Why America Voted Against Itself


Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

The recent presidential election has created much fear among Americans (and around the world) about their future. While it may be argued that the 11/9 event (Clinton’s concession speech after Trump’s election victory) was something they had brought upon themselves, it nonetheless left large numbers of people (even among those voting for Trump) in a state of shock reminiscent of the aftermath of a coup. Since then, large-scale protests have continued in major US cities in spite of the traditional calls to rally behind the president-elect. While the election may have been constitutional, it was not democratic as Clinton got almost a million more votes than Trump. This will be one of the many things that will likely hamper a return to normalcy and the thought seems to be common that Trump may not actually take office. What would cause such a change is now difficult to see, but since a bull has been let into a China shop anything can happen. The old rules no longer apply and nobody knows if the country will stabilize again after his very divisive campaign.

What has been produced is a total change of the political map of the US where the right will now have an unimpeded ability to slash health care, social programs and environmental protection something, which will have consequences also outside of the country: The goal is to create a new world order. Despite much anti-establishment rhetoric, America sent the same Republican political elite to Washington that has been there for years. This new world order will favor the richest 1% of the population and within the system there will be no avenues to alter this state of affairs. Opposition will be suppressed and journalists have already been threatened. This is a world order Americans brought upon themselves and is led by American oligarchs such as Donald Trump and his backers and not by some hypothetical globalist cabal. As a result of the election the values the United States have stood for domestically and in the world will lose much of their meaning and what at a deeper level will be at stake is the survival of the United States as a nation.

How could this have happened and what led America to apparently vote against itself? It could for instance rightly be asked how a person, who 62% of Americans considered unfit to be president could win an election for this very office? This must mean that a large part of Americans voted for someone they themselves saw was unfit, which would be hard to understand unless they on some level, maybe unconscious to themselves, were led to vote in an irrational way. Hence, for instance, 42% of the women and 29% of the Hispanics voted for Trump. Needless to say, the head of the FBI did his part to defeat Hillary Clinton, but to understand why the election result went against the predictions of so many I believe we need to go deeper, especially if we are to understand what is now to come. To understand the background to the recent election results we have to look at the waves that unbeknownst to so many are driving the evolution of our world. There are nine different such waves that through their vibrations create this universe, but it is the Sixth of them, which by the Maya was called the Long Count, which is crucial for the rise and fall of civilizations (see Fig 1).


Fig 1. The Seven first days (peaks) of the Sixth Wave and the major civilizations these gave rise to.

This Sixth Wave is what the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica would call the Plumed Serpent or Quetzalcoatl, a wave form, which was considered as the bringer of civilization. Even if we might not now want to use the same mythological language to describe it, this wave movement is very real, which can easily be verified from a study of human history. As we can see in Figure 1, whenever a peak in this wave began, human civilizations would appear and flourish in a wide range of areas, while when the wave crossed the x-axis and went down in a valley there would be a “dark age”, when civilizations would decline and people lose much of their creativity and intelligence. In reality, the wave movement in Fig 1 describes the activation and deactivation of a global mind, which people are in resonance with and that shapes their thinking. During the periods that are days the global mind has a rigid structure that leads humans to create structured and organized empires and nations, while in the nights these structures are at least partially deactivated. The nations or empires that were created during a previous day will then in a night at the very least suffer from partial disintegration, but sometimes also collapse. Over the period of 5130 years shown in Fig 1 the ups and downs of this Sixth Wave has taken humanity from the dawn of civilization in Egypt, Sumer and the Indus Valley to the current global civilization under American hegemony. What is behind this wave movement of civilization is the alternating activation and deactivation of a global mind that all of humanity is in resonance with and which influences how we as a collective at any given point in time direct our creativity. Shifts in the Mayan calendar thus play a fundamental role for the nature of life on earth and this calendar should be a critical part of knowledge of all human beings.

Even if the research about the Mayan calendar is perfectly transparent people overall have not recognized that their lives are subject to waves of creation that are not of human making, but emanate from the center of the universe. The meaning of this wave movement however becomes clearer when you make a detailed study of the peaks or the valleys in Fig 1 in a blown-up format, such as I have done with the 7th day (or peak) in Fig 2. This is useful for looking at history from a large scale perspective to understand what is really happening.

nicea-copy-3Fig 2. The seventh day of the Sixth Wave showing the rise and fall of the major Western powers in the time period (baktun) 1617-2011 CE.

Fig 2 shows the rise of the British Empire around the beginning of this peak and its later downturn towards the end of the peak after about 400 years. In reality this, what the Maya would call a baktun, is a wave period of Western dominance. It goes back to the first landing of the pilgrims in Massachusetts and leads up to the last 70 years when the dominating role of Great Britain has been taken over by its former colony, the United States. At least at the level of the Sixth Wave, civilization, and especially Western civilization, is thus now, as of October 2011 entering a dark age, when people who are unaware of this may easily depart from rationality and become victims of superstitions or conspiracy thinking to fill in the gaps of processes they cannot fathom. As another consequence, the international role of the United States has declined during the presidencies of Bush and Obama because in the new night the global context has moved away from Western Hegemony. This trend is practically certain to continue under a president Trump, but I will not go into here how this will happen.

Not only presidents, but also the minds of people in general are no longer the same as they were before the shift in 2011 and you may with some right say that people are losing their minds or at least have lost some of their resonance with the global mind. The reason the Sixth Wave can have such an effect on a collective scale, and in several Western countries simultaneously (Brexit and Trump and several other “nationalist” movements in other countries), is that our minds are not created by our brains, but regardless of where you are on the planet they are downloaded by our brains from different creation waves. If you like you can look upon it as if your mind (downloaded from the creation waves) is the software and your brain is the hardware from which your thinking is created. If the global mind is deactivated (as happened when the Sixth Wave turned into a night) you may say that the human individuals in resonance with this wave went out of the global mind or actually to some extent lost it. Naturally, this would also as a consequence have that they would no longer identify with the civilization that had been created through the global mind during the preceding day (such as the British/US global civilization shown in Fig 2). In the new night they would start to feel alienated from this as if they had “lost” it, but at the same time they would long back to what they had known all their lives (note that overall there are much fewer Brexit and Trump voters among the young than among old people). On the level of governance what this means is that many develop a disdain for the establishment and the political elite, who cannot seem to effect such a return to the times when their countries were “great.”

The current concerns about national identity thus have a real background and it is not an exaggeration to say that this shift from a day to a night in the Sixth Wave threatens the survival of the previous Western Empires, the United Kingdom and the United States. The shift from a day to a night also influences all Western nations, but especially the UK (which manifested at the Brexit vote in June of 2016) and the United States as it played out in the US elections on November 8 when Donald Trump became its president-elect. This is because the global mind influences all nations and individuals on this planet. Typical of the new dark age is that people vote nationalist even if it is against their own best interests or against the best interests of their countries, as the mental structures, and the kind of thinking that these nations were built on, are being weakened in the new night. Their connections to the global mind are being deactivated and it is against this background that the current nationalism must be seen.

As the nation-states are now because of this shift losing their grip, you then hear such slogans as “we are losing our country”, “we need to take our country back” or “Make America great again.” What this means is that at some level people are influenced by the shift and the weakening of the nation-state that this results in, but were misled to believe that this is something that can be dealt with by building a wall (which by the way already exists). The weakening of the United States and other Western nations is not caused by China, Mexico, the Muslim nations, Jews or people advocating global collaboration for instance to counter climate change. It instead, as I elaborate extensively on in my forthcoming book The Nine Waves of Creation (Inner Traditions, November 24, 2016) comes from a shift in the global mind that is driving all evolution, and especially that of civilizations. Because of this shift in the global mind, that indeed currently does threaten the political systems of many nation-states, people feel that they are out of control and as a result of the uncertainty racism, sexism and supremacist thinking is being reactivated. This obviously becomes very unsettling for all of society and at the current time especially for the United States. It should then be clear that even if there certainly today exists social groups that have reason to complain about their economic situation, this is not really the cause of the populism and nationalism that is now rising. The cause is on the level of consciousness and as a consequence a significant aspect of creating balance in ourselves and the world is to become aware of this shift and how it affects us. Thus, the evolution of humanity is not predetermined – people for instance have a choice as to who they vote for based on the future they intend to create. Yet, to the extent that people are unaware of the waves that influence them, and how the larger picture of evolution directs the path forward, this may lead them into the hands of nationalist demagogues and hence a dead end street that is the very opposite of the path forward they were hoping for.

Fig 4.2

Fig 3. The polarities of the mind carried by different Waves of Creation.

The shift in the Sixth Wave, which is a long-term change, is however not the only one that affects us, since to different degrees people are also in resonance with the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves (Fig 3), which each has a higher frequency than the one below it. It would be to go too far in this article to discuss the effects of all of these waves, but it is very important to know that these waves bring different polarities to the human mind and thus have profoundly different effects on social relations. We humans in other words tend to project onto the external reality the polarities we are in resonance with. We can then see that the Sixth Wave creates a duality and when this is projected onto others we may go into supremacist attitudes. The Ninth Wave on the top, which was activated as recently as March of 2011, however leads us to project unity and light onto the world and so leads us to create societies based on mutual respect and equality. This is the wave of the future, which because of its high frequency over time will come to dominate human relationships, but since it was activated so recently only a relatively small minority of humanity is in conscious resonance with it. Also the Ninth Wave is a wave movement and alternates between days and nights, where the days support us in moving forward towards unity, while the nights again take us back to process whatever is unprocessed from the past.

The Ninth Wave is a high frequency wave, which will alternate between peaks and valleys every 18 days and I do think this explains something of what happened in the recent US election. Overall the media were very surprised by the fact that their polls had failed and that Donald Trump won the election despite of the predictions made prior to it. It was almost as if something had happened at the last moment. From the perspective of the Nine Waves of Creation such a sudden change was however not very surprising and I had long in advance noticed that the Ninth Wave was going to go into a night only one day before the election and that this would disfavor Hillary Clinton, who of the two was much more of a unity candidate. If anyone has a feeling that people seemed to have been almost hypnotized to vote against their own best interests I think they can find the explanation to this in the shift into a night of the Ninth Wave right before the election. For those that are unaware of this wave such a shift is highly likely to result in negativity and loss of hope and this time the election happened to coincide exactly with such a shift.ninthwave

Fig 4. The Ninth Wave shift into a night at the US presidential election date. (see http://www.xzone.com.au/9thwave.php).

While the shift into a night in the Sixth Wave (Figs. 1 and 2) explains the current rise of nationalism and concomitant social divisions favoring demagogues, and the shift into a night in the Ninth Wave (Fig 4) may have tipped the balance in the US presidential election we may also want to consider what will happen next. The current situation in the United States does not seem to allow for any progressive change within its constitutional system. At the same time we have every reason to expect that working people will become totally disappointed with this system when it dawns upon them that Trump’s policies will exclusively serve himself and the 1% of the richest people in the United States. (Or does anyone seriously believe that Donald Trump will bring manufacturing jobs back to the Rust Belt?) Considering that the people of the United States to a large extent are kept together by adherence to its constitution and the values associated with this, we have strong reasons to wonder what will happen if its political establishment, which is now led by Trump, completely ignores the spirit of this constitution (and indications are that he will). So the question is, will Trump be able to effectively establish a New World Order of total control, or will the political system of the United States simply disintegrate due to his erratic behavior (making the White House the center of his business empire) and possibly the effects of a broader economic downturn? Maybe disintegration is the most likely alternative, but regardless, it is hard to see the country return to greatness in the sense that this has previously been known.

But again, the current situation is an effect of a shift in the global mind affecting the whole planet and so it is worthy of note that the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom now threatens the very integrity of this, as both Scotland and Northern Ireland may reject the populist plans and even London may come to gain a status of its own. Those that seek separation (like England does from Europe) will also thus be faced with internal separation movements. As yet, we do not know the details of how, or even if, the Brexit will play out, but it is a very real possibility that the United Kingdom will no longer be able to hold together. As a very noteworthy parallel, the now trending Tweets about California leaving the union, possibly bringing along with it a number of states around the Pacific coast, is no longer a joke. California already seems to object to Trump not respecting its sanctuary cities and in the election of 2020 this state will have the question: “Should California be an independent country?” on the ballot. If the US government under Trump will not uphold its constitution, maybe some others will also want to join such a project. Maybe as the Plumed Serpent now molts its skin a new republic or set of republics will emerge based on the interests of the 99% of their populations.

Santa Fe, NM, day 9 of the 58th night of the Ninth Wave (November 15, 2016)

This is the third in a series of articles about the current change in the world that are posted on the blog of my web site www.calleman.com: Trump and Brexit – Why the world seems to be going crazy https://calleman.com/2016/08/17/trump-and-brexit/ and The Stakes in the US Presidential Election – What it is really about from a Mayan calendar perspective https://calleman.com/2016/11/04/the-stakes-in-the-us-presidential-election-what-it-is-really-about-from-a-mayan-calendar-perspective/, which provide significant backgrounds to the present article.

96 thoughts on “Why America Voted Against Itself

  1. Hello Carl, I disagree, I believe USA voted for our best interests, namely getting out of stupid international “Free Trade” agreements. We all need to be more Independent, not enslaved to huge corporate interests who would take away our right to govern ourselves. It may not be pretty because the News Media have distorted everything in this election so that “fake” news and “real” news cannot be told apart. Hillary IS the Whore of Babylon who has been defeated by the LAMB of God, the humble people who have thrown of the chains of corporate enslavement even if we do not all understand that situation yet.

    1. I am convinced that you will find that Trump will follow policies that are totally in the interests
      of the big corporations and many people have simply fallen into a trap of believing that the trade deals is what have caused employment. Current estimates are that for every job lost in the US to trade deals eight jobs have been lost to digital robotization. I agree that in the current time you really have to know what sources to trust and my article aims to change how the shift into the night has led many people to blind themselves to who is really in power.

      1. “Hillary is the whore of Babylon.” Talk about a dark and loathsome perspective. Carl you’re too polite. Why even respond to this rubbish?

      2. Dear Sir,

        I will not get involved in the Trump issue but to say my thoughts resonate with your own. I was inrigued by your video regarding kundalini as a microcosmic manifestation of a greater design as evidenced by the Maya. First, I continue to experience kundalini energy since 2001. My intuition has been all along that my own expanding consciousness
        Is, in part, so cataclysmic because it contrasts wildly with the contraction I see everywhere in American culture. It is very difficult not to feel alone in this perception. Your video reassured me I am not. Tusen takk for det.


        Ps. My son studied in Mexico wjth Dr. Aveni and has a Mayan calendar date tattoed in response to an Aveni assignment.
        Pps.I have close ties with Norway and speak the language though I realize you are a Swede.

        1. Thank you Catherine,
          Well, if you can help people realize that they are not alone in their experiences than we have accomplished something.
          Swedes usually understand Norwegian without much problem.

    2. You’ve elected ‘mr corporate’ himself, a billionaire living in a gold plated tower …surrounded by right wing and ‘alt-right’ allies. Throughout our societal and political history, when has this combination ever looked after the working class, ordinary people?! You will be sorely disappointed … and your country has been set back decades… the mental/emotional impact of the hate speech and division will take years to heal… and no country has ever been ‘great’, whilst it’s peoples are divided.

      1. So true. But it does offer some insight into the psychology of nations living under autocratic rule. Challenging times. Good luck to us all.

  2. It ist three days now, that the final results were shown to the public,
    so I ask myself Dr. Calleman
    WHA are you lying to your audience?
    “While the election may have been constitutional, it was not democratic as Clinton got almost a million more votes than Trump”
    or are there any new final results?

    “NOVEMBER 12, 2016
    Final #Election2016 numbers

    #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750
    #ElectoralCollege vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232

      1. These results were from November 12 and are obsolete. It is typical sign of our times that you are accusing me of lying while you are the one providing inaccurate information.

        1. So you did not read the whole sentence which continued:

          or are there any new final results?

          And yes, sorry I had no right to accuse you, I should have put the sentence in a general form.
          Let us continue to write our truth and time will show,
          what is real and true and what is not Dr. Calleman
          and we all know
          that seemingly democratic elections and media are really matter for the historians to proove,
          not only for americans – also for germans, austrians, …

          To me there is a little hope, that Mr. Trump will choose a better way for all life on earth and the sovereignity
          of peoples.
          As the Clintonfamily has prooved to continue war all over the world – may Mr. Trump
          awaken to his true nature and to PEACE – he holds this energies in his birthchart,
          so the miracle may happen.


        2. Sorry to keep monopolizing this board but an article I just read sparked a thought. The piece talks about the anti-Trump demonstrators, dozen of whom said to journalists in interviews that they had voted for “Green Party candidate Jill Stein, wrote in Sen. Bernie Sanders or, in some cases, failed to vote at all… In addition to voicing opposition to Trump, they say they are expressing anger with the entire political system and their desire to force dramatic change on a host of social and economic fronts.” To me this illustrates that although Trump is a volatile, policy-ignorant, narcissistic candidate, the tension here also comes from the extreme left: an alt-left/alt-right rage as it were, perhaps symbolizing the most extreme of brain-hemispheric polarities. I suspect that finding a balance (which I know is very ‘boring’ and ‘unsexy’ in the era of outrage) is actually part of the solution — at least on a metaphysical/energetic scale, balancing your own left and right brain individually as it were.

          1. Yes, it is very understandable that people are protesting against the system as such. I suspect Trump will be the last president of the United States, since he will make a true mock of it and clearly demonstrate how it can be abused. The US constitution is an old thought structure conceived at around the beginning of the Seventh Wave when Europe was ruled by monarchs and it did include an election system which at the time was a step forward. Also a number of rights, but even if the president was elected he in many ways would have the powers of an absolute king and this is what Trump will now blatantly demonstrate and that will be called into question.

    1. Sorry, but it seems you are the one that is trying to mislead people. As it stands now Clinton had 61.32 million votes and Trump 60.52 millions. Where do you get your information?

      1. Yes, it is likely to grow and possibly the vote has been hacked in some midwestern states.
        Coupled with Trump’s mixing of his political position with his business we should be ready for surprises.
        Will the American constitution be able to withstand all of this pressure?

  3. Brilliant! Makes so much sense. And means we can wring some hope from this week’s abysmal news. Thank you for writing this and sharing.

  4. This is what you wrote in your previous article on the 13th of november:
    “……and so there was little resonance with the intelligence that this game. To me I have a little bit of a feeling that people were almost in a trance led out of their minds to vote the way they did.”
    I am surprised to see how you treat people who did not vote the way you expected! Had they voted for Clinton you would have probably praised them and their high intelligence. Its very special, I muss say!
    You are lying about some facts. For example the wall to Mexico is only about 900 miles – or km – and the whole distance is
    about 3000.
    “Because of this shift in the global mind, that indeed currently does threaten the political systems of many nation-states, people feel that they are out of control and as a result of the uncertainty racism, sexism and supremacist thinking is being reactivated. ”
    In Europe and specially in France most of the people are really afraid of what is happening with the so-called migrants and it is not because they are racists and supremacists. I wonder on which planet you live and what your real intention is while writting
    such articles.
    Something you should know is that George Soros is financing the against-Trump supporters. This man is so evil and had
    been organizing with his immense wealth the coloured revolutions in the world. By the way he is a friend of the Clintons.
    ” For those that are unaware of this wave such a shift is highly likely to result in negativity and loss of hope and this time the election happened to coincide exactly with such a shift.”
    I have to smile because I would expect that you would know that in this Universe nothing ever happens by chance and
    therefore you should be at peace with the result of the US election. Why then would the election coincide exactly with a shift?
    I have learnt that everything is always “perfect” as it it is because behind it there is a higher plan. We just need to change the
    way we look at those things.

    1. It is a sign of the darkness of our era that you do not even quote me correctly. I never mention the distance of the border to Mexico in my article and yet you accuse me of lying. Many people cannot get the facts right now.

      I am not saying that I am not at peace with the outcome of the election. The dramatic takeover that has now been made by the big corporations in the United States (just watch how happy the stock markets are) may come to make people wake up and create structures that allow for the 99% to create their future based on their own interests. Maybe the fact that the winner got almost a million fewer votes than the loser will lead them to question their democracy.

      1. Well as it seems that you still stick on your believes that Trump will fail could you tell us what Clinton could have done that
        would have saved the US?
        You want to ignore the behaviour of the mainstream medias – TV and press – describing Trump as the new Hitler day after day
        an pushing Clinton towards victory. A shamefull manipulation. It is ridiculous to read that the New York Times is now excusing itself for having failed to do what journalisme should: be neutral.
        Or should we definitively throw the word fairness in the dustbin of history? I don’t even want to mention the precept of morality.
        They have just discredited themselves and people in the future are going to become very suspicious towards the press.
        I personnally find this excellent!!

        1. Please understand that this forum is not just for people to express their opinions. The purpose here is to take a higher perspective based on the Mayan calendar and see what is really going on with humanity in a long term perspective. What this means is that if you want to criticize my work you are free to do so, but it should be factually based on the Mayan calendar.If you think the Mayan calendar is not a valid tool to understand history this is not the right place for you.

          1. I think he should have better luck at Info Wars/Alex Jones and the other alt right conspiracy sites. There are a lot of these “trolls” — trouble makers who like to ruffle feathers when people who are sickened by Trump try to come to grips with it in an intellectually insightful way online. I have had to block people on Twitter who rant and rave like lunatics when I post something positive about Obama or Clinton. It is unfortunate because we need to be connecting now. But I fear that these people are so poisoned and toxic (not because they didn’t vote for Hillary but because they are so consumed by their own anger and vitriol) that they’re unable to have a decent, humane conversation. For now, it’s probably best to ignore them and not engage. Just my two cents…

          2. Mr. Calleman in your answer I do not see one argument concerning what I wrote about the mainstream medias?
            Veriteoblige means that I find truth very important in my life. I do no know whats going to happen with the Trump presidency but
            I have witnessed the manipulativ ways of the press and that is enough to make me suspicious.
            Can you understand that? I appreciate people who are open- and fair minded.

            The comment from Penny Royal November 16, 2016 at 11:22 pm was also very instructiv:
            “I have had to block people on Twitter who rant and rave like lunatics when I post something positive about Obama or Clinton. It is unfortunate because we need to be connecting now.” That is what this person understands under being connected.
            I call it a totalitarian way. Probably is he himself what he is accusing others of.
            Because Trump became such “important” for the medias I started observing him attentively and I discovered for myself that
            the man was actually growing over himself. One can think that he did not really believe he would become president – my be he likes to play games and challenge himself – then he realized that people trusted him and probably this made the shift in his
            approach of the election. This is by the way what happened with John Kenndedy who also grew over himself and ultimately
            wanted to ge rid of the FED, this poisoned instance.
            This is what we all should do, grow over ourselves = grow in conscious, competence and love!!!!

  5. Fantastic article, thank you so much!! it is amazing to have seen this mass sort of cognitive dissonance take place, that elephant in the china shop seemed so great to people because he was big and loud and resonated with the fears and beliefs of average Americans but the so called greatness soon begins to destroy the shop and it’s gonna be hard to ignore for long even for those with strong beliefs in nationality, patriotism, religious self righteousness and racial supremacy. Here in Germany will also be a dramatic rise in nationalism in next years elections despite the recent lessons in history. Meditative states of mind can help people know when to be where and what to do and how to communicate in irrational situations. And the Mayan Calendar also is one of the best tools for sort of gauging where you are on the road and which way to go next. I don’t think the next phase in time will let anyone just sit back and watch, conscious participation in creation really feels way better than unconscious hypnotized choice making and I think it will become very attractive to be a part of an unclassified family of human beings who love each other and love what they are doing to shape the world. Every other avenue into the future is a dead end. In 2011 the Dancing Kachina removed it’s mask and Bolon Yokte put on it’s full regalia… metaphors given to us from the ancients to help us understand who or rather what indeed we really are. Our place and function within consciousness is the what and who we are discovering. The more that you can tune into this kind of deeper side of reality, the harder it is for any kind of negativity to get a grip on your life no matter the circumstances.

  6. I’m an US citizen and wish to say something to balance the previous comment, also by a US citizen. My gut feeling is that Trump will be the last president of the United States. Like attracts like. Trump’s aggressiveness will attract attack, whether from within the US or outside it. Sometimes things need to fall apart. It’s sad, but true.

      1. Dr, Calleman,
        Do you have an opinion about what kind of leader the US will have next, if not a president? It’s eerie, these dark and conflicting miasmic undulations that seems to be hovering everywhere; it is very unsettling. After this election, it feels like something has died, but I cannot say exactly what. I cannot claim to have anywhere close to the kind of understanding of the Mesoamerican calendar as you do, although it has always been a lodestone for me. It is as though the Maya ‘got’ something ‘right’, for lack of better words, but that kind of understanding is too advanced for me to put to good use in my own head. Energetic patterns (far beyond our individual egoic singular energies) are something that I am always sensing ‘out’, but I feel blindsided by the recent events; there is nowhere to ground. Even this question rambles. Allow me to rephrase;
        (1) Do you have an opinion about what kind of leader the US will have next, if not a president? and (2) Do you have any recommendations about what an individual person can do to try to rebalance after this unnerving set of circumstances?

        Thank you, sir. BTW, the diagrams in your books are very well done, and lend much to the understanding of the presented concepts.

  7. Hej CJC, är inte HRC en NWO förträdare mer än DT?
    Obama har ju möjlighet nu före skiftet att sätta igång RV / GCR, NESARA och Disclosure (avslöjandet).
    Valet av Donald Trump blev en väckarklocka för Obama. Tyvärr har hotet mot hans familj legat som ett mörkt moln under hela hans period.
    Det kan komma fram saker i ljuset, som blir omstörtande.
    Kram Bo

    1. I believe that the positions and policies of the current president-elect are always based on his own business interests and those of his backers among the 1%. I do not think that there is any reason to expect any kind of environmental concerns from him. He denies climate change and probably would not be concerned about any risks of GMO’s either. I agree that things may dramatically change as the situation now seems to be so crazy. However, I believe NESARA is just another irrational thing (like conspiracy theories emanating from Alex Jones) that prevent people from facing reality.

      1. I really appreciate your article. This is the time truly for the truth and to repeat it. Many will not tolerate a return to racism and technology that belonged in the 20th century — to end there — as coal, nuclear power, oil. Had we been allowed to keep a vision as advocated by Buck Minster Fuller, we would be heading forward to a society that respected the biosphere we all share.

        1. The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is the reunion of the North American and South American Continent Indigenous Peoples after a literal and symbolic separation and disagreement in ideologies for for 200 years. For the past 35 years Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. has led an Indigenous contingent along with the thirteen Indigenous Clan Mothers in alternate years to sacred sites between North and South America meeting with Don Alejandro Quixlaj Mayan Grand Elder of 13 Generations in fulfillment of the prophecy. Buckminster Fuller’s design of the geodesic Earth Home is being implemented in a planned village 3 miles South of the Cannonball River on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota which will be powered by wind and solar. The only water source is directly from the confluence of the Cannonball and Missouri Rivers.

  8. Thank you for this thoughtful and intelligent assessment. I appreciate you very much; your work is so important. Please keep planting those seeds.

  9. Thank you very much, dr. Calleman, for your accurate analysis. I believe, during this chaotic period – nevertheless and perhaps because of it – that it would be useful to focus on the progresses brought by Unity Consciousness. The first is the disaffection with regard to the narrative (fully managed by the power) of the mainstream media: I think this is a huge leap in consciousness. The second is the creativity of many people, who are building a mode of life based on the focus toward the positive, despite the collapse of the old civilizations. The third is the balance of the hemispheres. So I believe the changes will be more sudden than we might think. It is emerging a consciousness increasingly linked to the present, healing the past and understanding the future, because she lives in the single moment, transparently. What is an obstacle to this process is just the remnant of the ancient polarity imbalances, which necessarily must emerge to be released. We can lessen the certain impact of such a release through the synchronization with the Ninth Wave.

    1. Thank you Marco
      How can people create a way forward if they do not think there is one? At the current time the dominating narratives both my the big media and many alternative conspiracy outlets are only providing negativity or a dead end. We are thus under the influence of some very conflicting influences that may make it very hard to know what is a right step to take. I as well believe that developing a conscious resonance with the Ninth Wave is a way of gaining clarity about how to positively move into the future.

      1. Perhaps it’s quite simply about being conscious of the earth as a macrocosm and reflection of us. Not to belabor an old point but in the same way as Dr. James Lovelock spoke of Gaia, we need to be reminded that hurting the planet with environmentally dangerous policies, putting nuclear war on the table… all of this is hurting ourselves. Astronauts have spoken of the profound experience of viewing the earth from space — it changed their lives. They realized deeply and viscerally that we are all in this together. It seems a million miles away from what we’re all talking about now and what’s pressing in terms of legislation and government structure, but if we could all see the earth from that perspective it would jar people out of their rage and delusions in an instant — we could stop fighting each other and our own best interests. For now, there has to be another way of non-verbally communicating this sense of oneness with the earth. I believe that is where wholeness can be found.

  10. Interesting article, thank you. Do you know of the 26000 year cycle? I believe we had just hit the bottom of it and were now beginning to cycle back into the “light” of a higher awareness and consciousness. How does this fit with the sixth wave just entering into darkness?

    1. Thank you Sue,
      I do not believe that there is any reality to the 26,ooo year cycle. There has never been presented any evidence that it describes the rise and fall of civilizations in the sense that the Mayan calendar does. I think the first thing to do for anyone who is interested in on our evolution is to verify that they are on solid ground and demonstrate the validity of their cycles based on the history of the past and so far no one has done this. History never repeat itself identically as it would if it was subject to astronomical cycles. The Mayan calendar waves not only explains why history has a direction and is going somewhere it has also been demonstrated to actually describe history. I believe that on the level of the Ninth Wave we can start to direct ourselves towards the light but that requires that people chose to follow this. The Mayan calendar represents such a huge paradigm shift that I think that not everyone is willing to entertain it and so still stay with systems that have no verification but are spread simply based on popularity or what other people say, but if we want to make progress I believe we have to base ourselves on what is verified truth.

  11. Dr. Calleman, I apologize that I could not read through the entirety of this email. I am actually surprised that I opened it I. The first place. Firstly, I have to acknowledge that I see the essence of God in supporters of Hillary Clinton – I recognize that part of themselves that desires a better future based on what they consider to be lovely and just. That said, I extend that same belief to supporters of Trump and add that many supporters of Trump, including myself also saw the current administration and its policies as undermining the American culture, freedom of the individual, and the constitutional restraints of government. This political movement actually began to break through to the mass consciousness, ironically enough, between 2010 and 2012. It took the form of the Tea Party. I am writing this to warn you of a common problem amongst liberal leaning, academically oriented individuals – the problem is one of the echoe chamber. You overestimate agreement with your own beliefs and opinions. This article describes this very condition when describing the failure of the occupy movement vs the Tea Party http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4310626. Anyway, I wanted to share my overall opinion that America did not vote against itself during the last election. It voted to stop placing all of our attention on victims and start reengaging ourselves in the practice of success. Speaking of which, I wish you success in gaining a working understanding of the Mayan Calendar.

    1. Thank you. I discuss the Occupy movement and its downturn in my forthcoming book and I think it is a quite relevant observation you are making that this coincided with the emergence with the tea party movement. The Ninth Wave was activated on March 9, 2011 and was a clear expression of unity consciousness, while the tea party was an expression of the shift into the night especially of the Sixth wave at October 28. This illustrates how different groups of people are influenced by different waves, which is an important insight. My sense is that for people at large they now have to go through a period of disappointment or even collapse of the Trump administration until they can set goals that are consistent with their own higher interests of moving towards light and unity.

  12. I like your perspective… always have. I value dreams and this one I had within a day of the election. Maybe you can interpret it. I was suspended in the sky above the clouds looking down on the earth where people were having problems that were not clear to me. Just over from me, a cloud formation in the shape of a gigantic doughnut formed. There was empty space where the hole was. On the “doughnut” was a continual line of elephants walking around and around it. With every step, the clouds would wisp and roll like clouds do in the wind. Their vibration quickly caused the doughnut cloud formation to rain down what appeared to me to be 12″x12″x24′ pieces of lumber. It was a massive “rainstorm” of lumber falling to the earth where the people rejoiced because it helped them with what they were facing. End of dream. I realize dreams can be interpreted on different levels of consciousness and this one could pertain to your “coming new age of consciousness” and not one that has anything to do with the political upheaval. I just do not know and welcome any thoughts. G

    1. Hello Greg,
      All I can say is what I think this dream would mean if I had it myself: This is that the world needs trees (lumber) and each one of us needs a Tree of Life coming from the heavens to connect to.

      1. I at first naturally assumed the dream was an inference to the republican symbol, the elephant. But that just seems shallow. I believe in what you said and think the work on the ground is connected to yours and other’s efforts as harbingers of a new age of consciousness. Elephants are known for their ability to not forget, and even in this dark iron age, we have not been forgotten by those who have gone before us and are drawn to the fruition of those who have eyes to see and offer them special protection and respect. Call them angels, ascended masters, the aggregate of creative forces… I honestly believe they are simply men of a superior kind. You are loved, Carl Johan

  13. Dear Carl, your work to give a perspective of the broader view of life through the understandings of the sacred Mayan calendar is beyond profound for me, for me i see things very clearly the way you put it Carl thank you, and according to the 9 Level Mayan calendar what you say rings TRUE. Beside the fact that we can sense we have gone into a night phase on all 9 levels since 2011 we have also entered the “Great Unknown”, however what is known i sense is that a Divine Plan is pulling all life in the Universe into Right Relation with ITSELF, the Serpent movement of each of the 9 Levels is now since its fruition to completion able to move in truth to itself through 13 intentions, the intentions of the first seeds of the Cosmos have come full circle and is stimulating a full recall of our Memory and this is waking people up, this is transmuting the discords of our world. As this happens the disharmony and inequality that the world is living by is showing itself and flawed systems are being seen for what they are and are collapsing in on themselves, the ebbing and flowing of the 9th Wave in to and out of DAY and NIGHT phases is overseeing the transitions to flawlessness that will arrive through a gradual process, it is just a matter of TIME. I feel that what ever is happening in our world now is supported by the Memory of the first intentions of the Universe, what is this, surely it is to evolve all to be at peace with ITSELF and then emanates this as one Universal resonance, however the journey to arriving here is the drama that is playing ITSELF out through our participation, which we feed so willingly because we are puppets but as we wake up we realize this and see our role in the Sacred Play on the stage of LIFE. Maybe Trump is a blessings in disguise and will force people to stand up for themselves and they will inadvertently do this as they stand up against Trump if he follows through in the way we think he might. So what is the Divine Plan doing, it is calling to people to reclaim their Soul and i feel that in the past Trumps hard stance has taught people to stand up for themselves. Creation has designed a time for everything and the Time is ripe for Trump.

    1. Thank you for coming from such a high perspective Sean.
      I absolutely agree that Trump may be a blessing in disguise and maybe his rule will trigger reactions where people say that they have had enough of system that does not serve them. Who says that the US should dominate the world and if there is anyone who can bring an end to this system it is Trump much more than Clinton. Most likely he will make such a parody of the institution of the presidency that people will not be able to take more of it. Seeing this is however not in any sense an endorsement of Trump of his policies. If he brings an end to the power of the United States it will be against the intentions of himself and those that are backing him.

  14. Dr. Calleman is there any hope that we will return to sanity in this country – indeed in this world? How long are we going to be influenced by the night in the 6th wave?

    1. The night in the Sixth Wave will last a long time, until 2406 CE. There have been dark ages before but this one is different, in that waves of higher frequencies are now available and we can chose to develop resonance with them. This is the same thing as raising our consciousness through the Eighth and Ninth Waves. I suspect you are doing this yourself since you are becoming aware of the craziness at the lower level. But there is really no time limit for this. The emergence of a golden age depends on how quickly we as a collective will be able to go in the right direction, the direction of fulfilling the destiny of humanity and that in turn depends on how conscious we are of the deeper processes that direct evolution. Everyone can contribute.

      1. That is encouraging. We have the advantage of knowing and understanding quantum reality. So maybe a Dark Age is a necessary catalyst to bring about a Golden Age.

  15. Hi Carl, another note of friendly disagreement (the polarity in society is reflected in your readers’ reaction to this and previous articles about the “meaning” of the election. I’d like to elaborate on Sassan’s comment above: “Day” and “Night” are metaphors, and as we take the plunge into the 9th night it is easy to assume that a lot of bad stuff is about to happen. As an expat American who saw this coming many years ago, I viewed the options for the American people as Hobson’s Choice (the Devil or The Donald), and I still consider The Donald to be the lesser of the two “evils”. A few messages ago you wrote, “It is a sign of the darkness of our era…” -Carl, if you want to see a real sign, and a taste of the real darkness Hillary is involved in have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkAVgsOgaw0

    Hillary was the expendable representative of the cabal; when WikiLeaks exposed her true darkness through the Podesta files and that was subsequently validated by the additional messages the FBI found in Anthony Weiner’s computer files, she went from an asset to a liability. Most people don’t know about the Khazarian mafia and keep their head in the sand because they don’t want to believe this level of evil exists. This evil needs a weak America to achieve their ends.

    More info and intelligent discussion about the depths of depravity can be viewed on this site: http://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/spirit-cooking-evil-in-government-stefan-molyneux-mike-cernovic-and/
    I believe the primary reason people turn off when this is mentioned is it violates a kind a boundary in the psyche that’s just too scary. The Cambodian killing fields and the Rwandan genocide were hard to take, but this is even harder, because it takes you into another “supernatural” realm, closer to “pure” evil. Sorry to be disturbing, but when I say that Trump “saved America” from a Hillary presidency, I mean that she is in league with the dark side, as in VERY dark. If you haven’t heard this 4 minute rant by Trump at one of his rallies, I would say that this is in substance no different from what JFK said that resulted in him being killed a week later:
    Presidents are all expendable, they are puppets on a string, they do what they’re told. Follow the trail of reporting relationships, ask the question, Cui Bono?. If they don’t do what they’re told—if they want to upset Rockefeller’s or Rothschild’s “order”, they are taken out, one way or another. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.” Trump will be the scapegoat for the coming financial collapse, guaranteed. It’s a setup, it will be all his fault. As I said in a response to your previous article, your reasoning is excellent but you’ve IMO arrived at the wrong conclusion…perhaps because you don’t see what chaos is being unleashed on the world. Trump is “human”, and while his character is far from the standard we might like to see in a head of state, I think he is a saint by comparison to Hillary and particularly those who have funded her. Follow the money, Carl. It will lead you to Mammon / Moloch.

    1. Hi Bill,
      I think you are stuck in the issue of Hillary versus Trump. I will never agree that she its small children and whatever else is being said about her by Alex Jones or the Republican side. I think this has much to do with the fact that she is a woman and America is a very masculine society.
      Leaving that aside, of course, the world is run by the richest one percent. Did I ever say anything different? To give names to them does not change too much since it is a thing created by a system which is now crumbling as the Global Mind goes into a night. But given this state of affairs it does not seem logical to vote exactly such a “Mr corporate” himself as Mel was saying into power.

      I really want to emphasize however that day and night are not metaphors. They are as real as anything else in the world. The background to this in how the universe is created is quite amazing and is discussed in my forthcoming book The Nine Waves of Creation and has only been discovered in the very few most recent years.

  16. Interesting, provocative article, Carl. Do you anticipate any pivot in another direction when the next day comes in (towards the end of November)? There have been calls to do away with the electoral college (by Sen. Barbara Boxer) and a Change.org petition which garnered over 4.3 million signatures. There will also be a hearing this Friday to decide on whether the Trump University fraud class action suits proceed on schedule before New Year or are delayed (as Trump desires). Also, it’s important to note that Brexit has also been stalled by the recent court case (in favor of Parliamentary approval over triggering Art. 50). This case will go to the UK Supreme Court in December to decide the matter once and for all. So I wonder — running the parallel track of the UK and US if these nations will continue to operate more or less in tandem – and that we’re in for a significant setback for Trump. I guess that could be wishful thinking on my part…

    1. Thank you for this valuable information. I feel so grateful to the sometimes courageous people that are taking such actions in the political arena that are necessary for us to create a better world.

      1. My pleasure. I should also add that Theresa May became Prime Minister of Britain on the heels of the fallout from Brexit (David Cameron resigned). While there is perhaps not direct parity, again clinging to a tiny shred of hope, I wondered at the time if this wouldn’t somehow be the year of the woman in power (Margrethe Vestager also fairly recently took on the all-powerful Competition Commissioner role in the EU). Obviously it’s looking a lot different since last Wednesday and the women in power are still emulating male modalities of power but one can still dream of ‘outlandish’ scenarios which could give way to this unlikely outcome (after all Trump was an absolute ‘long shot’ as well).

        1. Yes, women in positions of power should be a red coming from the 8th wave influence of the mind. Thank you for pointing that out. That they will then also bring qualities into this work would be a second step I think and it is yet to come.

  17. If she ” really works for “whoever you say she does, they cant be very powerful and consequently we dont have to fear them -otherwise Mrs. Clinton would have won the election….because so influential background major powers who cannot even “make” an election, I mean really !!

    1. Exactly!! Well said! We really don’t need to fear them. That Clinton lost the elections is the confirmation that the control system/cabal/NWO has definitely lost control and that we stand with both feet in the new era. Therefor it’s sad that Calleman still fears them and puts his head under the ground about and denies all the evil facts Clinton stands for; what Wikileaks published is just the tip of the iceberg what the clinton dynasty and foundation have done.

      1. I have no particular attachment to Clinton, even if I cannot wrap my mind around why so many people seems to hate her. But it seems many people are more interested in what they think is happening behind the scenes than what is actually happening, which is that a bunch of billionaires have taken control of the United States that expressly will take away many of the rights, democratic principles and social programs that facilitate for people in general to make their voices heard.

      2. That happened already 300 years ago when the richest families took control and went into full manifestation after 9/11.

        1. Please try to understand that the Mayan calendar takes a higher perspective. It is obvious that the rich and wealthy families have a control and if you like this goes back to the institution of the first dynasty of Egypt at the beginning of the Sixth Wave 5200 years ago. But if you do not understand why this has happened and why the world is controlled by the few 1 % you will never be able to do anything about it. It is this knowledge that the Mayan calendar provides and it goes much deeper than whether to vote for Trump or Clinton.

  18. I resonate with this article (and with your work in general Dr Calleman) although it has to be understood from a certain perspective, given that the perspective taken from the Trump side is derived more from empirical thinking and logic (eg using wikileaks evidence and other forms of propaganda to promulgate Trump) whereas Hillary supporters relied mainly on instinct (which i guess are core tendencies of the left right dichotomy in politics. The right are factual based whereas the left are ethics based, although what constitutes ethics cannot be rationally derived as it is emotively driven, and thereby intuitive. Therefore, in Western countries it is quite likely that the “right” perspective is always undertaken as we have evolved to being scientific rather than religious based in our societies, and therefore intuition and spirituality have become either overlooked or disregard by the masses on a collective level. That being said, both candidates were terrible and it was a choice of 2 ills unfortunately.

    What we can see with the wave movements is that over the next 400 years or so, we are entering a decline in what we deem we civilisation, only to rise again in the next 200 years or so. This correlates with the visions of various indian sages in the 20th century (eg Sri aurobindo, meher baba) who foresaw a Golden age c.2400 AD. Even though things may seem bleak on one level now, there is nonetheless still hope.

    Irrespective of who we vote for, the power is out of the masses hands anyway due to the elite controlling all the wealth of resources, so certain things such as nwo probably cannot be avoided anyway. However, with the higher waves available, we are gradually coming to realise that the only way out is self liberation (enlightenment) as that really is the only way out now. As you said, the waves are available for us to resonate in to, so it’s by no means going to be a smooth ride, but as history has always shown, a coup or a revolution of sorts only brings about something worse than what preceded it. True change can only come through the modest contributions of the truly great minds amongst, and by weathering the storm rather than resisting it. The downturn of this 6th wave and whatever havoc it brings will gradually make us realise that the only way to overcome these obstacles is by less resistance, as it is by only by the way we conduct ourselves in our day to day life that has a true consequence to whatever is around us. Therefore, we are having to come to realise that we are going to have to behave appropriately in order to peacefully coexist freely amongst each other. This comes from the intuition, the intuition which constitutes the true nature of ethics, of which can only be searched for on the higher waves, particularly the 9th.

    I’m sorry if I rambled on but I had to share these thoughts, whatever you make of them.


    1. I’m shocked to see you label the right as factual-based. That statement is not factual-based. The left is much more awake to factual truth, while the right just seems to be swept up in emotions.
      As a Jungian, one of the things I see is when people project. Trump projected onto Hillary, all the while, doing the things he did. I have never heard anyone on the right be accountable for what they did. Bill Clinton may have done some questionable things (though what president hasn’t?), but one thing that’s a fact is that he took a deficit, balanced the budget, and ended up with a surplus, the only time that’s happened in my lifetime. And yet the conservatives say they stand for fiscal accountability.
      What I have not yet seen in Trump is any sort of respect.

      1. I am not certain who you are responding to. I for one do not consider Trump s factually based and think that his whole campaign is typical of a dark age where you can say anything without any kind of evidence or background.

      2. I wasn’t referring to Trumps campaign as being factually based – of course it was built on impulsive irrationality, I meant in a general sense of what right wing means (eg classic liberalism) and how in a conventional sense how left/right not always but usually justify their arguments.

  19. Hi Carl, I was somewhat amused by the different interpretations people have of the recent events. It shows a certain amount of subjectivity in how events are seen to fit into the cycles of the Mayan calendar. In my view, Clinton is identified with the empire existing at the end of the 7th Day of the sixth wave. She talked openly of policies that would likely lead to the use of nuclear weapons to maintain the status quo. So she was a relic of the past, you might say. In that sense, it was only right that she lost the election. Trump’s win, on the other hand, is consistent with the onset of the Night with its expected more chaotic time. During this period, some will resist the loss of social order and work to regain what appears to have been lost. Because it is a time of chaos, we still may see the use of nuclear weapons. Hopefully the motivation to use them in the Night of the sixth wave will be less motivated by dreams of empire and so be less likely. I hope we can all rise above the chaos of this Night and use the creativity ability inherent in the Days of the 9th wave. Your interpretation of the Mayan calendar offers this as a beacon of hope.

  20. If you lived in the US, understood the law and the culture, you would realize the mainstream media has its own political viewpoint and biases. California will not leave the union (constitutionally impossible), the government will not round up law abiding illegal aliens (local laws make it impossible), etc. The media says these things, or takes Trump’s comments out of context, to create headlines to attract viewers. It’s their business to scare because that is how they make money! You bought into it and added your own subjective fears to apparently try and justify some of your own cycle theory, which is interesting but still unproven with no scientific basis in fact.

    Unlike you I am a US citizen. I studied the issues then voted. Trump was the best choice. Not perfect, but he certainly understands people and he understands how the economy works and how to create economic growth. We are lucky to have someone so very successful in business as our President. His unique skills will help the US to continue to excel in many areas of the world economy. The broad democratic principles embedded in the Constitution have helped the US to be spectacularly successful for 250 years. They are still alive and well as proven by the recent vigorous election of someone the media insisted “could not be elected”!

    Peace and Love.

    1. I do live in the US so I have a sense of what s going on here. The theories I am presenting are as scientific as it gets based on a vast material of history and biology. The problem is that so few people are actually diving into the historical evidence.

      1. Hi Dr. Calleman:

        Nazi brainwashing techniques have been used on the American people. That was the psychological component of this election. Wilhelm Reich detailed it in his 1946 book, “The Mass Psychology of Fascism”. It is also instructive that the Nazi belt buckles are embossed with “Gott Mit Uns” above the swastika. The propaganda was of course was extremely effective due to the cycle of the Mayan Calendar. Trump is basically “”the wrong man at the right time”

        1. I cannot believe how many otherwise seemingly rational people have fallen into the rhetoric of these demagogue. It is almost like a trance that blind people to reality and the general rule is that what Trump accused Clinton of is exactly what he is doing himself. How he is now mixing his political position with expanding his business empire is a very clear case: http://www.nationofchange.org/2016/11/20/trump-poised-violate-constitution-first-day-office-george-w-bushs-ethics-lawyer-says/
          If this is not globalism, what is? This is how projection works and for unethical people this is a very useful tool.

          1. There is also a very excellent article by Naomi Wolff published in The Guardian, back in, 2007, “The 10 Steps to Fascism in America”. We have the institutions, the infrastructure, and the precedents to put it in place. The proposed strike by the Service Workers Union on Thanksgiving at O’Hare in Chicago, and how it is spun by Trump & Co. will be a big indicator on what we can expect when people exercise their rights in this new era of Darkness.

  21. Dear Carl, just to share…. we have just gone into the 10th Day of the 8th wave which is a 360 Tun cycle that started on 2nd Oct 16, i may have got the context wrong but I noticed someone saying we are entering the 9th Night which actually completed on 1st Oct 16, so this new opening of consciousness now is taking us to a peak which will bring a new shift perhaps, so it supports the amplified change that is going on… Yet on the 7th level we are in the 7th Night of 19.3 years, I am doing Maya Day Keeping on this site http://www.theuniversalfrequency.com, inspired by Carl’s sacred work and my walk with the Maya Day Keepers in Guatemala and Mayan art.

  22. Dear Carl, yes i can certainly agree that it is important to understand the historical evidence of TIME and how this aligns to the Mayan calendar 9 Level pyramids growth. In order to grasp what is going on we need to look at where we have come from, what our intention is is what we become, what the Universes intention is is what it is becoming, our primary role should be to understand this and tune into what the Universe is growing to become. By reading your Mayan calendar books since 2007 i have grown to understand something special that i am truly grateful for, that we ow so much to the Maya for too. Thanks.

  23. Jean Houston, who started one of the first of the modern mystery schools 35 years ago, about 10 years ago, talked about how Hillary is a “holder of all projections”. No one outside of her immediate circle actually knows who she is. (I’m constructed similarly.) It’s no wonder she was exalted and vilified so strongly.
    While Trump is also a projection screen, it’s less opaque there; his actual personage comes through the screen enough to get some sense of who he is.

  24. Carl, I only had time to skim your article. I didn’t see anything in there about what we might be able to do about this. Did I miss that, or is that not part of what you intended to offer?

    1. This article is essentially not meant to offer what we should do about it. I do go into this in my coming book however, but the first thing is to understand what is actually happening and why.

  25. Dr. Calleman, I would like to admit I’m looking thru the information and these posts for more of the functional structure of these very important 13 (?) days and nights of this ninth wave. It seems that 18 days and 18 nights are noted on an image with calendar days that look like they don’t exactly line up. Of course it would be very helpful to compare this to my planner… lol !
    I have noticed feeling differently at times: from very comfortable and living ‘in relief’… to a drop and feeling really tired. I believe the ninth wave and it’s behavior is something I want to track.
    Somewhere in all the reading I’ve done it mentions resting on the part of the wave that goes below the base line. I really don’t expect you to give me all that information here if it’s in the book but I wonder if you could tell me if I’m “on the wavelength” so to speak. This is the most important revelation I could hope for as I’m IE intuitive empath. I also notice how being receptive is all I wish to do with this information. I’m aware what is happening is being revealed and I’m already appreciating the personal relief I feel. [Sorry this type of writing can be circular.]
    Thank you for the work you’ve done on this over the years.
    I’ve ordered the book and I suppose it will come soon enough and yet I am so drawn to how it ‘actually’ feels to be ‘actually’ riding/experiencing this wave function and it’s wisdom.
    I suppose I am looking for some additional support for this “former.mind” to continue to shift, as I and all of us become adjusted to our evolving connection to Creation. Yours, holly

    1. I do not think that any one person (such as myself) can say what the ninth wave will mean to all other people, although there seem to be some general rules based on the trial groups that have been following it for some time. I think it is a great step if you are able to recognize what the wave means to you. This in turn will make you realize that the wave is real and that there exists a wave that leads to unity consciousness. In a second step this may help you align your life with the divine process of creation and finally maybe there will even be process that are intentionally directed towards that goal on a collective scale. In other words, you are a pioneer and as an intuitive empath your contribution will be very valuable.

  26. One who doesn’t know better could easily think you are a Rothschild-puppet. This is their propaganda. Or are you? Your work was so good.

    1. What is available for those that study the nine waves of creation is an understanding of what actually drives evolution and how the world has come to be as unequal as it is at the current time and how we maybe can redirect ourselves from this. This is very important as most conspiracy theorists have nothing to offer but negativity. Thank you for appreciating my work.

      1. That’s exactly why you need to face the current moment from an objective perspective instead out of fear. Conspiracy is a word to pull back critical thinkers or people who research the facts. In the light of evolution we have entered a new era where people don’t accept the matrix the elite put us in anymore. That an elite member like Clinton didn’t win the elections means that the elite lost control. That’s what we were all looking forward to: the era of Light and prosperity for everyone. In your words ‘conspiracy’ theorists then are positive because they embrace that the control system collapses while people like you who want to keep inequality, power to the 1%, war, financial repression and the current paradigm, then are the the negatives. You could embrace these developments instead of being negative. That you take an other road where you have no knowledge about is possibly because you want to reach a broader audience, but you will never reach the same audience like Jones and Icke as long as you speak out of fear while Icke and Jones have no fear to speak the truth. We have finally entered the era of truth.

  27. It’s the start of the next ‘day’ (25 November) and it looks like the call for a recount has taken hold on the precipice of one of the state’s deadlines (today) – thanks to $5 million in crowd-funding from private citizens to the Green party’s initiative via Jill Stein. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/clinton-lead-popular-vote-2016-231790

    Good news for election transparency in general whatever the findings however, methinks that a DOJ investigation into potential Russian interference makes more sense in light of the fact pattern of this particular election.


    However the period of the inauguration day on January 20th is during another ‘night’, no? I know this doesn’t necessarily portend nefarious forces but it obscures the lighter forces of forward-movement, etc., correct?

    1. These are very valid observations about the ninth wave I think. It seems that the Ninth Wave is beginning to play a role also on the
      collective scale of affairs. While many people on this forum have been discussing the Trump/Clinton controversy and I naturally as everybody else have my views on this (essentially looking for what generates increased equality in the world) this is somewhat beside the point. What is really important is that people come to understand the factors that drive evolution and explores what the Ninth Wave means to themselves. Without such a knowledge there will be no movement forward with people setting positive goals for manifesting the Golden Age. People will have to discover individually what this means to them since we do not all have identical purposes, but nonetheless, as you are pointing out it seems that the collective course of events is now already beginning to be affected by the Ninth Wave.

      1. Excellent point. I know we are all so collectively invested in global news but yes, we each play a role individually in the collective playing out of the wave and need to be conscious of that. I have recently ping-ponged from feeling absolutely dark and despairing to feeling connected and wanting to express unity consciousness. I suppose this is par for everyone’s course – these are unsteady times with great opportunities woven into them!

        1. I believe we alternate between resonances with different waves and that this influences what modes we are in. I doubt that there currently is someone anywhere who has developed a pure resonance with the Ninth Wave, but may are on their way.

  28. Thank you very much for sharing what you share,
    i wish people were more calm and quiet in the mind and use this information to go within…
    not to cause or get into argument, you say this or he said that.

    time to change patterns as clearly seen many got already confused with the changes and then look what is outside to point and blame,

    go within brothers and sisters , this is what it is all about.

    once again thanks Dr. Carl for the insight.


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