The Mayan Calendar did not End in 2012

by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

I have found that a large number of people still believe that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012, not only those that took a casual interest in this calendar, but also some of those that were quite engaged. Possibly partly because of disappointment everyone in the latter group did not fully assimilate the discussions that did follow upon 2012 in order to understand what had happened. I should already here recognize, as I did in an article written on my blog on December 31, 2012 and later in my book The Nine Waves of Creation that I have also myself contributed to the confusion regarding the so-called “ending” of the Mayan calendar. At least I have however corrected myself and taken responsibility for my part in this. Yet, that a whole field of researchers gets it wrong is nothing unusual in scholarly endeavors. Moving through such errors is what the scientific process is all about. What is important is however that the errors are corrected so as to create a new opening for understanding and this is what I am going to discuss in this article. For some, this may seem like a somewhat technical article, but on the other hand the topic remains of critical importance for our understanding not only of the past but also of the future of humanity. Thus, I think it is worth diving into the matter. The Mayan calendar itself was not wrong. A large number of researchers and students of this were however wrong on a critical point and I am not talking about silly Hollywood disaster moviemakers, but of the serious people. Because of this error in our understanding of the Mayan calendar we have to make the appropriate corrections if we are to arrive at a new and expanded understanding of this.

To begin with we may wonder from where the idea came that the so-called Long Count would come to an end. When people used to talk about the “end” of the Mayan calendar they were actually referring to this particular calendar, the Long Count, which is a wave form that have been developing in phases called baktuns of 144,000 days each starting in 3115 BCE. (We will here leave aside the question of when this began exactly and in what context the Long Count existed to other waves). This was the highest frequency creation wave followed by the Ancient Maya, which is not surprising since at the time no wave with a higher frequency had been activated. Hence, to them the Long Count was their main chronology to which they related especially their own dynastic histories. A critical question regarding the purported end of the Long Count is then how many baktuns this was supposed to consist of. Is the Long Count constituted by thirteen baktuns, of twenty baktuns or is it in fact endless going into the future never to end? If it would have been thirteen baktuns long then it would have ended in 2011 (or 2012) and the world would have experienced a profound discontinuity as the Long Count conceivably would have been followed by a new cycle. If it would be twenty baktuns long then its end would generate a discontinuity in 4772 CE, but if it was in fact endless there would never be any discontinuity or end of time generated by the Long Count. There would only be an ongoing wave movement going up and down with its shifting phases (baktuns). Hence, there are three different possible solutions to the problem.

Although the contemporary Maya hardly argued that their calendar would come to an end, they had long since (about 1000 years ago) ceased to follow the Long Count or any of the other higher waves of the calendar system. Hence, modern scholars had to rely on what they could gather from the archeological findings about the calendar system of the ancient Maya. Quite a few archeologists would argue that the Long Count would be limited to thirteen baktuns and this included in the very influential book The Maya written by Michael Coe. He originally placed the end of the Long Count after thirteen baktuns to 2011, but later changed it to 2012. This shift date was then picked up as being of significance by some early pioneers giving the Mayan calendar meaning, such as Peter Balin and Frank Waters. What had a much greater impact was however when Jose Argüelles wrote The Mayan Factor and said about December 21, 2012: Then it shall be ready. The unique moment. The moment of total planetary synchronization, on the beam, will arrive – the closing out not only of the Great Cycle, but of the evolutionary interim called Homo sapiens. Amidst festive preparations and awesome galactic-solar signs psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field. At last, the Earth will be ready for the emergence into the inter-planetary civilization.

To Argüelles there was obviously no doubtthat the Long Count was limited to thirteen baktuns and that the date this would come to a close would generate a profound discontinuity as described above. Yet, few people would probably agree today that the above was a good description of what happened on December 21, 2012, which by all standards was a very uneventful day. Something must have been wrong here. Argüelles himself however had passed away about a year earlier and we do not know what he would have now said about it. As far as I know none of his followers has taken up the mantle and addressed the issue. This again raises the questions as to whether the Long Count was truly thirteen baktuns and if it was not, could this explain why there was no such discontinuity on December 21, 2012 as Argüelles had envisioned. Could it then be that the idea that most archeologists had been promoting, namely that the Long Count was limited to thirteen baktuns was in error? Certainly, it was on their information that Argüelles had based himself.

I should here say that Argüelles was not alone among more visionary researchers to hold the idea that the Long Count was limited to thirteen baktuns. He just came out first and was the most influential proponent of this. I myself also essentially believed the archeologists to have been right and so did the late John Major Jenkins, who gave one of his books the subtitle The true meaning of the Maya calendar end date. To our defense, and to the defense of the archeologists, there were in fact some very good reasons to believe that the Long Count should have been limited to thirteen baktuns. One is the prominence of the number 13 in the sacred tzolkin calendar of the Maya, which is a microcosmic matrix for all the waves including the Long Count. Another the fact that there are many inscriptions from the ancient Maya describing a pre-Long Count lasting from 8240 BCE to 3115 BCE, which was then in fact thirteen baktuns. If so, why would not the Long Count similarly be limited to thirteen baktuns. Indeed, if the Long Count would not be thirteen baktuns similarly to its preceding creation wave, this would be truly very mysterious. It would imply that the Long Count would not be a cyclically repeated phenomenon of identical duration as astronomical phenomena are. If the pre-Long Count and the Long Count did not have the same durations then they would have to emanate in the activation of waves in the quantum field and at the time for many this seemed unthinkable.

From my own perspective I had always known that there were ancient Mayan inscription dates deep into the future, but had chosen to ignore them (I take it both Argüelles and Jenkins did the same). After all, most disciplines of study display some anomalies, outliers that cannot be understood from the established context and I thought those dates were examples of such. I thus only started to realize that there must have been something seriously wrong with the established idea about the Long Count when I heard from Dr Mark van Stone that there was in fact no evidence from the ancient Maya saying that this would be limited to thirteen baktuns. On the contrary, there was evidence from ancient times that they believed this to go beyond thirteen baktuns. I quote from van Stone’s book 2012 – Science and Prophecy of the ancient Maya: There are bits of evidence suggesting that although the Maya reset the Long Count at the last they don’t plan to do it in 2012. At least some of them expected no more recreations after this one. After would come and, and on up. (We are in other words now in the fourteenth baktun of the Long Count and not in the first baktun of a new cycle). The evidence for this comes from Yaxchilan, Palenque and Tikal, places that were at the leading edge regarding calendars in the ancient Mayan world.

For example, at the Temple of the Inscription in Palenque there is a relief describing different (presumptive) celebrations of the anniversaries of the coronation of Pacal. One of them points to a date (1 Pictun, 0 Baktuns, 0 Katuns, 0 Tuns, 0 winals and 8 kin) in the future, which would point to the year 4772 CE. The point is not here only that this date shows that the Mayan Calendar in the view of the Palenqueans continued well beyond our own time. This notation also shows that the Long Count was not expected to reset in 2012, in which case it would have been described as (deducting 13 baktuns from 1 Pictun, which corresponds to twenty baktuns). In the ancient view the Long Count would thus not reset with a discontinuity on December 21, 2012, but would go on to at least twenty baktuns and maybe the added 8 days was a message that it would go on endlessly, which is what I believe.

This was profound knowledge and meant that the whole idea of a discontinuity at the end of the Long count lacked a foundation in ancient sources. The Mayan calendar did not end and there was no indication that a new cycle would begin in 2012. Starting with my article Some New Reflections on the Mayan Calendar “end” date from December 31, 2012 I began to correct my earlier view and develop one where there was no end to the wave movement of the Long Count (or any of the other eight waves of creation). The consequences of these discoveries by van Stone were profound as they meant that logically speaking all the waves of the Mayan calendar system, not only the Long Count, should continue into the future. In principle we can then still understand what is happening in the world from the interference patterns of these different waves of the Mayan calendar, although they may not always be easy to interpret.

While obviously John Jenkins must also have been surprised at the uneventful nature of December 21, 2012 date, it was his long time supporter Geoff Stray who addressed the issue of the duration of the Long Count in an article of July of 2013 called Mysteries of the Long Count which he sells on his web site. This is a good article and describes in much detail what views different Mayanist researchers in the past had held regarding the duration of the Long Count. His conclusion is essentially the same as mine, except that while I clearly say that the idea of a thirteen baktun Long Count was wrong, he merely entertains this as a possibility. While he criticizes the archeologists for not having gotten it right, he does not take a clear stand for twenty baktuns or more himself. Since John Jenkins endorsed Stray’s article we have reasons to assume that it reflected also the view of John and in fact may have been what ultimately defined his legacy regarding the Long Count.

But why, we may ask, did Stray not take a clear stand regarding the duration of the Long Count to say that it was actually twenty baktuns (or more). I think he had strong reasons to avoid this, We should then remember that Stray before the shift would say that on the very day of December 21, 2012 there would, because of the “galactic alignment” of the midwinter sun, be a burst of DMT (dimethyltryptamine) affecting many people, which would generate a widespread transformation. Again, this did not happen on this date and so for him there was little reason to claim that the Long Count would have been limited to thirteen baktuns. Why then did he sit on the fence about it and did not clearly recognize that the Long Count is at least twenty baktuns? This is explained by the fact that this would make irrelevant all what he had been saying for so many years about a galactic alignment and the precessional cycle’s role for this. All of this would go out the window because if indeed the Long Count was not limited to thirteen baktuns the shift on December 21, 2012 would not have had the meaning as an end date as Jenkins had proposed and so the whole idea of a galactic alignment would be exposed. There was in fact no ancient Mayan text mentioning anything like a galactic alignment or a 26,000 year precessional cycle that this was linked to. These were ideas made up and believed by modern people.

It should here be mentioned that, based on the idea of a thirteen baktun duration of the Long Count, many of Jenkins’ followers had come to believe in a precessional cycle of 26,000 years. They thought this was the basis of the Mayan calendar because it seemed that the duration of five Long Counts, 5 x 5,125 = 25,500 years was so close to the duration of this astrological cycle. Consider then what would happen to this correspondence if the Long Count (which after all Stray implies) would be twenty baktuns. Then five presumed Long Count cycles would have a total duration of 4 x 5,125 + 7,900 = 28,400 years, which would not jive very well with the precessional cycle. The whole theory that the Mayan Long Count would be based on the precessional cycle would then also be exposed at least among critically thinking people. This is presumably the reason that Stray does not take a stand regarding the duration of the Long Count as either way – whether the Long Count is thirteen or twenty baktuns – the idea of a precession-based galactic alignment in 2012– would be seen to lack any foundation. Despite Stray having written this article and Jenkins endorsed it you however still find people who believe that the Mayan calendar was based on the 26,000 year precessional cycle and that this ended on December 21, 2012. Based on Stray’s own arguments this can however not possibly have been the case. Regardless of the fact that Stray does not draw the full consequences of his article it is however well worth reading.

Someone may then wonder why the ancient Maya wrote the Tortuguero Monument No 6 inscription about the recent shift if this was not indeed an end to the Long Count. And yes, it is actually quite astonishing that the Maya some 1500 years ago wrote an inscription pointing to a very profound shift in our own time. They must then have seen that this indeed was a very significant shift. And here comes what may be the most difficult for many to understand: The October 28, 2011 date (or as some believe December 21, 2012) was not an important date because it was an end date, but because it was a synchronization date. The meaning of Bolon Yokte Kuh (The nine step divinity – Bolon means nine in Mayan language) appearing in his full regalia (as the inscription reads) is important because for the first time in the history of the universe all nine waves (the full regalia of the nine level god) had been activated by March 9. 2011. They were actually for a moment in time in October of 2011 also synchronized and in the same thirteenth phase at this particular shift date. This was indeed a highly significant shift opening up for a new era determined by a new interference pattern between different waves that we are living in now. Yet, in this may be the main point of this article: this had nothing to do with the Long Count coming to an end.

Fig 1. The Long Count did not come to an end on October 28, 2011 (or December 21, 2012). What happened on this date was that all the nine waves for the first time in the history of the universe were all synchronized and went into a phase shift together. Bolon Yokte Kuh the nine level “god” now appeared in his full regalia.

So over all, all of the major players (including myself) who were involved in the Mayan calendar before 2012 were in error when it came to the idea that the Long Count would then come to an end. We were right however in that there was a very significant shift as heralded by the Tortuguero monument. This shift was however not based on an ending of any wave, but on the activation of all the nine waves of creation and their synchronization, which are now (including the Long Count) continuing to run in parallel shaping the destiny of humanity. The new interference pattern between these waves creates both challenges and opportunities. The opportunity essentially lies in creating resonance with and following the guidance of the Ninth Wave, which is the one that is manifesting the unity consciousness that will shape the future of humanity. Despite what many seem to believe the Mayan calendar did not end in 2012 (or 2011).

27 thoughts on “The Mayan Calendar did not End in 2012

  1. Thank you, Carl.
    I explain it like this:

    The Mayan Calendar describes the progressively rippling process of energetic intensification that has driven evolutionary development and the emergence of consciousness on this planet since the Big Bang. It reached a critical culmination, the complete energetic unfolding of all nine organizational levels, on 10/28/2011 (the 13th Baktun in the traditional count), superceding all previously shifting domination polarity, demanding conscious acceptance of service to the unified energy field of complex life, now fully activated.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Calleman. I remember well my confusion when the days of October 28, 2011 and December 21, 2012 came to their conclusion with no significant changes on Planet Earth to my knowledge. When you say, “The opportunity essentially lies in creating resonance with and following the guidance of the Ninth Wave… “, can you expand with respect to ‘the guidance’ we need to be aware of in order to manifest the unity consciousness that will shape the future of humanity? I understand the synchronization of the Waves that you refer to above, however, I would appreciate some ‘guidance’ as to how to best assist this synchronization. I wonder if you would mind commenting, too, on the possibility of disclosure of our galactic heritage as being part and parcel of this synchronization, and if we may hope for that disclosure any time soon? Thank you for your work, I appreciate it very much. Sincerely, Barbara

    1. Hello Barbara, No one else can tell you what is the right guidance for you. But if you are able to tune into the
      peaks of the Ninth Wave and experience what in your life is specific for those time periods then I believe you will also be able to use this as guidance.
      I rally do not know anything about disclosure. I think we are cosmic beings and i believe we should live accordingly. If we do, I am not sure the we need disclosure. Best Carl

  3. Dear Carl, thank you for your work and your in-depth explanation, it makes sense. I understand, on my own part, that the Mayan calendar completed to fruition, it did not end, we arrived at the top of the Pyramid of Universal TIME, all the Nine waves arrived at a meeting point, activating a LIGHT of maturity for Creation to live by on the highest level, and to think this LIGHT shines from within us, we are a miracle. I have put my heart and soul into consciously feeling and aligning to the shifts of reality for the past 10 years, especially since 2011. Besides the very detailed technical understandings of the TIME WAVES, which many would be exhausted by in trying to grasp, I think many people on earth know deep in their heart that the world is evolving and changing to new frontiers, and it is undoubted that we will have to be heart centered to transcend fully into a new world that is not so gripped by the duality the mind separates us by, a world of UNITY, PEACE AND LOVE. Yet I do at the same time wonder, to what level it matters if people are not aware of the TIME WAVES, as long as they understand how to be with LOVE, I think these people who have an open heart are surfing the WAVES of full maturity. I think many are not educated about the TIME WAVES of evolution, and that the 9 Level Mayan calendar can be seen as aligning to this, but only a tiny fraction are aware, I think Creation is planning everything as it is, all is to a schedule and this is the balance, but the balance also says that to go forward on earth as a united humanity we need to settle our differences and resolve the karmic imbalance, this will take time, this is what the waves of the CREATOR(Feathered Serpent) will bring itself into right relation by. To me this is not just hypothetical, the Mayan calendar is a real reflection of the the growth of the COSMIC TREE OF LIFE and aligns to Creation’s Evolution, that has a direction, that to me is purposeful, and I understand my PURPOSE in terms of my spiritual road in this, and the Mayan calendar shows me this. We are here to bring our collective consciousness to live as ONE Heart, and duality is our greatest teacher, giving us the lessons, from which we are learning to transcend ourselves, to higher understandings. The waves of time continue, and as they do they will transmute all that is out of tune with the frequency of the HEART, and a fully mature mind knows to live Heart centred, by looking “Within”. In Gratitude, Sean

  4. Hello Carl,

    Thank you for the informative article.

    I believe that the Maya simply wanted to tell us, that on 28.10.2011 the nine steps of the descent of God into the matter ends
    and now the nine steps of the ascent from God out of matter begans.
    This may mean that the Universe since 29.10.2011 is in the contraction phase.

    We are both in contact because I am wrote you that I believe I figured out WHY the multiverse and the universe
    have been created !

    To find the “theory for everything”, we must ask ourselves two questions:

    What was the state before the birth of the multiverse?
    What triggered the birth of the multiverse?

    At first sight it seems impossible to answer these questions.
    But I’ll try. It is possible for us to travel spiritual to the absolute start!

    One must consider the quotation from Albert Einstein:

    “If an idea does not seem absurd at first, it is no good!”

    Have fun for thinking depth! If anyone talk with me here is my eMail-Adresse:

    Best regards from Germany


    1. Hello Carl,

      I have looked at the stele of Coba again.
      It describes the descent of God into matter from the absolute beginning (Multiversum) until 28.10.2011

      = 9.814.671.360. days

      The Maya certainly assumed that we calculated the second Half, the ascension of God out of matter itself

      = 9.814.671.360. days


      19.629.342.720. days

      Divided by 144.000 (1 BAKTUN) =

      136.314.880. BAKTUNS

      So it does not mind to calculate the whole cycle In Baktuns.

      Best regards from Germany


      1. Hello Dietrich,
        There is actually a Staircase also in Yaxchilan which points to higher order waves of
        the Mayan calendar. This is important to know as many people who deny the existence of
        the nine waves of creation have failed to recognize such higher order waves and when they are stuck believing that the Long Count was all that there is it is almost impossible to see a meaningful future at the current time.

        1. Hello Carl,

          it is exactly like that.
          The stele of Coba has 23 development stages, so a complete cycle has 46 stages.
          Since 29.10.2011 we live in the second half of the 46 stages.

          Did you get my email from 14.08. ?
          It contains my next tip WHY the multiverse / universe has been created. 🙂

          Best regards


          1. Well, there seems to be little reason to look upon 23 ac a factual number. If that were the case there should have been a cap on the date on the stela which is usually the case for Mayan date. If we go outside of where there is a empirical evidence we should be aware that we are speculating and can end up anywhere.

  5. I have only been following all of this closely for a few months now, having had only a rudimentary understanding from the period of the 2012 confusion. I’m nearly finished with my second reading of “The Nine Waves…” and I am amazed almost daily by how clearly everything going on in these chaotic times is explained by this system of thought. It has completely transformed my thinking from alarm and despair to excitement, anticipation, and enthusiasm for what is to come.

    It really does appear that the end point we all anticipated was actually rather the beginning.

  6. If I understand correctly from the chart above, approximately 9/27/17 will mark the fourth 360 day period (8th wave nights) in which the only energetic impulse comes from the 9th wave. I guess we are still learning how that looks.

    1. I much approve that you saw this. Personally I find it hard to be happy about this. It has an apocalyptic ring to it where some are able to connect with the ninth wave and others will find it hard to see the light. Of course, it also occurs only a few days after what some biblical exegetics is pointing to as the Virgo Alignment in Revelation 12.

      1. yes, I agree. These are precarious times. I have only been watching the 9th wave closely since the 64th night, but my very limited observation is that the 6th wave reactions sometimes seem stronger during the days. I think this is serving as a propellent for greater alignment with the 9th wave. People who are near the tipping point for the 9th are horrified by the 6th wave reaction and it nudges them to think, “this is not right. we need to come together.”

        A good example of this was the reaction against the white nationalists at Charlottesville. In the immediate aftermath, monuments were removed in the dark of night, counter-protesters ruled the day, white nationalist rallies were cancelled, and even the 8th wave kicked in with doxing and humiliation of white nationalists on social media. All of this came during the 66th day.

        My impression, based on very limited observation is that the 9th wave days are very busy with action and reaction and the nights seem quieter. Perhaps the nights are for consolidation and rest to prepare for the next day. Harvey came during a night, and seems to be met mostly with something close to universal cooperation and helpfulness. If I am right about this, we should see another round of overt conflict in the 67th day perhaps, with further development of both the unity thinking and the resistance to it.

        It also seems to me that while the 6th wave thinking is up in arms and alarmed at the collapse in progress, it is not supported by the kind of energy that can bring it real success. The danger from the 6th wave reactions is analogous to the danger from a wounded and cornered predator, fearful for its survival.

        The one thing that is clear is that the newly emerging and dominant 8th and 9th waves, in conjunction with the long range passage into night of both the 7th and 6th, puts us in territory where the past is an utterly unreliable indicator of the future.

        1. Also, the first 3 times that the 9th wave was the only one in a day cycle were not particularly apocalyptic, so it may well be that apocalypse is hard to pull off with the 9th in place. But I think it is probably too soon to know for sure.

          1. You definitely seem to have a good argument there. The eighth wave turned into a night in both 2015 and 2013 and nothing remarkable happened. Yet, I tend to believe that the downturn o the sixth wave (which is very slow) had not yet made itself felt. After its expression in the Brexit/Trump destruction of Western power in 2016 I think the situation is different and the shift into a night in the eighth wave now come top of this and the night in the Seventh Wave. Things may turn really difficult for people everywhere after the shift on September 26.

  7. Am I right in thinking that the desired eventual outcome is unity and equality?

    If so, I think the absolute number one barrier to this outcome is finance. We live on a planet that is so unbalanced in terms of wealth and poverty that it is very hard to see how it can change (for the better, it could easily get worse!) We have an economic system that is debt based, the only winners are the bankers and financers. (Although they cannot understand that their methods will never bring them happiness or fullfillment.

    I think the main problem lies with the fact that our world is currently based on a business model (notably, we position ourselves globally on the 365.25 day calendar, the one used by the Mayans exclusively for business) (it didn’t have to be this way, obviously) How do we overcome this? How do we move away from a ruthless world-view-system that is business based, to one that is more sympathetic to our needs?

    1. I’ve been re-reading Mr Callemans excellent articles and thinking some more about this

      The economic systems function via the creation of debt, and contolled lack, when, in fact, if properly managed we could easily already be living in a world where abundance is the norm.

      One proof of this that I saw recently was an article that outlined how just one single years worth of global military spending would in fact be enough to raise every single person on the planet to a reasonably high middle class standard of living, a nice house for everyone, nice food, nice things, nice entertainments, for EVERYONE. Things would change overnight. There would be no need for petty crime or instance, if baseline poverty was eliminated.

      If that route was ever taken, I am POSITIVE that a co-operative system of volunteering could be established to deal with mundane tasks such as mail delivery, refuse collection and so on, and that people would volunteer in numbers that would require the average person to ‘work’ maybe one day per month.

      That is only one posible scenario that could move us away from the business model, there are definately others, we just need to remove the psychpathic economists and businessmen (Soros, Kissinger etc) from the helm, and put some empathetic spiritual people in their place, I guess we’d be looking at the Dalai-lama, and other high calliber spiritual leaders to step in here (Just do not invite the leaders of the Abrahamic Religions! ~ Vatican Catholic Church is THE very epitomy of the Business model, rich centalised management, with a franchise in every town!)

      1. Sounds like a utopia….love it! It means we have to control our sociopaths and psychopaths, cause they are not “team players “ – but probably excelled in Mayan times, due to the general bloodletting for fertility, etc . Abrahamaic religions have narrowed down the religious wars to 3 – that all worship the same God! It’s all just semantics now. Anyone/Anything that’s all about money, is not of God. We should press forward with universal love and harmony-

        1. The Abrahamic religions anthropomorphized the Divine so He had all the negative attributes
          humans may have had at the time because of the duality that ruled people at the time.
          Even if Christianity soften the image of God somewhat the God of the Abrahamic religions
          are projections that most of us probably don’t want. It needs to be replaced by Love and Harmony.

  8. I’m new to this, and just finished “transformation of C” – is it possible that like fractals in nature, and wave forms, upon reaching the galactic underworld, the “top” of the pyramid, the “end” of the cycle, that the whole pyramid and cycles would reverse? All the ideals of the universal – unity of consciousness, harmony of the dualist mind etc. I loved seeing the harmony of the evolution of history with the Mayan calendar, Since your book was in 2004, and the shift was 2011/2012, Can we reverse the calendar and see any correlation between our recent history and events and the last 13 tun?

    1. Hello John,
      Your thought is so common that there may very well be some truth to it. We are on fairly uncharted territory.
      I tend to think that the waves continue as I have expressed in the Nine Waves of Creation. Best Carl

  9. Carl, you are concerned that nothing significant happened at the closing of 13 Bak’tun. The most prominent thing that happened (aside from the actual rising of evening Venus together with Moon eight days after May 3, 2013), was that Mars made a heliacal rising in the east and that a Mars consciousness was awakened: 2013 was the year when the Dutch foundation One made the first call for volunteers to prepare to populate Mars.
    Talking about changing consciousness by the closing of 13 Bak’tun? There you go: it’s all about Bolon Yokte’ K’uh, Mars. From Earth Consciousness and Venus Consciousness, humanity shifted to Mars Consciousness. This is a very big deal.
    A total of 202,586 people volunteered in 19 weeks. Guess when the call started and when the shift in humanity-wide consciousness started. Right on the first week of May, 2013. Every one in the world (from 107 countries) started talking about people they knew who were considering applying or who had actually applied.
    see and

    1. No I am not concerned that “nothing happened” at the end of the 13th baktun. As I have described in my recent book much happened after the activation of the ninth wave in 2011. I have never believed in singular dates.

  10. Well , I was studying Hebrew Calendar, and Hajji Calendar and matching them with historical Prophet and Masonic Pyramid timing, I found that Maya Calendar was extremely , correct Calendar, by months and year. the part that not translated that not 2012 is 2012+8 which 2020 and the months is good, it seems to me the Maya calendar has right figure for the months and years. just need to add 8 years to adjust with others. I can say it is 2020 and it new era coming and every 360 years we have new era , I hope you got understand that

    1. Hello Ali,
      Since you are providing a one-dimensional model Of the Mayan calendar I take it you have
      not studied my work. On the other hand if you have not studied my work
      what do you mean by saying that the Mayan calendar was extremely correct?
      Regardless, I do not agree with your analysis that there i a new era every 360 years.
      Such a view is based on Newtonian physics, whereas my analysis is based on quantum physics.

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