the seventh night. Putin now senses that Western power is now on its way down and that this may be the time to assert itself and settle a score. What score? Personally, I think Russia does have a reason to be bitter at the West, because it failed to come to its aid as the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990’s, when death rates increased, birth rates collapsed and poverty and crime went rampant in a very disorganized economy. Putin has become seen as the person who created stability and ended the extreme hardships of critical situation in the 1990’s and why he often repeats that the West cannot be trusted. The US actually failed to do so at the time and this is something that is now coming back almost like a karmic reaction as its power is weakened in the seventh night.

If we go back further in time to Hitler’s so-called Operation Barbarossa, which was the name for the military campaign aimed to destroy the Soviet Union, we may also understand why Russia is especially sensitive to losing its ties to Ukraine. One of the primary objectives of this operation was to turn Ukraine into a bread basket for a growing German population and at the same time cut off its food production from Russia with the intended result of causing death by starvation to tens of millions of its inhabitants. In a country which never forgets that it played the decisive role for the defeat of Nazi-Germany such things still carry emotional weight and add to the suspicion of the West.

Returning then to the particular topic of this article: As mentioned, what has not been included in Fig 1 is a map of the time period 2011-2031 CE that we are currently in, which should be map 1h. This is because the beginning of the 14th baktun that we are currently in has not yet manifested in a military movement of a major strength to qualify. Yet, it should be clear that in this way of presenting the beginning of the most significant shifts in the Mayan calendar over the past three thousand years, a Russian invasion of Ukraine in the beginning of the 14th baktun would fit perfectly into the pattern and mean such a significant change to fill the gap in Fig 1h. Such an invasion (or incorporation of Ukraine otherwise) would follow upon the storms of Huns (Fig 1 d) and Mongols (Fig 1 f) emanating from the East towards the planetary midline that took place at the beginning of the previous nights. To add to these parallels, it should be noticed that it was the Mongol storm (in Fig 1 f) that set an end to the Kievan Rus, the original slavic civilization in Ukraine and incorporated it into the empire it created. This collapse of the Kievan Rus makes the parallel to a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine even more direct. To further highlight the parallel of the Mongol storm from East Asia at the beginning of night 6 to the current situation you may consider the recent strengthening of the friendship between Russia and China, with the potential of creating a Eurasian block.

The Kievan Rus civilization was founded by Vikings that moved into the Russian river system in the 9th century (see Fig 1 e), but grew into what is considered as the original East slavic civilization. It is however generally thought that the subsequent conquest by the Mongols (Fig 1f) for several centuries blocked the development of Slavic nations based in either Kiev or Moscow. In a sense current day Russia and Ukriane thus share a common trauma, but also an origin in the Kievan Rus, which adds strong emotional fuel to the situation. In accordance with the wave movement shown in Figs 1 and 2 (this is actually the same wave movement looked upon through different angles) it would thus seem highly likely that Russia at the current time would seek to incorporate Ukraine. In this conflict, my personal sympathies go essentially to Ukraine (which I have visited) because even if its democracy is far from perfect it at least in contrast to Putin and the Russian oligarchs has such ambitions. I am however not very optimistic about the possibilities of Ukraine to be able to effectively resist being reincorporated by Russia, as it for centuries has been part of the Russian Empire, whether this has been Tzarist or Soviet. 

Given the power of the wave that has created the pattern in in Fig 1, it does not seem very likely that the sanctions that may be set in by the West would have much of an effect on Russian politics, even if they could turn out to be painful for its oligarchs and people. To this should be added that also in the West (because of the shift to a night in the Sixth Wave), support for democracy has dramatically eroded in the past few years resulting in a decreased ability to support Ukraine. The importance of the conflict, and the authoritarianism versus democracy aspect, to the rest of the world is evidenced by the fact that several key members of the Trump administration were actively playing a role in it. President Trump never criticized Putin and even directly expressed his admiration for him and certainly threatened to withhold US funds to Ukraine unless it investigated Joe Biden’s son. Several key persons in the previous administration such as Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani have also played roles in the conflict usually to the detriment of Ukraine and hence of democracy. It thus seems that the current threats from Russia against Ukraine is part of a global assault on democracy and its repercussions may also have a direct bearing on the future of democracy in the United States and elsewhere. 

An expansion of Russia towards the West through the capture of Ukraine would almost certainly amount to a significant shift in military power favoring Russia at the expense of the West. Its weight would increase not only in Eastern Europe, but also further West, where it has already started to throw its weight around so that West European countries may in the time ahead see themselves forced to rearm. Based on this there seem to be reasons to expect a geopolitical restructuring of the Eurasian continent favoring the powers of the East, Russia and China in a sense creating a new kind of Silk Road. What we are talking about is thus not only a small change in the geopolitics, but something whose consequences may fundamentally come to alter the world.

The reason all of this may come to happen would thus be the power of a wave movement described by the Mayan calendar system and a significant baktun shift in this in 2011 that most people today are oblivious to. For those that expected some kind of immediate change on December 21, 2012 the take home lesson is that the Mayan calendar describes longer term processes, in this case a wave with a periodicity of about 800 years, which modern people usually do not take into consideration. Since the Mayan calendar is based on the invisible quantum field (in contrast to other calendars or astrology) it is not cyclical in the sense of identically repeating events, but wave-like, so that similar kinds of movements or events recur with a clear periodicity and this is what Fig 1 shows. This in turn means that even if many people may unconsciously sense the changes in energy and power that go on in the world, to get a complete picture it is necessary to analyze history in light of such energy transformations where the relatsionships between East and West play a very significant role.

Regardless, it is because of this underlying wave pattern that time is on the side of Putin whether there will be an actual invasion or not. The risks for the rest of the world are that a subordination of Ukraine could come to mean a boost to dictators, political strongmen and authoritarian forces everywhere, not only in Europe, but maybe even more so in the United States. Whether such a situation of dominance will last for long will depend on to what extent people everywhere, including in Russia and Ukraine will be able to make the quantum leaps to the higher Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves and come to see reality through such higher filters. As I pointed out earlier, these waves are quantized and their effects are hence not deterministic, but potentialities. The higher waves still have a potential for creating democracy and prosperity the many and even spiritual renewal, but it would take a conscious intention and effort to manifest such phenomena in the world. 

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  1. Thank you Carl for your ‘whole wide world ‘ view of this conflict…it’s a ‘need to know’ by everyone …and through our human ‘gifts of empowerment’ we can enable or disable the ‘final’ outcome…our ‘worlds’ are on a planet with it’s own time/space continuum.

  2. This process is part of the background that many of us may not be fully aware of while acting as an ominous (from the Western perspective) undercurrent. Much transformation is occurring rapidly and across the entire world. Seeing it from the perspective of the Plumed Serpent greatly helps give what’s happening in the world a context that promises clarity but only with the understanding that this is not a static event but rather a dynamic process unfolding. I agree with you that one of the tools we have to deal with this is understanding that we can have a beneficial impact through adopting the energy of the 9th wave.

    As always your analysis is cogent and thought provoking. Thank you!

    1. I would say that the Ninth Wave is really beyond the content of the scriptural religions which are all created by the Sixth Wave.

  3. Excellent summation Carl, yes it is being referred to in the news quite a lot, and as you say the influences are all there. It will be interesting to understand how that may effect NZ, Austrarlia and Australasia. Many thanks.

  4. Research on the Life Cycle of Evolution by Professor Bill Halal of George Washington University (published in “Beyond Knowledge” 2021) posits that in the decade of the 2020s humanity will move out of the Age of Knowledge into the Age of Consciouness triggered by a Mental/Spiritual Revolution in 2025 +/- 5 As this is during a night of the 6th wave, will that tend to suppress the movement? Or is the energy of the 7th wave taking over to favour a shift in consciousness of the kind he describes? My own sense is that the decade of the 2020s will be preparation for a more significant shift in consciousness beginning around 2030. What do you think?

    1. I do not quite understand what is meant by an age of consciousness. Consciousness as I see it has existed throughout the existence of the universe or at least back to the first living organisms on Earth 3.8 billion years ago. Consciousness has however evolved and continues to evolve. The way I define consciousness is simply as the subjective experience and in the case of human beings it evolves through moving to higher states? I cannot then understand what is meant by an “Age of Consciousness” which purportedly begins at some point in the future. Based on what?

      The way I see it there are currently several states of consciousness superimposed on the human beings and we are participating in a climb to reach the ninth and highest level and I agree with you that there may be a more significant shift in consciousness around 2030 (2031 to be exact). This would be because of a combination of the seventh wave turning into a day and those born into the ninth wave coming off age.

  5. Hi Carl Johan!
    I have an astrological/planetary perspective regarding global conditions now. Saturn and Jupiter transited the New Age zodiacal sign of Aquarius all last year and Saturn will continue in Aquarius for over another year. When Pluto (transformation and consciousness) enters Aquarius also in a couple years, we will know that humankind has at last officially and spiritually entered a new age of Enlightenment, and the Edgar CAYCE study of the Akashic Records/Book of Life predicts that humans will then have a closer relationship and attunement with Creative Forces/”God”!

    1. One shortcoming that I see with the use of astrology compared to the Mayan calendar is that
      it cannot be used to deal with East/West dichotomies meaning that it has little power
      to discern how different parts. of the planet are affected in different ways.

    2. If you use the more astronomically correct Jyotish (Hindu astrologi), Saturn is still in Capricorn. AND planet Mars will pay a visit there soon. These two planets are enemies . IF we allow Pluto to be taken into consideration: Pluto is also in Capricorn and these three grahas in combination does not bode well. Major transformations!! So beware february 23 and onwards. ps Pluto does not traditionally belong to Jyotish.

      1. If you bring into a large number of celestial bodies into the picture you can argue
        for everything with Astrology, at least retrospectively so it gives a lot of room to what people want to see. The Mayan calendar is different and much simpler.

  6. Dear Carl, growing up in Sweden I have followed you for years, read all your books etc. As many others that used o follow your work, Im deeply surpriced and dissappinted that you have not adressed or took a stand to the injustices, anti scientific, and totalitarian measures,the impact of further forced injections etc, and how this will have a further i pact on us.. If your analysis and “collective awareness”/oness does not include,mention or activelly take a stand against this, you will be on the wrong side of history. I feel like you have been avoiding so many tooics6 and used words as “conspiracy theories”, “I follow sciense”,while your just following orchestrated dogmas that you sometimes speak against. Very dissapointing and many times contradictory to other sides of your work. If you trully care a out the future of the children, the olanet and raising the u ity consciousness; get on the right side of history, adress topics that affects everybody on a daily basis, and update your believes to certain aspects of sciense and the system. You will be called out like many people in the spiritual community, its very sad to see. I hope ypu reconsider your position in your analysis to this plandemic and where the powerof unity and is actually manifesting. Fianlly read up on the lacking evidens in virology dogmas, germ theory, terrain theory,luios pasteur vs bechamp, rochafeller medicine, modern geopolitics…you are falling into too many traps. With respect and hope that you find curage to reinvent yourself.

    1. You are right in saying that other than a few initial articles on the pandemic highlighting its existential aspect in light of the decline of the West I have not focused much on it. I am more concerned about whether there will actually be two different sides of history than to be on the right one. The shortcomings I see with the anti-vaxer movement (and I can only assume that this is what you are referring to, I cannot tell) is that it only reacts to the situation, does not explain its ultimate roots and does not include any kind of vision to transcend it.

  7. Thank you for sharing your persuasive perspective Carl. This wave pattern conversation with the timeline illustrations you provide here are thought provoking. I recognize the energetic shifts we are experiencing on this planet now. The input from the readers before me interest me as well. This dynamic transformational unfolding illustrated with named periods in ancient history spinning and unfolding to the now of current events locally and globally does offer some clarity as to the pattern possibilities found in these waves. I too agree, by understanding and being aware of the wave, we can have a beneficial impact. The 9th wave energetics is being felt now. The velocity of the shift is obviously bigger than individual human energy.

    Given the observer impacts how reality is experienced, being conscious of this grand frequency shift (wave) could soothe local social interactions if individuals could/would relax into it and energetically “reach up” to “lift” their own resonance easing the profound stress that has been coloring (impacting) human reaction throughout history, in recent years into the now. Perhaps this could echo to the geopolitical arena, who knows. The Earth’s 9th wave is here. It would be wonderful if we could all become expert surfers, rather than struggle in the force of the wave current.

    That said, on and off during recent decades, I have heard whisperings of the Vatican housing the largest astrological library on the planet; leading me to recognize the science of astrology, while not widely embraced by the West as it is in the East, has been appreciated by those in power for millennia through wave cycles and therefore can hold some weight to consider the science of astrology may be a tool.

    Accepting our planet has waves and recognizing world leaders have elected to keep the full understanding and usefulness of applying the science of astrology to themselves leads me to consider this a possible tool as we adapt to the 9th wave. If the earth has a midline, it would then follow each planet has their own midline and quantum pattern with their proximity and angles in this solar system (restricting the conversation to this small part of space) likely having an invisible influence on the Earth’s midline and vice versa. Perhaps interplanetary midpoint waves and position in space relative to our own offer opportunities for coherence and explanation of how astrological mechanics work. I am aware truly interpreting a person’s astrological aspects of birth (birth chart) in relation perpetual planetary position shifts as they all revolve around the Sun create aspects that reliably predict what year in one’s life the occurrence of illness, pregnancy, accidents, etcetera, will occur. If it can occur in this microcosm, the potential impact on the macrocosm follows and is thought provoking. This leads me to suspect equations in astrological science may be a language or roadmap that can guide us through each wave. I wonder how each planetary wave is being impacted as our solar system planets spin around the Sun. I am now contemplating how these planetary waves relate with torsion physics with new ideas. I will have to read my text books with this information in mind.

    If this postulate is true, I wonder if the masses could collectively steer our trajectory and propel us all toward a peaceful and inclusively prosperous future and what those odds are. It is curious to consider prayer may be a steering mechanism. Could that be a tool?

    You have given me a lot to think about. Thank you for sharing your analysis.

    1. Dessa händelser är väntade. Den andliga utvecklingen har tagit ett stort steg framåt, närmare ett kvantsprång. Materialisterna känner att de är på väg att förlora makten, och letar nu med förtvivlan minsta spår till en renässans.

    2. Hello Carol,
      I liked your two first paragraphs since they point to an understanding of the relationship between the waves of creation and our roles as individuals for how history turns out. However, I do not share your positive view of Astrology. I think if astrology had anything to say about the large scale evolutionary processes of our planet it should be known by now. I have looked and no one has ever been able to provide any clear evidence to convince me of the validity of astrology for such a purpose. Besides, what would astrology be needed for when we have the Mayan calendar, which has been massively evidenced? Astrology follows Newtonian physics which means that it is in principle deterministic and repeats itself in identical cycles, in contrast to the Mayan calendar which is quantized and allows for a role of the conscious actors.

      Regarding the Vatican and its role in this I think it is important to see that it was the Catholic priests that introduced Astrology to the Maya as part of converting them to Christianity. This becomes evident if you study the Books of Chilam Balam, Mayan books written after the Spanish Conquest, where not only Christian beliefs and its calendar but also European astrology was introduced to the detriment of the Mayan calendar. People today think that the Catholic Church is against astrology, but historically speaking this has not been the case. So my view is that the Vatican and the Spanish bishops used astrology to destroy the Mayan cosmology and calendars. This was quite successful and this is the reason that it is hard to have people recognize the truth of this calendar and this is really what we suffer the consequences of today.

  8. Dear Carl, thanks for this good article explaining and giving deep historical understanding.

    My thought always goes to the higher waves transcending the conflicts, because they hold the Galactic and Universal transcending healing Light, and that this we hope is why we even have higher waves after the 6th level, and that the reason why Creation designed it all the way it is with nine waves is to bring in the transcending factor, that especially the 9th Wave activated the mind by, so that it/we could transcend duality to unify mind and heart as one.

    So if the code plays out to what it is true to we should transcend the limiting dualities of the lower waves(6th), why are the lower waves even influencing our world, i suppose because its all very new, that our mind is in a time without filters since 2011 and we might be caught in a lag in time, where things and certain memory is still arriving to be COMPLETE to itself.

    I would say Creation has a plan, to bring everything to be internally at peace with itself. The emanating wave movements are awakening the soul to see from the highest view point at the top of the Pyramid, without separating veils. We have thus arrived partly here now to understand where the mind went off center, so we can return to it, to be one with Source, i think in the 5th Wave consciousness experienced this, and time moved very slow then. It was the time of traversing the Universe in a floating state of heart centeredness, when there was no duality, a time of no right or wrong perhaps, although the shift into duality started at the beginning of the pre-wave to the 6th Level, about 10250 years ego.

    So my question is, the interference pattern of the 14th Baktun, it is understandable how it aligns to the 7th Night of the 6th Wave, but how does this fit in with what was said by the ancient Maya about what will happen on the completion date of 28 October 2011, that Bolon Yokte Ku will descend upon Earth, the Nine Cosmic Deities. That these Divine forces of Creation’s evolution will arrive to restore balance.

    The movement towards and away from the planetary midline, because the 9 levels are complete, the consciousness that aligns to this emanating wave movement might be different to before 2011, it might not be war/conflict driven, it might be more cooperation/peace driven, we hope.

    Thank you Carl for all you have done in your work to surface the pattern of Creations evolution coded in the 9 Level Mayan calendar Pyramid. Thank you to the Mayan civilization.

    Best Regards
    Sean Caulfield

  9. Hello Carl,
    There are so many variables to consider that one can only speculate as to the outcome of this huge geopolitical move+. Having read several of your books and watched some of the late Ian Lungold’s videos, I’ve been in expectation of this East-West butting of heads for quite some time. The analysis of global history that you’ve written about in relation to the MC was quite helpful with developing a big picture of current events as the years passed by. Prior to discovering your work, I was enthralled by two other areas of interest. namely the Bible, the views of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and sprinkled with many others in my quest for answers. I was baptized into three religions which led me to presently be areligious. As Pierre coined the phrase, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”, I agree.
    The conclusion that I have arrived at from all these sources supporting each other is that we are all one but we collectively don’t know that en masse, yet.
    Back to topic, I did find this article that may add to the perspectives. https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/the-crisis-in-ukraine-is-not-about-ukraine-its-about-germany/

  10. I always was intreasted in Carl’s work. but now I feel he is working within the bounds of the dogma of the conspiracy denial culture. I believe that this is underminding carls judgment and make his arcticals more disappointing!

    1. I recognize that people today crave conspiracy theory
      and they can find it in so many places. The purpose of my work
      is instead to explain what is happening through the patterns
      of the cosmic plan as this article illustrates.

  11. Hi Carl, and thank you for the article. It makes sense to me your analysis also regarding the situation Russia/Ukraine. As I see it the movement goes from East to West with Europe in the middle. What I find very exciting now is to follow to see how the Super Power Regions will manage to cooperate. What about democracy as we are used to will also change. I like to believe that we are spiritual beings Down here on this suffering planet Earth to learn what it means to be a human and what it takes to really understand how POWERFUL we ALL are. We are made of Love and IS love. Before anything, I do believe that the situation Russia /Ukrian will turn out in the end in a healing way. The changes in the world that we know will come have just started. Thank you for the inspirational article.

    1. I agree that it is most interesting to see how the superpowers
      the US, Russia and China will now cooperate. Over a few years
      this cooperation may actually increase especially if the republicans and Trump tales over power in the US (which seems likely given that the sitting administration always gets the blame). This collaboration between China, Russia and a Trump-US could then possibly create a global dictatorship centered in Moscow with a possibly good twist that conflicts between them would disappear and fights and competition between nations would disappear. Then in 2031, as the Seventh Wave turns into a day (which favors freedom and democracy) democracy could return and the world could finally come to a peace with itself
      after an enormous amount of hardships. What will be required of humans then more than anything else is faith in the cosmic plan and also an intention that prosperity and democracy for all is where it ultimately is meant to go even if sometimes it seems to go in the opposite direction. It is also a scenario where human thoughts about things will turn out to be much less
      important than the energies of the cosmic plan. One of things we can learn from the Mayan calendar is that things re not always what they seem and that the process forward is not linear. The real conspiracy (even if it is not a conspiracy as it follows the cosmic energies I have shown in my article) may then be opposite to what people think and is now at least coming from the East.

  12. This is my take on it.

    I think in 2025 it would be known and understood about who is beyond the force’s that had been working to keep the globle vibration down. It is those who been controlling maintream and there allies . It certainly will not be Trump and/or Russia. The MSM is a very powerful psyological Weapon.

    i heard for many months now that the Ukraine is where the money has
    laundered to prop up the Hillary clinton, George Soros criminal activities. Putin knows this and he is a allie of Trump.

    Ive been told by a Russian that the the UK is now more communist then Russia.

    The war in the 5th Night of the 7th wave was a war of bullets and bumbs, the 7th night is a globle psychology and infomation war. You are not going to hear this in the MSN as they are complicit in it

    In 2025 it will be all over, similarly to 1945.

    After 2025 we will see the first 8th day infrastructure begin to manifest. After the dark forces as been moved out of the way.

    1. As Putin, Trump and Xi will now conspire to create a global dictatorships where freedoms are taken away, conspiracy theorists in the West will support them by putting the blame on other people that have no such ambitions. There is no reason to believe that this will be over in 2025, but maybe in 2031 the resistance against this dictatorship will start to get stronger.

      1. I can’t convince you as you are part of the culture of conspiracy denial.
        The war today is a psychological and infomation one played out thourgh the mainstream media and governments

        2025 is when the pycological and infomation war that is being played out over the Mainstream and governments will end.
        similarly to how WW2 ended in 1945
        Putins task is to take out the funding source of the cabel, neo-nazy. who has bought out the Mainstram media, legal systems and mostly left side of politics globally since the ending of WW2.

        1. I am not saying that there are no conspiracies. Only that most current conspiracy theorists in the West have so much boxed in themselves into certain concepts held by large groups of people that they fail to see who is really seeking world domination, which are the forces of the East and Trump, neither of whom cares about the lives of smaller nations. But if you support Putin there is really not much to discuss, but I think you should realize that if you lived in Russia you would not be allowed to say any of these things.

          1. Russia as been thourgh big changes since the fall of the Soviat Union. It is very free county know. like one Russian told me, The UK is more communist now than Russia.

            The west has been moving in the opposite direction over the past decade. more. more control and restrictive.

            The globle western cabal has no control over Russia, so they demonize Russa and its leader in the cabal run western media,

            Like what Hitler says: “it dose not matter how big the lie is, if you repeat it over and over again the people will believe it”

          2. The most important reason for Putin to attack Ukraine is that he will prevent it from becoming democratic. He is likely to seek a union which initially include also the dictatorship of Belarus. You may not be aware of these processes until it is too late.

        2. Ok about the psychological information war but it cannot stop without the end of authoritarian or fascist regimes. Pu tin, whose government is fascist and authoritarian (but other Western governments are also partly), is a marked paranoid who acts only in the direction of an aggressive narcissistic ideology, completely cut off from reality. It does not fight against any cabal, since it controls information to lie, deceive and direct opinions.

  13. One thing, please to consider, is the creation of blockchain, and a first human held conference that happened in the fall of 2011, coincidently, about the same time when occurred. As the Mayan Galactic Calendars Tzolkin Haab LongCount and the World Tree 20factor frequency density concurrently ended, we have the means to explore our true spiritual evolution, as species!

    The higher consciousness in this regard, is only enabled with digital technology! Now allowing all people on the planet earth to deviate from compulsive religious and rhetorical ‘sects’ of our legacy world. I love how in the interview Mayan Calendar | Carl Johan Calleman by Inlight TV – Dr. Calleman profoundly linked the 9 levels of the underworld, with 13 Mayan heavens. They are intertwined.

    We have now unite all people, men and women, as the Maya prophesized 1200 years ago!
    Warmest regards, to Mr. Carl and the community here!

  14. I would like to add , to Mr. Calleman work by suggesting that human consciousness resembles formation of the galaxies! If we grow, and evolve, esp with higher consciousness of love, empathy & symmetries of growth – we can enrich the very world around Us (like black holes) by radiating our positive energies and channeling frequencies into the very ideas of creation, right?!. This way, new star systems would form (analogy to our fruitful ideas), & orbit our very own world, starting with cosmic dust (material resources) into rich cosmic clusters of stars – our network of friends and family.

    Also a larger of a galaxy, the higher cosmic frequency waves that we can emit through the universe, and attract other galaxies into our cluster. Not to mention there are uncanny similarities behind human brains / neural cells 85 B~ and 2T galaxies – a divisible factor and proportion of number of galaxies in the universe! 2 trillion / 100 million = 20 thousand. That is why our very own intelligence might be linked to the Universal creation of the Cosmic Web ‘the source” – decentralized knowledge we call this in blockchain!

    Thank you Mr Calleman for enabling us to learn more about the Mayan Tzolkin & The twenty day names, that are 13 week trecenas that I personally follow closely – each day. ***The Tzolkʼin calendar combines a cycle of twenty named days with another cycle of thirteen numbers (the trecena), to produce 260 unique days (20 × 13 = 260)!!!

    We are blessed to be in the present , imagine the existence of the humans 500 years ago during the Inquisition! I have also studied Incomplete Nature – How Mind Evolved From Matter by Terry Deacon, highly recommended reading!

    FYI petty humans beings, as they age do not attract energies or positive reciprocal vibrations, as the universe expands, like petty people their core galaxies ‘consciousness” is no longer induced by the great attractor! They fall into darkness of abyss.

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