Disasters and Non-duality –The Consequences of the Eighth Wave going into a NIGHT on September 27, 2017

The recent time has seen an unusual amassment of natural disasters, especially in the Western Hemisphere, which seems to coincide with a political leadership crisis in the United States that is expressed on a daily basis. Is this timewise correlation of dramatic and sometimes catastrophic events really a coincidence or is there, as I have discussed in an earlier article (https://calleman.com/2017/03/01/entering-a-dark-age-and-what-to-do-about-it/) an underlying reason in that the Plumed Serpent (that is to say the Sixth Wave) now again has left this Hemisphere? According to the ancient Maya the wave movement of the “Plumed Serpent” was behind the changes in consciousness that may express themselves in many different ways.

Hence, when the “plumed serpent” also known as Quetzalcoatl, arrived it brought prosperity. On the other hand, when the Plumed Serpent left a civilization this could result in the downfall of a dynasty, warfare, natural disasters or religious change, which could all lead to its downfall. To them it was like the Plumed Serpent, which we can now only understand meaningfully as a creation wave, carried the spirit of civilization and so to the ancients this was an important entity to honor. Most people today would probably think of this as just a story, but what if it is true and the ups and downs of civilizations follow such a wave movement? Regardless, it seems we are no at a time where different forms of disasters are conspiring against us, whether those are political, military or natural.

Another explanation to the current state of the world that has been proposed is that an alignment in the constellation of Virgo on September 23 would be a manifestation of Revelation 12, which would connect our momentous times to the Christian scenario of the Apocalypse, or according to some, to Sitchin’s purported Nibiru planet. Yet, of course, the world did not come to an end on this date and no Nibiru planet has appeared or will ever do so. The reason the world will not come to an end on a specific date is that the divine creation process – as we may understand it from the Nine Waves of Creation – does not have any built-in end date. Instead it is designed to continue endlessly in accordance with these waves. This however does not mean that I think the prediction of the September 23 advocates – that we as a species has now really come to a critical point in our evolution – was completely unfounded or that we would somehow be immune to the effects of dark ages defined by the waves of creation. There is much historical evidence that nights in the Mayan calendar carry different kinds of hardships depending on what waves we are looking at. The valleys in the Sixth Wave shown in Fig 1 coincide with such dark ages that have brought major civilizations down and I think it is an illusion to think that the current global civilization dominated by the West would be immune against this.

Fig 1. The rise and fall of major human civilizations as a function of the peaks and valleys of the Sixth Wave (wavelength – 788 years).

Given our position in the wave movement in Fig. 1 after 2011 (when this turned into a valley or night) I thus think that we have very serious reasons to consider that the Plumed Serpent (the Sixth Wave) is now abandoning the Western Hemisphere as it has done may times before. Without sensationalizing or looking blindly at any singular date, I think we should consider the upcoming turn into a night also of the Eighth Wave on September 27, 2017 (Fig 2), as a point in time when the interference pattern of the waves create a critical shift. The reason is that the approach to this shift has been so relatively dire because it has taken place on the top of waves, the Sixth and Seventh, that have already turned into night phases.

Fig 2. The Interference pattern of the higher waves of creation after the shift in 2011. Note that the Sixth Wave at the bottom is also going downwards, but because the downturn of this wave is so slow it is not easily visible in the scale of this diagram.

At first sight this shift in the Eighth Wave may not seem to be such an important event considering that this Wave (with a much higher frequency than the Sixth and a wave-length of only 720 days) has turned into a night several times before including more recently in 2013 and 2015. Yet, the context of the current shift is now different coming after the Brexit/Trump votes in 2016 that marked the beginning of the tangible downturn of the Western powers. This shift into a night of the Sixth Wave in 2011 (See fig 3), which because of its low frequency (wavelength 788 years) took until 2016 to clearly manifest, is affecting not only East-West relationships, but also through resonance the relationship between the two brain halves.

Fig. 3. The effects on a global and a personal level of the Sixth Wave turning into a night. The dominance of the Western hemisphere as well as of the left brain half (for better or for worse) is coming to an end with the new mind frame of the night that was activated in 2011.

Since the human mind then is directly influenced by the global mind and what happens on the geophysical level (as was clearly evidenced in my book The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization) we should not be surprised if also political mindsets are influenced by this powerful shift on the level of the global mind. Depending on with what waves people have created resonance (which determines the filter through which they perceive reality) they will come to different conclusions as to what is happening and what should be done.

As we can see in Fig 2, where all the waves are shown at the current time running in parallel, the turn into a night of the Eighth Wave means that for the next 360 days following September 26, 2017 (up until September 22, 2018) all the creation waves except the Ninth Wave will remain in dark “valley” states. I, for one, think that we have strong reasons to believe that destruction, both politically and naturally caused, will even now intensify and many will find it hard to see a meaning with life. There is a real risk of a compounding of effects of the nights in several coinciding waves may even further add to the series of real or potential political and natural disasters that recently we have seen accelerating.

To me, the interference pattern created on September 27 has an apocalyptic ring to it where only those that have developed resonance with the Ninth Wave and unity consciousness will have wind on their back and be guided forward into the future. It, in fact seems as if people now are going in different directions. One group that take active steps towards unity and another that stays with nationalism, racism and sexism or other ideologies of separation. What determines what group you will belong to is what wave you resonate with. The idea that humanity has come to a decisive crossroads has been proposed many times before, but I think it is only now that this is happening.

I do not think that there will be much relief for humanity until 2031, when the Seventh Wave turns into a day. In this time period the Western Hemisphere is likely to be primarily hit as the light that supported its dominance up until 2011 has now gone out (Fig 3). We do not know exactly how this downturn will play out. Yet, history (or if you like the Plumed Serpent) makes its way in one way or another in accordance with the shifting phases of the divine waves, but one thing we know is that the more people are stuck in mindsets of duality the harder it will be.

How then can such a potentially destructive era, which I consider likely to come, be understood in any kind of positive way? Many will of course think of such a destructive era as a punishment by God or as a karmic response to earlier actions, but would this really be the purpose of the intelligence that created this universe? Could it instead be the only way of creating a world of equality? If we look at it more objectively – as the direct result of an interference pattern of waves influencing the human mind – then we may have an alternative way of seeing this era as an interference pattern supporting a development towards equality (or even a golden age), which is meant to manifest as humanity enters a new day in the Seventh Wave in 2031. Why would this be? Essentially because as the Eighth Wave now goes into a night there will be no wave favoring the duality of the mind or a dualist perception of reality. Moreover, the only non-dualist wave that will be oscillating into a day mode is the Ninth Wave, which brings enlightenment and a unity frame of mind. So even if at the visible level there may seem to be many disasters (both political and natural and possibly military) because of the compounded nights the interference pattern causing these disasters will paradoxically at the same time be the very interference pattern that creates a path towards unity for those that develop resonance with the Ninth Wave.

This would explain not only that many spiritual traditions of ancient origin have foreseen a return to unity, but also why the path there, such as for instance in the Christian Apocalyptic scenario would go through a series of catastrophes. The unity consciousness of the golden age (or the New Jerusalem if you prefer biblical language) in fact presupposes equality between all nations and individuals on a planetary scale. For this reason the path to this will require that humanity goes through a period of mental non-duality, which is what the upcoming interference pattern provides. History has shown that human beings for the most part do not voluntarily give up a state of dominance they have had over others and it is exactly the dualist mind of the Sixth Wave days (See Fig 3a) that in the past has legitimized dominance. Then in order to prepare for equality and the manifestation of unity consciousness an interference pattern of non-duality will have to dominate the minds of the human beings for a relatively long time and this is what I am proposing that we now about to face.

The duality of the Sixth Wave mind in its days (fig. 3a), is not only what led to the Western dominance of the world (fig 1). This duality also led to all forms of dominance that some individuals have had over others based on race, bloodline, gender, or religion, a dominance that has manifested itself in the economic and political arenas. If it for instance seems that at the current time there is a revival of racism in the United States this is because the new mind (3b) clashes with the racism that was inherited from the duality of the previous day (3a). Hence, if racial or gender inequality, and especially economic inequality, has been caused by the duality of the Sixth Wave mind, then the latter will be a constant impediment to the path towards a golden age of non-duality. However, also nationalism has come out of a mindset of dominance fostered by the duality of the Sixth Wave and is by itself a reat impediment to peace. Hence, the manifestation of a golden age will require that the majority of people transcend not only racism and sexism, but also transcend the subordination to a national perspective and become able to embrace one – humanity first! – that is global.

Many of the effects of the creation waves and their interference pattern were discussed in my book The Nine Waves of Creation. The shift on September 27, 2017 means that the shift into a night of the Eighth Wave, (which albeit it has a feminine streak is also a dualist Wave), will add to the non-duality of the global mind. This is why, paradoxically maybe, darkness and non-duality will go hand in hand on many very different levels. The conclusion is that while I expect the following thirteen years to become very destructive (especially to the Western Hemisphere and institutions based on the dominance of the left brain half) this era will at the same time prepare for a world of global solidarity based on equality that after 2031 truly will become a possibility. For those that want to be part of such a world, awareness of and development of resonance with the Ninth Wave and uncompromisingly following the guidance and visions provided by this are pre-requisites. From the perspective of the unity consciousness that will be developed in the meantime many problems that seem intractable from a dualist mind-frame will naturally come to find new and enlightened solutions.

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  1. thanks so much for this article, super helpful right now, seems to me that in relationships based on the dominance of duality, like in families for instance, when the light goes out on the duality, the dominating people in the family will try anything and everything to keep that dominance, even things that seem unbelievable and psychopathic. I found the only way so far, for myself anyhow, to know what to do and when, is to try to constantly be mindful of the highest wave of unity consciousness, to try to see it thru everything that is considered reality, to try to be in a constant state of awake meditation. This has really helped me not to fall for the emotional baiting and manipulative emotional tricks and traps and emotional suckling that is being revealed everywhere. But it isn’t easy and articles like this help me to stay focused.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

    I have remote viewed the future time line (several years ago now) and the dates I worked out were 2016, increasing in intensity, and resolving by 2030 (approx.) I greatly value your insights.

    As I read the above article it has confirmed my awarenesses, and is helping me prepare myself to develop and maintain resonance with the 9th wave.

  3. As a Native from the Mohawk people, this is exactly the timing we are in accordance with our 7th generation prophecy…we are going through a cleansing or end of s cycle!. We need to further our connection to Great spirit as our ancestors tell us, we will be guided through these tough times.

    thank you very informative!

    1. I have a feeling that the Native Americans and those that connect to them will be among those in the West that are in the best position to craft a new future.

  4. I have been following you for years… I believe your Ideas are spot on , but hard to decipher which of course they should be. After the next shift and even the next I believe someone will come along and say this guy was tuned in to Our evolution. It might not be in your lifetime. But your work and what what your telling us will plant the seeds of our future . I have a path tho I don’t know it yet, It was you who made me understand. Your ideas will forge the future of mankind. I thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for that! It was very insightful. I do think that the old duality is butting up against unity consciousness in the West. But let’s not forget the upheaval (although perhaps not of the natural tempest kind seen in the series of storms) happening in the rest of the world. Just today it was announced that women would be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia (after getting the vote, albeit perhaps more symbolic quite recently as well) – which is huge. While this may seem like a sign of integration with the feminine and for all intents and purposes probably is, this regional change seems to have been forced by the end (in the coming decades) of the oil economy. People in this part of the world must modernize or face economic hardship. And of course in the west we saw the most misogynistic political campaign in US history (which continues through the proverbial angry villagers with their torches – trolls online – after Hillary Rodham Clinton dared release her book). So I guess regardless of which forces are guiding this shift, whichever invisible hand(s), the future of the Eastern part of the world does seem to be moving towards gender equality although it will likely be a long road ahead and one also fraught with tensions between young people, old guard religious hardliners and the governing forces caught in the middle. Do you think there will be another Arab Spring? What do you see happening in the US elections in 2018 based on this blog entry?

  6. Naangu’a Carl, Tutskwa I’qatsi,

    Hopi knowledge provides an alternate explanation to the increasing number and instensity of storms and other geo-disturbances. Our knowledhe holds that not only consciousness evolves, but that the universe is designed to progress bodily form from the earliest stages of life to a completed, perfected form of life, giving great importance to a non-dualisitic, purposeful universe. Part of that process, that we know as the Sacred Path of Migration, involves the progressive movement of worlds nearer the sun following each Purufication cycle. The global warming, worsening storms, earthquakes, etc, are the natural “birthpains” of the earth and other planets in our system as they ready to birth-eject their cores. According to our understanding, these “labor pains” will continue until the core is ejected, becoming a moon.

    For us, this is a wonderful time, and we look to it joyously as the culmination of a long evolutionary journey from which, if we live good lives, clinging tightly to the Earth, we will receive our crowning life in the orbit now held by the planet we know as Venus– Venus and Mercury (an earlier ejected core) will enter the sun, fuel the sun. To paraphrase the bible: “Hold fast to what you have…and I will give them the Morning Star…”

    Umumi pam taaviningwu – May the sun always shine upon you,
    Upaava Hohongwitutiwa

  7. I’m not sure my initial post posted so trying again. What, in your opinion, does one need to do to align awareness and resonance with the 9th wave? How does one access the visions and guidance provided by this? I have been trying my tail off to make contact with the higher density/wave?

    What about those going through the cosmic energy changes and super energy sensitivity known as ‘ascension’? I experience this and I can tell you it’s real and quite traumatic, but I am of course grateful for the experience? If you know not of this, please disregard.

    1. Hello SP, The Ninth Wave is there and for you to discover. You have to pay attention to its shifts and become aware of how they influence you. If you are able to do so you will have to tune into the specific information of the wave. Generally, I do not think there is any contradiction to what some people call ascension, although it seems to me that many people with the intention of ascending are living in some kind of a fantasy land where the real world is not included. Maybe, I am unfair, but this seems to be true for some that I have happened to encounter.

    2. The thing to understand about “resonating with the 9th wave” is that it is just about how you frame your world. It’s not some mystical thing where you feel a tingle in the back of your neck and some great psychic transformation comes over you. The 9th wave is not about goosebumps for individuals. It is about how the whole of humanity thinks. It’s about the zeitgeist. More specifically about the zeitgeist harmonizing around compassion and cooperation.
      So to know if you are tuned to 9, there is a simple litmus test. When you see catastrophe, whether military, economic, societal, or natural, is your response one of compassion or one of taking sides and placing blame. It’s really that simple. If you are tuned to 9 you become more open and caring toward people that you might not have been sympathetic to in the past. For example, is your wallet open for homeless people who approach you?

      1. My own experience is actually that at the days of the ninth wave something grabs me in the neck and gets me going. I am not saying that this is the right way to experience, but to me it is not just an abstract concept but a real phenomenon.

        1. I did not mean to imply that there might not be room in the expression of the 9th wave for personal experience. Human experience is the machinery of the zeitgeist, so any unified collective consciousness would be driven by all of our experience. As in most things, our experience of it all will probably vary quite a bit. But for a person who does not feel a tangible sensation, it should be enough confirmation to understand that what each of the waves changes is how humanity perceives and responds to our world. And the change wrought by the 9th is toward more compassion, empathy, and inclusivity. If you are finding that you have those traits in increasing abundance, then you ARE resonating with the 9th, and any physical or psychic perceptions are a bonus.

      2. The compassion is there! Always thinking of all implications of those involved, right?!
        I rely on a nod from Holy One about how to give & when. It might be change or bills or a fat check but there is a willingness inside. I’ve been helped so much.

  8. Nakwa Carl, Tutskwa I’qatsi,

    Correction to my above comment– I meant “dualistiic” not “non-dualistic” universe.

    Naawakna nihqe kyaptsita – with love and respect,
    Upaava Hohongwitutiwa

  9. Excellent article. I found it logical and enlightening and it validates my internal evolution toward a Global Citizen type of existence which is built upon unity. Thank you for writing and for sharing!

  10. Thank you! I’m a friend of Tim Johnson’s and I found your thesis to be fascinating and illuminating. I will continue to lean into the light, and weave a positive destiny even during these endarkened times. All the best, Gerald Chamales

  11. Wonderful article. Thank you Carl!
    This puts many things in perspective. For example when tragedies happen many people feel united in their grief and join in vigils and all different ways to remember and honour the victims they mostly know nothing about. It is impressive to see such a warm human response: people are changing indeed. This coincides with the fact that as the military budget was going down after the fall of the wall and the end of the USSR, it is now sharply rising in many countries.(Also thanks to the Trump speach to Nato) There seems to be a feeling of a rising and imminent danger around us and this you have explained very well.
    We are standing on a crossroad and need to make our own choice which is:
    The pathway of dominance or the pathway of coöperation.
    And we need not go into politics or so, but we need to practise our choice in daily life, in the world around us.
    There is already one group that has made a clear choice: the Muslim fundamentalist.
    But to be able to make the right choice ourselves, we must learn to awake to the forces of love that reside in the heart.
    In the heart lives our real being, our real humanity.

  12. I did dream last night that the 27st is a day that can bring disaster. Now I have read your article and do agree with you. In 2031 I would be 100 and perhaps will be in an other body. We had a chat years ego in Cape Town, but I live now again in Germany.
    I believe in Global Humanity.
    Wishing You Joy Strength and Health

  13. Carl, as usual, your analysis of the current situation is right on. My question is “how many is too many?” Our global population explosion creates many of the current day stresses on humanity. The data indicate that about half of all pregnancies are unplanned with about half of those being unwanted. There is more talk about “reproductive rights” and what needs to be done to protect planet earth from a total collapse. Conspiracy theorists now argue that certain vaccines could be used to “sterilize” people and that certain substances could even be added to foods that would cause spontaneous abortions or harm the reproductive potential of certain groups. This would happen without individuals ever knowing what was going on. Perhaps some sort of natural disaster will occur that deals with the population explosion or perhaps it will be a man made disaster. But to me the justification for a covert eugenics policy is flimsy. What are your thoughts on this as it relates to the “dark night”?

    1. Hello Lynne, Yes, you are pointing right at what we do not want to talk about – Overpopulation. I think we are way too many now and increasing in number and there is not a lot we can do about it in an ethical way. Remarkably, when China had its one-child policy the rest of the world was not thankful, but criticized them. But this is the problem of our time and if there were only about a billion or so people on our planet it is hard to see that we would have any insurmountable problems here. This is common sense, but cannot be the basis of ethical views. Hence, to avoid the issues the conspiracy theorists are only finding else to blame.

  14. Carl,

    So much rich information is here.
    I would like to continue qualifying the wave lengths and their durations.
    The holographic gist of the interference patterns is worth the effort. 2031 is a haul, but together we can make it…

  15. Thank you for providing awareness on these issues. I am grateful to know of the importance it is to side with the sensibility of non-duality, which is so central to Dzogen, (the teachings of the BON and of Guru Rinpoche). Thank you for bringing this awareness to a bigger group of people. I too live in Sante Fe and would love to meet you, if that were ever possible. Thank you, gratefully Troy.

  16. I have been guided to write my spiritual journey, largely based upon receiving the law of One as a child. This meant I lived a way and thought and did outside the box. No wonder I do not under much of third dimension or some classes that teach divided ways. I AM happy to know my idea of personal and united equality is for real. I may begin classes soon on recognizing the law of harmlessness and equality of one and all based upon the Law of Ma’at. This is reflected in my books 1 2 and 3, not yet published. Still working on book 3.

  17. I have been guided to write my spiritual journey, largely based upon love and forgiving as a child. This meant I lived a way and thought and did outside the box. No wonder I do not under much of third dimension or some classes that teach divided ways. I AM happy to know my idea of personal and united equality is for real. I may begin classes soon on recognizing the law of harmlessness and equality of one and all based upon the Law of Ma’at. This is reflected in my books 1 2 and 3, not yet published. Still working on book 3.

  18. Thanks again Carl, for being such a beacon of light and hope in this seemingly chaotic world and giving Us the tools with which to cope and thrive . I feel so incredibly blessed to have come into this knowledge and so grateful to You for providing it to the world. Bless You for all that You have done and continue to do for, and in the name of, Humanity.

  19. Hi Carl and thank you for sharing your knowledge about all waves that we have to consider. I think that the breakdown of “destructive” western life stiles isn’t just dark (in the meaning of ignorance) but also a possibility for new patterns of life to emerge..and we absolutely need that.

  20. Thank you Carl. I do believe in a gentler future with more and more people embracing Unity consciousness but have also found you work thought provoking.

  21. I am here to correct a major falicy of assumption in this article. Unfortunately to the theory there has been way more empires than what is portrayed here: Greek, Hun, Ming, Mayan, Hungarian/Austrian, Russian, Portugese, Netherlands etc. pp. here is a list that tries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_empires. With what psychology knows as “selection bias” we select those things that seem to support our theories about the world. I don’t want to suggest anything about the author or their intentions, but I want that people know that there were more empires and that humanity is more manifold than decline and rise in clear waves.

    1. Of course there have been many more empires than those mentioned. Those that read my books will know this. There is a reason there is books and this is that you cannot cover more than a minuscule part of reality in an article on the Internet.

      1. Yes, and even if it may be difficult to have a perfect economic equality, there is no reason that everything should go to the one percent of already richest.

  22. There is ‘danger’ here of typically turning on the ‘culprit’ -and here we are naming the Western left brain divisiveness, in actuality born out of in the evolution of individualization of the mind, albeit ‘young’ at this particular time. I ask please do not ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’, for this is the time to discriminate (mind) and use it to learn and understand that behind the false separative beliefs lie the knowledge of universal factors in their millions, billions and trillions that make up our collective bodies, brains, minds and environment in the most beautiful and intricate design. You then can really know that we are indeed really all of the same ‘stuff’ -on earth, in our solar system, galaxy -to the greatest heights of consciousness of oneness.

    1. I agree there is a danger. One of the aspects of “western civilization” that is now at great risk is rationality, which really took off when the last baktun began in 1617 (the scientific revolution).

      1. I would like to comment on this. I was born into a family in the US with a strong scientific background. My father has a PhD in biochemistry. But he also has an irrational side. While I was growing up, he was an alcoholic. My mother was the validictorian of her high school class and graduated summa cum laude from college. She met and married my father while in graduate school. Logic would suggest that she was an intelligent woman, but as a stay-at-home mother and housewife she was completely insane. Mostly she was depressed and incompetent but her behavior could also be extremely bizarre and incomprehensible. I grew up keeping my distance from both parents, laying low and biding my time waiting for the magical age of 18 and freedom. What I have ended up with is an entire adulthood with the very puzzling and difficult journey of healing my own mental illness, originally diagnosed as manic depression but now understood to be dissociative identity disorder (also known as multiple personality disorder). As a child and young adult, I had a very strong, scientifically-oriented consciousness. I was an honor student. I am now 59. I am still capable of thinking logically but my guidance has shifted from my logical, thinking mind to my intuitive spiritual inner guidance which very often goes completely against what my logical understanding would recommend. Still, I trust it. I choose my inner, intuitive guidance over my rational logic. It is this intuitive guidance that has allowed me to bring frozen, traumatized, immature, child aspects of myself into my awareness so that these parts can begin to develop, mature, heal and integrate with my conscious awareness. This has been a very lengthy process for me, undertaken mostly in solitude and isolation. I have NOT been supported AT ALL by the medical community. In fact, the medical establishment has been my number one “enemy” if I might call them that. I am pleased to say that I have miraculously made excellent progress in integrating my alters. I say “miraculously” because I believe that it is nothing short of a miracle that I have come this far, but the journey has been a very long and difficult one.

        1. Jean! Thank you for posting this! My own experience has been similar, with a different and sudden trigger, at the age of ten. My healing process mirrors your own, with no help from the medical community and by choice, going it alone. It has been a lonely road to travel, since the beginning. Carl Jung called us “Stone Children”. Following intuition made healing possible. I am sure that you also know this. As I reached a point of feeling healed(although this still vacillates) I found myself being guided to learning about the shifting energies and the symptoms connected with the changing of consciousness. While trying to get a grasp, I found that referring to my astrology background was very helpful. I needed points of ‘light’ to hold onto, to keep from falling into despair.
          I just wanted to connect with you as I have not found others with this experience, not yet. There must be many of us.
          And thank you Carl for giving our experience a reason for being. I have felt this for some time. Certainly increased ‘knowing’ is a gift.

  23. Tack!
    Förklarar mycket av det jag ser hända både i världen, i min omedelbara närhet och inom mig.
    Förstått att vi går in i en händelserik och på många vis svår och tuff period men det du skriver inger hopp. Nätter ger tid för reflektion och kraft till att skapa ljus och kärlek. Allt gott! Pia

  24. Wishing you and all of
    family health,
    Yes~~~I love the nighttime~~~it is happening all the time somewhere on this breathing entity, Holy Mother Earth~~~how may that look from beyond our sphere ? She is spiralling shades of sunny blue-green-white-brown to deep nighttime indigo for space-matrix eyes, wild hues alternating within hemispheres ~~~our Sun-Star continually holds us with mysterious gravity as also we hold our moon~~~ as well our Milky Way Galaxy belongs to gravitational flow within which our Heliosphere is held~~~all responding to great Axis Cosmic Tree of Life, emanating with balancing Handedness, bringing forth Life through complimentary Creation Waves~~~ Mothering into acceptance~~~Love

  25. Terrific article! That is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared around the net. Disgrace on Google for not positioning this submit upper! Come on over and talk over with my web site . Thanks =)

  26. Would it encourage you to know that I completed integration of all my alters on the 31st of October (three days ago)? Healing multiple personality disorder is not unlike healing the fragmented consciousness of humanity.

    And yes, the 31st was Halloween, a frightful day for those who believe in good and evil.

  27. “So unless you want to say that the Mayan calendar is useless for modern people you should specify what it is good for. If you do not think it is good for anything you should leave this forum, which is for those who are seriously interested in the evolution of consciousness and how the Mayan calendar describes this.” –Carl Calleman

    The above quote is from the comment section of an earlier article.

    So, okay, I get it. The Mayan Calendar and its use are the perameters of this forum. I value your work highly and appreciate your dedication to sharing.

  28. The Nights are about facing our Shadow, doing shadow work. In Oneness, there is no dark. There is only light. The light is everywhere, unless we close our eyes and refuse to see. The Zeta Reticuli are humanity’s Shadow. They abduct humans in secret, in the dark part of our consciousness. Oneness is about looking them in the eyes and seeing only Light.

  29. I followed both Ian Lungold and Carl Callemans work up untill 2012-ish, recently I havent been sure of what to think of it all, so it is very interesting to now find new articles attempting to explain our current situation.

    I would be very grateful if someone here, Mr Calleman even, could address the element of corruption in our world and how this has affected our situation. Things like ISIS in actual fact being a CIA/M15/MOSSAD operation looks a whole lot different than ISIS being an actual Muslim event. Also, I have heard the larger long term goal for (((them))) entails a complete intermingling of all races exept ‘the chosen ones’, leading to a situation that in (((their))) eyes reflects scripture, i.e. the dominant race of ‘chosen people’ ruling over a lesser race ‘goyim’ How does this compare with Mr Callemans ideas on racial equality and intermingling? I would be all for the unity and interminglin, but I fear it’s a trap.

    I know that there is plenty of historiucal evidence of something happeniong that looks bad (250 million years of meteor bombardment) bringing something that is good (meteors bringing fresh water), so I guess the argument could be made that (((they))) / & the Alphabet Agencies / Secret Societies are actually doing creations work, where their efforts, albeit with dubious end-game goals, will actually speed along the desired outcome of unity and equality, with their attepts at domination thwarted somehow at the last minute.

    1. My own view is that all human inequality and oppression emanates from creation waves that foster duality. So I focus not on identifying who carries the evil that this duality creates but rather on looking for paths to transcend the cosmic duality. As I understand it this will happen through the development of resonance with the Ninth Wave which is meant to bring humanity back to unity. To do so will require faith and a willingness to take risks.

      1. Am I right in thinking that the Mayans say that the creation waves emanate from Galactic centre? i.e. that the waves are an outside force, meaning that they would be immune any hijacking that is going on on our particular planet?

        I ask that as I really do think that our planetary consciousness has been hacked, and that the hijackers are continuing this process through their ownership of banking, finance, media, television, Hollywood, news, etc. and that (((they))) have turned what should have been a relatively short organic process into a lengthy painful one.

        Personally speaking, my life is so much better than it was just a few years ago, but it still bothers me to see the world in such turmoil, and although I do agree that it doesn’t really matter who the actual bad guys are, I would still say that if (e.g.) the Vegas shooter (e.g.) was a patsy for a deeper agenda, then the MSM media lies and misinformation of that story greatly adds to the continued inorganic hacking of planetary consciousness. The average man’s allegiances and enemies, his ideas and opinions, all stem from a ficticious reality created and neatly packaged by the MSM.

        How do you guys deal with things like that? I actually do not even activly watch TV news, but every other week or so their seems to be an event that everyone is talking about, and usually it only takes just a little looking around to see immediate holes in any MSM version of events. What to do? I have heard some advocate an impersonal viewpoint, and also to have ones viewpoint based in the larger (16.4 billion year!) timescale. (the big picture!)

        Is there anything else that can help maintain a resonance with 9th wave during these strange times?

        1. When it comes to what the ancient Maya thought we will never know for sure. What we do know is that they though of the Plumed serpent as the creator of life and of civilization and it seems very natural to interpret this as a wave movement of creation. Then there is the mention of the Tree of Life which I believe is the now called preferred axis in cosmology, which is something immensely more large than the galactic center. If view is correct there would be no way that anyone could hijack or manipulate this waves. This does not mean that some people would not be able to mislead others (it happens all the time by people trying to cover up the Ninth Wave, even those that should know better), but the wave should be exactly what it is regardless of what people think about it or do. This includes banking etc that you mention, but also a lot of newagers who do not want to understand what is going on and ignore the Mayan calendar. The contradictory information that we are now bombarded with regarding violent events etc really strains our ability to trust our intuition.

          1. Yep, the new agers have been infiltrated since the 60’s at least. I think the western world has a schism in it’s worldview, everything is bogus in my opinion, cradle to grave, our conditioning into the bogus world system starts with our parents, they aren’t doing anything evil of course, they just teach us what they themselves have been taught, same with teachers at school. This Schism is the reason why many people find life so difficult, they have inner intuitions and feelings that do not fit with the current paradigm, and even the ones who make an effort, like the new agers, well, they like the idea of wearing their yoga pants whilst browsing elephantjournal.com, which is a good example of the current new age movement website, with articles explaining how to become well enough or whole enough to slip back into the matrix, whilst steadily virtue signaling barely disguised violent attitudes towards anything the lefty left finds unacceptable. (free speech only for those that the left deem acceptable) The right wing is bogus too of course, but the majority of New Agers are Lefties.

            I think, that the phrase stepping outside the box suits our times, and anyone who has experienced the awakening process has to try and find a way of living outside the box – COMPLETELY, as in, no engagement with Hollywood, or TV or MSM, or mainstream music, I have practically ditched all forms of western media completely, as (((they))) own it all, they have owned Hollywood since day one, exept disney, which (((they))) aquired in the 1960’s. They have made a lot of money by taking our story, and selling it back to us with (((their))) spin on it, Friday night hit comedy shows, subliminally teaching average joe how to think about all the current events. Shows that champion every wierd and corrupt idea imaginable. I read that there are documents dating back one hundred years, boasting about how they were going to make the abnormal normal, well, they have certainly succeeded in that, and their agenda continues unabated. I now look elsewhere in the world for my entertainments, the world music library for soothing ethnic sounds, along with the books, movies and TV of other cultures. There are peoples who have still some idea of what it is to be human, their cultures somehow remaining rel;atively intact whilst the rest of the world became hypnotised by Hollywood and celebrities.

            Regarding the contradictory information, which can also be described as us living in the era of ‘fake news’ (I think everything is fake actually, not just news, but also fake education, fake science, fake archaeology, fake history and so on) I am now thinking that non participation is the way to go, and in fact, if I remember rightly, that is how Ian Lungold answered an audience member when questioned about whether they should be activists opposing (Bush-era) wars etc. Lungold advised that plenty of crap was going to happen, and that plenty of people were going to oppose it, but he advised not to do that, to just leave it be. I have thought about his stance on that a lot, and now I wonder if it’s about trust, like the 250 million years of meteor bombardment, shit happens, but good can come of it in the end, like back then meteors = water = life.

            Writing that has also reminded me of another piece of wisdom from the late great Ian Lungold, he said “What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of” which could be seen as a warning not to get too caught up in current events, and to instead find another way to express ourselves during the 9th wave process.

  30. The Nights are also good for becoming aware of our Secret Government, secret mind control programs, MKUltra, Milabs, underground military bases, the Secret Space Program. What is the fear that keeps us from seeing these things clearly? How can this fear be DESTROYED?

    1. The fear will vanish through knowledge and real science emerging, from new energy sources resonating with nature. Read and try to understand the works of Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell-and lot of others and their contribution to implosion technology. The old paradigm was an invention of a commercial business elite, now disappearing and soon lost in the past.

    2. Your answer is in the question
      “How can this fear be DESTROYED?” > “The Nights are also good for becoming aware” Fear is by and large a product of ignorance, and everyday, more and more people are freeing themselves of ignorance and becoming aware. I have heard that the critical mass of people that will change our paradigm only needs to be a small amount, 5% or so maybe, and that is a relief, because I can see that happening, and it allows me to completely give up hope on the normies, we can leave them to their sports and soap operas, the world WILL change for the better, and the normies probably won’t even notice. Bless ’em 🙂

  31. Here’s a secret just for you, Carl. When I was little, my father did biochemical research for the State of California Department of Mental Hygiene. He worked at Sonoma State Hospital, a facility that housed thousands of children with developmental disabilities. Secretly, these children were used for research in mind control. Trauma-based mind control. Secrets, secrets, secrets. Guess who else they did “experiments” on? My father was paid extra for volunteering my services as a research subject.

  32. We may retrieve those human abilities which were submerged by civilization and the marginalization of Holy Nature~~~
    If those intrinsic non-language , telepathic knowings were active , say , one hundred fifty thousand years ago , the halo of these knowings is always present within us and within Nature. Homo Sapiens is always connected to the matrix of life.
    This halo is ever present. Our lifeforms have meridian lines which have scientifically been detected. There is lowered electric resistance at specific Acupoints. These fields are accessible.
    One option could be for spiritually-inspired peoples to trace their meridians with their hands along meridian lines , including the meridians which are called “strange flows” , the first meridians to arrive intact sychronistically with the emergence of the first cells of the embryo~~~ There are other meridians that are specific to organ systems which may also be traced. Energy flows through our chakras , which are conduits that funnel information to and from the outer world and our inner body and through our meridians. We have chakras in the palms of our hands as well.
    Consciously breathing long, slow , deep breaths in through nose and out ~~~ with short or long pauses , at top of in breath and bottom of out breath~~~ concentrating one’s thoughts on this practice of breathing , listening to the sound of your breath whilst strengthening or sedating these halo pathways ~~~you strengthen a meridian If you trace it in the direction that it flows and you sedate a meridian if you trace it in the opposite direction that It flows.
    You can also cleanse your chakras, making counterclockwise circles-releasing blockages , then complete work to call in healing energies by tracing clockwise circles over each of seven major chakras along the spine and head . You may also weave your aura or energy field by tracing figure eights (infinity symbol) from top of head to feet a couple of times.
    This application of these techniques is developed from the Energy Medicine of Donna Eden. Another healer is Franchesca McCartney who works with Intuition Medicine.
    We can be the captain of our own ship~~~ An International Congress of Women to decide how to bring about relevant change because the purpose of evolution is life~~~

    Health , Equality and Peace to all Families~~~Removal of blockages~~~Establish the Freedom and Respect for Conscious Mothers and Conscious Grandmothers~~~
    Peaceful use of technology for the benefit of all People~~~Heal this Planet~~~Freedom from domination~~~Return Holy self-directed CHILD BIRTH to Women ~~~EQUALITY~~~Healing~~~

  33. The beginnings of Civilizations appears to be associated with the desobedience of the Spiritual Goodness and the conscious choice to follow the forces of evil. In the myth of Creation, Adam does not accept responsibility and tries to blames God, “this woman that you put in the Garden” Eve, “the serpent did it” with their choice to follow the evil, murder came. Cain staterd to build cities. The dominance over the less bellicose got going to build pyramids, cities, weapons to no end. There has been no peace, equility and respect for each other eversince. Only temporary cosmetic appearances. Jesus before the Roman authorities stated, “My Kingdom is not from this World”. There have been precursors of Christ and several Kukulcans. Their followers know them and follow them. If we dwell on love, compassion, caring and helping each other, we transubstatiate sacred particles from the most remote corners of the Universe, that form our individuality and we can be attached to the Tree of Life. A leaf or a branch cannot exist without being part of the Tree. We little ones will be rescued eventually but every body according to his or her own talent. The birth of the Universe was the birth of the Only Begotten Son, He is the Wave of Creation. The Tree of Life that existed before the Universe is the Holy Spirit that with the Father brought the Physical Universe.

  34. Music and visual images are a Night mode of communication. You really don’t like the Nights, do you? If you defend yourself against the Night, you will remain in a dualistic mode of thinking. This is still the dominant mode when it comes to status and recognition, but is that all you want in life?

  35. “We are in the midst of a global transformation that will ultimately lead to mankind’s success or failure. R. Buckminster Fuller wrote in Utopia or Oblivion, ” Within decades we will know whether man is going to be a physical success around Earth, able to function in ever greater patterns of local universe, or whether he is going to frustrate his own success with his negatively conditioned reflexes of yesterday and will bring about his own extinction around the planet Earth. My intuitions foresee his success despite his negative inertias. This means things are going to move fast.”

  36. In 1980 I attended a Dr Brugh Joy md workshop involving high volume music on a resonant wood floor at Sky High ranch in the High California desert . Each session was followed by the passage of heart level energy around the circle of participants and again at each meal .After three days a juice fast was followed by a spiral energy balancing given by Dr Joy .I picked Tibetan tantric music as the music to accompany the energy balancing. It was very powerful . After that balancing I picked out the “ gospel of Sri Rama Krishna “ in his library, opened it and saw on two otherwise blank pages the three following.printed paragraphs. “ Master what is the best way to worship God ? Rama Krishna answered “You can do the high holidays ,you can do darshanbut the best way is to see God every where and in everything.”
    “ Master what is the best way to know God? Rama Krishna answered “ get down on your knees clap your hands,,say the name of God and forgive your self and others .”
    Master do you have to give up women to find God ? Rama Krishna answered if you think you must you can but God loves the householder”
    The next day we were instructed on how to do ritual and to pick one. I got down on my knees clapped my hands said the name of God and beganto forgive myself and others. As I did I saw ten beams of light coming off my fingers extending out to the wall. I saw abraded skin instantly healed on touching a woman’s foot. There were many other very interesting and for me mind blowing experiences during that week. As an ama trained physician I had no experience of human energy fields or ever had seen chakras. I had the experience of feeling my energy body change to a feminist shape as a young woman spoke and I could feel where she had metastatic cancer in her body as she spoke.. Needless to say when I returned to Phoenix Arizona I was now sensitive to the energy of the houses I passed on the street . Physicians were not interested in hearing about my experiences . It was not an easy. Experience to be in the energy field of “The real world” To this day see light coming off my fingers when O pray or when I. Am in a performance the audience loves and the performers are bathed in light coming off the hands of a delighted audience . Why tell this here’s? I spent last week in the Yucatan on the way to chi hit a o man joined our group on the way explaining the Mayan calendar to us and then drawing individual calendars of any day we wished. Hat led me to. A video on the Mayan calendar and to your website . I both understand as a physician with training in acupuncture ,psychology and several other experiences that verify the connected energy of all that is ,that there is no equivocation in energy fields and we reap the results of what we do and the divine gives us the freedom to do so !. I find your work fascinating and intend to read more. We must go to a finer loving inclusiveness because the divine or God is everywhere and in everything as described by e=mc2. What is left out of that equation is consciousness and loving intent. Our universe is not random.. Thank you for your work,I would love to talk with you at some point if that appeals to you .

  37. Hello, can someone one day how the 2018 website showing progression of days and nights of Ninth Wave may be found?

  38. I mean where is the 2018 – Ahau.pagesperso-orange.fr/wave2018hi.jpg to be found? I have computed continuing cycles since 2018 . I am wondering if there exists a chart that continues into 2018? Please.
    Sincerely, Angele LaGrave

  39. Maybe it is impossible but I want to visualize the cork screwing and the mirror – ing of the dualistic handedness of galaxies springing from the Cosmic Tree axis…is this beyond fathoming?
    Such a large scale phenomenon…fractal and holographic and oneness at the same moment, a center…a kind of multidimensional sphere on a toothpick…could Bengt Sundin visualize a dimensional figure to call this forth? Reminds me of the “primitive streak, the notochord” , suffused with becoming.
    Yet grounded, as we humans on Earth. Feel the microcosmic orbit (conception vessel and governing meridian) rising from humans’ perineum to the roof of mouth, the palate, creating this midline cIrcuit, also as the path of kundalini from which human being-ness emanates. How does that look? The heart’s Sino-Atrial Valve keeps the pace.
    Love and sunshine and gravity.
    Wishing family health…

    1. You are going to the real heart of the matter and images may e difficult there.
      Is the universe really corkscrewing (I know I have said so), but then against what background
      would that be happening? Regardless, there seem to be some ancient symbolisms that describe the
      phenomenon that you are mentioning. http://cosmosandlogos.com/?m=201407 (See figs 3 4 and 5 in the second article). What is shown there is how twins, symbolizing duality, is drilling the universe and have it rotate on its axis. Do you think this make sense?

  40. I viewed a video once on YouTube of David Stuart conducting a tour of ancient Mayan sites. There was a glyph above a doorway depicting two hands holding a fish. He said this denoted “hand-fishing” or alternatively, ” traveling to another realm, grasping , stealing , someone’s heart out of their chest and bringing that power back into this realm.”
    Thanks for the twins drilling insight. I will study this. Fire is so primal. Humans have been referred to as flickering flames by Candace Pert. Learning to harness fire is a game changer. Early humans knew they would need fire when coming up out of Africa to Europe so they used mushroom fibers to keep embers with them as they journeyed North. Thank you. Health…

  41. There was a pair of twins born in hospital and one of them was not expected to live. A nurse defied hospital rules and placed the two babies in the same incubator . The stronger baby threw her arm over her sister’s shoulder. The weaker baby’s heart rate immediately stabilized and her temperature rose to normal. This has come to be known as the” rescuing hug.”

  42. I looked rescuing hug up on line, the nurse got parents’ permission to place sisters together when, after about four weeks old, smaller one was slipping away. No wonder! They were one together inside mom, then alone. Is Cosmic Tree like that? One in the womb of space in the dreaming, then knowing consciousness connected to entangled Waves with purpose (the particle and the wave) manifest through loving affection with intent to tend and befriend.
    The drilling is how fire is created.
    Thank you for uplifting, deciphering books. Makes sense.

  43. Isn’t there an ancient practice of divining through lakes and other repositories of waters “? Water may not be ubiquitous in universe , however, a humans ‘ body is made of a very large percentage of water. When I held my 1- year old granddaughter at the beach , she sensed the ocean’s waves ‘ magnificent power ; observed the water undulating up and down the legs of her mom and my other granddaughter as they combed the shallows for shark’s teeth or sand dollars or pieces of coral. I said, Ocean! She thought a moment and said, ” Ocean jumps! “

  44. Cosmic tree Axis is source of movement and measure~~~ energy and boundaries. Seems to weave what the mind calls procreation, gestation, and childbirth throughout the universe sphere. As we humans are developing in concert with Source’s blueprint, imagine the symbol of infinity which is a figure eight.

  45. I stand. With rotating wrists, my arms describe figure eights around my aura up and down and crossing at hara, side to side , back to front, opposite hands leading and then following. Lastly, smoothing motion to rest, to listen~~~

  46. As a long and involved answer to your question regarding twins drilling , I’ve settled on the combination of two exercises . One is weaving the aura with figure eights and the exercise called Connecting heaven and earth which brings the ninth anchoring wave , the axis, to complete the visualization. Within the sphere of my body and aura is the axis , the spine and head, composing the microcosmic orbit, conception vessel and governing vessel.
    From Donna Eden’s work:
    “Connecting heaven and earth exercise:
    This exercise is a powerful stretch that releases excess energies while bringing fresh oxygen to the cells. It opens the meridians, expels toxic energies, and stimulates fresh energy to flow through the joints. There are variations in other countries, including Egypt, China, and India.
    1. Rub your hands together and shake them off.
    2. Place your hands on the front of your thighs with your fingers spread.
    3. With a deep inhalation, circle your arms out to your sides.
    4. On the exhalation, bring your hands together in front of your chest in a prayer position.
    5. Again with a deep inhalation, separate your arms from each other, stretching one high above your head and flattening your hand back, as if pushing something above you. Stretch the other arm down, again flattening your hand as if pushing something toward the earth. Look up to the heavens.
    6. Release your breath through your mouth, returning your hands to the prayer position in front of your heart.
    7. Repeat, switching the arm that raises and the arm that lowers. After this first set, do two or more sets.
    Maybe the drilling, cork screwing could be the figure eights and the background could be the anchoring provided by the integral nature of the microcosmic orbit, the axis. This helps my visualization make sense, yes.

  47. Something akin to humankind being made in the image and likeness of the Source or ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny?
    Health, starlight, and moonlight, Nature ~~~thank you

  48. The center of the figure eights is the axis, like the panels of a basketball in all directions, infinity, yet discrete and omnipresent at the same moment. Oneness and purposeful. Bolon Y’ukte Kuh~~~love and family~~~maybe~~~

  49. I would love to hear how you see this in view of the Dali Lama’s comment “The western woman will save the world”? Thank you, very wonderful books and insights, I appreciate you. TY, Nan

  50. thank you for your insight. Special event in my life made me more and more attracted to spiritual explanations. trying to get info from different sources but seem like this writing adds another part to the puzzle of my understanding and made a lot of sense. I’ve heard Dolores Cannon once speaking about a new earth and people shifting to a knew awareness but not all would had been able to realize that shift.Well its quite normal for us leaving on the third-fourth dimension to perceive duality as part of our life. hope I could experience and live when humanity will shift in that unity conscience and enlightened state of mind.
    Actually study Maya Calendar could bring lot of insight and resources, specially I would recommend https://hwnw.clickfunnels.com/sales-page-12282438

  51. I found a book by John Montgomery called How To Read Maya Hieroglyphs . On page 188 : When committing autosacrifice, one of the goals was to receive some type of vision, an act that frequently involved the conjuring of the “dead” spirit of an ancestor or a supernatural creature. The principal verb for this type of manifestation incorporates an upright hand that grasps a fish. The hand by itself reads tza, but becomes tza-ka when holding the fish, yielding to the word tzak “ to conjure, to make manifest.” Gods were also conjured , and often the specific god K’awil, patron deity of royal bloodlines.
    This research brings a slightly different meaning to this phenomenon. When I was watching David Stuart video , he was conducting a tour of Maya ruins in which he referred to “tzak” . He said this was “ hand fishing or to conjure a diety from heaven, grab something from another realm and bring it into yours.”
    Just wanted to clarify an earlier statement I had made.
    I wonder if Mayans distorted their humanity by cranial deformation to elongate their skulls. Seems like many cultures in that era could have been more egalitarian and compassionate if Mothers were respected as equals. Seems like the innate quality of conscious motherly caring in most strong women is yet undefeated, that is what will save us. Both genders have testosterone and estrogen. When baby navigates the birth canal, baby’s movements are called the Cardinal Spiraling Movements. Due to baby’s presentation, there may be severe cephalic moulding or caput which may be severe and life-threatening , this resembles cranial deformation in appearance. Normally cranial sutures overlap during passage, however normal moulding resolves upon release from the birth canal. In fact, craniaosacral therapy is recommended for C-section infants to balance sacrum and occipital since these babies were deprived of the normal delivery allowing head to be squeezed then resolve its dimensional equilibrium in all directions for homeostasis. This treatment is simple . It is holding of infant under sacrum and occiput so that weight of head and spine and sacrum are unified.
    Thank you for all your weaving.

  52. There was a Gathering of the Elders about ten years ago that I attended in Vermont. About a week before I traveled up there, a face appeared , of a Guatemalan woman with beautifully woven scarf around her head.

    This gathering drew elders, mostly women, from around the world, many from South and Central America.

    When My daughter and I arrived at night, there was a large fire with arbors of pine branches circling the clearing. Ceremony, drums , prayers, respect , greetings , connection and celebration.

    Next morning I went to the circle for a sunrise ceremony. The woman who had appeared to me before I journeyed there was one of those greeting the sun.

    She walked the circle, and was speaking to the women in their special Moon tent and paused , I told her , “ you came to me about a week ago.”
    She said , “What did I say?”
    I said, “ You looked puzzled , like you were wanting something.”
    So I asked her if she would like a massage because I am a massage therapist and home birth assistant. She said that she would like that , so we went to my tent with her husband also and I gave her massage.
    She said that I should come to Guatemala and teach massage to their midwives.
    Perhaps this will come to pass sometime.
    I feel kinship with these beautiful Mayan peoples. Several entanglements point the way such as the fact that my father was the eighth of nine children born to a Spanish family who came from Campeche and Veracruz area in Yucatán .
    When I was a college student in Alabama , I modeled for Linda Schele’s figure drawing classes.
    Another synchronicity is time lived in the Panama Canal Zone during class the early Sixties. So near to mysterious Maya land. The flora and fauna of Panama transported my being.

    Sometimes in the shift from sleep to wakefulness and other moments, I feel the waves as present, active, numinous, palpable and beyond description – timeless, surprising entanglement with verve. Immediate, effortless Nature. Also , Purposeful and related to everyday experiences and musings ~~~ problem solving~~~
    The owls are echoing , calling and answering in the trees ~~~

  53. As Starhawk says:
    “ When we plant, when we weave, when we write, when we give birth, when we organize, when we heal,
    when we run through the forest while the redwoods sweat mist, when we do what we are afraid to do, we are not separate. We are of the world and of each other, and the power within us is a great, if not invincible, power of renewal. And there is yet time to choose that power.”

  54. Arnica salve, Comfrey salve and alive liquid Aloe Vera suffuse archaic wounds through interference patterns of Nine Waves now~~~

  55. Treetops are shocking insistently with last lightning bugs’ dance in concert as heat lightning pulses continuously throughout this attentive summer night before the Ninth Wave follows flow’s beckoning toward another Day at the stroke of midnight~~~

  56. The preceding morning I was rudely awakened by a dream of numerous angry snakes with long eyelashes and large flickering forked tongues , sniffing for cruelty, violently zooming out of my left forearm. I saw their form materialize from transparency – unseen to seen
    Relieved to awaken~~~To morning light and omniscient Nature. Whew!
    Could have been an exorcism ~~~

  57. Time to apply Rose Absolute scented oil~~~those who helped with herbal remedies at the Pulse shooting , then soon after, the Standing Rock protest, found that smelling Rose Essence relived trauma induced grief significantly.

  58. The dream I had about the snakes coming out of my left arm may be connected to some craniosacral work I gave to my son. He was training for a second degree black belt In Aikido last week. Many attackers charged him at once. He received a blow with the tip of a bamboo sword on his left temple which is the place where the greater wing of the Sphenoid bone comes to.
    I researched Hugh Milne’s book , The Heart of Listening, for information concerning this unique cranial bone.

  59. Albert Einstein on the subject of conceptual models:
    “Creating a new theory is not like destroying an old barn and erecting a skyscraper in its place. It is rather like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views, discovering unexpected connections between our starting point and its rich environment. But the point from which we started still exists and can be seen although it appears smaller and forms a tiny part of our broad view gained by the mastery of the obstacles on our way up. “

  60. “ There is this old Celtic thing, that there is very little difference between a song and a poem, between a poem and a story, between a story and a prayer, so that anytime someone is singing a song, or telling a story, or reading poetry to a child, they are also inviting the child into a prayer.
    There’s never a need to talk down to the child at all.
    Because something in the child already knows all this and is waiting to hear it again.
    So that parents and teachers who give great stories or poems to children are feeding this old soul that is in the child and are reassuring the child that they have come to the right world, that, yes, the world may be confusing and increasingly chaotic, but this is the world where the words are said. “ Michael Meade
    So now the Eigth Wave becomes a Day again very soon so that novelty springs into Ninth Wave consciousness. Bravo!

  61. The Heart as The Center, and the Portal for the Breath of Life …….

    “Your heart is a multidimensional organ that is central to every aspect of your functioning — physical, psychic, and spiritual. Your heart is not only the organ through which moves the blood; it is a non linear electromagnetic generator that emanates a holographic field that contains the encoded information about how your body is formed, its history, it’s present function, and its future evolutionary imperative; the heart , as an endocrine gland, releases hormones that regulate bodily function; the heart produces neurotransmitters that synchronize the central, autonomic, and enteric nervous systems, and the heart has its own nervous system — over half of the heart fibers are neural – that interconnects the entire somatic system of your body directly to the brain – both to the newer frontal cortex and the older limbic system. “
    Charles Ridley

  62. “The Heart as The Center, and the Portal for the Breath of Life…..

    Your heart is a multidimensional organ that is central to every aspect of your functioning — physical, psychic, and spiritual. Your heart is not only the organ through which moves the blood; it is a non linear electromagnetic generator that emanates a holographic field that contains the encoded information about how your body is formed, its history, its present function, and its future evolutionary imperative; the heart, as an endocrine gland, releases hormones that regulate bodily function; the heart produces neurotransmitters that synchronize the central, autonomic, and enteric nervous systems, and the heart has its own nervous system — over half of the heart fibers are neural —- that interconnects the entire somatic system of your body directly to the brain — both to the newer frontal cortex and the older limbic system. “
    Charles Ridley

  63. “When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
    And you’ll understand just why you came this way.
    And the truth you may be running from is so small.
    But it’s as big as a promise, a promise of a coming day!
    You know love will endure, and you know it will, and you know it will. !”
    Crosby , Stills and Nash

  64. “When you see the Southern Cross for the first time,
    You’ll understand just why you came this way.
    Because the truth you may be running from is so small, but it’s as big as the promise, the promise of a coming day.
    I have been around the world, looking for that great unknown, you know love will endure, and you know it will, and you know it will. “
    Crosby, Stills and Nash

  65. I became worried about life and my children so I contacted my niece.
    She said:
    Allow the light to flow to them!
    Allow the love to bask on them!
    That’s it ! No pushing , no forcing. Just Allowing.
    Yes, a pertinent distinction. A way to look at danger in which healthy possibilities are engendered.
    Better than painting myself into a corner.
    Doesn’t mean I am giving in to dispair.
    Upcoming patterns are now able to morph into Ninth Wave healing.
    The Tree of Life has swirling arms swirling outward as nautilus does and its midline trunk, inexhaustible center pole provides a framework connecting everywhere at once breathing intrinsic wholeness.

  66. Empowering intentions:
    To protect those who are vulnerable and marginalized in society~~~
    Use collective loving strength to redirect energies of dominance and greed~~~
    Changing course onto path of peace and social justice~~~
    Awakening consciousness and integrity of those who are in power ~~~

  67. “Could it instead be the only way of creating a world of equality?”

    This idea rang True as a meaning and purpose. I have a theory that transformation is supposed to be simple, like a cause with an exponential effect. Maybe this is a valley we’re better prepared to navigate. Fig. 2 was very helpful – first realization that these waves are different frequencies,

  68. “The benefits of living food :
    Cooking is something that was invented. It is not indigenous to the Planet Earth. Fire is indigenous, but cooking food is not. It is something we do that is different from every other creature on Earth. We humans and our domesticated animals are the only creatures on this planet who eat cooked foods. All animals living in the wild eat their food raw and, almost always fresh. Cooked and processed foods are artificial. The cooking and the processing of foods has become so common that most of us do not even question it.
    The basis of human nourishment is obvious: it is raw plant foods. And Nature presents this to us in abundance. Raw plant foods are simple, easy to find, fun to eat, enjoyable, contain thousands of discovered and yet-to-be-discovered health-giving nutrients, and conform to the biological design of the human digestive system. The Sun is the beating heart of all life, and raw plant foods represent the purest form of transformed sun energy.
    Eating a balanced mix of raw plants (and especially their juices) restores the body on a molecular level, builds strong cells, neutralizes oxidation damage(aging), raises alkalinity, and grounds the person in the natural world. Of course, the body resists shocking changes, so everyone should ease into the raw-food approach at an appropriate pace. Also, everyone should self-educate on this subject by visiting http://www.thebestdayever.com and other online sources, reading raw-food books, attending lectures, and talking to others so that the common misstakes are avoided.
    Look into purer, cleaner choices with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds,seaweeds,sprouts,flowers,fermeented foods,herbs,super herbs, and superfoods. Such a diet significantly reduces the toxic load, enhances the immune system, and helps achieve great stride toward clearing energy blockages, attaining wonderful health, and achieving vital longevity. “
    David Wolfe

  69. “ Prosperity thoughts:
    • My life is in a continual state of renewal and regeneration
    • Life is a source of enriching experiences
    •. I experience the dynamic potential of life
    •. I am an explorer of life discovering more each day
    •. I am inspired by the greatness in myself and others
    •. I experience pleasure in the simple pursuits of life
    •. I love myself
    •. I like myself
    •. I accept my weaknesses and my strengths
    •. I am happy , not perfect
    •. It is OK for me to express who I am in the world
    •. I can create from my own resources
    •. I believe in myself
    •. I can see the truth from the lie
    •. I create my own reality. “
    Francesca McCartney , healer
    and founder of the Academy of Intuition Medicine

  70. “Symbolism does not necessarily imply abstraction, distance, or loss of emotional power. The idea that certain places and locations are inherently sacred, as representatives of a larger divine force, is very old indeed, first evident to us in the clear distinctions between caves as shelters or habitations and caves as sacred sites. Although civilization brought the ultimate suppression of the Goddess and the triumph of the male sky gods in all their various forms , it also testifies to the tenacity of the ancient power of the Goddess. This tenacity is defined by the twenty-five thousand years during which the Goddess occupied the center of human life, and by the reflection of the old ways in the civilization of the new: in Homer and in the art, literature, philosophy, and architecture of classical Greece. We see it too in the concerted efforts of the advocates and proponents of patriarchal religions to remove any trace of the Goddess. The difficulty of displacing the Goddess is preserved not only in the written record, including the Old Testament and the injunctions of the early Christian fathers, but in the enduring, if unwritten, record of folklore and traditions. It is reflected, too, in the incorporation, both conscious and unconscious, of the old ways of worshiping the Goddess in the new religions.
    Some of this tenacity reflects what the Goddess offered humanity (and the sky gods did not) ; some of it doubtless rests in the power of tradition and the comfort of old ways. But some of the holding power of the ancient practices lies, I believe, precisely in the tradition of the sacred landscape: a shrine required no walls, no edifice, no mark of identification. A hillock, a cave, a rock shelter sufficed. Since the Goddess’ presence is imaged in the natural landscape, a stalagmite indicates her being as surely as does the handiwork of humanity. “
    Peg Streep
    from Sanctuaries of The Goddess

    Another dream recently : I saw my energetic mother restoring the land surrounding her home, paths spiraling into a verdant garden filled with diversified nourishing fruit trees and edible plants.

  71. I appreciate Debra’s comment so much.
    Your theory that “ transformation is supposed to be simple, like a cause with an exponential effect “ reminds me of the natural development of homeopathic remedies.
    “ Classical homeopathy is a challenging system of treatment that relies on a profound understanding of the magnificent complexity of human beings. Homeopathy regards health as more than the absence of pathologic symptoms. The goal of homeopathic therapy is to enable each of us to attain a level of health and well-being that is not only free of symptoms but also allows us the free expression of our fullest potential in life.

    Human beings are not simply the sum total of their aches, pains, and other symptoms. There is also a core, or soul, that energizes the body and manifests the adaptive symptoms with intelligence and purpose. To stimulate the process of healing, the homeopath must perceive the underlying cause of each patient’s disease.

    Each of us experiences key moments in our life, often beginning early and continuing throughout our lifetime, when we encounter stress or situations that are difficult to reconcile, and our organism begins to devise strategies that enable us to survive. This process can occur even without our being overtly aware of it, simply by the natural workings of our nervous system. The homeopath strives to understand the unique dilemma that that each patient has evolved, based on consideration of the multifaceted clues that the patient provides. These clues involve not only the complaints and symptoms that the patient relates but also the myriad details that help to define us as individuals. The homeopath then prescribes a remedy intended to stimulate the innate vitality of the individual, to resolve the trauma that produced the symptoms in the first place. Homeopathic remedies can be thought to have a resonant effect on the body. Similar to the way in which a specific note, played on the violin in a specific octave, can have an effect on the molecular structure of a wine glass, the homeopathic remedy that exactly resonates with the symptom picture of an individual will have a catalytic effect, triggering a systemic response in the patient. The response is strengthening to the individual from the inside out.

    The philosophy of homeopathy holds that the mind and body are not separate. The emotions affect the organs, The musculature, and hormonal cycles, and the shifting processes of the body affect the mind and the emotions. Every human experience leaves some residue in the physical body and in the “emotional body.” For this reason, the homeopathic process begins with a personal interview. During this initial interview, the homeopath will ask an extensive range of questions. It is important to achieve a complete understanding of the state of health on the physical, mental, and emotional planes. The homeopath also takes into consideration the energy level and how the individual responds to their environment. “
    Karen Cohen, DC
    Thank you , Debra for your theory~~~

  72. “The Wave
    The wave is a familiar image women tune into in labour – because it links into the water energy. The wave allows us to contact the Yang, dynamic, moving aspects of water. This wave visualization can be done either in pregnancy or in labour itself.
    Sit and close your eyes.
    Follow the movement of breath as you breathe out and in. As you breathe out, lengthen the breath and allow it to drop into the abdomen (hara) so as you breathe out your abdominal muscles gently draw in.
    After a short while, as you breathe out, imagine that the breath is like a wave of water moving through your body.
    You can feel it spreading out from your hara to cover your whole body from head to toe.
    You can feel the wave beginning at the top of your head and allow it to flow down through your whole body.
    Keep focusing on your out-breath as you feel it flowing down the outside – from your head, over your shoulders and back and down over your chest and ribs into the pelvis. Feel it flowing down the pelvis and then over the buttocks and abdomen and into the legs. Feel it flowing down your legs into your feet.
    Keep focusing on your out-breath as you feel it flowing down the inside of your body. Focus on your main organs. Feel it flowing through your nose as you breathe out and in. Feel it flowing through your lungs as they expand and empty. Feel it flowing through your heart as it beats. Feel it flowing through your intestines as water cleansing. Feel it flowing through your uterus and surrounding your baby. Be aware of it flowing around your baby’s body. Feel it flowing through your cervix. In labour, the mother can feel it flowing in the cervix and opening it out, but do not suggest doing this in pregnancy.
    Ease out when you feel ready.

    The pool
    The lake enables us to contact the Yin, still, supportive aspect of water.
    Breathe out deeply into the hara.
    When you feel relaxed, imagine that you are lying in a pool of warm water. You feel the water supporting your body so that you do not have to do anything except lie back and relax. With each out-breath, feel a deeper sense of peace and support.
    Be aware of your baby in the pool with you. Your baby may be in their own pool of water inside you, the water of the amniotic sac. Or maybe or they are lying in the pool of water next to you or lying on your abdomen. As you breathe out, feel yourself floating with your baby. Sense how your baby’s body is supported by the water.
    Ease out when you feel ready.
    Make sure to move and breathe from your hara. “
    Suzanne Yates
    Shiatsu For Midwives

  73. “ At least one hundred instances of place names apparently meaning ‘seven springs’ or seven streams’ are known from England, France, Germany and elsewhere, whereas instances of any other numbers attached to similar water features are far less frequent…I will give evidence that the names belong to a continuous tradition starting from pre-Christian sacred springs with associated superstitions. Early Christianity first tried to suppress these superstitions and , when this failed, adopted the names with a new interpretation. “

    I Briggs, Journal of the English Place-Name Society. 39, 7-44 (2007)

    1. “I trust in my innate love ability.
      I keep asking for what I want.
      I act on my Intuitions and I allow myself to receive love from all available sources.
      I have faith that the dream that I hold in my heart is already a reality.
      And I know that the person I am looking for is also looking for me. “

  74. Jacqueline Freeman has published a book called Song of Increase. Subtitled :
    Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World

  75. New book called Feathered Seroent Dark Heart of Sky by David Bowles

    “David Bowles’ intent has been to stitch together myths and legends, organizing the tales so that they trace the mythic past of Mesoamerica from the creation of the world to the arrival of the Spanish. “

  76. On October 28 of this year, that will be the ninth solar year since the completion of Creation.
    Is this so?

  77. Yes, so …. the day after this October 28th is the first day of the ninth year after October 28, 2011
    The splendid solar Kronos time and the deep, ancient, indigenous Mayan time synchronize .

  78. Thank you for your work on the nine waves of creation. I wouldn’t know what to think of it, if I hadn’t experienced so much of what you talk about in my life: the dates of the greater changes from 7th to 8th to 9th waves, including the pre-waves and the movements from day to night. I’ve been following your 9th wave movement calendar, which gives a very immediate sense of the movement from day to night and the way to engage it. Night feels like a time for consolidation, day for moving forward and making connections. All very mysterious, on the one hand, and clear on the other. Finding your book was itself kind of a gift. Blessings on you!

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