The Corona Virus and the Mayan Calendar – An Alternative Perspective on our Current Situation

What is going on in the world today? The common wisdom is that there is a virus pandemic that has killed many people and as a result most countries have shut down most of the activities that are considered part of normal life. We have little reason to expect a return to what we have considered normalcy. However, few seem to have asked the question what the underlying reasons for this crisis may be in a higher perspective and how we are best to relate to it. In other words, what changes in the evolving cosmic quantum field have produced this crisis?

To my knowledge the only way to understand how the cosmic quantum field evolves is through a study of the Mayan calendar system. This system is primarily composed of nine waves of creation whose interference pattern creates a cosmic quantum field. While many ancient peoples saw reality as quantized and multidimensional the only people that developed these insights mathematically were the Maya that through their so-called calendars sought to discern the large-scale cosmic plan. As became obvious prior to the year 2012, this precious knowledge regarding how life on earth evolves has however gone almost completely missing and only a tiny minority will immediately know what I am talking about. Yet, I will argue that this calendar system is highly relevant for those that want to understand our current situation. For this reason I will in this article present a basic outline of macrocosmic quantum theory aiming to shed light on the current crisis. This theory is otherwise extensively described especially in my two most recent books: The Nine Waves of Creation and Quantum Science of Psychedelics, although it was prepared for in several earlier books.

Central concepts in Mayan Cosmology are the Tree of Life and the Plumed Serpent and here I am only going to address the second of those. While practically all ancient cultures included variants of these entities in their cosmologies, the science that the Maya developed around these allows us today to recognize this as a quantum science of evolution and not merely as a speculative philosophy. The serpent was however recognized as the chief creator god not only among the Maya and other ancient peoples of Mexico, but also in the guise of the Rainbow Serpent among the Australian aborigines, as the Great Anaconda among the peoples of the Amazonas, as the Cosmic Serpent in ancient Egypt and elsewhere in the Near Orient and to this day as serpentine Dragons by the Chinese and many other peoples across the world. Over all the Judaeo-Christian tradition stands out as the only one that demonized the serpent, and we have reasons to ask if this suppression is what has blocked modern Western Society from understanding what is now happening.

Many people today would probably think of the ancient ideas of dragons and serpents as fantasies, but are we really to believe that there is no reality behind an entity that played a crucial role in creation mythologies from all around the world? I should add here that I do not believe that there are any actual serpents or dragons flying around in the sky, but I do not think we can just dismiss such a widespread belief as totally unreal either. As a first hint to their origin I think we should consider that if someone in ancient times wanted to create a metaphor for an invisible sine wave a serpent would be the most natural choice and so maybe this is what these serpents in fact are.

The Plumed Serpent(s) would then in modern terms be symbol(s) of the quantum wave(s) that emanate from the Tree of Life and drive the underlying field of evolution. The Aztecs and Toltecs referred to the Plumed Serpent as Quetzalcoatl, which was seen as a bringer of civilization, who would also sometimes molt its skin and turn into its dark twin Tezcatlipoca. Such a transformation of the quantum wave – mythologized as a shift from Quetzalcoatl to Tezcatlipoca – would typically mean the downfall of a civilization including much of the creativity of its inhabitants. We know from Mayan sources that they looked upon the downfall of the most spectacular of their Post-Classical cities, Chichen-Itza, to have been a consequence of the Plumed Serpent having abandoned it and moved to Mayapan. As we can gather from the fact that central temples in both Chichen-Itza and Teotihuacan were dedicated to the Plumed Serpent (called Kukulcan by the Maya) it was no minor peripheral deity. Also the world’s largest pyramid by volume – the one in Cholula – served to honor this deity.

But is this sine wave entity real (which would mean that there would be a reason that the pendulum swings in history) or was this just a superstitious fantasy of an ancient people that did not know better? I argue that it is very real and that the ancient Native American peoples were right in believing that there is a wave movement that has such power over the human minds that it could cause both the rise and downfall of their civilizations. Assuming that this is the same wave that people all over the world with some variations worshipped in the form of serpents and dragons, we may also wonder what the significance is of the fact that it has not been incorporated into the modern worldview. For instance, if the Plumed Serpent was the name for a powerful wave that determined both the rise and fall of human civilizations, then a consequence of this would be that the human mind and its creativity would originate in cosmic quantum waves and not in our brains. This in turn would produce an entirely different view of who we as humans are and explain the very evolution of consciousness. In this view, consciousness would emerge as a result of the interactions between cosmic waves with different frequencies and the human brain and different states of consciousness would be produced by such interactions with different frequencies.

Naturally, this ancient view of powerful waves creating both our perception and recreation of reality would be an affront to the modern human ego that thinks of itself as in control of the course of events. But what if it is true that the human mind is downloaded from cosmic quantum waves that undergo shifts at specific points in time? If this could be verified through empirical evidence it would indeed be a dramatic discovery, which for instance would explain the many commonalities in building structures and mythologies from different parts of the world; these would simply be reflections of the fact that cultures, even though geographically separated would see the world through the same quantum state and recreate this in similar ways. To find out if this can be verified, we have to consult the calendar system, which the Maya used to chart the movements of the Plumed Serpent and see how this matches with what we now know about the history of human civilizations.

Fig 1. The Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chichen-Itza, Mexico. The pyramid is built in nine levels reflecting different cosmic quantum states, each of which is developed by a movement of seven triangles of light, scales on the back of the serpent, as shown on the side of the staircase.

The prophetic Mayan calendar system is composed of nine sequentially activated waves of increasing frequencies, each mediating a particular quantum state, which corresponds to a specific level of a nine-storied pyramid such as the one in Chichen-Itza. To my knowledge, this is the only calendar system of our planet that is not based on the movement of physical astronomical objects, but instead on the evolution of the underlying quantum field. Here I will however not describe all of the waves of this system, but limit myself to how the Sixth Wave – the so-called Mayan Long Count (Fig 2) – relates to the rise and fall of human civilizations:

Fig 2. The rise and fall of major empires in the Near East/Europe as a function of the Sixth Wave (Long Count).

When contemplating Fig 2, it should first be noticed that the seven peaks of the Long Count (each lasting for a time period called baktun of 394 years) correspond to the seven triangles of light on the back of the serpent in Chichen-Itza (Fig 1). This wave is one of nine manifestations of the Plumed Serpent and provides an example of how it plays out in the long-term evolution of human history. What we can see from this is that the rise and fall of the major empires/civilizations from the first rise of civilizations on our planet about 5100 years ago matches up almost perfectly with the wave movement the Maya called the Plumed Serpent. When a new peak begins a new civilization will rise and we can step by step see how these peaks led up to the current global civilization in the 7th day. When a valley begins on the other hand the civilization will typically decline or even disintegrate. Well-known examples of the latter are the so-called Bronze Age collapse around 1144 BCE and the collapse of the West Roman Empire (and the ensuing beginning of the dark ages) around 434 CE. In some instances, the shift from a day to a night in the Sixth Wave will lead to the end of an empire, while in others – such as for instance from the 5th day to the 5th night – a profound transformation of the civilization will be generated; Rome was then transformed from a large military empire to the center of the Christian Church. The origin of this wave movement of history is then the shifting nature of the Plumed Serpent as it metaphorically alternates between the rule of Quetzalcoatl and his dark twin Tezcatlipoca, or if you like between days and nights. As we can see the concept of the Plumed Serpent is not some vague philosophical or religious concept, but a mathematically precisely defined wave of evolution. Why is this not taught in schools and universities?

Is this wave movement something that only manifested in major empires in the Near East and Europe or did it affect also other parts of the world? To answer this, figure 3 shows that (at least as far as we have reasonably reliable dates) the effects of the wave movement of the Plumed Serpent were even more dramatic in the Western Hemisphere. (This image also shows the shifting cosmic quantum states in the peaks and the valleys creating the shifting states of consciousness in the human beings.) Again we see that at the beginning of the peaks new civilizations emerge in the Western Hemisphere, while when a night began in 1223 CE all of the major native civilizations in North America collapsed seemingly for no reason. We can explain this as well as the fact that the pendulum generally swings in history by the shift to a quantum state of darkness. After this demise it took about 200 years (to the midpoint of this night) until a new empire was established by the Aztecs as the wave started to move upwards. The Aztecs notably saw themselves as living in a dark age, and so feared the time when the Plumed Serpent would return in the guise of Quetzalcoatl and bring light to a new and different civilization. This expectation would play a significant role as it contributed to their conquest by another empire, that of the Spanish in 1521.

Fig 3. The rise and fall of different civilizations in North America during the later part of the Sixth Wave.

When considering the downfall of most Native North American civilizations as a new night began in 1223 CE, we should note that the ancient Maya never projected a coming end of the world at some particular calendrical date. We know this because in their inscriptions they would refer to dates thousands of years into the future. Such dates include those on the so-called Tortuguero monument nr 6, which described the shift in 2011-2012 as a time when the nine-level entity (the nine-step creation) would appear in its full regalia. Consistent with this, it is important to see that the collapses of the Native North American cultures shortly after the shift in 1223 CE did not mean that all of their inhabitants would perish. Hence, while Chichen-Itza – and with this the post-classical Mayan civilization – came to an end, its descendants survived and currently rank in the millions. But to go from there to say that they did not believe that historical civilizations would rise and fall would be equally false. Hence, it was the very civilizations they had created in the day prior to 1223 CE that came to an end at this “molting of the skin” of the Plumed Serpent. The high civilization of the Maya that built large pyramids and cities and developed an advanced calendrical science did come to an end at this time.

It is noteworthy that modern historians have been unable to reach a consensus as to exactly why civilizations, such as the Post-Classical Maya or other Native American peoples in Fig 3, came to an end. That the minds of people all over our planet would be fundamentally subject to a profound influence by a cosmic quantum wave is not even considered and the many current alternative researchers interested in ancient civilizations will not go there either. Instead, the causes they suggest for the demise of civilizations are tangibly physical such as climate change, political upheavals, warfare and/or pandemics, or in the case of Rome lead poisoning. Yet, since explanations generated in this way rarely if ever seem satisfactory it has become common among historians to suggest a combination of many such factors. While this may be true, what I am suggesting as the origin of this combination of factors was that the change in cosmic quantum state led to a change in the human mind and how people perceived reality. As a result a civilization that had been built on the preceding mind set would no longer be able to flourish. The old ways of dealing with reality that had been developed over a long time were no longer effective and so a civilization might have fallen victim to several insults; warfare, natural catastrophes or epidemics. Certainly, the shift in perception brought by a new quantum state also creates fear and insecurity as to how to manage a civilization in a new quantum state and especially so as its inhabitants were aware that this state had an origin on a cosmic and divine level. This shift might have generated distrust in the previously ruling political and religious institutions, a distrust which makes a civilization even more vulnerable for instance to military attacks or natural catastrophes. In this way a negative spiral may be created. The downfall of a civilization is thus rarely a linear process that has a single cause.

Returning then to the timeline in Fig 3; following the night of 1223-1617 CE, the British Empire began to rise in Europe as a result of a shift in cosmic quantum state and as the pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts in 1620 the build-up of what later was to become the United States began. This new day then brought a new civilization, a global era of Western (and corresponding left-brain, see Fig 3) dominance in the world. While this was initially driven by the colonization of the world by British and other West European powers, after World War II the United States became the predominating driving force of this global civilization, de facto attaining the status of an empire.

But, and this is the crux, it also seems clear from Figs 2 and 3 that the Plumed Serpent as of 2011 CE went into a dark age and so we have reasons to ask if also this global civilization dominated by the West is now coming to an end. The current nationalist and isolationist tendencies in the UK (Brexit) and the US (Trump) indeed seems to indicate that this is the case and that a significant mental shift is now occurring on a collective scale. We have even greater reasons to expect such a downturn to be taking place as people today are overall completely oblivious to the ancient view of creation and destruction alternating in the evolutionary process and may delude themselves to believe that they are above this.

As a result of this shift of quantum state in 2011 we also see major changes in the thought patterns of people not only manifested in the abovementioned elections of 2016, but also in a tremendous rise of conspiracy theories. The reason is that if you are not aware of the quantum shifts that drive evolution, but still feel that there is something outside of your control (such as an invisible wave) that drives it, then conspiracy theories will always have a fertile ground. Naturally, some conspiracy theories may be true, but it should also be recognized that if the production of such becomes a collective addiction they will eventually serve to erode the institutions upon which a civilization is built and contribute to its demise.

When it comes to changing collective thought patterns we should also notice that the scientific revolution began in Europe as a result of the Seventh day in 1617 CE (Galileo, Kepler, Descartes, Bacon) and as this peak has now come to an end we are entering somewhat of a post-scientific world where rational thinking seems to play a lesser role. While to some extent this shift may allow people to go outside of the confines of a too rigid rationality, it has certainly also fostered a great rise of pseudoscience, as has been all too obvious when it comes to the Mayan calendar. Given these differences between thought patterns produced before and after the shift in 2011 CE, there is no reason to be surprised that many people no longer know what or who to believe and that deep-going conflicts between them have emerged. What seemed true under the previous quantum state may not seem so in the new.

There are other indicators that the Plumed Serpent has now “molted its skin” to change its nature and we may consider the unprecedented use of the word “unprecedented.” The social and political occurrences are in other words now after the quantum shift in 2011 CE so different from what they were before this that many of them are indeed unprecedented. We may also notice the hypnotic power certain phenomena such as Brexit, Trump and especially the Corona virus have had not only in the affected countries but all over the world. As different as these phenomena may seem what they do have in common is that they have totally dominated the public’s attention in the respective countries, to the point that the news media have hardly been covering anything else. We can understand this if we recognize that they are all reflections of the downturn of the Plumed Serpent. The fear that on some level is associated with a shift from a quantum state of duality with light (see fig 3) to one of darkness (which means entering an uncharted ground of existence even if most are not consciously aware of it) makes many people follow along with the downturn brought by the Plumed Serpent often in spite of what rational thinking would have led them to do. As a metaphor for this we may think of how snakes may sometimes create fear in their prey to the point where a state of hypnosis and paralysis is created in them.

Another thing to take note of is that when the Plumed Serpent shifts from a peak to a valley, human civilizations (as I have pointed out in many of my earlier books) typically shift from being dominated by a creative forward movement to a state of rest or even destruction. This general rule seems to apply very well to our current situation where the Corona virus has essentially brought the entire global civilization to a state of rest or even standstill. Both the hypnosis and the standstill indicate that at the level of the 6th Wave the movement of the Plumed Serpent has shifted our minds to a quantum state (see Fig 3) of a night in which we do not quite know how to move forward. This explains why so many people, and rightly so I believe, feel that there is something more going on than just a virus especially so considering how extreme the measure of quarantining healthy people on a global scale is. (Usually only sick people are quarantined). On a deeper level however a quantum shift is bringing the dominance of Western civilization to an end and it is the new quantum state that has caused the standstill. Hence, the relatively rational reality with an experience of a forward movement for civilization that people had become used to before the shift in 2011 has been replaced by a sequence of natural and political catastrophes that they do not recognize from the world they grow up in.

The appearance of the corona virus (and more importantly the predictable social and economic consequences of the response to this) is then not something that appeared out of the blue by accident, but is an expression of the Dark Age we have entered. The relationship between Dark Ages and pandemics is not a simple cause-effect, but yet it should be noticed that the largest pandemics in human history (in terms of lives lost), the Justinian Plague (541 CE), the Black Death (1347 CE) and the epidemics that killed much of the indigenous peoples of Mexico in the 16th century did take place in nights. The current Corona virus epidemic is not on the scale of these, but may still be seen as an expression of the change in the quantum field. Given the shift in the relationship between East and West that this shift carries it is however not surprising that the East has responded much more effectively to the virus pandemic than the West or Europe. In the long run it is the quantum field on a planetary scale that determines in what direction the evolution of the planet will go.

I will not try to outline any detailed future scenario beyond this as the statistics of already 26 millions unemployed in the US speaks for itself. The epidemiologists that I trust* diverge widely from that of the US government and argue that the shutdown and social distancing amount to somewhat akin to a collective suicide. This indeed seems a likely out come consistent with the downturn of the Plumed Serpent (Fig 2).

The most difficult time created by this cosmic shift is thus most likely ahead, virus or no virus. In the best case scenario a new world based on equality may stabilize after 2031 CE, but will require an enormous effort of a large part of humanity to make it through the next couple of years. Something I want to point out however is that the first human reactions to a downturn such as the one that began in 2011 are not necessarily those that are lasting. Thus, even if the immediate reaction to the new night in the Sixth Wave may have been a rise in egotism, power and money of the billionaires (the 1%), in a slightly longer perspective this may very possibly come to be reversed as this type of inequality is no longer favored by the quantum states of the higher waves. What this means is that an important aspect of the path forward is that it must have a direction towards social and economic equality also on a global scale. (Part of the reason that the media singlemindedly focuses on the virus is to hide the evolution of the underying quantum field). The more equal and the less ego-based a civilization is, the better will its chances be of surviving in some form into the future. But to take such a change for granted would be naïve. Even if I am not a conspiracy theorist I recognize that there are all kinds of actors among the 1%, who are preparing themselves to profit from the new situation. This is especially the case for the leaders of the digital corporations, who are huge winners from the destruction of physical social life and can only benefit from prolonging the social distancing.

Some of what I have said here may sound grim, but we should see that the downfall of a civilization also means that the space is created for a new kind of civilization to emerge. In one significant regard our situation is now energetically different from the downfall of the civilizations shown in Fig 2 and 3 and this is that new quantum states carried by higher waves have been added to that of the Sixth Wave (which is inherently dualist and favors dominance of some humans over others). The duality of this wave is thus what has generated the injustice, oppression and dominance (including racism and sexism) in our world. The shift to the new quantum state in 2011 (even if it is dark) may thus support the reversal of these phenomena especially if we are able to climb energetically to higher levels. The higher quantum states (Fig 4) are then the ones we need to climb to reach the top level of the nine-level pyramid. They are: the Seventh Wave that created the industrial revolution, the Eighth Wave that created the digital revolution and finally the Ninth Wave which to the extent people develop resonance with it will bring the world to a state of unity consciousness.  Maybe we should cherish the current state of rest as an opportunity to contemplate a civilization based on such a state of unity consciousness and what it would take to get there. Such a civilization I believe is the intended end result of the cosmic plan and even if there is not space here to describe these higher waves in detail massive evidence have been presented earlier that these waves are real and together provide a direction upward for humanity.

Fig 4. The different quantum states of the higher waves in the Mayan calendar system and some of their manifestations.

We all to different degrees resonate with the waves in Fig 4, at least up to the Eighth Wave, but depending on which ones we have developed the strongest resonance with we will become different kinds of persons with different points of views and ways of relating to others. Even if many people now may be tempted to follow the Sixth Wave down into the dark others will seek to develop resonance with the higher waves and complete the return to a state of unity consciousness. Attaining the highest quantum state of the Ninth Wave, which is one of love and unity, seems to be the intended goal of the process of creation.

The fact that we have now all to some extent developed resonance with at least the eight lower waves means that their corresponding quantum states are in principle accessible to us. Various individual spiritual practices may serve our intentions to transform ourselves to these higher states. We should however recognize that the highest state of consciousness, that of the Ninth Wave, goes beyond the individual interest and yet it is the state that we need to attain in order to bring about the collective healing of humanity. Unlike the lower states of consciousness the separate individual really does not have an interest in attaining it and so it can only be reached by an ego-less intention. In a sense it has to be directly accessed from the cosmic source and a climb through the lower eight waves does not automatically lead you to it. And yet this I believe is the only viable way of creating a new civilization: For at least a significant minority of humanity to attain a state of consciousness from which it does not project duality either onto itself or onto others and as a result start coming from a point where we can experience unity with nature and our fellow human beings to the point that a new world is recreated.

I believe this new way of looking at the Corona virus pandemic from the perspective of the Mayan calendar does represent an alternative perspective from which we can understand what is now happening. This virus, as well as many other phenomena that we have encountered in recent years is part of a much larger cosmic scenario driven by creation waves. The latter create an underlying quantum field to everything that is happening that we have to grasp if we want fathom the origin the phenomena that appear in the physical world. This does not mean that we can somehow just ignore the physical reality as it is manifests for instance through a virus pandemic, or to take a more positive example, the kindness pandemic that many people now simultaneously experience. Our physical situation needs to be dealt with on a physical level. But macrocosmic quantum theory does provide a solid basis for us to understand many of the physical phenomena that have appeared in the course of cosmic evolution and may provide guidance towards the future. I encourage the reader to study this theory as well as to do what is possible to metaphorically climb to the top of the nine-storied pyramid as part of a collective intention for the evolution of humanity.


20 thoughts on “The Corona Virus and the Mayan Calendar – An Alternative Perspective on our Current Situation

  1. So grateful for this treatise! Seeing everything in this WSU brings comfort & peace! Let’s surf the waves together!

  2. Thank you Carl! Ever since reading The Nine Waves of Creation a few years ago my ‘mantra’ has been “I’m keeping it Ninth Wave!” This really helped and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and findings on how we can all begin our climb.

  3. I am blown away. You bring a perspective I have not seen anywhere else and for me, is one that very much fits into the “higher perspective” penthouse kind point of view. Well done 🙂

  4. What the current pandemic has shown the people of Earth is that the more you crowd into physical spaces to acquire a sense of prosperity and security; the more vulnerable you are to the spread of fear of missing out…Those who have kept a balance in their worldviews are less vulnerable to loss, because they are aware of the natural cycles of Life and Death…To be afraid means you are at the mercy of whomever promises to return you to the past…To be brave means you are in control of a future destiny…And perhaps,Carl is teaching us in his writings that our planet is constantly spiraling in and out of dark and illuminating times… And it is up to us to become consciously aware of which cycle we are presently in and so we can expedite movement towards the lighter
    ,brighter side of the curve.

  5. Thank You so much for the article Carl.
    I would like to summarize if I may the two
    positive things I got from your message.
    Please correct Me if I’m off the mark.

    First, the image that I get in my minds eye is that
    the last time Humanity experienced a Sixth wave Night
    they did not have the benefit that We have now .
    Primarily, three higher levels of consciousness to aspire to.
    Also , if I understand correctly , those born into a particular wave
    resonate strongly with that wave . As I see it, everyone on the planet
    has been born into, at the very lowest, the 7th wave consciousness.
    Those born into higher levels of consciousness will respond to that particular wave.
    This leads me to extrapolate a further positive insight ; that those born since 2011 and
    from here on in, will resonate with the highest wave of unity consciousness. The older this generation
    of Humanity gets the more they will replace those of a lower vibratory consciousness. At the same time
    of this rise in unity consciousness will be a descent into a dark age that will precipitate the Fall that will
    give way to the foundation upon which the New Unity Consciousness will build.

    Thanks again for your most important work and your insights,

  6. Good read , I heard from a channel that 2031/2 will be a huge shift ,by that time things will be set and sorted. Thanks for writing , it does make sense.

  7. Thank you, this paper helped clarify what we all know on a cellular level. I have been sensing (as others) that all of what is going on is “deeper” than what meets the eye.
    I do hope you will do some follow ups, and please send alerts via email if you do. In the meantime I will get your books so I can gather more understanding for how I fit into our collective change.

  8. Hi Carl, long time no talk. Hope you are well.
    I think you will find it interesting that I now believe that the controversy between the two creating forces and their respective patterns is a reflection of – on one hand – the numerals one. two, three. (Here three is the only number to encompass its two preceding digits. It amounts to a single bit in a trinary quantum program where three equals completion. This married three-energy can also be seen as -1. 0, and +1. Zero being the third unit – the sum of the two polarisations of plus one and minus one. Zero sits in the middle as the qubit does and the third eye does. The alternative program or algorism that belongs to the Feathered Serpent uses phi where each new number is a compilation or addition of its two previous numbers like the number three does in the Garden Program. This serpent Wilderness program creates new Life at each shift, destroying the old in the process. My first two books are nearly ready for printing: Adam’s Daughter and The First Immortals. Where can I send you copies? Keep up the great work. Cheers, Kahl.

  9. For me Love and knowing that we are Form Based Will have to be understood by many to see a start. I hope that through my nightly Dreaming, and in my Physical Life I will beginning to understand more real Love.
    I am 88 and doubt that I will see the big positive swing in my present form, but I believe will come.

  10. Thank you very much for your uplifting and up-clearing, if this is English, heart- and wisdom-based information. I feel complete.

  11. thank you so much for such a level headed evaluation based on ‘deep’ understanding. i have so felt this from the incorporation of your previous books and works that i have read and digested; it is obviously [for me] not just trump, or gates or soros, they are more like the virus just doing their little job within the context you so wonderfully described.
    the book ‘the fourth turning” has some relevance in this context?
    i found this article quite enlightening:
    “n December-2005, though, and as I previously mentioned, an American scientific think tank called the Meinel Institute of Las Vegas, founded by former consultants to the NASA-linked Jet Propulsion Laboratory, came forward and announced that they believed that cosmic rays from a galactic binary system producing relativistic jets was responsible for a rapid acceleration in animal and human evolution around 40,000 years ago—an event that coincides with ancient peoples the world over creating a myths depicting newborn babies with a rather incongruous creature: a long-legged, sharp-beaked bird—in the West characterized as being a stork, and in the East its being a crane—but in whose most ancient writings is depicted as being the Swan from the Constellation Cygnus.”
    thank you so much, really,

  12. Just visited Mexico in late March 2020 and I think our tour was one of the last ones out. OLMEC/MAYAN/AZTEC all amazing Cultures especially the Astrology side. Pyramids and Temples with Star Alignments layouts on the ground all around the world. The Spring and Autumn Equinox with the Sun Shining on certain areas of the Pyramids. With Patricia Awyan Graphic Clues and your perspective comments about the The Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chichen-Itza both of you have solved a lot of answers for me. Thank You.

    Look up this Youtube video going over the top of the Pyramid of the Sun at TEOTIHUACAN
    Early Sunrise Friday 13th March close to the 20th March Spring Equinox
    The SUN alignment over the top is perfect. I am truly impressed.

    Youtube Clip: Hot Air Ballooning – TEOTIHUACAN PYRAMIDS – Mexico

  13. Dear Carl, Thanks for this unique and interesting perspective on our current collective experience. I have followed some of your writings since first reading The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness over ten years ago. I have just finished your latest book, Quantum Science of Psychedelics and it struck me that it may well have been the coronavirus pandemic you were intuitively referring to at the footnote to Figure 9.1 on p.167 when you wrote “It is possible that the wave of immigration to Europe in 2015 was the effect of the seventh NIGHT, but I tend to think that something bigger is on its way. Bingo!
    On deeper reflection, I am also coming to the conclusion that the glorious multi-dimensional being I saw while on an ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian Amazon in February was a glimpse of the Plumed-Serpent!
    May more and more of us ride the 9th Wave to the unified consciousness of pure Love.

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