When will the shift in the Mayan calendar system actually manifest?

The Mayan calendar system is a spiritual, or metaphysical, calendar system. Unlike all other calendars that have been devised on our planet it is not based on the physical reality in the form of astronomical cycles. This is why it is so special and so important to study, for those who want to understand more of human existence and how this evolves. So far no one has come up with any alternative time chart for evolution that has a similar power of prediction. As I have demonstrated in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization this calendar describes the shift points in the evolution of the human mind, or if you like, consciousness shifts. It is for this reason that – rightly understood – it is a superior guide not only to how life has evolved on our planet in the past, but also to how it may continue to do so in the future. It also follows from its non-physical nature that the inner shifts it describes do not always manifest in the external world on the actual metaphysical shift points, but only when these have become mentally grounded in the human beings. The human collective, and how we all in various ways are entrenched in and entangled with the power structures of society, creates inertia. This entanglement will sometimes delay the immediate manifestation of a new frame of mind in the external world.

Such a delay in manifestation is very much at hand at the current time despite the fact that the calendar shift of October 28, 2011 may be regarded as the most significant ever in the evolution of the human species. This delay especially applies to its civilization that has been developed by the rational left-brain mind during the past 5100 years of the so-called Long Count (or Sixth Wave). Yet, even if this shift was important it should now be clear that the metaphors of “the end of the world” or “the birth of a new world” for the end of this count were not correct. (See my article at http://goo.gl/hGIucY). It also deserves to be repeated that none of the predictions that were made regarding some physical event purportedly to happen on December 21, 2012, were based on ancient Mayan inscriptions, but were instead mind constructs of modern people. Again, the Mayan calendar is a metaphysical calendar, whose manifestations occur as a result of the maturation of new frames of mind. Thus, all things that happen in the physical world are secondary phenomena to shifts in consciousness according to the principle of “As inside- So outside”.

All that in fact originated from the ancient Maya regarding the shift was the Tortuguero monument 6. According to this inscription Bolon Yokte Kuh, the nine-storied entity, would then “appear in his full regalia.” Translated into modern language this means that in 2011 all nine levels, all the nine waves, “the full regalia” of creation came into play and were synchronized on October 28, 2011 – a first in the history of the cosmos. So even if the abovementioned metaphors of an end or a birth of a new world were incorrect the shift as such was on the metaphysical level unique in nature. The reason is that all nine waves then underwent shifts and did so in synchrony. In addition, contributing to its uniqueness, in 2011 all the corresponding frames of mind in this creation became available for humans to download, which had never previously been the case. Especially the activation of the Ninth Wave has created an entirely new possibility for how humans may relate to each other and to the world.polaritiesshift

At the shift of October 28, 2011 all the waves went into their night modes. The involvement in the shift of nine different waves, each carrying a different polarity of the mind, means however that the analysis of the consequences of this shift becomes quite complex as the effects of these waves sometimes even counteract each other. What we may think of as “good” on one level may be contradicted by something many would think of as “bad” resulting from another wave. Moreover, the Eastern and the Western Hemispheres of our planet will be affected in quite different ways and so may have different views of what is “good” or “bad” in the shift. To some extent the current stalemate and the wait for the shift to manifest is then likely a result of these effects cancelling each other out. You might say that the immediate result was that the different polarities went into a clinch from which they have still not been released.

This clinch is the reason it is now difficult to predict exactly when something will happen. The reason it was possible for me (based on the true shift point of October 28, 2011) to precisely predict the timing of the beginning of the economic downturn (Nov 19, 2007) and the beginning of the frequency increase during the Year of the Protester (March 9, 2011) was that these events were effects of shifts in singular waves, the Eighth and the Ninth, respectively. Moreover, these shifts were unimpeded by effects of other waves creating “clinches”. The contradictory polarities of the different waves at the major shift of October 28, 2011 however makes it near impossible to repeat such an exact pinpointing in time of the manifestation of future events. This should however not be interpreted to mean that the manifestation of the shift will be postponed forever.

To clarify their somewhat contradictory nature, it may here be appropriate to summarize some aspects of the shifts in the four highest waves (which are the ones of greatest relevance for the human mind and the development of civilization): In the Sixth Wave (the Long Count) the shift meant the beginning of a new night that will last until 2406 CE. Essentially this means that the left-brain rational mind will be decoupled in turn meaning that Western civilization will no longer dominate the world. Also in the Seventh Wave the shift meant the beginning of a night (that will last until 2031 CE), which presumably means a downturn of the world’s economy and possibly the rise of Nazi-populism in Europe. The Eighth Wave on the other hand has a much higher frequency so that it shifts between days and nights every 360 days. It continues to strengthen a shift in power to the East and notably to Russia and China. At the same time this wave strengthens the role of women in the world as well as the digital transformation of technology, which mostly emanates from the West. The Ninth Wave finally is the one that brings the possibility of unity consciousness and the spiritual awakening of humanity and possible external consequences of this. Many people sense the effects of this wave, but as yet have seen only a few effects of it in the external world. Since its frequency is so high, changing between days and nights every eighteen days, it will never be decoupled for any lengthy period of time and will always be accessible in the future.

As mentioned, some of these effects may come to contradict each other in terms of what may occur as the shift starts to manifest. Any attempt to predict in detail what is going to happen in the external world will thus be very difficult, if not impossible. Yet, as far as I know there is nothing to indicate that the different polarities of the waves do not describe the mental evolution correctly and so we have every reason to take the shift seriously. What seems clear is for instance that Western dominance of the world is now meant to come to an end, presumably triggered by a dollar collapse. My own guess is that this will happen in the fall of 2014 and most likely in the beginning of this fall. The consequences of this will be long-lasting, taking with it much of what over the centuries has come with the rational mind, which has now been deactivated. Yet, as discussed above there is no particular date indicated in the Mayan calendar for exactly when this is going to happen.

In the midst of the difficulties that the shifts in the Sixth and Seventh Waves will create in many parts of the world, the Eighth and especially the Ninth Waves will, however, be available to download in an activated form more or less all the time. Neither of the latter two waves will be deactivated for more than a year. In a certain sense you may say that these higher waves are taking over from the world that we have known, which was created essentially by the Sixth and Seventh Waves. This persistence of the Eighth and Ninth Waves is what ultimately will lead to the victory of the forces that they are creating and form the basis for the unity consciousness that eventually will dominate world society. To understand these matters I think it is necessary to know what the Global Mind is and it is to clarify this that I have started to write The Paradigm Shift Trilogy.

What is important to know in the midst of all the turbulent change that is now about to manifest is, as I point out in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, that each one of us has a choice about what frames of mind, originating in any of several different waves of evolution, that we download. It seems clear to me then that the Ninth Wave, creating the possibility for unity with the divine, is the wave of the future, even if for a number of reasons its effects will be the slowest to manifest and the lower waves may still come to set their mark on our most immediate future. Later, to the extent that it will be possible to shake off, or circumvent, the power structures that have been based on the lower waves the Ninth Wave is what may create a path towards a Divine, or Golden, Age.

But such a direction will not be taken automatically, and depends on the choices we make. These choices will determine not only our individual fates, but also the collective fate of humanity. They will determine whether further down the line, in twenty or thirty years, it will be possible to recreate a world where people will live in and experience unity with each other, the animals and nature. This is the possibility that the Ninth Wave brings. Yet, it needs to be emphasized the downloading of unity consciousness is not the same thing as merely embracing the idea mentally. On the contrary, it is a shift in consciousness that has to be created and experienced as a divine reality beyond the mind. To get there, a clear intention for the individual to shift will be necessary. Or, in other words, the unity state of consciousness of the Ninth Wave needs to be sought in order to become accessible.

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  1. People need to fundamentally change the way they view the universe in order to allow changes of this depth and scale to
    sink in. We’ve been taught that we live in a mechanical universe which we can figure out through scientific analysis.
    However many civilizations in the past consider the universe to be conscious and entirely of love. Opening up to a
    loving and conscious universe raises our energetic frequency so that we may be able to use the highest worlds.

      1. B”HTake heart. If you check the 2012 date with the Hebrew date of that time it could be much later, for instance my slcuear birth day is Nov 19. My hebrew birth date is Kislev 13, which this year is about a month later.So be optomistic and stay with the Hebrew calender which will probably give you longer life.If I am wrong and the Mayan calender is correct and the world ends, I will graciously issue a public apology to all.Bone’s is trying to scare the world by not using his Hebrew Heritage.Shavuah Tov for many years to come.

  2. Many writers speak about the transition; how it must be more than an intellectual idea.

    I have worked with people and their manifestations of illness for thirty years. During this time I became aware of a huge limitation which appeared to stop any development of a consciousness-revolution from happening. That being: when a person is surprised and made fearful because of uncertainty, their blood shunts to their rear lizard brain: their emotional flight/flight centre. While in this state they say and do things which they later criticise when they return to their dominant frontal lobes that harbour their sense of spirituality. These actions manifest other actions and memories which snowball. Illness often ensues.

    The idea of a consciousness-revolution fails at this point. Forgiveness is then required for the disruption, and a debt is remembered: you owe me. This realisation was depressing. I surmised that this human failing would always be so, because people cannot know what is about to happen, and this can lead to fear based actions. But what about the art of augury, prophecy, soothsaying etc. These are remnants from every culture. Are they simply superstition? Or did we once have a way of knowing the future?

    When I understood that the Name of the monotheistic God (YHWH) literally means, Consciousness in the Now-moment – the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And Jesus’s name literally means, Yahshua: the Eternal Now saves you, (Yah: the Now, Shua: salvation) I started to see a way around this problem of fear based on uncertainty. When I read Revelation’s idea that the transcended at the end of the Age would see God’s Face, that being… see their own futures in every now moment, I realised that uncertainty would not exist for these people. I now believe that those that aspire to transcendence need to see daily a living expression of their faith; nothing short of this will work. Their enlightenment must be renewed daily.

    People are working on disclosing a universal pattern at the heart of reality. They call it the Vector Equilibrium, others call it E8, It is a doughnut torus. I can see this pattern working everyday in my life. It isn’t a concept but a hard and fast reality. I know what my actions will produce. Their is no uncertainty. Physicists call this idea TOE: The Theory Of Everything. When they learn how to program it into quantum computers (they being trinary and not binary – trivalent logic) people will have absolute certainty again, in the same way they now know that if they plant a pumpkin seed… they get pumpkins; NEVER watermelons or grapefruit.

    The Shift has occurred. We simply await the inevitable: its disclosure and daily application – kairos time. When this happens, all hell will break lose. When the dust settles… the next Golden Age begins, or so I believe. Thank you, I hope some of your followers find this insight of some value to their own quests.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I have been lost for the words since I first started feeling and thinking about the eternal, every lasting, now! That was about 38 years ago. Good job!

      Last week I had a warm feeling rush throughout my body while sitting on the edge of my bed and everything I’ve learned about “The Now ” went in my brain. I could see where I went off coarse clearly. I saw that I’ve been killing myself and need to charge.

      1. It’s always a pleasure to meet a like-minded person. Hi.
        The ‘Now’ baffled me also at first because i thought it required a continuous state of concentration. Yet Krishna Murti said it was an effortless process = confusion. When I came to understand a couple of points, it became easy; in fact it became effortless.I hope my experience meshes in some way with yours.

        First was the revelation about the ‘Name’ issue in the Bible, that the Name of God had been substituted with other words like Lord or God. My further research lead me to YHWH or YHVH being the real Name. But more importantly I discovered the Creator’s identity – YHWH meant the Eternal Now. Bingo.

        The second important break through for me was understanding that – in a sense – everything wakes and sleeps. Everything. So how could anyone stay constantly in the Now?

        Thirdly, I discovered a simple way of looking at the universal Fractal: Every unit has a beginning, a middle and an end. But the middle has two faces… the same as the two twilight points that every day divides the night from the day: one going up, one going down, like twilight having a front and a back as YHWH has, When I was able to put these issues together I discovered that I needed to be in the Now at certain geometrical times in my cycles. (I hope I’m making sense.) I needed to be aware of the prevailing ‘name’ or energy that started any and every journey in time/space – irrespective of size. I also needed to be in the Now at the middle of these journeys to also record any name or energy it contained. (This is like taking readings at solstice and equinox points in the yearly cycle; being the reason the ancients built Woodhenge and Stonehenge, and Aborigines went on ‘Walkabouts’.)

        It is the synchronisation or the geometrical relationships between these points that allows me to see my future in each cycle. (It is a working model of the Fibonacci set.) Islam’s al-gebra is the same thing: if you know the values of two angles in a triangle… you can calculate the third. Similarly, with sine and cosine and its relationship with their tangent. Pythagoras was on the same mark. It is all about knowing your future with certainty – calculated by now-observance at specific points. In this way you are able to see the “Face of God” – the Now-Moment. I believe when enough people relearn this understanding about the Holy Now, the consciousness revolution begins. Does any of this help?

  3. thank you Carl, for the truth messanger that you are. for me, the last paragraph says the importat stuff.
    best of wishes on writing the trilogy.
    yonatan gal,

  4. Dear Dr Calleman I have long been a supporter and admirer of your work. It runs on some aspects of my ‘1967’ works and I concur to what you have to say. I base this not on ’emotional’ uptakes, but on a understanding that rings true to my own understanding. Thank you Sir.

  5. People ask, “when is the change going to take place?”. It’s happening now, right in front of your eyes. The western powers have been stopped cold at the border of Russia and no one in Europe has the stomach for escalation of war even though there is plenty of the usual propaganda used to accelerate confrontation. The New York stock exchange has to be propped up to the tune of billions of dollars every month. The American culture is an exact reflection of the culture of Rome during the fall of the Roman Empire. Extreme climates and pollution are slowly forcing East and Western powers to claw back the amount of fossil fuel use and look at alternatives. If you lived in the Philippines you wouldn’t be looking at when as thousands were killed and left homeless from monster storms. If where and how you live hasn’t bee effected yet, don’t worry your turn is coming. Take the Grace and be thankful you have the time and the peace to work on your consciousness. It’s all that’s necessary.

  6. You are right on….although I have attained this higher consciousness in a more Divine journey, you are awesome in All that you write here. Bravo. Don’t Know that many will catch on to this but the New World is here and consciousness must rise itself to That in order to Be That……to Be here but not of this is the key and one can only attain that by dissolving the ego of the erroneous beliefs that hold this manipulative, controlling and dominating Construct together. It is happening and Yay that there is you who sees what I AM…..thank you for your insight and Truth…..in One….MaHa’

  7. Thankyou for sharing!! Absolutely brilliant article! A culmination of many teachings and a thorough explanation of not just the Mayan calendar but my own existence currently on this planet. Waves of such clarity, truth and purpose. Experiences of feeling the consciousness of the forest, the trees literally breathing and everything is moving and alive. Nothing concrete. A full experience of a quiet mind like thought has disappeared and such peace, love and joy emanating from me. However these states are fleeting as an hour later I can be overtaken with thought and the forest appears solid matter again. Thankyou for your article! I am going to use it to teach tonight if you don’t mind?! I offer meditation night and always offer a teaching first! Thankyou for your knowledge!! It fully resonates!

  8. Carl, I am so grateful to have come across you and your information in this lifetime. I have been following your work since 2010 and I think you are absolutely on point with your understanding of the Mayan calendar and what it means for humanity. Your insights have been the missing key for me in so many areas of understanding. Thank you so much for sharing your intelligence and understanding with the rest of the world. You are truly doing an important work that is helping to heal us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Thank you.
      I believe it is possible to look at the universe and see both purpose,
      direction and spiritual fulfillment and still not be in opposition to the facts of science.

      1. Dr. Calleman, I feel that Anthroposophy and Straight Chiropracitic have successfully maintained a foothold in the 21st century as an example of Spiritual Science acknowledging a Universal Intelligence expressed in all living things as an Innate Intelligence. Waldorf education, Biodynamic farming, and care of the Central Nervous System and it’s fluid carrying the Mental Impulse is a place to anchor and develop a new understanding of a vitalistic model of scientific inquiry. Your work has given me much data to forward this idea in my life and peer group. Thank you so much. Namiste’

  9. I’ve been a part of your mailing for many years, initially because I was a somewhat gullible teenager and since then have never really bothered to go through the unsubscribing process because I thought at the very least your 2012 predictions would be entertaining to read, and especially entertaining to see whether they came true or whether you would come up with some kind of explanation for why it didn’t come true (I don’t mean this in a negative way, I loved all of the excitement during the end of the mayan calendar).

    But it seems ironic that, basically, your whole message after all of these years amounts to “its our choice” and that the calendar doesn’t actually make any meaningful predictions. It just seems to me that since your theories no longer have any predictive power, they can’t be tested, and as such must be taken on faith. And as for correlating the calendar’s predictions to our past, there are many, many people who have fit what they have read in some document to the past (see the “biblical code”, where they just treat the bible as some gigantic crossword puzzle, not only on the pages, but *between* pages, to come up with certain words that are pertinent to various situations). Its just really hard to take this seriously unless its testable somehow. I guess this is what happens after studying physics for two years lol 🙂

    But I’ll probably remain a subscriber, just because I’m curious how your beliefs will change or what you’ll say to explain how the calendar is describing life a decade from now. I am glad that you seem to be living a happy life though, as you are imagining that you are mentally attuned to some kind of energetic 9th wave permeating the universe or something like that. So if you’re happy, you’re not really harming anyone else, so its all good :). I’ll continue to watch with interest.

    1. I would say that this is not correct. I can probably list ten predictions I have made based on the Mayan calendar that have later been verified, quite clear and concrete predictions, such as that of a tree of life on the largest scale of the universe. I have see no one else making such a specific prediction, not to mention that of the downturn in the economy in late 2007. Yet, there will always be aspects of how the universe that are unknown to us. This is why your future path will always to some extent be unknown and depend on your choice.

  10. I honestly have felt so let down by everything that has been said and written regarding 2012. I have done intensive research on this topic and I haven´t found ANYTHING that can apply to ANY prediction expressed. When things can´t be proven on this physical plane…then it must be on “another” plane. When it isn´t on 2012…it is on 20–, and so on. Everybody talks about CHANGE, when change is the only thing that never ceases to take place. So, what exactly is your point Mr. Calleman???? We have ALWAYS been responsible for our fate, only that in the past, our mindframe was much more narrow. We are still vulnerable to the same weaknesses in our human experience. The world on this planet is a total caos but I keep doing my best on a personal level. Let´s put some common sense in your statements and be congruent with our thoughts, our words and our actions.

  11. Hi Carl, remember us? Stan and Karen Majorowski from Longmont CO. You stayed with us a few years ago and attended a full Moon drumming at our friends Rose and David’s’ in the mountains. Stan and I were continuing Ian Lungolds work, “to get the word out” regarding the insightful Mayan Count of Days and published The Daily Guide to the Mayan Sacred Calendar for 5 years through 2013. It has been and remains an amazing journey.
    I just finished the first book in your trilogy and am thrilled there are 2 more to come, can’t wait. There is an interesting book I found several years ago by a German author written in 1949 and translated into English in the ’80s, The Ever-Present Origin by Jean Gebser. After reading your book I picked this one up again, you probably experience what I do, even more truth jumps out at you on the second reading. I couldn’t help but think your book in many ways IS parallel to his. He speaks about the structures of consciousness and it’s historical setting sighting hundreds of examples. It’s absolutely brilliant! You might want to check it out if you haven’t already. It would be wonderful if you could take some of his ideas and update them in your own style of work. In his different formulations of realizations and thoughts he uses words like world-origin, Archaic; world-knowledge, Magic; world-image, Mythical; world-Conception, mental; world verition, (perception in truth) Integral. His representations of the aperspectival world stretched me in ways I thought I could never understand but since the shift it seems as clear as the nose on my face. Just to give you a taste I’ll give you the titles of the two sections of his work; Part One: Foundations of the Aperspectival World A Contribution To The History Of The Awakening Consciousness Part Two; Manifestations Of the Aperspectival World An Attempt At The Concretion Of The Spiritual. Please as a favor to me check it out. Guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
    Just a personal note, on June 8th my oldest granddaughter celebrated her 14th Birthday and it was on your Mayan Birthday 5-Jaguar. Happy Mayan Birthday! I truly feel you are in alignment with your souls code and after looking at your expanded energy reading, today, 13-Wind is your Destiny. You are right on schedule.

    Kindest regards, Karen 11-Eagle

    1. The funny thing about the web site in the link is that they have a picture of the Aztec canledar! I mean, if you are going to come up with an outlandish claim, at least do a little research, bubbeleh.

  12. First of all, Thank you Carl for your eye to detail you have reviled to us something we would have never seen for ourselves. The 9 levels of the physical creation of consciousness is hardly known in modern culture. The 5th day & night play a significant part in each level and it is the 9th level I am most interested in.

    There has been a delay in manifestation, the clinch was necessary for a human being to build up momentum and leap through quantum boundaries that surround this dimensional shift. Pressure was required to reach the peaks of time and space, not externally, but internally! The Human DNA, The Consciousness, The Divine Cosmos and Time itself have now harmonised within the Human Being and Synchronised within all creation, in a singular moment!

    For me…. this has happened!

    I began my awakening from the age of 7 when seeing a vision of heaven on Earth.

    At the age of 14, I experienced a deeply Spiritual connection to the TAO. I touched the void after I had over thought the Catholic ideal of eternal life and slipped into a Zen state. It was only momentarily, yet 30 minutes or so passed while I sat with my head on my desk!

    At 21 Found and Lost my Soul Mate.

    When the 8th wave activated in 1999 I dated a girl called Eve. I am Adam so the polar dualistic modes of this wave came into effect with my relationship too. This lead to oriental mysticism and me dabbling in substances and brought me to take a sacrament belonging to the Aztec & Maya. The Sharman and People of the land today still use the San Pedro Cactus, Mescaline and DTM in ceremonies. It was because of these sacred ceremonies with these plants, these gifts from the Gods that the Maya consciously communicate with the Gods. After doing this myself I Discovered the Bi-polar nature of the my Ego and spent 13 years lighting up and revealing my Shadow Self.

    At 28 moved to and from the Capital City in the south, with my future wife and mother of my two Boys.

    At 34 My Second Son Phoenix was born on the 19th of January 2011. Exactly 7 weeks (7×7) later the 9th wave activated on the 9th of March 2011. My first Son’s Birthday is 24th of October, his Mayan birth number is 9 and he was 4 years old all through the wave, turning 5, 4 days before the end of the 9th wave and the birth of the 5th Sun on 29th October 2011.
    I turned 35 on the 17th of August 2011, the last day of the 5 day of the 9th wave. At Midnight on the 17/8/14 the start of the 5th day on the 18th, Bolon Yokte slipped into his costume and began to awaken and open my Eye.

    7 year cycles! 7, 14, 21, 28, 35.
    The day after my 35th birthday, 5th cycle of 7, began the 5th night before the dawn of the 5th Sun.
    My astrological signs are Leo in zodiac (leader, sun symbol), Dragon in Chinese Zodiac (leader, powerful idealist, lucky, fire symbol) and the Maya sign 2 Serpent (Movement, Wisdom, the creation of time, sun symbol)

    150 days after the end of the 9th wave the sacraments I had taken into me years before reactivated and I received the Cosmic download. I recalled the DNA memories coded in the body, I touched the bottom depths of the subconscious and called out into the darkness that is inside matter! I remembered to the beginning of time and before the beginning to see the end. I then understood the agreement All life made before we set this all in motion.
    I saw all life flash before my inner eye and poured down onto paper, what I saw. With markings and symbol, I dissecting and analyzing the messages. To me this was good, but to my Wife and others this was bad.

    On the 29th of February 2012 I had seen enough of the nightmare that was death, the underworld was full. In the middle of the night I screamed to the world, over and over, at the top of my voice, “Wake Up!!!” I stamped my foot as I screamed, until my voice strained and I fractured my heal.

    After this I rested and recovered and in the build up to 21st of the 12th 2012 the relationship with my wife feel away. We agreed to separate 4 weeks before 21/12/2012 and she moved out 4 weeks after 2012, the day before Phoenix’s birthday! Even though the World didn’t end, mine did.

    I had never been alone for more than 3 months my whole life. Ever since leaving home I had always been in relationships, all of them wonderful, yet I made the vow before meeting my wife of 9 years and 9 months, that I would spend time alone and get to know myself.

    In April of this year around the time of the Luna eclipse, blood moon and solar eclipse, I and my friends started having synchronistic events together. I recognised these events and understood them yet my friends freaked out a little.
    Not long after this I rekindled the flame with my soul mate and with her love moved through the last of the shadow!

    On the 8th of the 8th, 6 days ago, as I walked in the Sun, Bolon Yokte cleared the last of the dust from my eye and woke me. The Eon of time reached the midpoint, the Spirit within all life stood in the temple at the top of the 9 levels, the last of the nine strides was taken and I held the singularity within me for us all.
    I Adam took his last step at the end and I the last Adam walked on the Earth for the First Time to begin again.

    Over the next 5 days I have performed secret sacred earthly rituals to establish myself here.

    Yesterday 13-8-14 I sent Carl a message on His fan page,

    Today 14-8-14 I leave this message here!

    In 3 days on Sunday the 17-8-14 is my birthday.

    3 years from then will be 17-8-17, 1+7-8-1+7, 8-8-8.
    Triple infinity of Body, Mind & Spirit.

    The Earth will awaken to the dawn of the 5th Sun
    In Lak’ech Ala K’in


  13. passing it forward:
    the rise will be in the Indigenous Worlds Again (not politicized countries) and in de-centralization of governments.
    those that harm will not last long in the new era.

    many t.y.’s to mr. calleman for educating the public, people, human beings about the “dreamspell calendar” (“new aged- mayan calendar) – and pointing many to the real sacred mayan calendar. for integrity of tradition and truth!

    in freedom and liberty.
    hoka hey!

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    Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998, the Golden Mountains of Altai have been in danger of destructive development since 2006, when the gas pipeline from Russia to China was first proposed. Not only are Indigenous holy sites at risk; important snow leopard, argali mountain sheep, and other species’ habitats will also be endangered if the pipeline comes to fruition. Andrei Petrov, representative of Greenpeace Russia, says that the damage caused by the pipeline “could take centuries to heal.”

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    The struggle of the Telengit for their land has been bolstered by large-scale environmentalist support and by its naming as a UNESCO Heritage Site. However, this latest news about renewed intentions to implement the project presents the threat of the Golden Mountains being removed from the list, which would make it only the third site ever to be removed. The Golden Mountains site was designated as such particularly for being “an important and original centre of biodiversity of montane plant and animal species in northern Asia, a number of which are rare and endemic…The area is sparsely populated with local populations of Russians and Altaisky, a Turkish-speaking people, mainly involved in traditional pastoralism, low-intensity agriculture, hunting and gathering. These people have co-existed with nature for millennia and have a strong affinity with the natural environment. Indeed, one reviewer has commented that the region’s important biodiversity is probably not due purely to natural factors but to the millennia of grazing. The Ukok Quiet Zone and Mount Belukha have particular cultural and religious values for local people.” Eight of Russia’s 10 World Heritage Sites have been “threatened by development projects ranging from resort facilities to mines and military bases, Greenpeace’s Petrov said,” and these threats have largely been promoted by the government itself, despite the fact that countries with World Heritage Sites have pledged to protect them.

    Petrov said, “We should be proud of those places, but instead we keep on cranking our insane plans to destroy them.”

  14. It is now 2019. We are waking up.
    The 2018 “Me Too” movement was evidence of this.

    More people everyday are understanding that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, but it still may be some time before TPTB realize that “there is enough” and “we are all one”.


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