The Stakes in the US Presidential Election – What it is really about from a Mayan calendar perspective

The presidential election in the United States is approaching. Some seem to think that the outcome is not important or that there is no real choice. But the outcome is not predetermined no matter how often some people say that the system is rigged. Moreover, it is a choice of importance for the future course of human civilization. In fact, the result of the election will be a very significant aspect of the manifestation of the shift that took place in 2011 (or in 2012 as many believed). It is for this reason I want to clarify the importance of this shift in the perspective of the Mayan calendar and the implications this may have for the current US election. The many suggestions that were made at the time regarding the meaning of the shift were so much off the mark and sometimes deliberately distorted that for many it has been difficult to see what this shift has really meant.

The prophetic Mayan calendar system describes Nine Waves of Creation, which with increasing frequencies have been consecutively activated since the beginning of time (what now goes by the name of the Big Bang). The fact that the evolution of the universe now proceeds on nine different levels is however the reason that the calendar system may sometimes be difficult to understand at a casual glance. The waves are, if you will, creating several different parallel timelines. Hence, the waves are interacting to create interference patterns that sometimes create converging and sometimes conflicting effects. Regardless, it has been through these waves that all life in the universe is created as was recognized by the many ancient civilizations that saw serpents (that is to say Waves) as the creator gods of the universe. As we modern people can also verify through the detailed knowledge that is available to us, this calendar system very precisely describes evolution in all of its aspects.

The purpose of this creation is for humanity to climb to the ninth level of evolution. In early 2011 the Ninth Wave, which is the wave with the highest frequency, was activated and for the first time in human history this by itself has created the possibility for people to create a permanent peace that includes the whole planet. However, despite its inherent appeal, the power of this wave in the present world is still quite limited and only influences a minor group of people that are starting to perceive reality from a state of oneness. The Ninth Wave has been active only a very short period of time and only over time will it come to shape the destiny of humanity if we set our intent on this. Lower waves such as the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Waves are playing more prominent roles at the present time. Hence it is meaningful to look at the consequences these waves now have through their effects on the human mind. Among these, I discussed the Sixth Wave (also called the Long Count, Fig 1) already in my article Trump and Brexit- Why the world seems to be going crazy. (

fig-3-1-copy-3Fig 1. The rise and fall of major civilizations under the influence of the Sixth Wave.

As we can see from Fig 1, the rise and fall of human civilizations almost perfectly follow the wave movement of the Sixth Wave and this becomes even more clear if you make a detailed analysis of the various peaks and valleys in this wave. This wave has developed civilization from its local manifestations in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley in the first day to the global civilization created by Britain and the United States in the seventh day. The nights in between the days are essentially dark ages. The civilizations that the days of this wave have created have however notably been patriarchal and characterized by the dominance of certain classes of society over others. The history of civilizations is no picnic and the reason is that the global mind that it carries is dualist in nature (see 6th Wave in Fig 2). And so, when people download this mind they, unbeknownst to themselves, start to perceive reality through a separating filter and based on this perception they have then recreated societies based on separation. This Sixth Wave has recently (October 2011) gone into a night (Fig 1) and one of the consequences is that at least in terms of rational thinking we have entered a new dark age.

Fig 4.2

Fig 2. Different polarities of the mind associated with different creation waves and their time points of activation.

This dark age should be evident to anyone who has witnessed the current American election cycle: The darkness is evident in an almost complete lack of rationality on the Trump side, but also in the role that conspiracy thinking has come to play in it. As people overall are mostly unaware of this shift of the Sixth Wave into a night they are also unaware of the factors that underlie this election. Instead of an awareness of the changes the world is now going through, conspiracy thinking, sometimes generated by white supremacists, has come to play a large role in the discussions. As people are unaware that we have gone into a night, which may bring out the shadow side in many human beings, an unprecedented tendency has emerged to project this darkness onto others. This is the reason that despite the fact that Trump is a billionaire with many obvious patriarchal and Hitler-like traits, his supporters tend to project these supremacist traits onto the opposing side.

It should be noted that Hitler was elected and took dictatorial powers in Germany exactly at a shift to a night (in the Seventh Wave) and blamed (projected) all the difficulties of the German people after a lost war on an international conspiracy. Something similar may now come to happen in the United States. What happens at a shift to a night as we are now experiencing is also typically that the nations or empires that have had the light on their backs during the preceding day (which in this case translates essentially to the Western powers and especially the UK and the US) are beginning to feel that their strength is receding and so there will be a tendency to try to bolster it through nationalism. When right wing politicians now talk about “Taking their country back” or “Making America great again” this turn into a night is what they are seeking to reverse.

But as the German people got to experience in the 1930’s and 40’s the attempt to solve their problems through chauvinism led to the ruin of their country and to the extent that the Brexit-voters and the Trumpists are given power the same backlash will be experienced in our current time by the major Anglo-Saxon powers. History cannot be turned backwards as it is fundamentally driven by wave movements such as the one in Fig 1. Regardless, the reason that the current election cycle in the United States has become so belligerent and overall hostile is not only Trump personally, but more importantly that he is riding a wave that he is not aware of exists and does not know where it is going. If he has his way it will lead straight into the manifestation of a dark age.

The situation of entering a four hundred year long night in the Sixth Wave may indeed at first sight seem depressing, especially as the white supremacist movements Trump has unleashed may persist. Yet, even if there is such a risk the waves that have been activated more recently such as the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth waves will also have a major impact on how humanity will evolve in the coming times. It is for instance exclusively under the influence of the Sixth wave that the relationship between the genders is patriarchal and so this relationship is now poised to be changed in the higher waves. Since the Sixth Wave has been the dominating factor driving civilization for the past 5000 years, this still plays a very significant role for gender relationships. Already the Seventh Wave, activated in 1755 CE (Fig 2) commenced a process of liberation of women as well as of slaves. In fact, before this Wave was activated there were no major movements advocating the liberation of women or of slaves and democracy was almost non-existent. This is because the nature of human relationships is fundamentally conditioned by the creation waves that people are in resonance with. Before the duality of the Sixth Wave could be transcended by the Seventh Wave mind human societies were organized into separate groups between which there existed no bridges. This exemplifies that unbeknownst to most people, how humans act in the political arena is fundamentally conditioned by shifts in the polarity of the global mind that we are all in resonance with. Our minds, in other words are not created by our brains, but rather downloaded from a global, and ultimately cosmic, mind that we are in resonance with through the creation waves. The shifts in these waves are outside of human control as they emanate from the center of the universe and build up a cosmic plan for the evolution of consciousness and so create a destiny for us as a species.

Thus, as we can see from Fig 2, and as can be easily verified from a study of history, inequalities and injustices in human societies are created by the mind sets and polarities that people are dominated by under the influence of different waves. Only after a balanced mind could be downloaded in 1755, would monarchies start to lose their powers through the American and French revolutions, in the latter case through the Women’s March on Versailles. Only after the shift in perception that the polarity of the Seventh Wave brought about, would the ending of the slave trade start to be discussed, which eventually led to the liberation of slaves. None of this was possible in the preceding time when people were dominated by the dualist mind created by the Sixth Wave. It is however important to see that outside of the ancient Mayan calendar people have essentially been unaware of the fact that they are dominated by such polarities of the mind. They have not directly experienced the gradual mental shifts that are produced by the activation of new waves. Even though they have noticed the marked change taking place around them at such shift points, humans have overall just believed that they are in total command of their fates and so denied that they have been under a commanding influence of creation waves that in fact have been playing the decisive role for molding human civilization.

In our own time, a process towards equality has however been even more marked as the Eighth Wave, activated in 1999, has brought the possibility for humans to create resonance with this Wave that brings a mind that has an opposite polarity to that which created the patriarchy (compare the 6th and 8th Waves in Fig 2). The light is in other words now favoring the right brain half, which tends to cancel out the dominance of the Sixth Wave and so favors women. The Eighth Wave also has several other effects such as for instance strengthening the Eastern Hemisphere on a global scale and fostering creativity in the digital realm, but in this article I will limit the discussion to its effects on the relationships between the genders. It goes without saying that the effects these waves have will, by all those who are unaware of their existence, be interpreted as mysterious forces coming from the outside that stimulate conspiracy theories. Those that for whatever reason are unable to adapt to the changes that the new waves bring, will then seek people in the physical reality to blame (such as women, Muslims or Mexicans), rather than looking at what waves they resonate with. If to this we add the fact that these changes actually are aspects of a global mind then it is easy to understand that the reactionary side usually blames globalism for the kind of changes they experience as taking place.

Fig 8.1

Fig 3. The higher waves of the mind, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th waves. Note that the frequency of the waves increase twentyfold with every higher wave.

In Fig 3 we can see the frequencies of the four highest waves in the same scale and how they are continuing after the shift in 2011. While the Sixth Wave’s downturn into a night is so long that it is hard to see in the figure, the Eighth Wave has a high frequency, with shifts between peaks and valleys taking place every 360 common days rather than every four hundred years. A new day in the Eighth Wave began in Oct 2, 2016 and as might have been expected it generated an outburst of women protesting sexual domination from the Trump side. This was an expression we will see reinforced especially with the activation of every new day in this wave; at least until a balance has been attained between the genders. Overall, in the large scale of things women thus now, because of the Eighth Wave, after about five thousand years of civilization finally have the wind on their backs. But did anyone expect that habits that have been established by five thousand years of patriarchy would disappear without resistance? One of the aspects of the Trump campaign in the United States is thus to reinforce this male resistance. Things are actually what they seem and not what conspiracy theorists want to divert them to.

The current election in the United States is then really an election between on the one hand the waves of the future, the Eighth and the Ninth Wave and on the other the Sixth Wave that has gone into a night. Hence, we are really participating in a spiritual cosmic drama that is now expressed politically. As we can see from Figs 1 and 3, humanity is at a crossroads for the future of civilization. A vote for Trump will strengthen the dark side for us to remain in the patriarchy of the Sixth Wave, while a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the rise of women in public life and otherwise with potential repercussions globally. A vote for Trump is certainly likely to lead to a collapse of the current world order and its replacement with a state of barbarism. At a minimum it is clear that his candidacy has already resulted in a considerable decline of the respect for the United States in the rest of the world. If he is actually elected we can be certain that the whole network of global collaboration upon which the world depends will come to collapse, sooner rather than later and I do not know if everyone is ready for this. These are not exaggerations, but logical conclusions from what he himself is saying together with his narcissistic personality. When some people claimed that the shift in the Mayan calendar would mean the end of the world, maybe this development was what they were sensing, but it should also be clear that it is not predetermined. The different waves in the Mayan calendar system only represent more or less strong potentialities, and collectively speaking we have a choice as to what will manifest.

This article obviously goes counter to many of the conspiracy theories that otherwise and previously quite reasonable people are now buying into. Some of these conspiracy theories go back to decades of demonizing of a potential female president by the Republican right. To me it is however clear that the emergence of many of these theories are inherent in the shift from a day to a night in the Sixth Wave. It should then also be pointed out that it is a complete illusion entertained by some that the “Mayan calendar did not mean anything.” In contrast, it meant so much that it took a few years for these changes to manifest, and to get clarity about what they meant. Yet, as the connection of these changes in the Mayan calendar waves have remained unconscious to people at large, conspiracy theories have come to be embraced to fill in the gaps for understanding the world, generating anger and resentment and without an understanding of how the cosmic plan is meant to move us forward. Given the immensity of the shift in the quantum field of waves that we are now going through on several levels (Fig 3), it seems that many people who are unaware of this experience see themselves as being under some kind of mind control by other humans making them unable to think for themselves.

As anyone reading my forthcoming book The Nine Waves of Creation will know I am not in any sense advocating the kinds of inequalities between billionaires and near-slavery that dominate the world today. It is only that these inequalities, and the associated slave mentality do not have their origin in conspiracies, but in the global mind and its polarities. The only reason such inequalities persist is that those oppressed resonate with the same dualist mind as their oppressors. As a consequence it will never be possible to change the world for the better by projections onto others, but only through transforming our own resonance with the global mind.

I also want to emphasize that the collective of nine waves on the horizon does create a destiny for humanity to manifest a Golden Age through developing resonance with the Ninth and highest Wave. It is then important to realize that the climb to resonance with the Ninth Wave has to be made stepwise. We in other words cannot go directly from the patriarchal Sixth Wave mind to the Ninth Wave and a Golden Age but first have to take the step to establish the balance of the Eighth Wave. This is why the gender issues highlighted in this election are not side-lines, but among the most important things that the election is about. Needless to say, a vote for Hillary Clinton is only a step, but it is a step forward in the right direction (meaning the destiny of humanity) in what likely will turn out to be a long struggle against the people wanting to stay in the dualist mind of the Sixth Wave. Put in other terms, if we do not have a deeply felt intent on creating equality, how could we ever be able to do anything about the oligarchs that currently profit the most from the military-industrial –security and banking systems. At the current time, not only conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, but also white supremacists like Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke have come out in favor of Trump. Do we have any reason to trust that such people have fairness and equality on a global scale at heart?

I hope that it is clear from Fig 2, that what I am advocating is an inner revolution. It is about what kind of mind we want to express in the world. Yet, this inner revolution also needs to be expressed in egalitarian relationships in the outer world– otherwise the spiritual level we may have attained means nothing to the world that we are meant to co-create. Thus, in order to attain the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave we have to first climb to the Eighth Wave and create the balance between the genders at a more or less global scale that this wave potentially carries. This willingness to create balance between the genders is thus a critical factor for humanity to manifest its collective destiny and we are still quite far from there. Americans participating in this election are thus faced with taking a stand, which may be decisive for the future of humanity. I have written this article because I believe that the knowledge of the larger picture may benefit this choice.

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. ( is the author of several books based on the Mayan calendar such as the most recent The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization (Inner Traditions, 2016) and The Nine Waves of Creation – Quantum Physics Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity (Inner Traditions, December 2016).

56 thoughts on “The Stakes in the US Presidential Election – What it is really about from a Mayan calendar perspective

  1. Thank you so much for this article, Carl. It offers so much information and is so pertinent to what we need to understand at this time. I will post in on Facebook and encourage all to read it! Blessings, Mary

  2. ” a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the rise of women in public life and otherwise with potential repercussions globally.”

    Truely I have to say: I cannot feel this – Hillary is not a women in the sense of loving, nurturing and caring.
    Humanity doesn’t need politicians like Clinton or Trump or Obama, …
    We need to find a peaceful way to reset: living together on planet earth, respecting her and all inhabitants and using wisely our ressources for the natural life first (and not for institutions, banks, banksters, materialism, lobbyism, …)

    Planet Earth has enought for all the existing 8 billion people, so we have to stop here: the growth of pollution, misuse and cars and humans and share the existing things wisely and correct so that never ever will come a time where 62 of the richest people own the equal amount of money/material things as 3,5 billion of the poor people.

    😉 Maybe every one of those 62 rich people should be forced to take a stewardship/maecenatum for 56.5 Million people and care for them, until harmony and balance are being realized!!!

    1. To me at least, it is obvious that any woman who would make it as far as Hillary has done has to be someone who has learned to play the game of politics. It is almost unimaginable what she has had to go through and I think it is quite remarkable that she still has some female traits. I agree fully that LOVE and TRUTH, NATURALITY, CONSCIOUSNESS and BEING SOVEREIGN is what humanity needs, but at the current time there is no one with those traits to oppose a very real danger not only to America, but also to humanity. IF you are able to deliver what humanity needs I hope you will make it through to do so at some point in time.

      1. Hillary may be female, but has none of the love and humanity of “feminine”.
        We all have our own masculine and feminine, which are not physical but psychological, social and spiritual : call it our “energy”.
        I think Hillary has/had less feminine “energy” than anyone I know !

        Thanks for the article : I agree on the waves, not on the elections.

  3. This article aided me in my decision whether to vote or not, although I am still at odds with the Clinton foreign policy. Your thoughts on that matter would be highly prized.

    I have evolved to a definite “never Trump” voter quite easily by just by using the (Ethics) attributes of the 9th Wave. The Trump camp has exhibited all the negative traits of the milieu that our society has positively moved through during the 7 decades of my life, and it is crystal clear that his election would be. not only be antithetic to progress but regretfully entropic for the world.

    However I do trust the Universe and intend to joyfully ride the defined Wave in either case.

    Thank you for this article and I look forward to your new book!

    Arthur Dubuc

    1. Hello Arthur,
      I think the reality is that the United States based on the shift into a night will no longer have the kind of commanding role it has had over the past half-century or so. The Eastern hemisphere is on the rise because of this shift in the quantum field and it seems that especially Russia is up for filling up the gaps. In this regard there seems to be a clear difference between the two candidates as Trump is very much for Putin (and appreciates the fact that the polls in Russia gives Putin an 82 % liking) although he is developing a quite aggressive stance towards his neighbors. In this situation I think that what a president of the US should do is not to give in to a dictator, but not seek to roll back either. Just stay firm and seek to spread environmental and feminine values across the world much more actively than has done previously. To me, it seems obvious that Trump is such an erratic person that he could never deal with this kind of a balance act. But could Hillary? Maybe, but not if there is not support for her and even pressure from people at large regarding what she is doing.

  4. I have to completely disagree you will find out thru #Wikileaks #Anonymous and others the Clintons are at the head of a global child trafficking pedophile syndicate in which the Clinton Foundation masquerades as a charity but instead they and their entities show up in Haiti and other disasters and kidnap children, look into the Lolita Express and Jeffrey Epstein these people are the lowest and the FBI and NYPD are about to make many many arrests to prevent a soft coup of America by these vile criminals the entire govt including Obama DOJ Lynch etc have been blackmailed compromised some are guilty of these nefarious acts themselves wait and see Trump is helping/being helped by the FBI and NYPD to stop the Clinton Crime Family once and for all these were found on Weiner’s laptop and cellphone w/Huma Abedin check out Steve Pieczenik’s videos too the whole knows now but MSM only beginning to report.

    1. Hello Helene,
      Obviously you and I listen to and trust different sources of information. The purpose of my article was however mostly to discuss what is the origin of these differences. Why have people in recent times come to be completely infatuated with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories as never before? Could there be a bigger picture that explains this fundamental shift in mind set? And is this really what we want rather than an understanding of where the cosmic plan wants us to go?

  5. Thank you Carl for your great article. It is still very complicated for the lay man. Never the less it is clear that the comming week a crucial choice is needed. For me, living on the continent, america is already for a long time not an example country. The violence with so many people carrying guns creats a society of fear. And this is what Trump uses to get the masses behind him.
    The political system is fundamentally wrong: two parties are always the basis for comflict. Atleast there should be a third alternative. But as only billionaires can become president it is seldom the wish for the wellbeing of the population but mostly the lust for power that is at stake. If you have all the money you might ever need, the only thing you are lacking is power and such desires allways lead to conflict. Indeed people must accept the other gender as fully equal. That brings into practise the very ancient command: Love thy neighbour. This can be done everywhere, not only in America.
    Yes I agree humanity is put on the scales. Who will have the upperhand?

  6. Dear Carl, I rarely read an entire article, because as you know I am busy writing myself. However, your article Carl was so compelling and objective that I had to finish it. As we said when we spoke, we agree wholeheartedly that this is all about energy and consciousness. Your insight into Hilary is refreshing, because it is exactly what Craig and I feel. No one gets to the top in politics without learning to play the game. Nonetheless, her life’s work to bring equality speaks for itself. I liked that you said all the players involved are unaware of the energy influencing them. Working on my thesis for my new book, in tracking the influence through history has demonstrated how inspired your work is. Cannot wait to read your new book. Thank you for writing this, Namaste, Peace, Love, Joy & Compassion Always, Suzzan

  7. I also question your analysis of today’s political situation. I view Trump more in the lines of Jesus throwing the moneychangers out of the temple. Trump may have a loud, egoistic and threatening personality but I don’t think that your comparison of him to Hitler helps your cause. It exposes your lack of resonance to his message. People do believe Trump when he states his love of the USA. I love the USA because of its constitution and the rights it gives to people. Today’s government which is aligned with Hillary is very much at odds with the constitution and it is giving the authority to the global overseers like the UN and IMF to rule our lives. That is not what most Americans voted for in the last 50 years but that is what we are getting. The future of mankind is positive and it will eventually display the better qualities of cultural coexistance but some things will be changed that have to
    be changed and Trump seems to be the agent.

    1. Beautifully put, Robert !

      When one has feelings, sensitivity and love for humanity and the universe, it’s difficult to express how unhuman Hillary feels. You have put it right : let’s hope Trump will bring back democracy for *all* the Americans, let’s hope he will truly pull out of all those war zones around the world and reinject that budget into infrastructure and services useful for the people.

      1. Well, Trump hardly has much of any feminine qualities and is now about to establish a new world order
        of total control of the rise and wealthy. Was whatever shortcoming Hillary might have had as a person really worth destroying freedom?

  8. Your article is very surprising!! As a french person I can assure you that the french revolution had nothing to do with the
    liberation of the people, on the contrary. After the revolution ordinary people hat not instance left to protect them and
    lost of lot of little privileges they had before.
    As for Clinton and Trump, we in Europe we would have rather Trump elected because he is not a war monger the
    way Hillary Clinton ist. She is the Hitler-person = Hitlery as many describe her. We are fed up with all the wars the
    USA are starting everywhere on this planet. She will prepare a war with Russia because her “masters” want this
    to happen. It is very surprising that you talk of conspiracy theories as those would not exist!!
    The history is full of conspiracies and the 9/11 ist definitively one, an enormous one.
    To quote you: people have come to be completly infatuated with – not unsubstantiated – conspiracy therories in recent times
    because they have realised that they were lied to and lost trust in the elites. The bigger picture is that more an more people
    are becoming more conscious of whats happening on this planet.
    Didn’t you see this video where Clinton laughs horribly about the death of Kaddafi saying: ” we came, we saw, he died”!!
    And such a person should becom president of the US.

    1. Naturally, there are real conspiracies in human history, quite possibly the 9/11. There are also donors like Robert Mercer and his wife Rebekah, who largely funds Breitbart and the Trump campaign. This is not what I am talking about,
      but the currently very dominating view even among people who have some spiritual orientation to look upon everything as conspiracies and it understandably leaves them in a very dark place where there is absolutely no way forward.

      In your view it seems for instance that the world in terms of equality between the genders and generally between social classes have not moved forwards from the time before the French Revolution. All I can say is that this is an unusual view. Does this mean that you think France should go back to the system it had before this and for instance reintroduce slavery, the absolute power of the monarchy and the nobility? If so, you are consistent, but you certainly do not create any opening for progress to take place anywhere.

      Besides, what I hear from Europe is mostly that people there recognize that Trump is a dangerous person, but of course there are all kinds of opinions everywhere.

  9. Carl- you are simply embarrasing yourself with your naive and mis-informed ideas about Hillary Clinton. She is the most corrupt person in politics today. She has been responsible for the murder of over 47 people and she partipates in sex-slave parties with under-age girls. She has sold weapons to ISIS and she stole millions of dollars intended for aid to Haiti and put it in her own pocket leaving the Haitians with nothing in their time of most dire need. You are too stuck in your head and your complex intellectual thoughts about all this and therefore out of touch with your heart. Please snap out of your delusions and wake up to who is actually the representative of the dark side and the evil. Hillary’s puppet masters are Kissinger, Soros and the rest of the illuminati. Need I say more? Do some more research and don’t rely so much on TV news or mainstream media. Just because she is female doesn’t mean she’s not evil. It would be a horrifc tragedy to bestow the honor of First Woman President to the MOST DISHONORABLE woman in politics.

    1. Most of what you are saying I do not believe and it is obvious that we trust different sources of information. It is beginning to sound like what the Nazis were saying about the Jews when there was another shift into a night: That they ate children and something similar may soon be revealed about Hillary from some conspiracy web site. There seem to be no limits to what can be claimed at this time.

      It is not that I do not know what conspiracy theorists say about Hillary. I just know that the Republican right has been campaigning very hard against her for decades to the point that today Trump is actually encouraging people to kill her. This whole mentality has paved the way for the kind of accusations you are presenting now. I think this leads straight into a dark age and is really threatening the application of the US constitution. But again the whole purpose of my article was to present a higher perspective on what is happening today based on the wave movements that are currently shaping life on our planet.

      1. Carl,
        Define a conspiracy theorist.
        We are not talking aboyt “theories” any more, these are facts : they just simply have not yet been judged in court … because of the system which is (has been ?) under the control of people like Hillary.

        Don’t misread me, Carl. I am a fan of yours, have been for years : I have read your books, studied the Mayan calendar and the Balinese calendar system (different level, of course).
        This discussion here is about love, feelings, feminine energy : can you feel any of that in Hillary (watch her campaign videos) ? I cannot.

        1. When I talk about a conspiracy theorist I am not really referring to people that refer to real conspiracies. Conspiracies do exist and 9:11 may very well have been one. What I am referring to are people who look at everything from a kind of irrational hidden darkness that they do not see what is really in form of them. In America for instance, instance of fighting the actual system that allows billionaire of oligarchs to control the world and suggest alternatives to this, they seek an international conspiracy against all things and work like the brevet voters against international collaboration and the United Nations. Many conspiracy thinkers are spewing all their hatred and projections on the people like Obama and Clinton who are crating some openings for freedom and let the real dangerous people like Trump win.

  10. Thank you for this very clear analysis. It is very well explained and helpful. I have been rather taken with the notion lately that the Big Bang was not the creation of the Universe…but the conception of it. Meaning that we, in this phase of our evolution, are still in utero and the birth is yet to come. Certainly the perspectives you have so diligently developed and shared might be looked at in this framework, too. Perhaps we are essentially cells forming a body (yet to be born) within a womb via these wave influences. I think I read this particular observation from Ra Uru Hu who brought through the Human Design (Science of Differentiation) System from 1987 until his death in 2011. I find it interesting that as the 8th wave approached it’s midpoint and started to break ground the brilliant work of Richard Rudd (The Gene Keys) and the Cosmology/ History Chronicles of our Galaxy through the Stellar Nations-Soul Families out of Hungary (Dr. Beatrix Czeizal and Aniko Gresko) also emerged. We are constantly being informed as individuals and as a collective by the riches of the comic mind and by the various thought systems such as yours and these others mentioned. We need these clean, clear bigger picture perspectives… Buddhists call them “Termas”…a kind of revealed knowledge (verses man-made mind constructs) to hold our bearings and to develop along the ninth wave. We also need the blood that circulates in this growing body to be the universal force of Love. For that we need to rely not on the mind but the heart, another aspect of our evolution. I’d say the nine-wave is about developing the heart of this evolving body in utero. I find it interesting that in the year 2011-2012 as the 9th wave was entering, the book Calling You, again from our Hungarian authors, was given into the world through them, This book addresses what we need to embody in the ninth wave. Well, I guess we are to stayed tuned while carefully picking the waves we tune into. Thank you for your dedicated work.

    1. Thank you. I like your metaphor that the ninth wave is like developing the heart of this evolving body in utero.
      A big problem is however that so may people do not know that these waves are real and so for this reason they are unaware of the very real existence of a cosmic plan leading to the evolution of this body. To demonstrate this in scientific terms is really the essence of my work, but this can only be clearly fleshed out in my books.

  11. Yes, let’s all vote for one of the most vile criminals to infect politics because she’s a woman. And because the mayan calendar says we should.

    Any REAL inner revolution on a large scale would see BOTH of these despicable candidates being rejected by all of the voters, and those voters creating their own self-regulation “administrative groups” instead of abdicating power to external rulers via government.

    Too bad your article didn’t touch on that concept, though.

    No, we’ll just have to hold our nose and vote for the most evil woman to don a pants suit in modern history because her idiot “opponent” is backed by morons like Jones and Duke.

    I find it unfortunate that any cogent analysis of the endless crimes of the Clintons is still being labelled with that oh-so-terrible word: CONSPIRACY. However, I am buoyed by the fact that the C-word has FAR less power to scare people away from critical thinking than it used to.

    1. Maybe you are right that in an ideal world where everyone would have climbed to a state of oneness with their higher selves people would have rejected these two candidates. We are however not living in an ideal world and these are the only two candidates that have a chance to become president. We will then as I see it have to look at them as to who they are, what policies they represent and the consequences of these in relation to the cosmic plan and take a stand based on this.

      1. Carl,
        We are living in “the world”. There is no “ideal world”, only the “real world”.
        Is it not the message of the Mayan calendar to help us understand why and how the “real world” is not “ideal”, but that the successive Waves are designed to take us (humanity) there ?

  12. Instead of taking an impartial view, you have simply used your platform come out against Trump. Other commenters above have already indicated why you could just as easily come out against Hillary. Hillary represents a duplicity, the charade of a new world order, where the USA is the “policeman” of the world, destroying countries and economies in it’s quest for dominance while selling out the people back home continues. Order out of chaos. Trump has already indicated that he intends to maintain good foreign relationships, but not at the expense of the people back home. That is not destructive, it’s sensible self-preservation.

    1. Personally, I think that the time is over when the US can be the policeman of the world and I have written consistently in my books about the coming end to western dominance in the world. This is what the wave pattern disposes us to, but the question is what it should be replaced with. I also think that after this election cycle where people like Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore has come out in favor of Hillary Clinton she would be bound to move in this direction if she is election. What Trump says does not mean very much. It changes from day to day and he has clearly indicated that he admires the Russian dictator (presumably meaning that is where he would go himself). I think the risk of the rise of fascism is much greater in the United States than most people realize. People seems to think that they can destroy Washington and still have a United States, but this is not the case. And I think it is absolutely clear that it is Trump and not Clinton who has the support of the white supremacists and that this is playing an increasingly more important role in his campaign.

      1. I wonder why you call Wladimir Putin a dictator? I do not ignore that we are permanently brainswashed with propaganda
        again Russia and his president but I would think that someone like you should not fall into this trap!!
        The US are bringing the problems in Europe with Russia as they organized the putch in Ukraine. Mc Cain was on the
        Maidan place with Victoria Nuland. May be you could from time to time read the alternativ medias and avoid too much
        mainstream medias.
        Clinton is a dangerous person and her political agenda will bring the americans as well as the europeans much
        suffering.The only chance ist that big suffering might allow a big shift in consciousness.

        1. Dictator comes out the fact that he changed the constitution so that he could be re-elected as president, but also because many journalists in Russia have been killed as they have started to scrutinize have the country has been run. We have strong reasons to believe that he will be president for life.

          Unfortunately, I do not think that big suffering will lead to a shift in consciousness. Shifts in consciousness come based on the intention people may have in attaining the state unity consciousness that the Ninth Wave carries. Overall, but not always, I think suffering blocks such transformation.

          1. If you think that I am defending the West you have completely misunderstood what I am saying. Quite in contrast I am saying that we have entered a time when the west will no longer be able to dominate the world and should not do so. At the same time i want to warn that this dark night may very well lead to a rise of fascism in the US under Trump. Americans for so long have been indoctrinated that they are a lighthouse of freedom and a great democracy that they do not think this kind of thing could happen in their own country. But the fact is that Hitler was once elected and it happened right at a shift to a night.

  13. Dear Brother Carl,

    Thank you for this excellent posting from a Mayan Calendar perspective. I have followed your work for many years and it rings true to me. I appreciate your insight and great knowledge and thank you for continuing to share it with others. I hold you in great respect.

    I submit that while I agree we are indeed at a crossroads that leads forwards or backwards, it is, in my humble opinion, not the election of Hillary Clinton that will make that choice. I believe that election involved Barack Obama, whom we elected twice, and whom we believed would lead us forward into the future. That, however, was a baby step. This election the curtain has been pulled back and revealed the darkness we must overcome. Hillary Clinton’s choices, her actions, her intentions, have shown us she intends to engage Putin by way of a no-fly zone over Syria, and her support of world-wide fracking is not healthy for our planet. It is true that Donald Trump is unfit to lead our country as well. We find ourselves in a place where we have two bad choices because they are both the product of the same system.

    It is not enough to “hope” that Hillary keeps her election promises. She won’t. But Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will stand up for us ferociously and hold her feet to the fire. But regardless of who wins, A majority of either party in Congress will block either President from accomplishing much. Our system is entirely broken, and continuing the “lessor of two evils” keeps the status quo, and we are way past that now. This election is like no other and there is actually no way to know how it’s going to turn out.

    For myself, who is not much of a conspiracy theorist, I believe Hillary will be President because if they can rig the Primary they can rig the General. Again, not a theory. Here in California, every member of my family had their registrations changed parties at the last minute, without our knowledge, and we were therefore unable to vote for our preference, Bernie Sanders. We weren’t the only ones. Election fraud is a fact.

    Ok so, what I want to say is that what REALLY needs to happen is that we don’t depend on the President or any political party to bail us out of the trouble they got us in. They won’t give up power so we have to take it away from them. Elon Musk thinks we should have a Popular Uprising against the Oil Companies and he is right! We need to get up off our couches and march in the streets! We need to get politically involved at all levels, starting with our local community! We need to participate in our government, in our future, in our own growth! That is how we choose the path forward. Leave the guns at home please, they scare me.

    We DO hold the future in our hands and we ARE expected to take part in this enlightenment. Regardless of how the election turns out, we are personally responsible for making the world a better place and we need to step up and get busy.

    I learned this from Bernie Sanders #OurRevolution He should have been the one.

    Love and light from S’hauni Waterdragon, Priestess of the Sacred Mists Coven

    1. Dear Sister,
      I could not agree with you more. Our positions are very similar and I do agree that it will take a vast grassroots participation in the process and the mediation by people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to have things go in the right direction. I do want to point out however that Trump is someone who would not in any sense be under popular control and if he would respond to anything outside of himself it would be to Rebekah Mercer and Vladimir Putin.

      1. Thank you for your kind response. 🙂 I am horrified by the idea of Trump as President but I have not seen any proof that Russia has any hand in this election regardless of what is being said by leaders in our country. I remind myself that there is no growth without chaos, because if everything was hunky dorky we wouldn’t be motivated to change. We need BIG CHAOS to inspire us to BIG GROWTH and so we have been given the tools we need for change. With a little luck and an extra nod from Mother Earth, perhaps our ongoing downloads will help us pull together to create big change. Watch for a dovetailing of progressive groups later on this month; in my opinion this will be the result and the response to the outcome of the election.

        Bernie Sanders agrees with you and supports voting for Hillary Clinton in order to defeat Donald Trump. I do not tell anyone who to vote for except for I believe, in the end, the most important thing is to vote your conscience. That’s what I did.

        All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. So mote it be.

  14. hallo igjen Carl Johan .Jo det er jo mange som følger mediaskriveriene om det Amerikanske valget her på denne jordkloden.For meg så virker det som om det er en slags tretthet som ligger både på rike og fattige.(På grunn av internett og div annet media kan man jo nå se på tv i jungelen.)Den tretthet som ligger der er at folk er lei av å høre på løgn og bedrag,tror folk er klar for å gå inn i en ny tidsepoke her på jorden,en vesentlig ting som bør skje er at sannhetstalende mennesker kommer til erstatning for løgnere og som klarer å høste ekte respekt fra folk.Pengesystemet og vekst for oligarker og makthaier tror jeg vil falle i grus av seg selv.Det er bare så utrolig mye annet som man kan finne på her på jorden enn å prøve å bli rik på penger, vis bare de sannhetstalende overgangslederne snart kan dukke opp som en erstatning for politikere.De er der, men det fortsatt de som har pengemakt som får ta avgjørelser og bestemme hva som skal skje i media,men pga.internett er det flere og flere som får nye ideer som settes ut i tanker og det er nok der bevisstheten av mange nok hjerner i sving kan endre oss inn på nye veier.Takk for en tankevekkende artikkel Carl,håper du kommer med flere.

    1. Thank you. I suppose readers can translate this from Norwegian with Google translate.
      I appreciate that you are holding a high intention for humanity.

  15. So appreciate this concise overview of what I enjoyed reading about in your The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness. It further explains the peculiar discrepancy in perceptions and how people interpret current events and lean into the conspiracy theories to “fill the gap” for understanding people and the media. Your insightful point about the role and play of projection is profound for both the candidates’ behavior and the public’s identification. With the media pundits wielding such power in their interpreting the words and behavior of the candidates, it appears citizens have surrendered their ability to directly experience the reality of the figures and events. Although I intend to share this article with my friends, I fear there are few who have taken the time to step back far enough to analyze the greater trends or read your previous books to fully grasp the credibility of your comprehensive overview. Hats off to you and thank you. Oh, and P.S. Congratulations for such an even-handed, level-headed manner of responding to the above comments!

  16. Carl, brilliant reasoning from your perspective, but IMO wrong conclusion. If you believe the destruction of America is a step forward in the right direction, that is precisely what you are advocating with a Hillary presidency. I am not cheerleading for Trump but in a dark time the lesser of two evils should be the obvious choice. I do not for a moment believe that Hillary Clinton is the spokesperson for egalitarian relationships, any more than Trump is, and her undeniable perversion, criminality and self-serving, treasonous behaviour throughout her public career makes her the most dangerous possible choice for America. The inner revolution you advocate is taking place quietly as people get the facts about this monster, and it is evident that you are relying on the MSM for your information, which is totally bought by the wealthy backers of Hillary and the NWO agenda. I do not accept the label “conspiracy theorist” because there are now so very many facts available for those with eyes to see that clearly demonstrate collusion with foreign powers to destabilize and bring down America. Best regards, Bill

    1. Hello Bill, I feel certain that the era of western dominance is over with the end of the seventh day of the Sixth Wave. This will happen regardless of what we think or feel about it. So it is really a question about what comes after especially since people are overall very unaware of how history is shaped. A very parallel development to that in the US is happening in the UK and it is because the very same mental shift is influencing people there as here. In this shift the great danger is a of a fascist takeover especially in the US. The risk of this is real and it does not in any sense come from Hillary Clinton. The NRA, the male chauvinists and the White supremacists are on the side of Trump and this is enough for me to know especially as he displays the same narcissism as Hitler. As several people on this forum has said Hillary may go in the direction of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but this is not likely to happen unless she gets a strong grassroots support for a policy towards equality between the genders.
      This is not something that Trump could ever generate.

  17. I was reading with interest until I got to the part where you recommended voting for Hillary as a start in the right direction. For goodness sake, Hillary and her party are not a step in the right direction! They are in fact under the control of the puppet master elite who are really ruling governments and us. There is in fact another woman standing as a candidate; Jill Stein of the Green Party. They also have an excellent plan to declare a climate state of emergency, and create 25 million jobs to deal with it. If we don’t support the young tree we will never get anywhere and the sands in the hands of time are running out, for this planet and life. So let’s stop tactically voting which is a self fulfilling prophecy. Abe Lincoln was a third party candidate and they can get into power or at least have enough clout to stand firm against the madness of either main party government.

  18. Very insightful article. Wish you had a weighting of the various waves. For example, is the ninth wave as powerful as the sixth wave? More so or less? Time will tell I guess. I particularly like your observation
    ” if we do not have a deeply felt intent on creating equality, how could we ever be able to do anything about the oligarchs that currently profit the most from the military-industrial –security and banking systems.”

    “Make America White again” screams of the Hitler-like behaviour at the beginning of the entry into the “7th Wave Night”

    1. Thank you for asking what I consider the right questions. Overall I have no precise answers to them except than to say that over time the higher waves tend to take over. I do believe however that at the present time intention plays a significant role and this is why I am saying that if people do not recognize that they have to reject sexism and racism then this is going to lead down in the dark age of the sixth wave and to a new form of fascism. I think it is important to see the bigger picture and that we need to climb stepwise to the higher waves. The higher waves will over time appear as more attractive, but we have to intend this in order for them to come to play the dominating role for human behavior. This is the explanation to the fact that many religions have the idea of a return to the “Garden of Eden”, or in other words a state of unity consciousness. I for one believe that there is true to these kinds of prophecies, but then we also have to understand what their underlying mechanism would be and act accordingly.

  19. Could it be so, that analysis like these in your article are made __within__ one of the vawes “mindset”? From where do you come when writing the article? Have you done the internal clearing of the vawes you are discussing (mostly i understand it is an analysis of the 6th vawe?)?

    By that I mean, if you are putting yourself in the 9th vawe of equality, is it at ALL of interest to discuss or even broadcast an analysy if the 6th vawe?

    Could it be so that when riding the 9th wave of creation, one is more interested in creating the world of equality, beginning at home? I think thats what we do need to do, using our intelligence of the 9th wave to CREATE the new world by creating THAT instead of trying to “undo”, “correct”, “analyze” etcetera the vawes of history… even if we are subject to those vawes still..

    So, still, I think coffe is good, and I think it is healthy to not try to undertand OR slip into polarization by telling who or not who should be president in the US. Be a little laid back, have a laugh, drink coffe or a juice, and do some good stuff for the one next door 🙂 (do not forget yourself!)

    I am absolutely more interested in your ideas on the 9th vawe, Carl-Johan! How shall we get into THAT one safe? How do we learn from it and how do we pull the best out of it? How do we create what it asks us to create? That would be more interesting to read about, maybe?

    All the best from one sitting on the 12 longitude, longing for equality 🙂


    1. I think you are raising a very good point. First of all I think also in the future we will all be resonating with several of the different creation waves. The question is how much of resonance we have created with the ninth wave. I know that I have developed a certain degree with the ninth wave, because I ave followed this wave over a long period of time and have noticed how it effects my life and I believe this article was written essentially from resonance with the Ninth Wave. I take it for granted however that this resonance is something that can be deepened and that over time the human collective will go further in this direction and I am convinced that this is where we are meant to do. I do not think I am slipping into polarization by coming out of a certain choice in the US presidential election. On the contrary I think it is part of the process of helping humanity to fulfill its destiny.
      I think it is important to clarify what choices people have from the perspective of the Mayan calendar which provides the divine plan for humanity. Many may disagree with the conclusions drawn from this, but how many have looked upon it from a larger perspective?

    2. Johnny,
      You have put in words what I have been feeling since I read Anastasia.
      Before that, I used to think that the whole world had to be changed, that there was so much to fix and, in the end … I did nothing !
      Anastasia opened my eyes : we can each fix things at home as you say, i.e. act according to the 9th wave energy, and these fixes will pull together into a more general picture (or plan) which will change the world.

  20. What a deeply meaningful analysis! Thank you for deciphering this momentous global archetypal event from the perspective of the Global Mind— and your article was written in such an easy to follow language for this very complex Calendar structure! I so resonate with the ‘inner revolution’ that you invite readers to ponder… Voting with an impeccability of our evolving consciousness in action will emanate a higher Good for All that will lead to a furthering of synergy and communion globally, in spite of still so much darkness we witness everywhere in current-day politics worldwide.

  21. Perhaps fascism is not the only threat we face. Perhaps the decline of the West as the East rises comes about through a war between the West and Russia/China. Is this alliance not already forming? Are our leaders not already involved in unsupported, public threats and a military struggle in Syria? While Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may be able to corral Hillary on fracking and TPP, maybe, the President’s war powers have expanded a great deal since 9/11 and I find a lot of military action going on that wasn’t publically approved by Congress. The US is the largest arms dealer in the world. The NRA will support whomever is elected.

    The President of the US, whomever, will soon be sucked into the System. Both candidates lead us down a dark path in different ways. We must be alert and have intent for equality and justice. We must call our higher selves to arms. We must rise together. Love and Light.

  22. Carl, I would like to hear your reflections on the US election shocking results and its implications in relation to the emanation of the 9th wave. If you are planning to write another article/blog on this complicated matter, I will be happy to wait. Thank you!

    1. I am writing on such an article now. Let me just here say that the waves of creation have an effect on people that they are not aware of and so in a sense become victims. There were several things contributing to the election result, which did not really surprise me, even if it is shocking when something becomes real. One thing contributing to the election result was that two days before the election the Ninth Wave had gone into a night and so there was little resonance with the intelligence that this game. To me I have a little bit of a feeling that people were almost in a trance led out of their minds to vote the way they did.

      1. Thank you, Carl, for your prompt reply. Ahh, the significance of the ‘night’ 2 days before the election– very revealing! I look forward to reading your new article on this. I already pre-order your upcoming book— really look forward to it! I sent this blog to friends before the election– quite a few of them expressed appreciation and got interested in wanting to explore your work and why the Mayan Prophecy perspective is relevant to our current world events.

  23. Hello Carl,
    Found this in Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine:
    Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. The rhythms gave me a way to map the movements of my own psyche as well as the ever-changing state of the universe. —- Gabrielle Roth
    In Vandana Shiva’s book , Who really feeds the World? I found this quote:
    Let us all return to the soil
    That lays the corners of its garments
    And waits for us.
    Life rears itself from her breast,
    Flowers bloom from her smiles.
    Her call is the sweetest music;
    Her lap stretches from one corner to the other.
    She controls the strings of life.
    Her warbling waters bring
    The murmer of life from all eternity.
    —–Rabindranath Tagore
    Here is Black Elk:
    All powers of the world!
    The heavens and the star peoples!
    All things that move in the universe!
    In the rivers, in the brooks, in the streams!
    All waters!
    All trees that stand!
    All the sacred grasses of our grandmother!
    All the sacred peoples of the universe!
    Also Hildegarde Von Bingen:
    I am the breeze that nurtures all things, and causes the grasses to laugh with the joy of life.
    I feed the purest streams.
    I am the rain that comes from the dew that causes of the blossoms to flourish with ripening fruit.
    I bring forth holy works.
    I am the longing for good.

    Thank you for the visual of the different nine frequencies and concept of their dynamic interplay is full of novelty and so succinct, like poetry is.
    Love and sunshine,
    Angele LaGrave

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