What does the “Global Mind” Mean?

The first volume of “The Paradigm Shift Trilogy” is called The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, and if we are now truly part of a paradigm shift it seems we should not be thinking exactly in the same terms or using the same kinds of concepts that we have been doing in the past. While “the Rise of Civilization” seems clear enough and means pretty much the same as it always has, the “Global Mind” is a new concept that has never been used in this sense before.

“The Global Mind” in the sense it is used in The Paradigm Shift Trilogy is not the sum of all the minds of the human individuals, nor is it necessarily the same as “collective consciousness,” which sometimes is used to mean exactly such a sum. Instead, the “Global Mind” is a name for a global holographic structure that every human being is in resonance with and shapes the kind of mental abilities and thoughts that we have. Ancient sources describing it as it first appeared show that this hologram indeed exists. No humans (or extraterrestrials) rule the Global Mind. The Global Mind rules us and sets the limit to what we can think and do at any given point in time. This does not mean that some of us cannot be happy about life, but it does mean that as long as we are unaware of the existence of this Global Mind our consciousness, and our view of who we are will be limited and constrained. We will not be able to fully grasp the purpose of the human species.

Seeing through the Global Mind and understanding what it is, I believe is the key meaning of the paradigm shift that is now beginning and was prepared for by the significant mental shift in the Mayan calendar. Our minds have been very helpful and led us to the creation of the civilization in which we are now living, but if we are truly to become free as a species we will have to be able to understand what the “Global Mind” is. A paradigm shift always carries some fundamentally new concepts that were never used in the past. The Global Mind is such a concept, which is of critical importance for those that at the current time want to take the next step.

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  1. Thank you dr. Calleman and much success with the new website and trilogy. I look forward to reading and studying it as your material is always mind expanding. Best regards, Rolando (Aruba)

  2. But why has the Global Mind brought us to such a terrible state of civilisation we find ourselves now?

    1. I believe this is mostly because of the shadows of the mind that I plan to address in the second volume of this trilogy. In short, the analytical mind that has created civilization has also been a mind of duality generating all kind of things that we consider undesirable.

  3. Yes,we as human beings are in a whole new world and to survive the challenges ahead ,we must forget our remembered ‘worldviews’; and start fresh with new perspectives of what it means to be human beings subsisting off a home planet…no room for ‘duality’ ,it will have to be ‘one for all and all for one’ this time around the sun.

  4. I signed up for David Wilcock’s half hour weekly series on Gaiam TV called Wisdom Teaching. It’s fairly heavy study of sacred geometry, fractals, holograms, quantum physics, ET’s, meanings of “time”, “space”, etc. I’m thinking David might be talking about a similar concept in Episode # 49, The Fool’s Ascension (referencing the tarot card), aired Feb 17, 2014. I think people can view up to 10 shows free of charge so, hopefully the link will work.

    David states, “We have a shared mind”. “The consciousness that you think with is the consciousness of the universe.”

    Earth is a school of spiritual growth. We experience apparent individuality, but in truth we are all sharing the same air, thoughts and mind.

    Planets are “holograms”, reflections of the one creator.
    We are perfect holographic images of the creator.
    Each of the chacras, layers correspond to the frequency of sound & light and dimensions in the cosmos.

    Atoms are geometric emanations of vibration. The universe is not “space” and “time”.
    We are living in an illusion. [David repeatedly takes issue with traditional physics view of atoms containing “particles”. There are no particles, only energy vibrations, waves.]

    Honoring others free will is honoring ourselves. Infringing on others free will damages us.
    We are here to learn love. Each of the densities have humans.

    1. I am sure that David, as well as many others, are sensing the same thing as I describe. The reason I wrote this book is however to provide indisputable evidence of something that has been discussed by scientists and philosophers for a very long time, namely the nature of the mind. With a firm groundwork you have something to stand on when you discuss where we come from and where we are going.

  5. Looking forward to reading the complete trilogy. Looking forward to them first book with great anticipation.

  6. To me the Global Mind is The Geometry of Divinity, for short GoD, and it rules my intuition and what I will experience next. Now GoD is telling me to go very deep into my subconscious and heal what I have carried for several lifetimes. And I have been put into very much distorted (?) situations the last two-three years due to what’s hiding in the darkness of my mind (or if you want my part of The Collective Consciousness).
    It all began when I studied Shamanic Journey at IMU, and I found out something about me that I hadn’t been able to see or understand before. Of cause I had already studied your first course about the Mayan Calender earlier and new already that I was born during the Planetary level and had to carry my lot of darkness into this lifetime, and I guess just to clear it out and give it to Pachamama.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I fully share your view. The Global Mind is exactly the Geometry of the divine, and since this geometry is shifting at the current time we will have a lot to deal with also at an individual level. The Global Mind and Rise of Civilization is about exactly how the geometry of the mind influences our civilization.

  7. John. your books sparks the interest in the Mayans and the search for truth. lately following the course of Lee Carrol and KRYON. I need to start wrapping my head around your thoughts on Global Mind.
    You are a blessing to the world.
    Love and Light surround you
    Dick Abell

  8. Thank you for sharing. I believe that December 2013 marked a change and something did happen but it was very subtle. The Global Mind is increasing but at a very unassuming pace. I use the 260 day Mayan calendar to calculate some events that may occur in my life and at times it is spot on. I just wish so much of that knowledge was not destroyed but hopefully it will return soon.

    Best Regards

  9. beatiful work of yours,collective consiousness yes it happens. Me and myself has awaken to the fact that we have an huge complex of “pyramids” here in Norway in Lofoten just beside my home. I suspected this for several years,now my mind is making a change to understand that this is old ancient pyramids,maybe 38,000 years,no one has spoken of them ? I find that peculiar,but we dont experience what we have pre-determent opinions about,wow i love the “Shift” of consiousness it really enriches us on this earth.GREAT new look at life and surroundings for all of us.Thanks Mr.Calleman for your parisipation in open our eyes to this truly miracleous history of earth.

    1. Interesting that you have “pyramides” in Norway. I think we have those in Sweden also, at least many talks about them as “pyramides”. It about 100 km from where I live.

  10. Comment on The Purposeful Universe by Carl Johan Calleman, Bear & Co
    I really appreciate your answer to Stephen jay Gould’s “there is no purpose.” None can be discerned in the process but definitely in the results; every mass extinction has been followed by the quick appearance of forms superior to the ones extincted!
    However, there is one massive “WTF” in your huge effort to ascribe the universe’s design to a Designer ; what the heck does IT mean by creating a world where children suffer, people starve and random violence and acts of nature kill millons?????
    Don’t give me the “God’s mysterious Will” malarkey. There is nothing mysterious about it. It’s obvious to me that the Universe was created by Something that lost IT’s Mind when IT exploded Itself in the Big Bang, and the purpose of evolution is to regain Consciousness so we can stop the MADNESS!
    This explains everything, if you think about it. And it validates the basic mandate of all religions; we are all here to help each other evolve and make the world a better place- because it is up to us.
    I have been working on this hypothesis for years, and have multitudinous pages of commentary, if you’re interested.

  11. Dr C, what is consciousness? Where does it come from? How did it create matter? And where are we heading? In other words what’s the point of all this?

    1. In my Paradigm Shift Trilogy I provide the answers that I have come up with to these questions. I think after the shift of the ages
      we have come to a point where it is possible to summarize (or synthesize) the entire evolution of civilization and all the philosophies, religions and science this has given rise to over the past 5125 years (thirteen baktuns).

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