Did Extraterrestrials build the pyramids in Egypt?

The idea that extraterrestrials built the Egyptian pyramids and many other ancient megalithic sites has been around at least since the late 1960’s when Erich von Däniiken had his mega-bestseller with Chariots of the Gods. Later especially Zecharia Sitchin has also been very successful through his books and such ideas remain very popular today. The reason for this is fairly obvious: There is something about the dawn of civilization that mainstream academic researchers have failed to explain. Hence, there is a fundamental gap in our understanding of the dawn of human civilization and so there have been many proposals to fill this gap. This is that only a few generations after having left the stone age the Egyptians build colossal pyramids that have a geodesic precision and architectural scale that we would be hard pressed to reproduce today (I tend to think with many others that we would not be able to do it). The Great pyramid at Giza is for instance aligned with the direction of true north with an error not larger than 4/60ths of a degree (Try to imagine that!). Moreover, the flatness of the floor of the King’s chamber as well as of the plateaus where the pyramid has been built is astounding and would in modern times have required laser technology.

To this should then be added the amazing symmetry of granite coffins and many sculptures from ancient times that blow our minds (this, as the readers of my book will know is a good literal expression of what happens). So undeniably there is a gap in our knowledge that we may want to fill in order to expand our understanding of where we are coming from and what it is to be a human being. The early civilizations seem just to have popped up from nowhere. This is what has created the gap that the proponents of ancient astronauts have sought to fill. There is however an existential problem associated with filling it up with extraterrestrials and this is, as Mark van Stone has pointed out, that this idea implies a kind of racism against the human race and denies our ancestors credit for what they did. It also has consequences that are not necessarily very positive for how we look upon ourselves. This is especially true for Zecharia Sitchin’s view that our ancestors were slaves of an alien race and were unable to create anything without these alien visitors. We should then ask: Is this really a view that serves the spiritual awakening of humanity and emphasizes our responsibility and allows us to have faith in human creativity? If the start of civilization required a dominating alien race, someone may ask, is it then not necessary for the same thing to happen today in order for us to make progress in our evolution?

The whole idea that the Egyptian pyramids were not built by the Egyptians reminds me of how the Spanish conquistadors, and sometimes 19th century archeologists as well, would say that the builders of the Mayan cities could not possibly have been the ancestors of the Mayan people who were still living in the area. This was another expression of racism, in this case against Native Americans and Mayans in particular. While this argument is not heard so often today regarding the Mayan temples it is still very much heard about other megalithic sites in the world and especially the Egyptian pyramids.

If, however we do not want to fill in the gap in our knowledge with extraterrestrials (or Atlanteans) we will have to come up with an explanation to why the builders of the Egyptians only a few generations after the stone age in many ways were more advanced in their technological abilities than we are now. An explanation to this is something I propose in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. It is possibly the first explanation that does not take away the credit from the ancients for what they did and yet does not deny the enigma. It also gives credit to the “gods” that provided the inspiration and guidance for their accomplishments. In contrast to the alien astronaut idea, I am by not then implying that the ancients were stupid not to realize that the gods were really extraterrestrials. I am saying that the “gods” of the ancients were real spiritual powers needed for guiding them for building their megaliths. Yet, to simply say that these spiritual powers created the pyramids would not give the full truth either. In certain respects the ancients in fact had minds that were superior to our own and the proof of this is a critical point. I believe these insights may be needed also for the spiritual awakening of humanity today.

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  1. Your idea that someone other than the Egyptians (extra-terrestrials or an advanced civilization that disappeared) “implies a kind of racism against the human race and denies our ancestors credit for what they did” is preposterous. We should not be looking for a story that “serves the spiritual awakening of humanity and emphasizes our responsibility and allows us to have faith in human creativity” but only for the truth, whether it supports our beliefs or not. David Bohm said,” In the long run, it is far more dangerous to adhere to illusion than discover what the actual fact is.”

    1. Of course, we should be entirely basing ourselves on the truth. No question about it. This is why I wrote this
      book with a kind of evidence that no one has heard of before. A completely new way of understanding the ancients and the quantum leap they were part of. I have however notice that there still is a large number of
      people who believe for instance in Sitchin’s story about Planet X, despite the complete lack of substantiation for this in the Sumerian records. See for instance (http://www.sitchiniswrong.com/nibirunew.pdf ), but since so few people actually go deep into evidence I also pointed the consequences that may be of such notions.

      1. I was not commenting on Sitchen, von Daniken or anyone else. There is ample evidence for an advanced civilization on the planet that may have been destroyed in a flood or some other catastrophe of unknown origin. It is no slight to our recent ancestors to say that it is doubtful that the Egyptians did not build the pyramids and it is certainly not racism.

        Archeologists have speculated that the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge might have been built by thousands of workers using wooden rollers, pulleys and levers, a job that would have taken 20 years. No one has even speculated about how the stones at Baalbeck or Sacsayhuaman could have been transported. Experiments with stones much lighter than 800 tons have crushed the wooden rollers. To move this stone without modern technology would have required, by one estimate, the combined pulling power of 40,000 men just to move the Stone of the South, not to mention move and erect three of the 800 ton stones.

        If it would have required 40,000 men, the question must be asked – Why did they not split the stones, for example, 4 200 ton stones rather than an 800 ton stone? The answer must be because they could, presupposing either a high-tech lost civilization or ancient astronauts.

        1. There is no evidence for any advanced early civilization. Such evidence would mean that there would be carbon-14-dated material in cities (the word civilization comes from the Latin word civitas meaning city) or at least that cities much older than 5200 years are found. That no such has ever been found cannot be used as evidence. What there is evidence of is a gap in our understanding of the evolution of the human mind and I invite those that are willing to consider something they have never heard before to study my book. For those interested in Baalbek etc i feel Ancient Aliens Debunked is a good video on YouTube.

          1. You may deny the evidence for an advanced “lost” civilization but to say there is no evidence for it is hard to fathom. Just to name one, Gobekli Tepe in south-eastern Turkey has been dated to 12,000 BC.

            Consider the following:

            “Predating pottery, writing, the wheel and metallurgy; its construction implies a level of sophistication and complexity thus far not associated with Palaeolithic civilizations. With a construction date thousands of years earlier than Stonehenge, the site consists of 20 round structures (4 have been excavated so far) and elaborately carved pillars up to 18 feet tall and weighing up to 15 tons each. Nobody can say with any certainty who created the site, or why, but one has to wonder how these supposed hunter-gatherers had advanced knowledge of masonry and stonework if they were the first civilization.”

            This is only one of many, many pieces of evidence.

            I assume you have read Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints of the Gods” but if you haven’t I would recommend it. Even though it is from 1995 and many new discoveries have been made since then, it provides considerable evidence for advanced civilizations in prehistory and I don’t need to be referred to any sites on YouTube by professional debunkers.

          2. Göbekli Tepe plays a big role in the book I have written. The archeologist Klaus Schmidt who has excavated the site has clearly shown that it was built by hunter-gatherers. Hence, what is truly remarkable with it is that it was built before civilization. This turns many established notions around and is significant support for my novel theory. There is absolutely a gap in our understanding as to the rise of civilization let us agree on that. Previously, there have been two different explanations for this; Atlantis and extraterrestrials. Now a third one has through my book been introduced that people have never heard before. James Redfield is not joking when he says that this is the first novel theory about the rise of civilization in many decades. Whether you would agree with me or not I do not know, but you keep arguing against something you do not know what it is. Maybe you could consider the possibility that the shift in the Mayan calendar indeed carried a paradigm shift that allows us now to think in entirely new ways.

      2. n’y est pas du tout, c’est Carl Calleman qui raconte ce genre de choess, il se base sur quelque chose de concret (le calendrier maya) et en tire des conclusions plus que loufoques.Selon lui, on doit se pre9parer e0 accueillir la “conscience christique” et le “retour e0 l’unite9”, traduction : il bosse pour le NOM et pre9pare le public e0 l’ave9nement d’une fausse spiritualite9.Le calendrier maya n’a rien e0 voir avec la bourse ou la faillite des e9tats, il concerne seulement des e9ve9nements d’ordre astronomique.Tu te rendra compte par toi meame que le calendrier de la neuvie9me onde correspond au jour pre9s au passage d’Elenin pres de notre plane9te du 8 mars -28 octobre. Le 8 mars elenin a commence9 e0 eatre aligne9e avec la terre, il y eut un se9isme en nouvelle zelande puis 3 jours apre9s un autre au Japon.Conclusion : les mayas avaient bien raison et ce Carl calleman prend les gens pour des imbe9ciles.Et pour info, en 2012, le monde sera toujors le0, les anne9es suivantes idem mais e7a m’e9tonnerait que tu puisse te connecter au net pour te renseigner enfin sur les Mayas.

    2. Made by humans or not! You have to ask yolruesf where did the ideas of design come from? The designs were put in the head or head of some people and they felt compelled to do this. Could it be sent to them through vision from another species in the Universe?The intricate design above has connections to ancent Greek design which in turn is a Atlantis design. It also implies the ascension by wings. To me the connection between Atlantis then and the same energy now.

  2. Carl, it’s good that you are trying out the position that humanity is somehow responsible for its own history, but you are just defining a different knowledge source. Instead of extraterrestrials, you say that the ‘gods’ of the ancients were spiritual powers who told the people how to build the megaliths. I don’t quite see how the presence of ‘spiritual powers’ (which we presumably now lack) differs from the presence of real extraterrestrials? There need be no practical difference between knowledge from spiritual powers and knowledge from extraterrestrials. Where there may be a practical difference is in the use of the knowledge. The spiritual source requires humans to design and engineer advanced technology, while the ET source would bring the technology with them. Perhaps you can distinguish between the knowledge sources by looking for technology that absolutely could not have been made by humans. This might be a tool made from metal having non-earthly isotope ratios, for example.

    One should also consider the possibility that spiritual powers and extraterrestrial powers could sometimes be one and the same. We already have evidence from physical mediumship seances, for example, that life is not just implemented as a physical construct in the 3D environment. More than one person at a time have reported unexplainable phenomena, so by that definition the effects are consensus reality. Take transfigurations, for example, where a medium’s appearance is overlaid by another visage. Sometimes it has the appearance of the non-human speaker who is being channeled. Should this be called an extraterrestrial or a spirit? We also see demonstrations of technologies in seances and elsewhere that cannot be explained, apports and ectoplasm come to mind. I have personally seen a small crystal or stone materialize, twinkle into existence, before my eyes below a medium’s hand and fall into my own (see http://www.treurniet.ca/psi/wallaciaapport.htm). Is this a spirit technology that caused this to happen, and is such spirit technology what you envisage to be behind the building of the megaliths?

    I suspect you will say no, that is not what you meant. I think you want give humanity the self-respect found in being independent – doing marvellous things on its own, that our global consciousness evolved according to some natural process, that we didn’t take charity. But it is also possible that the human race was being helped along like we help our children, and that this need for independence is like some teenagers not wanting to acknowledge what they owe their parents.

    Best regards 🙂

    1. Hello William,
      I suppose you have to read my book to see the role of the human mind in evolution. I am not just philosophizing.
      I am not saying that life is a physical construct in 3-D, quite the opposite and do not deny transfigurations etc.
      The human race I would say was definitely helped, helped by the divine mind –then as now.

    2. but where did humans come from in the first place? From apes?? But where is the link from apes to human? apes did eovlve into Neanderthals, but there is no link between them and US! im guessing alians came took the Neanderthals (as they had the closest DNA match to them and where more then likely the most advanced animal at the time) and implanted there alien blood in them. then put em back on earth to eovlve, but it took to long so they began mating subspecies (humans) and aliens to speed it up

  3. By ‘human race’ we are talking about a ‘gene pool’ ,which is about DNA, a ‘cosmic code’ which manifests Life on this planet..so the question is “Who or what designed this miraculous code”?..when we know that answer,then ‘who built the pyramids in Egypt’ will be less of a mystery.

    1. As i showed clearly in The Purposeful Universe the human race is not a product of its DNA.
      It holds way to little information to define the anatomy of a human being and if DNA had anything to do
      with how we are shaped we would be 99.4% like chimpanzees and we obviously are not. My most recent book
      proves that the Egyptian pyramids are the products of the divine mind.

  4. As many reviewers of Dr Calleman’s latest work have commented, this book covers some amazing ground and investigates so many diverse subjects linked to human evolution and consciousness that past academics and researchers would have kept in their distinct disciplines or ‘ruts’ as I tend to refer to them. The whole subject of consciousness, its evolution and its interconnectivity with human and non-human creatures and with the universe is deeply fascinating and to link this into our historical guidance by a ‘Universal’ or Akashic Spirit is both profound and original and would seem to explain so many ‘mysteries’. The next volumes of this Trilogy will surely be intellectually fascinating and profoundly challenging, I am sure.

    However, I have to agree with Howard Schumann, that although Dr Callerman’s theory is truly awe inspiring and ground-breaking and explains so much to the readers, this theory does not negate the existence of past advanced civilisation(s) on Earth whatever its / their origins might have been. Also, as Mr Schumann has pointed out, Gobekli Tepe, which I have visited, is currently dated at over twice the age which Dr Calleman initially stated as being the oldest civilisations. I also think that the argument that we can not easily locate other ancient civilisations is weak, as with ice ages and crustal displacements, it might be hard to find any preceding the ravages caused by the last ice age. I concur fully with Dr Callenan’s comments (in post May 1st) about the ‘gap’ in our understanding concerning the rise of civilisation, and I feel that in this regard, Dr Calleman has produced a most remarkable work which will explain so much of the reasons underlying this and I also feel that his theory is remarkable in the way it enables so many pieces of the Grand Puzzle to be assembled, but, as I say, none of this really negates the possibility of advanced or ‘higher’ civilisations being involved in the past nor does it really explain the need for advanced technology to accomplish some of the amazing structures we can see today, regardless of any ‘spiritual powers’ which we might have lost. Finally, I must say, as others have done, that there is absolutely nothing ‘racist’ in any suggestion that the Egyptians might not have built the pyramids or that humans generally might not have built other monuments on Earth.

  5. All that I am saying is that the rise of all aspects of civilization on our planet can be explained by the divine inspiration that the downloading of a new mind gave. I believe that at the current time it is crucial for us to understand the min and its origin. Both aspects of our civilization that we consider as good and as bad originate in the mind. With the activation of the ninth wave in 2011 we however have the possibility to download a new version of the mind and this is the only way that we can make this earth a good place to live.

    1. I do thank you for your prompt reply and I understand fully what you say here – the Transition of global consciousness to a new level. You mention ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in connection with our civilization – do you think that this is any way related to conflicts between our mind and our brain or among the different aspects of our various brains? Is humanity plagued by a deeply flawed brain owing to its evolution in the broadest sense as I think that several people have suggested? Jaynes, I think also speaks of the dramatic shift in consciousness caused, he says, by the split (bicameral) type of brain that we have – is this relevant to your theory? Maybe this supports the anti-psychiatry movement that multiple personalities are the natural order of humans which, I think, James Hillman and others have suggested. What I am saying is this – are the inner conflicts which we as humans have, individually and among us as groups and societies, a reflection of conflicts between the mind guided by this global spiritual consciousness on the one hand, and our own localized brains on the other?

      1. I do not think that there is anything wrong with our brains or with the evolution of consciousness either for that matter. The divine plan for the evolution of the global mind creates an overall evolution from unity to separation and then back to unity. In the midst of this process, which is not straight but somewhat complex we humans will have all kinds of thoughts about it and often have problems as to how individually to adapt to it.

  6. The Universe, including humans, is all connected to everything and the Creator’s consciousness is part of our own. We affect each other as well as the environment, but it’s a two-way street. We are influenced and affected by what is around us. All social issues exist so that there can be change (progress). Good could not exist without bad because we think in dichotomies and hopefully learn from our mistakes.

    To posit that the Universe is capable of all possibilities means that there could be other lifeforms (aliens). It is possible. But it is typical human nature to fill in gaps with “if we couldn’t do it, must be someone else” theories. I think what Dr. Calleman is saying is there is another possibility besides grey men from space teaching the Egyptians how to build pyramids.

    I suggest reading his latest book. It’s simply fabulous!

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