How can we help children with ADHD or autism?

In recent decades there has been a fairly steep rise in the number of children diagnosed with ADHD and autism, at least in Western societies. ADHD is the most common diagnosis for a mental disorder among young in the US and has increased with 16% since 2007. According to the Center for Disease Control the diagnosis of autism has increased with as much as 30% in two years!! ( I will not here discuss what may be the cause of these conditions, or the rise especially of autism, except than to say that the dominating neurological paradigm in medicine does not have a clue. Even so, it has become common practice to give afflicted children amphetamine-like drugs. There may have been partial improvements from this, but several studies have also indicated that these drugs have no long-term positive effects.

Such a pharmacological practice finds its origin in a materialist philosophy about the nature of mental disorders and the human mind in general, in which it is taken for granted that the mind is generated by chemical processes in the brain. Some have asserted that this philosophy is part of a war on consciousness. Regardless of if this is the case, we should recognize that if the belief is that the mind is a product of the brain then what modern doctors are doing is absolutely logical: they treat the brain with drugs in the hope that it will have some positive effects on the chemical processes they think underlie mind. The long-term benefits of this have however been questionable.

I am not here saying that such treatments should never be used. I cannot judge what may give relief to an individual family or improve the life experience of a child. What I am saying however is that the completely flawed understanding of the relationship between mind and brain that dominates modern medicine has blocked the discovery of possible alternative treatments. An interesting alternative way of treating children with autism or ADHD diagnoses has for instance been developed by the Swedish psychiatrist Harald Blomberg, who has been remarkably successful ( Not surprisingly, his work has been accused of being “unscientific” by the medical establishment in his country, because it does not fit into the materialist paradigm. Dr Blomberg begins his treatment of the children by changing their diet to gluten-free and seeks to remove heavy metals from their bodies. After this, he trains the children to do certain rhythmic bodily movements, notably involving the head, that for a variety of reasons today’s children may have missed out on in early childhood. In this way, it seems he has become successful at helping children with autism and ADHD without using drugs.

These two types of treatment, drugs vs rhythmic movements, reflect two different philosophies regarding the relationship between brain and mind. In one (drug treatment) you assume the mind is a product of the brain. In the other, and this is my own interpretation, you assume that the human mind is related to the four directions of the earth meaning that movements of the head in relation to those may have a healing effect. When the Egyptians some 5000 years ago began to download the global mind they recognized its origin in the four directions. In the same way a child living today must find a way of downloading the directions of the mind. This, I believe is why bodily movements may actually improve the condition of a child with autism or ADHD.

The reason I am bringing this up in the context of The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization is to highlight that this book is not only about ancient civilizations. It also provides a theoretical understanding of the mind that I think will be of value in many different contexts. Hence, it proposes a solution to the age-old question about the origin and nature of the human mind. I believe we need to have certainty about this if we are to set the relationship between brain and mind straight. This is something that also has consequences for how we also if we deal with more tangible problems, such as for instance the treatment of mental disorders or more generally how to deal with traumas. Hence, the search for means to deal with such things will take entirely different directions if we believe that consciousness is primary to matter compared to if it we think it is a product of the brain. Hence, the actual evidence that the mind is not a product of our material reality– which this book provides– may provide significant insights to practitioners of the healing arts. In my own experience, speculations, intuitions or fantasies, even if they are correct, only take you so far and in the official view of society they mostly take you nowhere.

It is partially for this reason I have written The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. If we do not know what the mind is or where it comes from, will we really understand how it may change, in ourselves or in others? I believe that knowledge about the mind may aid us in healing ourselves as individuals and humanity as a collective and I hope many will engage in this inquiry.

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  1. An increasing number of people believe that autism can be induced by vaccines. The theory being that some of the ingredients present in vaccines can be toxic. Apparently most vaccines are assembled with ingredients coming from countries where quality control is often substandard.

    It is also said that vaccines are increasingly administered to newborns at a time when their nervous system is not yet fully developed. Western medical authorities might be overly cautious in this regard. They are also overly cautious with the systematic administration of antibiotics. It seems to me that they should be cautious the other way around by refraining from giving vaccines and antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary, especially to young children.

  2. Hi Calleman
    I find this interesting and I have read in “2000-talets vetenskap” about gluten and dairy product’s causing Autism, since many of my relatives and family have problems with ADHA, ADD, Autism and more. It’s in my mothers family of origin, and I have brought these issues into life with my two daughters. Since I am no Ph D, no mainstream academic scientist, I can let my self go and tell you about the images I receive through which I call straight transmission (which I have had for at least ten years). And with all my gratitude for those, who have written books I have picked up information from, but I can’t name them all…and I don’t remember either.

    In my mind, this time is a very good time for transmuting my karmic record. With karmic record, I mean, everything I have done to life (or I feeel that life has done to me) since 7 generation back…and I may say that is a great deal. But how do I know what to work with, if I decide to clear all karmic record since 7 generation back, when i really don’t know who and what I was in my earlier incarnations?

    I can tell you my theory; I meet these peaple, situations, places every other day in my dayly life…and these are the situations I react on as if I had ADHD or ADD, or Autism and more…get angry, frustrated, sad, terrified etc. If you look at it like this…7 generations…I know I have been a very mean and greedy priest in the 16th century, and I drowned and through The Journey I was lifted up through the water by the hands of God.

    So what I am trying to say is that we meet ourselves in our “outer reality” just to be aware of what we have inside (in our DNA?) and should work with in this life (all 7 generations at the same time …LOL)….and some of us call that ADHD, ADD, Autism or whatever. And some of us hide behind the frame/fence of this also (me LOL). I can at least say that I work with these issues every day.
    See you.

  3. Hej Carl Johan! Jag skriver på svenska eftersom det är lättare för mig men du får gärna översätta till engelska för andra läsare av din blogg. Läser din senaste bok med stort intresse, särskilt kapitel 5, du skriver att alla mentala sjukdomar och besvär härör från “the mind” och har sitt ursprung utanför kroppen och hjärnan. Jag arbetar som farmaceut och har förstås lärt mig att det motsatta, att det är hjärnan det är fel. Ökningen av alla ADHD-relaterade diagnoser är något jag ser varje dag på apoteket, nya läkemedel kommer hela tiden. Vad jag funderar över är att så många lider av ångest och depression. Antidepressiva, som ändrar hjärnans kemi, hjälper ofta men det behöver ju inte betyda att det är något fel på hjärnan. Jag är öppen för andra förklaringar, t ex din teori är mycket intressant. Skulle vilja fråga dig om du har någon idé hur man kan hjälpa människor med ångest och depression utifrån din teori?

    1. Hej Inger,
      när det gäller hur man praktiskt skall behandla ångest och depression så är jag inte redo att ge något svar. Men teoretiskt kan jag utifrån min teori säga att det handlar om att arbeta sig igenom de sinnets skuggsidor som vi har levt med under de sjätte, sjunde och åttonde vågorna. Att gå in i den nionde vågens filterlösa medvetande innebär att allt dolt blir synligt och möjliggör healing.

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