October 13, 2014: The beginning of the 9th DAY of the 8th wave

Tomorrow, October 13, 2014, starts the 9th day of the 8th wave (or in other words what I in the past have called the Galactic Underworld). This day will last 360 days until October 8, 2015, when the 9th night of the same wave will begin. Days always mean the activation of some aspect of the global mind. As I wrote on my previous blog shifts in the Mayan calendar however usually have very complex consequences, and while modern people often want the manifestation of shifts to be plain “good” this is in reality rarely the case. Overall the 8th Wave is a wave that develops a mental duality favoring the right brain half. On the level of the global mind this means favoring the Eastern hemisphere at the expense of the West. Thus, this shift will have somewhat different consequences depending on what part of the world we are talking about.

The 8th wave started on January 5, 1999 and in different respects we can track its consequences from this. This was the time when Internet became interactive and we saw the birth of all kinds of “smart” technologies corresponding to this new level of the mind. Since the period starting tomorrow is a day we may expect it to intensify this trend. Typically, the light on the right brain half has also been associated with the strengthening of the feminine and the role of women at least in the Western Hemisphere. At the same time, geo-politically speaking, the activation of a global mind where the light falls on the Eastern Hemisphere, such as happens when a day in the 8th wave begins, is likely to offer power structures located on this hemisphere a possibility of strengthening themselves.

35 thoughts on “October 13, 2014: The beginning of the 9th DAY of the 8th wave

  1. The practice of stilling the mind is the doorway that allows us to enter the Heart and feel the stillness that is all. To feel this stillness is beyond the mind and word formulations. The mistake we so often make is to see the mind as the way to reach the ALL when it is simply a doorway, particular in a 3D universe.
    Once we can still the mind and enter into that Silence, then will our hearts open up to an understanding without words or mental formulations. Tears will flow from the very depth of our being and we will begin to feel Love in all its incredible beauty, and our Oneness with all life everywhere, in all worlds, all universes, all star systems, to feel our oneness with That which is ALL. Then will we throw our hats in the air and fly to the moon!

  2. Thanks, Carl, what you suggest is consistent with what I see starting to happen lately geopolitically, and hopefully this is moving toward unity consciousness. We have seen that communication enhancements such as printing and internet technologies associated with Underworld cycles have brought humanity closer together and continue to do so. This trend should continue one of these Days in the form of an enhanced telepathic ability, technologically assisted or not, as the human collective mind evolves toward self-awareness. One moment of lucidity may be all that is required to start the ball rolling.

    1. Thank you for bringing in the unity consciousness into the equation.
      As much turbulence continues the Ninth Wave continues to shift the
      minds of people towards unity consciousness and over time this is what is expected
      to take over.

        1. I would say that we are in a state of consciousness, where all the nine waves, including the eighth, are possibilities
          for us to be in resonance with.The most important aspect of the shift in 2011 is that this state now includes the unity consciousness of the ninth wave.

  3. dear michael,
    thank you for your beautiful comment. a wonderful way to begin a “day”.
    though it is not always easy to still my mind…i feel the kernel of that deep truth strongly in my heart and the vision of that great moment of awakening has been with me for quite some time. may we all meet in that moment. with love, berdalee

    1. Thank you berdalee for your kind and insightful response. We are all in this together at this critical time period on the Earth, and joining hands [figuratively] brings us closer together in our hearts.. We ARE All One – just flopping around in separate bodies in 3D for a year or two or three! 🙂 Michael B.

  4. I am so grateful that I have read all your books and have been aware of the changes in the globe of human consciousness as it changes so quickly. I am delivering a paper at a symposium this week about reductionist science taking the lead over the vitalistic biological sciences of the 1600s and 1700s increasingly industrializing Human sickness for profit up to now. Chiropractic as discussed in the Chiropractic Text Stephenson’s 33 Principles is what Chiropractic needs to rely on if it wants to be the profession that knows how to keep healthy people healthy. We have survived persecution only to fall prey to absorption.
    Thanks to you Carl and BHC I am well educated and plan to bring your teachings to the philosophical chiropractic profession.

    1. Oh Rubbish! Like the Gregorian Calendar ends on Dec 31st, ans Starts all over again. So will the Mayian Calendar! Nothings GONNA happen, but plpoee feeding you fear to get your cash, in buying stuff you don’t need!

  5. Hi Carl, I have a question; I am confused. I thought the Mayan Calendar had ended but here you are speaking to a new day. I looked over some of your earlier articles but still find it difficult to understand. I would love it if you would write something simple for “dummies” like me about what happened. Did the calendar end? Or not? How do we explain it to people who are asking? I know how to talk to people about how the meaning of the calendar has been distorted by our culture, but I don’t know how to address what is happening now. thank you

    1. Dear Mary,
      I think what is happening now is quite complex, which is the reason I have planned to devote the entire third volume of my trilogy to it. Some of it is explained in my previous blog https://calleman.com/2014/06/01/will-shift-mayan-calendar-system-actually-manifest/.

      In short, all the nine waves of the Mayan calendar system are continuing without interruption from October 28, 2011 and generating shift points accordingly. Among them, the Ninth Wave is continuing and is creating the possibility of bringing our world towards a state of unity consciousness over time, but not without our intentional participation. At the same time the lower waves, such as the 8th Wave, are continuing to run in parallel with different frequencies and keep playing a significant role for how our world evolves.

      I chose to send out a notification about the beginning of the 9th day of the 8th Wave on October 13, 2014 because this is the most important shift in a year. Even though all Mayan calendar shifts are mental shifts taking place on an inner plane, they have consequences for the way the external world evolves: As Inside – So Outside. Maybe it was then not an accident that on the same day Russia and China made a large Yuan-Ruble swap to demonstrate their independence of the US dollar.

      I have made my attempt to explain the confusion regarding the continuation of the Mayan calendar in an article in my archives: https://calleman.com/content/articles/SomeNewReflections.htm
      The error of believing that the calendar would come to an end actually goes back to a very famous Mayan archeologist, Michael Coe. Later, José Argüelles popularized the idea of an end to the calendar, and everybody else, including myself, fell into it. It seemed logical that the Long Count (6th Wave) would be only 13 baktuns, as its predecessor was 13 baktuns. Yet, this was not true and I look upon it as my biggest mistake regarding the Mayan calendar not to have been able to see in advance how the calendar would continue. This should be a humbling experience for everyone who was talking about the end of the Mayan calendar before the shift, but very few have seriously gone into a re-evaluation of why their predictions failed.

      In this perspective, all the talk about something dramatic happening on December 21, 2012 such as a “galactic alignment”, or what else have you, can be seen for what they are: “stories” made up by modern people that completely lack background in ancient Mayan texts. In fact, neither the idea that the shift would amount to the sudden birth of a new world nor that of an end to the world were true.

      What was true however was the only Mayan inscription about the shift, the Tortuguero monument 6, which said that the “nine-step entity,” Bolon Yokte Kuh, would “appear in its full regalia”, or in other words that for the first time in human history all nine waves would be activated and in principle possible for humans to access. Even if this did not amount to any dramatic change over a single day, we did go through a very significant shift point in the evolution of humanity.
      What is happening now is then that all waves are running in parallel, with all the external consequences these have for the world. It is thus still meaningful to be aware of these shifts. The dualist frames of mind remain in existence, in parallel with the unity of the ninth wave. The Mayan calendar remains as true as ever as a description of the evolution of consciousness, and in my view it is the only reliably verified tool that is available for us to understand this.

        1. Having lived among the maya I can say they find such concepts funny. Yes the cadnaler ends, but time and life continue. The maya do consider the date to be important and changes may occur but end everything? No. It does fill up space on a slow news day.

      1. Hi Carl,
        Thanks for this great info and it all makes so much sense that we’re not all just left hanging at the ‘end’ of the Mayan calendar, that we’re still energetically following the waves.

        However I’d like to provide some experiental info regarding this part of your reply above:
        “In this perspective, all the talk about something dramatic happening on December 21, 2012 such as a “galactic alignment”, or what else have you, can be seen for what they are: “stories” made up by modern people that completely lack background in ancient Mayan texts. In fact, neither the idea that the shift would amount to the sudden birth of a new world nor that of an end to the world were true. ”

        For those who are sensitive and have chosen to participate, there was a huge energetic shift at 12 21 12, and it was felt by this small group. It was an energetic shift of subtle energy, of which the impact is only now being felt in the world. It was the activation of the 5D energy grid on Earth, of which this group is intimately connected (like acupuncture points) holding and anchoring the 5D energy so that significant positive change is accelerated.

        – Phyllis

        1. Thank you, Well experiences vary and it would have been very surprising if a date that had been given so much attention and which so many had linked intentions to would not give rise to some kind of experience. If nothing else because any solstice is very important to our biological rhythms with the return of the light on a yearly basis (which has nothing to do with the end of the Mayan calendar). I was myself in Uxmal, Mexico with a huge crowd, standing next to Masuru Emoto, who somewhat surprised expressed that he felt absolutely nothing at this particular time and I think he spoke for many others as well.

        2. Dec 21 2012 at 12 noon nothing happened so I got ready to go to massage therapy – as I was driving down the road the world whited out with the first of 3 waves–very fast very bright white light–Stunned I said Hey God this is lovely but I am driving and a small whole opened in front of me as the second wave hit -the world came back into view as the 3 wave passed through–since then I have been watching things in the world come to light and everything is speeding up- It is Oct 18 2013 today and this process continues–I have seen the golden world ahead, so I just carry on with my light work and watch the show–never boring–Love and Blessings Judy

        3. OH, NO! NO, NO, NO!!! Is this yet another i2012 Mayan qetusion, just like the other 100,000 2012 Mayan qetusions? I think my head might explode! Yes, it *IS* EXPLODING! AAARRRRGGGHHHHH . Oh, my head! MY HEAD!!!.Oh, wait. It’s better now..The Mayan calendar doesn’t SAY anything at all. Do you have a wall calendar in your home? Yes? Then take a look at it, where does it end? December 2012? Do you think the world will end on December 31st because you don’t have any 2013 months on it?

  6. Thank you Mary Bell for your question. And thank you Carl for your answer. It brings open more clarity. We are growing to ever new heights of knowing our within for a better world to emerge in unity. Best, Sean Caulfield

  7. I appreciate you and your work, Carl, and I’ve learned a lot. Excuse med for saying this, but I don’t think you were wrong in believing in the end of the Mayan calendar. I know we went in an another state in December 2012, and now in October 2014 as well, but for all inner developments, it take some time to manifest in the outer world. What we have (and still are) been through the last two years is a purification of our suppressed negative feelings, they have to come out, being felt and accepted and released. They are an obstacle for our core of LOVE to emerge. So everybody can help by accept and let go of your own negative feelings instead of condemning others for expressing theirs. I think the 3D Mayan calender came to an end and a new one started in 4 D and we will soon experience the 5D Love. What is your opinion about my thoughts, Carl?

  8. Interesting, because China just bought the Federal Reserve and other major monetary power organizations within days of this.

      1. Lol. No It doesn’t say the world will end. That’s a theory that arose ceetruins later when people found the ancient calender. What people fail to realize is that the calender couldn’t be infinite because the Mayan civilization crumbled. Therefore, nobody to continue working on the calender.

    1. this, in translation.Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6 and so on to -Day 144,000 which is one bak’tunStart fromDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4and so on to -Day 144,000 and that is two bak’tuns.Start fromDay 1Day 2Day 3And that is all it says. It is a ssetym for counting days. Not years, not weeks, not months, just days.And eventually it comes to 13 bak’tuns. Which ends on the same day as their 260 day count and their 360 day count, for the first time since it started. A whole 1,872,000 days since it started. And then what happens?Day 1Day 2Day 3 – – – – – – – – – And that really is all.

  9. For Calleman, a question – thanking you in advance:

    You wrote: “Days always mean the activation of some aspect of the global mind.” I would like to know what the NIGHTS mean so I can see the zoomed out pattern in the cycles and spirals of experience.

    Also, my experience of 12/21 was a bit of a non-event but, by two days later, WOW! Completely shifted into a parallel reality of heaven worlds as I was walking outside in a field with my husky, (named Echo In Lak’ech) that was pure bliss, which felt like walking on sacred ground, each step so multi-layered with consciousness that it overwhelmed my senses and pulled me into a new time-phase.

    And finally, in regards to 12/21/12 — I tuned in that our collective consciousness (or as individuals) could opt in to the portal of being “out of time” = choosing a neutral or non-dualistic and spherical perspective of reality, which is merging into our multidimensionality and remaining aware that we are dreaming this reality / hologram in each Now moment.

    Thank you for your great work and this post.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences Kyra,
      Over all time periods that are nights are periods of rest,
      and sometimes even destruction historically speaking.
      A time for integration of the preceding day and preparing for the following
      night much like a regular nights sleep.

  10. Hello Dr. Calleman,

    Thank you for your update. It seems that enough time has passed since the end of 2012 for everyone to be able to reflect on
    what had happened, where we are now and where we are going. I have not read The Paradigm Shift Trilogy yet, but would like to comment on a few of the points you mentioned. Just for the record, I speak purely as an intuitive and as a student of Jungian psychology in relation to the shift and in relation to the evolution of consciousness. I have been trying to explore humanity’s reaction (and my own – and I also did not “feel” anything on either of the “end dates”) to the run-up to 2012 and am currently exploring this in a series of articles I’m writing.

    In relation to your points:
    “…but not without our intentional participation”.

    I absolutely agree. This is the part which we have not understood very well – we need to be conscious participants in the shift – by choice. I don’t think we know how to do this in practice though, except for meditation and thinking positively.

    I think that Carl Jung might have been onto something (years ago) in shining some light on certain psychological (evolutionary) mechanisms, which are inherent in human beings and which might have been activated in the run-up to 2012. Essentially, how we respond and react and work with such evolutionary mechanisms are very much up to us, but potentially also the key to our participation in shift in consciousness.

    “…but very few have seriously gone into a re-evaluation of why their predictions failed.”

    I think the reason why many predictions failed is due to the reaction of people to “The Archetype of the End” (as identified by Carl Jung) – this is similar to “the sky is falling” phenomenon and people tend to react this way in general, quite predictably (meaning it is part of our psychological make-up to panic or to “get it wrong”) yet regardless this is all part of an evolutionary mechanism. It is up to us to figure out how to react to it and work with it appropriately.

    “In fact, neither the idea that the shift would amount to the sudden birth of a new world nor that of an end to the world were true.”

    Agreed, nevertheless we are currently transitioning from one era to the next – or to a new world, but we have to be active participants in this process. How this might be done in practice, by each individual is something I attempt to explore in my series, not so much specifically from Mayan calendar point of view, as I am but a layman in this area, but from a human consciousness point of view (while keeping the Mayan Calendar in mind).

    Anyone interested in reading is very welcome:
    (There are 5 parts so far).

    Thank you again Dr. Calleman.

    1. Thank you Jean-Jacques,
      Carl Jung was a leading psychologist and even more so philosopher of the 20th century
      and many things we are now taking for granted, such as synchronicities were quite ahead of its
      time when he formulated it. Nonetheless, a shift such as we have now gone through allows us
      to broaden our thinking compared to those that came before us. Jung’s concept of a collective
      consciousness is clearly related to the Global Mind as I formulate it. The difference is
      that this is no longer something vague and mysterious, but something we can give a precise explanation
      based on the Mayan calendar and the recently discovered structure of the earth’s inner core.
      I wish more Jungians would look into these matters and discuss how it relates to Jung’s work.
      For instance, Jung’s idea seems to have been that the collective consciousness lived on through some kind
      of biological inheritance mechanism, but I think we can say with some certainty now that this was not the case.

  11. Thank you for your reply, Dr Calleman,

    “For instance, Jung’s idea seems to have been that the collective consciousness lived on through some kind
    of biological inheritance mechanism, but I think we can say with some certainty now that this was not the case.”

    Yes, this seems to be the case and also Jung interpreted “spirituality” to be something instinctual. Although a scholar of Jungian psychology, I would not call my self a “Jungian” for the reason that I cannot agree with all if his conclusions, but much of his work helps to understand various elements of consciousness.

    It’s interesting to note for example the opinion Victor Frankl had (also an previous leading psychologist and philosopher in relation to consciousness and spirituality) on Jung’s work:

    “Frankl credits Jung for discovering religious elements within the unconscious, but
    criticizes him for considering them to be instinctual and impersonal, that is, archetypical
    and collective. (Archetypes for Jung are unconscious mythological themes or primordial
    images shared by all human beings).5 Frankl calls this Jung’s “great mistake.”6 For
    Frankl, unconscious religious elements belong to an existential and personal area. This
    means that the spiritual unconscious is not part of the mind-body organism.”
    (From Pdf document available online: Frankl’s Answer to Jung – Marshall H. Lewis, Ph.D.)

    That’s not to say that Viktot Frankl was completely correct either, but for him spirituality
    related to conscience, which is not instinctual or archetypical. Although consciousness
    consists of much more than just spirituality and or conscience. Although in my opinion
    a well developed conscience goes a long way towards expanded consciousness – in
    practical personal terms.

    “…based on the Mayan calendar and the recently discovered structure of the earth’s inner core.”

    I will endeavour to order and read The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization – it should be very
    illuminating indeed.

    Kind regards,

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