The Ninth Wave of Creation and the Solar Eclipse

Today on August 4 begins another wave period of the Ninth Wave giving guidance and direction for all those who are committed to the destiny of humanity as one of unity consciousness. Each such wave period is a total of 36 days long that is divided into a DAY of 18 common days followed by a NIGHT of 18 common days (9th Wave Calculator).

The beginning of such a wave period is an important time for everyone to light a candle as it marks a shift in human creativity. This is just as true for August 4 as it was for May 24th and June 30th or will be for the upcoming September 9, 2017. The peaks (also called DAYS) of the Ninth Wave are times when the light in the movement towards unity consciousness shines through. This is true especially for those individuals that are committed to bringing humanity in this direction, but also on a collective scale it will over time become increasingly visible with consequences on a national or global scale. Yet, we are early in the development of this wave that was activated in 2011 and it is not visible to everyone.

Since August 4 is the beginning of a DAY of 18 days and this wave is supportive of a movement towards peace and unity it is an important opportunity for those seeking such a direction to listen attentively to any guidance that now may come forth regarding our individual courses in life.

Fig 1. The shift into a night of the Ninth Wave on August 22.

The shift to a NIGHT in this wave period may however be what is interesting to most as it happens on August 22, and hence follows directly upon the full solar eclipse that is visible in parts of US on August 21. The solar eclipse in other words initiates a NIGHT of the Ninth Wave. This full solar eclipse is according to most sources the first to happen in 99 years in the United States and since it is exclusively visible in this country, it has mostly been interpreted to be linked to the fate of this nation. To indigenous peoples solar eclipses are overall considered as negative omen and by medieval astrologers they were typically believed to herald the downfall of a king or dynasty. It is then natural that many current day astrologers have suggested that the event somehow pertains to Donald Trump. After all this solar eclipse is limited to the United States and the political crisis in the Trump administration has become a constant. By the standards of political normality any period so far this year could be a qualified as a downturn, but at the current time the political chaos is also intensifying. To predict a further downturn for the Trump administration can hardly be said to be a very original idea. Whether there is a solar eclipse or no solar eclipse this is still happening.

I have however argued that Donald Trump ultimately does not cause this erosion of the political system, but that rather he may be the person who is best suited to manifest the downturn that is inherent in the shift into a NIGHT in the Sixth Wave. This energetic downturn primarily hits the Western powers and so in particular the US and the UK and for this reason an erosion of the powers of those two nations are running in parallel. The way it manifests in the UK is that now after the activation of Article 50 (calling for the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union) it has become quite clear that most foreign banks will move their European headquarters away from the city of London. Given that its financial centre has been what has remained of the British Empire this is not a small thing, and is a marked part of the downturn of the West. Similarly, in many regards, such as climate politics, many other nations are starting to count the US out, leaving the US increasingly isolated at least from its traditional allies in Europe. In this perspective the impaired standing of the US and UK in the eyes of the rest of the world is not really caused by Trump and Brexit. Rather Trump and Brexit are serving to manifest what in one way or another was going to happen anyway because of the fact that the Sixth Wave has turned into a NIGHT. Fig 2. shows how in the ancient view of the Mesoamerican peoples the Plumed Serpent (the sine wave) would bring civilizations as peaks began and abandon them as the valleys began.

Fig 2. The rise and fall of significant civilizations as a result of the movement of the Sixth Wave. Note that the seventh of its peaks for the first time in human history generated a global civilization.

It should here be pointed out that overall the Sixth Wave (with a wave period of about 800 years) provides a much larger perspective than the Ninth Wave (wave period of 36 days) and even more so compared to a solar eclipse on a singular day. The Sixth Wave actually among many other things describes the chief development of civilization going back to its early beginnings in Sumer and Egypt about five thousand years ago (See fig 2). So while the downturn of Western dominance is a phenomenon that will manifest over the next four hundred years, the higher waves such as the Ninth Wave will still play an important role for what is happening in our most immediate future. The high frequency of the Ninth Wave gives it a high power even if it has not yet been active for a time comparable to that of the Sixth Wave. Hence, while it can be considered a certainty that the Western powers will not continue to dominate over the rest of the world for the coming 400 years, it is not certain how and exactly when the global balancing process setting an end to this will occur. The solar eclipse may herald an event along such lines, but my own guess is rather that it will temporarily strengthen the old order of dominance of corporations and billionaires symbolized by Trump. After all, the solar eclipse marks the beginning of a NIGHT in the Ninth Wave and those are not the periods that are the most conducive to unity consciousness.

Fig 3. The shift in the global and individual minds as a result of the shift from a DAY to a NIGHT in the Sixth Wave.

Regardless of what scenario will play out in the United States and elsewhere in the couple of upcoming wave periods in the Ninth Wave, its fate is primarily determined by the Sixth Wave (Fig 2) and a balancing in power between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres is now taking place (paralleled on the individual level by a balancing of the left and right brain halves. See Fig 3) that will tend to weaken it. What is not so clear is how disruptive the transition to balance on a global scale will be. This depends largely on to what extent people develop resonance especially with the Eighth and Ninth Waves of creation, which are the waves that are now leading humanity to manifest its destiny on a global scale. Naturally, this in turns depends on how many people actually intend to establish a balance that ultimately can lead to peace,

So even if the upcoming 66th period of the Ninth Wave (beginning August 4 and including the solar eclipse) is likely to play a crucial role for defining the future fate of the United States, I believe the 67th is the one that will be decisive for this. The latter Ninth Wave period begins with a DAY on September 9 and turns into a NIGHT on September 27, 2017. The reason the latter is likely to be an ominous day is that the Eighth Wave then simultaneously turns into a NIGHT and will remain in this state for all of the following 360 days. For this whole time period until September 22, 2018 it will only be the Ninth Wave that provides any spiritual LIGHT to humanity. And so, even if this is an energetic scenario that would be ideal for creating balance and equality on a global scale (and hence prepare for a more balanced and peaceful world) it is likely to become a very difficult process to accomplish this. While the light of the Eighth wave will come back on September 22, 2018 it will go out again in another 360 days and the stabilization of a world in balance may not be apparent until 2031 (when the Seventh Wave turns into a DAY). Reasonably then the upcoming thirteen years will be a challenge to us all, since the waves influence the mind of all levels of the universe, galactic, heliospheric and planetary as well as our own human. The foundation for lasting peace after 2031 will be built during this time ahead, but this balancing will largely be effected by turning out the light from the dualist waves (See Fig 2) so that the transformation may come to take place because of a potentially destructive darkness. Following September 27, I believe we will then have to adapt to an interference pattern of the creation waves that more than ever before shakes up our ingrained beliefs as to what we are here for. We will have to learn how to follow the only wave that will provide light, which is the Ninth Wave.

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D is the author of several books based on the ancient Mayan calendar system including the most recent The Nine Waves of Creation (Inner Traditions, 2016).

28 thoughts on “The Ninth Wave of Creation and the Solar Eclipse

  1. Carl, I do not understand why you got on the “hate Trump” train. He is a manifestation of St. Germain’s Violet Flame energy and is working harder than any President in US history to help the average American. Notice the DJIA even today is reaching record highs. I do not believe that the future is set in stone and to be honest I just do not see the 18 day cycle as having the effect you say it is having. I was on the front lines doing ceremonies all the time even Oct. 28, 2011 AND Dec 21, 2012. I think the New Baktun is still in it’s infancy, maybe after this eclipse we will have a clearer vision of what our collective destiny is to look like… IMHO!

    1. Hello Carlos,
      I think you are right that I have a personal dislike for Trump for the simple reason that he is a narcissist. I know how destructive they can be to personal relationships as well as on a larger scale to nations. But in contrast to you, for me this is not about presidential personalities. You are the one that is truly infatuated with Trump and have somehow, despite your contacts with indigenous people, been pulled into his way of thinking. Thus, you no longer think about the Mayan calendar as a meaningful understanding of the world as the ancient sages did. In contrast, I have clearly pointed out that the political downturn in the United States is not caused by Trump. This is especially evident as this downturn very much affects Britain as well even though Theresa May is not particularly narcissistic. Nor is the downturn caused by the economy– both countries were doing fine as the destructionists voted for Brexit and Trump and the United States is still dong well in that regard. The cause of the political downturns of the historically major Western powers, is instead that the Seventh peak in the Long Count, which totally is what brought these powers to create a global civilization, is now going into a valley as the Plumed Serpent is disappearing on this level. Both Tula and Chichen-Itza, and many native cities further north were abandoned as the Plumed Serpent disappeared when the Sixth day of the Long Cont turned into a night. Given that a baktun is 394 years long these are thus long-term effects that we should be aware of and learn to live. Most importantly, we need to know how to develop resonance with the higher waves to counterbalance the night in the Long Count. We need to respond to these underlying changes in a deeper and more cohesive way than just to say whether we like Trump or not. This is especially so since also at the manifest level there are many indications that something dramatic is about happen in the United States in the near future and this is now being underscored almost every day. Thus, even if the larger perspective is determined by the nine waves of creation it is quite possible that the Solar eclipse (and later the Virgo Alignment) may come to play a triggering role for this).
      Instead of looking at the world rationally from a Mayan calendar perspective and try to understand what is going on on a deeper quantum level you are however simply repeating your support for Trump. And it makes me, and probably some others as well wonder why you have, as you say been in the front line for October 28, 2011 and December 21, 2012. Leaving aside the fact that those two dates were based on two completely different and largely contradictory understandings of the Mayan calendar, what I wonder is why you were at all interested in the Mayan Long Count (Sixth Wave) if at the present you do not think this has anything to say about our current situation (at least you have not presented any interpretation of your own). To you, the Mayan calendar does not seem to have any inherent truth that needs to be retrieved, defended and spread to others. That you at the same time as you belittle the meaning of the Long Count present yourself as a Mayan Sun Priest I find disconcerting. This forum is not really meant for people who want to express that they are for or against Trump, but for those that want to understand what the Mayan calendar has to say about the world. In the latter regard you have had nothing to say here except for generally negative remarks about the calendar and its applicability and I for one think this is a calendar that deserves to be taken seriously.

  2. Thanks, Carl. Interesting as always. I only wish I were smart enough to comprehend all it.

    Blessings, O.

  3. Dear Carl,
    This is a brilliant and well framed perspective on the transitions we face over the next few months, with the solar eclipse and the coming of an Eighth Wave nightfall.

    My own take on the Eighth Wave is heavily related to “life force energy” in the way that nature, nutrition, breath-work (pranayama) and other forms of exercise provide. So, with all the rapid fire, mercurial stresses of the current time frame (including Trump and all the other active pitfalls), I anticipate a broad increase of chronic fatigue and depression in the general population who are not aware of personal practices for healthy and natural self-maintenance.

    Many, many blessings for you and your readers,
    Krishna Singh Khalsa

  4. Dear Carl, thank you for your insight, I am teaching myself and noticing how the NINTH WAVE is hold us through these shifts, but what I am seeing this highest of all waves as is the frequency that holds the highest universal truth, the frequency that the original universal tone set from the beginning, if we can tune into this we will at the same time transmute all our flaws, we will exist as the flawless diamond of the infinite Universe that shines the purest sacred self awareness of consciousness. In gratitude. Sean Caulfield – – In appreciation to the Ancient Maya Peoples.

  5. This is “The Awakening”, I felt this in the near future while walking with God 4 years ago. “There will be pockets of resistance, but it WILL HAPPEN.” Per my teacher. In energy communication – Right side is Action, Left side is Spiritual, Front is No, Back is Yes. Right brain is Thinking Action, Left Brain is Thinking Spiritualality (thoughts turn into Destiny). Hope this helps anyone.

  6. According to Gary Goldschneider at, August 21st is The Day of the Standout: “Those born on August 21 fight a losing battle to protect themselves from the world’s scrutiny. Very private individuals, they want to be left alone but are rarely allowed that luxury. Many born on this day find it natural to conceal their deeper feelings, thoughts and ideas from any except those they absolutely trust. For those who are not professional performers, to be put on display may be terribly uncomfortable, and yet the more they try to hide, the more they seem to come under attention. Thus two opposing forces are at war in their lives: the urge to hide and the ever-pressing demands of the world for them to show themselves.” This energy will pertain to what takes place in the months following the eclipse.

  7. A while ago (I don’t remember the date), I felt unexpectedly very fed up and angry with how I’d been going along with “the system.” I was mystified by the strength of my feeling until I checked my email and found an article of yours explaining that we had just shifted into a Night. So I thought, Oh! This is “destructive” energy I’m feeling.

    Yesterday, I felt very confused, as the stream of energy I’d been gliding along on had suddenly disappeared, leaving me feeling as though I were without any intuitive guidance. Once again, this mystery was solved when I checked my email. We had just switch to a Day.

    I’m beginning to understand the difference between the Days and the Nights, as to how they affect me. Personally, I enjoy the Nights more, but I have to be careful who I share my creative energy with, as it is not easily understood by most people. By contrast, during the Days, I find it easier to be “normal” and fit in with the rest of society.

    The creative energy I feel during the Nights does not feel destructive to me. It feels highly illuminated, but clearly destructive to the deeply embedded lies in “the system”. I have been diagnosed as manic-depressive. It is my manic side, my happy, joyful side that comes out to play during the Nights. It is my manic side that has gotten me locked up in the past, but for many years I have worked to free myself from the dogma of “the system,” so I am now able to enjoy the expression of this side of my being without getting trapped. I do not take any drugs and I’m sorry to say, but I dislike doctors very much–I’ve had too many bad experiences. I’m very spiritually oriented.

  8. How can we better understand the ninth wave? I know it hasn’t been active much time but it is definitely synchronistic with reality, I do not agree with carlos. It is actually quite easy to perceive. So how do you attune to it, even more, so daily life synchronizes with it?

    1. I think this in a sense we each will have to find our own individual answers to.
      Not everyone is likely to find resonance with it though and if you at least are aware that
      this wave exists, then you should be happy tone part of the destiny of humanity.

      1. Thank you Carl. But in your book you say that mostly nobody resonates with only one wave, but more with the interference pattern of many. What part of each wave exactly, is the characterstic of the influence it has on us?

        1. That is very hard to tell. I believe that for instance the Ninth Wave in everyone tends to create a direction towards unity consciousness (a decoupling of the mind if you like). But what that means will be different for each individual, as he or she has been shaped by an interference pattern of the lower waves. So even if you and I are equally in resonance with the Ninth Wave the steps forward that we need to take may be different as our individual tasks and missions in life may be very different. The Ninth Wave however creates a collectively synchronized process that allows everyone, to the extent that they develop resonance with it, to have their individual missions be part of the plan towards collective unity consciousness.

  9. Thank you Carl once more for a reading that resonates for me. I myself alternate between a depression at the thought of the long and somewhat uncertain period of transition, but am simultaneously heartened by the fact that this is a shift ordained by the cosmic mind and energy, one that I am somewhat in resonance with, and learning daily from posts and writings such as by yourself to align with even more. Much respect and blessings.

  10. Thank you for posting. Further clarity on information that shakes my head. Nice to have a little more sense to the knowingly not random numbers that I keep attempting to put into place.

  11. Black Elk speaks: All Powers of the world! The Heavens and the Star Peoples! All things that move in the Universe! In the Rivers! In the Brooks! In the Streams! All Waters! All Trees to that stand! All the sacred Grasses of our Grandmother! All the sacred Peoples of the Universe! Listen!

  12. Thanks a lot!

    I have resently found your website, and I will for sure read your books! For now I just want to share a memory that came up when I saw your graph on the empires:
    Around the time when the Brittish/US empire came to its end autumn 2011, I wrote intuintively in my blog about the economic meltdown/collapse in the economy since I realized that the crises 2008 never really ended. I had a lot of Brittish/US institutions, central banks and EU-related visitors on the blog, though there were no signs of a collapse in plain sight.
    In August 2012, I found an article in the Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet, and it confirmed that the meltdown was very near a year before.

    It’s a short article, so I may just as well translate for your readers:

    Centralbank befarade härdsmälta

    ”Mina herrar, vid jul kan ni alla ha gått i konkurs”. Den bistra hälsningen mötte cheferna för Storbritanniens största banker vid ett möte på centralbanken Bank of England förra hösten.

    Den apokalyptiska varningen, som nu läckt ut och som tidningen The Telegraph skriver om, visar hur allvarligt läget var för Europas finansmarknader i slutet av 2011.

    Då fanns en rädsla för att euron skulle brytas sönder. Banker hade under lång tid inte kunnat låna pengar, samtidigt som de hade skulder på sammanlagt svindlande 5 000 miljarder kronor som förföll till betalning under det kommande året.

    Misstron banker emellan var enorm.
    Translation (sorry for the mistakes):
    A central bank feared melt-down

    “Gentlemen, by Christmas you may all be bankruped”. That negative welcoming met the directors in the Brittish banks when they gathered for a meeting with the Central bank, Bank of England last autumn (the article was published August 21, 2012)

    That apocalyptical warning, leaked and now written about in The Telegraph, reveal the deep trouble the European financial market was in the end of 2011.

    At that time there was a fear that the Euro would fall apart. Banks had for a long time not being able to lend money, and at the same time their dept reached the swindling amount of 5 000 billion Swedish Krones (1 dollar = 8 Skr), demanding payment the year after.

    The mistrust between banks was enormous.

    What could possibly confirm the Mayan prediction by the wave better than this?

    Best Regards from Sweden


  13. Thank you, as all ways, Carl. I look forward. 🙂 All good things and more to you in the coming Days and Night…

  14. We tend to think that when all the waves but the 9th have gone dark it will be a very dark and dangerous time. That is one very real possibility perhaps. But night is also a time of rest. If this were not the case, life might not have survived at all. In short, our future projections gravitate toward our fears, rather than allowing the unknowable, which is what sleep requires.
    But what if all this immense darkness serves to make the impact of the one small, blinking light even more powerful than if it were in competition with many other lights? Is this not how it works? One candle in the dark is more noticeable than when other lights shine. The unity wave takes center stage alone amidst ravaging fires and hurricanes and in the void left by the collapse of the elder waves. Government and business and technology, the other human waves, are sleeping and cannot save us. It is on us to wake up to the only light shining and in that light, to look to each other. And as bright as that sounds, probably none of it will come easy in a collapsing world.

    1. The “darkness” also means absence of duality and in this regard you may see a positive thing. But our world is based on duality and so I think the path to equality will have to go through a lot of destruction to make things even.

  15. Carl, Thank you for sharing… and for the humility of your presentation… Those who feel the heart energy in this, will be patient with the steps and stages required for growth… Unity supports and encourages… listens…and responds appropriately… Fear Re Acts, and keeps doing the same thing hoping for a different result…Fear intimidate and diminishes what it doesn’t understand… Unity knows wholeness includes day and night, and allows time for natural development to happen… The Nine Waves gives understanding about the long term process… When I read your work, it was like finding the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle.. It was like looking at a Great Painting, and seeing the penumbra that blends the darkness into the light in gradual stages that formed a smooth connection… I was born into the hologram of Good and Evil… … Doing the work of letting go of that hologram is like gardening… you have to do a lot of weeding… but the fruit is work it.. I consider the fruit of your labor, a gift… With appreciation. Jocelyn

    1. Thank you Jocelyn, These were not one valuable words for me personally, but moe importantly they come from someone who understands what this is all about.

      1. Carl,

        I can see evidence of positive changes taking place on the planet since the 9th wave was activated… The earth and the world are not the same thing… One is place, the other is belief…I have believed many things in my seventy-one years, all opening my heart to new experiences as I evolve in a ever growing capacity to understand… Sometimes, along the way, I believed I was wounded, when later I realized I was only bruised… The beauty in experience is the becoming part… Once, when I was still very young, I was feeling sad about things I felt as loss… A wonderful person responded to my pain by showing me something I will not forget, ever… I worked with clay at that time, and not having a kiln of my own, I took the piece to a shop to have the it fired… The woman who ran the shop noticed my sadness and asked me if I wanted to talk… after I told her why, she said, come with me, I want to show you something… we went into her kiln room and she shut off one of the kilns mid way through firing… she opened the lid and asked me to look inside… I did. She said what to you see? I said, an ugly mess… what is that? She said, come back tomorrow… I’ll show you… I went back the next day and she opened the lid and said, look inside. I did.. She didn’t have to ask me what I saw… I exclaimed… That is so beautiful! She said, just a reminder my dear, not to stop half way through a process… if it’s ugly, it isn’t done yet… I hold this image in my heart of hearts and treasure every opportunity to go the distance… Out of the compost, the flowers grow… I can’t even imagine how beautiful we will become when we have completed the process of becoming…So when I meet up with the ugly aspects of my unrefined self, I hold that image of the firing process… and close the lid and wait… I’m always glad when impurities burn off… but I don’t hate the experience that burned off the old stuff… I think of it as my work…That woman didn’t know she was giving me a gift that would resonate inside my heart for years to come… Vibrations, like skipping stones tossed onto a pond, create circles upon circles… we can not know who far reaching our choices go… but go, it will… Unity is calling… The Practice of Beauty doesn’t shy away from the ugly parts. If clams got rid of the grain of sand that irritates, we would not have pearls…

        I look forward to reading all of your books… With gratitude, Jocelyn

  16. Carl,
    A friend introduced me to your work last November. He was actually editing my manuscript on a book I had just written. He discovered that your work could be relevant to what I had done. In subsequent editing exercise, I had no choice other than to reflect your great work on Mayan Calendar – mentioning your name and your website as my source of course. Before I read your work, I had independently discovered that the current Piscean Age actually commenced in 140 CE as against A.D. 1 that had been popularly propagated. Therefore, a New Age would begin, circa 2300 CE. Taken from your work, a baktun from 2011 would take human history to 2405 CE and this would most probably be an indication when a full-blown new civilization would or should be in place, give or take few years. Incidentally, the date for the New Age, that is, 2300 CE, was conspicuously stated in the book of Daniel of the Bible. In my book, I gave a full explanation on how I arrived at my conclusion.
    The explanation for the two incidences is that the decline in the current civilization will continue as we approach the remarkable year of 2300 CE leading to a more remarkable period around 2405 CE – two doorpost signifying A GREAT CHANGE.

    if you can provide me with your personal email address, I will appreciate a possible review of my book from a great man like you. Many thanks for the great work you have done and most probably, still doing.

    It will be a great delight to hear from you..

    1. Thank you Tunji,
      Your work sounds very interesting and I will mail you separately, but I will be curious to find out how you determine the zodiacal ages.

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