Trump and Brexit – Why the world seems to be going crazy

Our Current Situation

In the past two or three years, and especially in 2016 it seems to many that the world has gone crazy. Terrorist attacks have become a weekly phenomenon, especially in Europe and the Muslim world. In the United States mass shootings are common occurrences sometimes reflecting a racism that many thought was of the past. The electoral campaigns in the United Kingdom (leading to the Brexit vote) and even more so the presidential in the United States do not resemble anything anyone has seen before and are marked by constant surprises mostly from Trump’s “republican” side. The spoken or unspoken rules of the political and legal systems are constantly broken and also the world at large seems to have become very unpredictable. Certainly, mainstream media are at a loss to explain what is happening and yet, as I will argue here, all of these developments are connected and can be understood within a common framework.

Turbulent or violent times are of course not in any sense new in the history of humankind, but nonetheless it seems like the world stage has now changed in a fundamental way as events of an irrational nature are happening at a higher rate than previously. The old rules for the behavior either of individuals or nations, no longer seem to apply and politics is no longer what it used to be. In addition, terrorist attacks display a lack of respect for human life that seems incomprehensible. Moreover, it is difficult to see that the established order and relative stability of the past decades could be reinstituted. The global system in which we have grown up – a family of nations under western leadership – is crumbling and new powers are seeking to fill the gap. Although the previous order seems to be profoundly outdated and the world is now going in a new direction, few seem to know what that is or what their options are.

The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization

To understand what is going on I believe a critical factor is to know the origin of the human mind and what makes this evolve, since we have all been misled by official science to believe that our minds are created by our brains. As an alternative to this view I have in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization (Inner Traditions, June 2016) described how all of our individual minds are connected to – and in resonance with – a global mind. Even if the vast majority of humanity is unaware of it, it is the evolution of this global mind, which determines the course of human history and the rise and fall of civilizations. This global mind is mediated by the core of the Earth but emanates from the center of the universe and is as such outside of human control. It may thus also be experienced as an invisible power influencing the perceptions, intentions and actions of the human beings, which in a sense makes things happen above our heads.

In this view, our individual minds are not created by our brains, but are instead downloaded by our brains. Our brains are tuned in to waves with certain frequencies that allow us to create resonance with the global mind. That the mind has a global nature explains why in a given era civilizations will share many characteristics even if they are located in very different parts of the world. This may be most visible from ancient times where cultures have created very similar mythologies and architectural constructions even if they had no contact with each other. The fact that each one of us individually downloads aspects of the same global mind is also the reason that we understand each other relatively well (at least within a given civilization) and that human civilizations are rather coherent.

According to the previous, the kinds of civilizations that human beings have created and will be creating are determined by the unfolding of creation waves that we all tune in to in order to download our minds. The mental and spiritual evolution of humankind is thus determined by the ups and downs of waves of creation emanating from the center of the universe (what the ancients would call the Tree of Life). It is for these reasons that we are all part of a cosmic plan and nothing, which happens in human history, is a random occurrence. Instead, our actions emanate from an invisible wave (or quantum) field, or if you like the matrix that underlies and gives direction to our lives. As I describe in my coming book The Nine Waves of Creation (December 2016) the evolution of the human mind (and hence the civilizations this creates) is a result of a sequential activation of nine waves that make up this matrix. Understanding our current situation and charting our possible futures thus depends on understanding these waves and knowing how to create resonance with them. These waves are the core message to humanity of the Mayan calendar system, which anyone taking this system seriously needs to learn about.

Because of the complexity of the Mayan calendar system in its entirety, I will here however limit myself to discuss the Sixth Wave (also known as the Long Count), whose unfolding was dealt with in detail in my book The Global Mind (for short). This is the wave that has developed the human civilizations and thus ultimately also the modern global civilization and so it seems especially relevant for understanding the current crisis. To study this creation wave provides a more long term, and hence more profound perspective than mainstream political commentators (or conspiracy theorists) are able to provide.

The Wave Movement Creating Human Civilizations

While most people are aware that civilizations have both risen and fallen during the course of human history, few are aware of how closely the ups and downs of the major civilizations in the European/Mediterranean region adhere to the Sixth Wave. Such a long term perspective is however presented in Figure 1, which shows the peaks (also called days) and valleys (nights) of this wave and their durations. From 3115 BCE up until 2011 CE, this Sixth Wave was constituted by thirteen time periods (seven days and six nights) called baktuns, each of which lasted for 400 tun (360-day periods). A baktun thus translates to 394.3 solar years and a full wave period lasts double this and is 788.6 years.


Figure 1. The creation of major human civilizations by the Sixth Wave.

Since no true civilizations with city life and writing have been found from before the time this wave became accessible on our planet, it has provided the underpinning of all of human history. Notably, its days and nights have very different qualities. In the time periods that are days the global mind is active and major centralized civilizations (sometimes empires) will flourish and display technological advances. The time periods that are nights on the other hand are eras when rationality is less prominent, history “rests” and civilizations do not have the same coherence or forward movement as during the days. The shifts between days and nights in this creation wave are what make the pendulum swing in history. The wavelike nature of this process is the reason that ancient peoples who experienced this saw serpents as creator gods. The names the ancient Mayas and Aztecs had for this invisible wave movement, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl respectively, meant the Plumed Serpent. This supreme deity symbolizing the wave was considered the bringer of civilization and the light, but when it disappeared civilizations would transform, decline or simply disappear. As the ancient Mesoamericans knew well, even a political or military order that had dominated a civilization for hundreds of years could suddenly be turned upside down when a wave changed from a peak to a valley.

Before we go into the question of whether this could apply to ourselves (after all, as of 2011 we have gone into a night in the Sixth Wave) there are a few important observations we should make in Figure 1. The first is that the activation of the Sixth Wave in 3115 BCE gave rise to the first nation-state of our planet as Pharaoh Menes unified Upper and Lower Egypt into one centralized monarchy, which carried the combined crowns of these two lands. Overall stable nation-states and empires are the creations of the days of the Sixth Wave and it has been this way from its very beginning. This is an important observation as we have now gone into a night, where nation-states generally have less strength than in the days, something that potentially may affect also the Western powers of the Seventh day.

Secondly, our current global civilization is not something that just appeared out of the blue, but is a direct consequence of the movement of the Sixth Wave. Hence, we are also very much subject to its ups and downs. The only reasonable explanation to this wavelike process of evolution is that we are influenced by a global mind carried by a wave movement in the quantum field. Because of its dualist nature (See figure 2a) this mind not only creates technological advances, but also a class society separating rulers and slaves, a separation that goes all the way back to its first day. Thirdly, the unfolding of the Sixth Wave has in seven steps led from local civilizations in the first day (not only in Egypt, but also in Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley) to a global civilization in the seventh day. This is a consequence of the global nature of the mind, which eventually in the latter day generated a global civilization where people in different parts of the world in significant regards share ways of thinking and creating. Civilization has become a global phenomenon unified through trade agreements, common markets, international collaboration in different arenas and not the least the Internet and social media. It deserves to be repeated here that the Sixth Wave movement (fig 1) is not a phenomenon created by the humans themselves, but emanates from the center of the universe. Hence, while we may in different ways adapt to the changes this wave brings we have no choice about its existence in the first place.


Figure 2. Resonance between the individual human mind and the global mind in the (a) days and (b) nights, respectively of the Sixth Wave (Long Count). Note that the polarity of the global mind is different in waves with other frequencies.

The Rise of the British Empire and the Era of Western Dominance

The Sixth Wave thus led up to its seventh day, which in the time period 1617 – 2011 CE created a global civilization. Since after all our own time is what we may need to get a new perspective on, we will study this day in more detail here. The beginning of this day, as would be expected from a time when the global mind becomes activated, meant a rise in rationality. This we can immediately see for instance in the scientific revolution that took place at the time (Kepler, Descartes and Galileo), when experiments replaced mere speculation and mathematical laws of nature for the first time were formulated. In the Netherlands the world’s first stock exchange was instituted in 1618 and in Sweden paper money first came to be used. Protestantism survived the religious wars and at the Westphalian Peace Treaty in 1648 the modern nation-state was born.

Science, capitalism and Protestantism as well as the nation-state are structured mental products of the left brain half and were created by people in resonance with the global mind of the Sixth Wave. In the Sixth Wave the global mind is characterized by a polarity that gave light to the Western hemisphere (figure 2a) and resonance was created with this matrix according to the principle of As Above – So Below. The more holistic sides of the human beings that we associate with the right brain half then came in the shadow and because people tuned in to and created resonance with the western light a new left-brain mentality emerged as a result of the shift to a day in 1617 CE. The fact that the light would fall on the Western Hemisphere throughout this whole era would also by itself be very consequential. It meant that Western European nations would be favored when it came to the emergence of colonial empires. While initially Spain, France and the Netherlands would be its contestants, eventually Great Britain emerged as the most important of these western enpires. It became the nation that predominantly spread its language as well as European civilization and technology across the world.

The build-up of the British Empire began for real with the establishment of its first trading post in India in 1615 and the first lasting land-based colony in Massachusetts in 1620, which both were very close to the beginning of the seventh day in 1617. I however believe it is important to note that before this could happen Great Britain had to be established as a single political entity in its own base area. A pre-requisite for the power of the British Empire was thus that the Crowns of Scotland, England and Ireland were unified in 1603. There is a curious and very relevant parallel here in the emergence of the world’s oldest nation state around the beginning of the first day in 3115 BCE. Only after Pharaoh Menes had unified the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt, would the development of a civilization truly begin around the Nile. Thus, history sometimes repeats itself in accordance with the Sixth Wave.

It would lead too far to describe in detail in this article how the global mind in the seventh day of the Sixth Wave created a world of Western dominance. In Figure 3 I however show a blow-up describing the rise and fall of the British Empire in the seventh day. Because of the light on the West in this day (Figure 2a), Great Britain has in addition to its military and naval power come to play a role far exceeding what you would expect from its population size; in the sciences, literature, industrial technology, and more recently in music. We should also note that what later in this day would become the major Western power, the United States of America, is not only an offspring of Great Britain, but also very much itself a product of the very same seventh day as it traces its beginning to the arrival of the pilgrims. In the last century leading up to 2011 CE the United States has also come to take over the role as the predominant Western power from the British Empire.


Figure 3. The rise and fall of the British Empire during the seventh day (1617-2011 CE) of the Sixth Wave.

A result of this global presence of Great Britain and later the United States was, as already mentioned, that the world for the first time was brought together into one civilization. With the model I am presenting this seems logical. If the mind is transmitted to the humans from the Earth and is global in character, and if this indeed is behind the rise of civilizations, then it would be expected that at some point the Sixth Wave should generate a civilization, which is global. This happened in the seventh day through the agency of the British Empire, and more generally the Western powers. However, unless the global mind of the Sixth Wave would have supported the Western hemisphere (figure 2a) the Western powers, and especially Great Britain, would not have been able to create empires. The global mind is the primary factor that determines what happens on our planet.

There are thus strong reasons to look upon the United Kingdom and the United States as connected also when it comes to the current shift into a night in the Sixth Wave. The Iraq War led by Tony Blair and George Bush (that created the Islamic State and explains at least some of the terrorism the world is now suffering from) in fact reflects the last expression of concerted Western power of the seventh day. It was thus not an accident that the last US soldier left Iraq in mid-December of 2011 – only six weeks after the shift into a night in the Mayan calendar, whose exact date was October 28, 2011. The withdrawal of the Western troops was the event, which more than any other marked the beginning of the new night. (Hence, anyone who believed that the shift in the Mayan calendar was on December 21, 2012 had been seriously misled).

As we have now in this journey arrived at our present time we should discuss what will happen to these Western powers as the Sixth Wave has turned into a night. Simple logic tells us that the current shift into a night might mean the end, or at least a severe weakening of the Western dominance of the world – upheld by military alliances and financial centers. This is because the political systems of the Western Empires – Great Britain and the United States – were the products of the global mind of the previous day, which favored the West (Figure 2a). As the Sixth Wave now turns into a night (with the global mind shown in Figure 2b), we have reasons to expect at least a partial disintegration of these political systems and maybe even the very nation-states these have been created by. At least over time, and possibly very soon, a new civilizational balance may be expected to be established on a global scale whether we like it or not.

The Brexit Vote

While it is true that the United Kingdom and the United States today are separate nations it is equally important to be aware that the rise to power of both nations depended on the same global mind of the seventh day (Figure 2a). Hence, it is meaningful here to discuss what is happening in these two nations in the same context. It also seems indisputable that the current developments in these two powers show many parallels in how they are shifting into the night. The “leave” group in the Brexit vote in the UK is for instance in many ways a direct parallel to the Donald Trump candidacy for president in the US. Both represent attempts to go back to the earlier times of Western supremacy by maintaining a national identity based on the seventh day and for instance keeping immigrants out.

When it comes to the Brexit vote the immediate consequences have only been a lowering of housing values in London and the depreciation of the British Pound. The broader consequences can however only be seen as Britain actually activates Article 50 (and leaves the EU), which at the current time it looks like it will do. Historically speaking what is most important in this is that such a step threatens the integrity of the United Kingdom and may possibly lead to the separation from England of Northern Ireland and Scotland. This would mark the definite end of the British Empire, since as I pointed out earlier it was on the unification of these crowns that this empire was originally built. So while the Brexit vote seemed like a referendum regarding the participation of Great Britain in the European Union, it has a much deeper meaning that reflects the decline of the Western nation-state as there is a shift into a night. This impression was reinforced by the political circus that followed the vote, where none of the major Brexit leaders would afterwards take responsibility for implementing this step.

Nigel Farage, for instance the ex-leader of the UK Independence Party, who had based his campaign on British supremacy, rather than after the vote taking on to lead the Brexit, went back to his seat in the European Parliament. What happened on a deeper level was that the shift into a night of the Sixth Wave caught up with him as well as the other Brexit leaders, forcing them to realize that the separation from Europe would also mean a separation of the United Kingdom so that there in fact would be no “UK” independence. There is a lesson in this also for people in the United States, in that since we are no longer in a day, attempts by Western empires to go back to their previous superiority may seriously backlash and lead to the very opposite to what the adherents of such ideas are hoping for. The current situation is not just politics as usual, but is about handling a shift in the Sixth Wave.

The Trump Candidacy

The Trump Campaign in the United States and its intention of setting “America first” and “making America great again” is very similar to the Brexit vote, as both cater to nationalism in a world that is already profoundly globalized (Ironically, this globalization was created by the activities of these very nations in the previous day). While this may sound like classical populist politics, I think it is important to see that it is not and that it reflects the civilizational change the world is going through at the current time. The explanation for the radically different political situation in 2016 is in fact to be found in the shift between the two minds in Figure 2. It is then not only that the world is not the same (which is obvious to everyone). More importantly, the quantum field that underlies the existence of the global civilization has gone through a shift that we have to adapt to.

To evidence that this is a civilizational change, it should suffice to point to the fact that the integrity of the United Kingdom and its de facto constitution is threatened by the Brexit vote. But also in the United States almost every branch of the political system, the two-party system, the Supreme Court, US congress and, depending on the election result, possibly also the presidency, are showing signs of dysfunctonality. In one way or another this may lead to a much more serious paralysis than in Britain after the Brexit vote. The point to realize is that in the new night the very survival of the constitution of the United States is by no means guaranteed and would certainly not be upheld by Donald Trump.

Naturally, I leave it to the reader to decide whether he or she thinks the political system of the United Kingdom and the constitution of the United States should be protected, but I want my readers to be aware that if the political systems of these nation-states cannot be upheld, this is likely to lead to a long-lasting economic downturn that they should be prepared for. If Donald Trump is elected it would in a very short period of time lead to a complete erosion of American power in the world with far reaching consequences for all international relationships. This would be somewhat of a parallel to how in the new night setting “Britain first” could only backlash. Should it so happen that the Brexit is activated at the same time as Trump becomes president I think it is certain that the Western powers will go into free fall – bringing with them the financial centers of London and New York as well as the world economy.

Even if Donald Trump is not elected (which seems unlikely at this time), the political circus that he has created has already generated a considerable erosion of the power of the United States government, thus creating openings for other powers, both domestic and foreign, to assert themselves in unpredictable ways. In addition to a Trump presidency, there are then also now other scenarios that could lead to a paralysis of the US political and legal system in the time period October 2016 – January 2017. To the extent that we are able to, I think it is wise to be prepared for this. The economy is not independent of the nation-state that it is built around, and if the political system erodes further it may come to have very serious consequences not only for the US, but also for the world economy.

In summary, the light that has been fueling the Western empires is now going out and with it, as we can see in these campaigns, much of the previous rationality. This also has consequences around the world, where rationality is on its way out and human democratic rights threatened, but there is not space here to discuss how the shift is affecting the Muslim world, Europe at large or other parts of the world. It should be emphasized however that these consequences of the shift between a day and a night in the Sixth Wave do not mean that the world is coming to an end. Humanity has previously survived and is meant to survive new nights in this wave movement. Yet, such a shift does mean serious consequences for what the human beings will be like and the kind of civilizations they may create. The choices we make now at this turning point in the Sixth Wave will have consequences for generations to come.

The Underlying Destiny of Humanity

Certainly, what the above demonstrates is that things are not always what they seem. Most notably, there exists a quantum field of waves outside of human control that determines the overall course of events. The actors in the drama are for the most part not aware of the nature of the drama they are participating in and are just unconsciously surfing on the waves. People who are not knowledgeable about the Mayan calendar or were misled into believing in a sudden change on “December 21, 2012”, are not likely to have the tools to understand on a deeper level what is going on in the current world. Needless to say, the many misrepresentations of the Mayan calendar prior to 2012 have served to disempower humanity as the quantum nature and predictive power of this calendar remain unknown to most of it.

The fact that this quantum field influences the evolution of the human mind in an imperceptible way is also the basis for many conspiracy theories in our own time. Because of the nature of the global mind we sense that the world is directed by something bigger than ourselves, but may not understand exactly what this is. I am pointing this out because both Brexit and Trump have with some variation received support by prominent conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones. They may however not know what is going on at a deeper level since they have not explored the source of the waves that are creating our reality (which is truly divine). Regardless, to me at least it is difficult to see how a billionaire (member of the privileged one per cent), who embodies the supremacist ideals of the Sixth Wave (starting already with the duality of the mind (figure 2a) that created the pharaohs) and who denigrates women, Mexicans, blacks and disabled people and threatens his opponents with weapons, could ever mean something positive for our future.

In this, I am not merely taking a regular political stand, but am pointing to the fact that in the current civilizational shift we have to consider the consequences of our choices more deeply. While it seems clear that it will not over the next couple of decades be possible to uphold Western dominance in the world, I also believe that the transition to a more balanced and egalitarian world can take place in a more or less constructive way. For this our intentions are crucial and it does not make sense to try to counter globalization by electing a dictator. Besides, the real issue is not whether our world is ruled locally or globally. What matters is if it comes out of a mind of duality or of unity and in not presenting this choice as it is, I think the conspiracy theorists have gone seriously wrong by supporting an obvious representative of Pharaonic duality. Ultimately, we have to find peace from global unity and not by withdrawing to some purported national superiority. Hence, for the western powers to go back to nationalism or isolationism does not remove the duality of the Sixth Wave (Figure 2a), which is what created inequality and dominance in the first place.

How then are we to do so? Well, everything starts with an intention and that is crucial. The second factor is to thoroughly understand the waves that drive human evolution, not only as here limited to the Sixth Wave, but all the Nine Waves. Such a study may make us realize that the quantum field is not malevolent and from this it is possible to grasp the destiny of humanity to create a Golden Age, which we need to focus on in order to manifest it. As long as some preach that the matrix is malevolent humanity can only go towards a dead end street of darkness. The truly critical factor to move forward is to shift frequency from the Sixth Wave to the Ninth Wave that is part of the same matrix. Rather than following the Sixth Wave, which we have seen here carries a dualist mind creating empires and relationships of dominance between people, we can now after 2011 chose to follow the Ninth Wave and the generation of a unified global civilization without the dominance of the “one percent”. It is through this that we may create the Golden Age, which represents the future of humanity and so transcend the dualities of the past. I believe this is the only road forward in the decades ahead and any attempt at dealing with our current situation that does not have the creation of such a Golden Age as an intention is bound to fail.

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. has written several books (translated to a total of fifteen languages) about the evolution of the consciousness and the quantum field that underlies this: The Mayan Calendar (Garev 2001), The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Inner Traditions, 2004), The Purposeful Universe (Inner Traditions, 2009), The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization- The Quantum Evolution of Consciousness (Inner Traditions, June 2016) and The Nine Waves of Creation – Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity (Inner Traditions, December 2016). His web site is

© Carl Johan Calleman, 2016.

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71 thoughts on “Trump and Brexit – Why the world seems to be going crazy

  1. America wants end of corruption first, look at Sanders supporters for that, Trump wants end of corruption, end CDC killing our babies, money in politics, Trump will end this. Also he represents everyone taking repsonsibility for ones self, community and country. It is not USA responsibility to care for world. Muslims need to take care of themselves, they can help each other in their communitues. USA is broke and people are sick, we cannot afford to take care of world. We have to end our military power over world and take care of our own people.

    1. Jessica – The citizens of the USA is now feeling like the Brits have felt for years. We’re also fed up with being puppets to America, every time they start a war we have to join, thanks to our feeble minded Prime Ministers such as Tony Blair. Many followers of the Islamic faith do take care of themselves and work hard. Its the fanatical few that spoil it for the rest. We experienced terrorism with the Irish Republican Army during the 60’s and 70’s, with their terrorist activities against the UK and they were mainly funded by America, you didn’t complain then. As for Donald Trump he’s just another single minded person who is only interested in what affects the US and doesn’t consider the consequences of those actions on the rest of the world. We are a global economy and should remain that way. I was not in favour of Brexit.

    2. I am not an American, but in my opinion, Sanders was the only viable high profile choice who may have been able to direct America towards a equitable, sustainable future for the USA. However, what is unfolding is a ‘dropping of the veil’ which is what the word apocalypse means. It is now so clear that even the blind can hopefully see that politics is about money and power, and not about ‘the people choosing’ the best government – (for the people by the people, rather than the current system which is ‘by the rich for the rich’.). The powerful banking/military establishment obviously have backed Hilary Clinton, as she is their psychopathic puppet, however Donald is the comic distraction, giving the American people the illusion that there is a choice!
      How is it that in a country with approx 330 million people you are basically choosing between only 2 options???
      It is so clear to all intelligent people that the mainstream media controls peoples beliefs and perceptions.
      People would have to be totally blind not to see this, and hence this may well be the last election where the wool can be pulled over the public in this way. Big change is coming…

      1. Hello John,
        I also think that Sanders had the most reasonable way forward and if nothing else he did a remarkably courageous job of highlighting the power of the one percent. I do not think he or his movement should be counted out however. As I write in my article even if Trump is not elected there may be a collapse in the system in the time-frame I point to. There are many different scenarios possible and maybe the movement Sanders started will then be revitalized.

  2. “This also has consequences around the world, where rationality is on its way out and human democratic rights threatened, but there is not space here to discuss how the shift is affecting the Muslim world, Europe at large or other parts of the world”.

    ” I am pointing this out because both Brexit and Trump have received support by prominent conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones, who may not know what is really going on at a deeper level since they have not explored the source of the waves that are creating our reality (which is truly divine). ”

    So Mr. Calleman,
    what is it that you want to say to us?

    Say it clear, say it loud – why not just say to us: Buy my book?

    or just telling the TRUTH to all of GODs creation,
    if YOU are the one who knows it.

    1. Obviously, I want people to read my books. I have recommended them several times before, but it is also important that this information reaches the interested people and that they have some idea about the consequences of the books. As far as I know I am the only person in the world who predicted exactly when the great recession would begin in 2007 (anybody who reads The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness that I wrote in 2001 will know this). If you know of someone else who accurately predicted the timing of this, please let me know. What is certain is that no one else who claimed to base himself or herself on the Mayan calendar did something similar, meaning that they had not correctly solved the Mayan calendar. Some people benefitted from the information I gave and were able to prepare themselves and so I cannot ignore what I know. In this article I am applying the same way of thinking to our current time ten years later. I am not saying that something will happen with certainty (since it partially does depend on the choices people will make), but there is a real risk.

    2. David Icke certainly doesn’t not support Donald Trump. To say so shows gross ignorance of what David Icke’s message is.
      Both Trump and Clinton are puppets – otherwise the media wouldn’t have given them airtime!

      1. I think that the take home of this article is that Trump and Hillary are puppets, puppets of the Sixth Wave and so are all the rest of us to varying degrees. What I am presenting is however not a conspiracy theory where everything can be blamed on the Annunaki, Archons or Reptilians, ideas which in the end can only make people feel powerless and that there is nothing they can do about the situation. Instead, if you understand that dominance and duality does not originate in the will of some being, but in the nature of the global mind of the sixth wave you are starting to have some power in the matter. You can then take a look at what you are downloading yourself and what alternative waves there are to resonate with.

        1. Hi Carl,
          I have and still do, get great feeling of support and encouragement from all that I have been able to read of yours over the past ten years . I myself have always ‘known’ that western-style democracies had a ‘shelf life’s, but your appraisal of the meaning of the Mayan calendar crystallized it for me. I also, always accepted your date October 28. But I have many friends and family who , after 21/12/2012, laughed at me (good-naturedly) saying ” well Rog, the world didn’t end, so there’s that theory over” !
          As for the opinions of Mr Icke and others, I personally pay them little heed. (But no disrespect)

          It is an extraordinary time to be here and I welcome all that you have to say.

          Wishing you well


  3. Thank you Carl. Cannot wait to read your new book with Barbara Hand Clow. I totally agree with what you’re showing us and I do feel that we will be successful in creating a golden age.
    With Much Appreciation,

    1. Dear Belinda,
      Is it not surprising how few spiritual movements in today’s world that are actually setting as a goal to create a Golden Age. I believe this is an absolutely necessary vision. And yet, so many look upon spiritual development essentially only as an individual thing.

  4. Nicely written Carl.
    Jessica, you clearly didn’t read the article. But thanks for helping the destruction the yanks empire from the inside.

    One suggestion Carl, please stop refering to the globe and the planet in a time where there is at most underwhelming evidence that we actually know where we live.

    “Earth” is fine, so is “world”, but nobody can really tell, and the ones who do are usually well-funded liars.

    By using the other semantics, you are contributing to the brainwashing and further establising a non proven scientific claim.

    You’re onto something, I’d be interested to learn about higher frequency cycles.

    Cheers and keep it up.

  5. Many Thanks Carl,
    For the clarity and direction this provides to a world that feels like it is floating in a stormy ocean. This gives us an understanding and a direction to undertake in our roles and responsibilities as a part of the evolution of consciousness.

  6. i have practiced sahaja yoga (The Meditation) for a while only in the last 3 -4 years i began to really go beyond my mind and my conditioning, this was created out of the need to mature spirituality. letting vibational intent (evolution of consciousness) to cleanse my subtle body(chackras) and allow the enenrgy kundalini to cleanse me out, the attitude i discovered to do this is to find the surrender in my heart and realise that, I in the world can’t continue with my old ways, What Shri Mataji brought to the world is unique, many people i noticed focus in the negative aspects of this movement (which not the end aspect), but i notice it is really to do with the level of understanding each one of us has at a particular time, if we syncronise with this real union, then we will achieve this global mind better and we will let the divine work through us better, because there is not piece in human beens, there is not piece in the world, i invite you like a Mature scientist to discover what this can offer to the entire world, in mayans terms : in Lak’ech

  7. Great reminder for me. Thank you. Sometimes we look to closely at the tree and cannot see the forest. So question,,,
    How does one prepare for and navigate this night and economic downturn? How does one protect oneself from the destructive forces of a global remodeling?

    1. Hello Susan,
      The way I look upon it the only way to prepare is to develop guidance from your personal divine as to what there is to do. To follow the Ninth Wave is a part of this because any resonance lower than that may be misleading. Best Carl

  8. Maybe this falls in line with the idea that we are in the final 70 years of the dark cycle if the Kali Yuga age that is supposed end in a Golden Age. I’m too old to live 70 more years but I like to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel for today’s grandchildren.

    1. Personally I think the Mayan calendar is far more accurate than the Kali Yuga concept even if its starting point in 3102 BCE is relatively close to the true start (3115 BCE, an error of only 13 years) of the Sixth Wave. The reason the Mayan calendar is more reliable is that you can actually connect very precisely what is happening in the world with it. Yet, I feel a 70 year time span for the Golden Age is not unreasonable to come to the time point when the return to the dominance of duality is impossible. I do not think that there is a fixed point in time that this will happen. It may come earlier. It will much depend on the choices people make and how aware they are of the nature of the waves and how to create resonance with them. The Sixth Wave with its duality in other words will not end. It will have to be transcended and after the activation of the Ninth Wave in 2011 this is now finally possible.

  9. “According to the previous, the kinds of civilizations that human beings have created and will be creating are determined by the unfolding of creation waves that we all tune in to in order to download our minds. The mental and spiritual evolution of humankind is thus determined by the ups and downs of waves of creation emanating from the center of the universe (what the ancients would call the Tree of Life). It is for these reasons that we are all part of a cosmic plan and nothing, which happens in human history, is a random occurrence. Instead, our actions emanate from an invisible wave (or quantum) field, or if you like the matrix that underlies and gives direction to our lives.”
    I believe this means that free will and free choice are an illuision, because they are not “free”. This is what I understand about the Buddhist and Hinduistic concept of “Maya” (the veil of illusions). It means that the way the golden age will start is predestined, not really a free choice of humankind. The first wave started 13.8 billion years ago (the big bang), It created the first step in separation from the divine. In my opinion, the next steps/waves were next steps down into the underworld in order to deal with increasing darkness. Science has positive sides, but at the same time was the kiss of death for our previously still existing believe in the divine. The ninth wave was not a wave of consciousness (at least I didn’t notice something like that), it was the last step down into still deeper darkness of the underworlds. In my opinion the nineth wave is the wave of insanity and we are still on that road.
    However, I feel that the matrix we are in reaches a turning point and the nine waves will just come to an end now (I base this largely on crop circles and common sense). It will mean that we can make a start to climb out of the very darkness of the deepest point of the underworlds. The problem is not the darkness in the sense of being unconscious, but in the sense of not being connected with the divine and our divine inner core. Darkness is not the problem, but our illusions that “the global mind” and other illusionary Luciferian ideologies and religions rule the world in stead of the true divine source that is still prevalent in the background. Darkness will persist in the sense that we will not know what the matrix is up to, we don’t know the program, at least not the details, but we can handle that if we reconnect, understand the principle of love and being without any judgements. That will be our challenging task for the near future. Time for lifting the veil?

    1. Hi Marc
      Thank you for your well thought out comments. I guess I need to clarify that in my own view with the Sixth and the Ninth Wave are still going on (as well as the other waves) and is not something of the past. I do think that after the activation of the Ninth Wave on March 9, 2011 there was a tremendous inpouring of light which resulted in protests movements across the world, Arab Spring and the Occupy movement for instance that expressed the dissatisfaction people felt with the world of duality and inequality. As all the waves shifted into nights on October 28, 2011 these movements however temporarily came to an end. Nonetheless, the light of the Ninth Wave I think is there as a background for us to connect to also now and its unity frame of consciousness will increasingly predominate to bring us towards the Golden Age.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        I just want to add that in my opinion the Arab Spring was not inspired by the “ninth wave”. It started on December 17, 2010 with the revolution in Tunisia, followed by the uprising in Egypt on January 25, 2011. They were largely inspired by the Jupiter-Uranus-conjunction on that moment. A Jupiter-Uranus conjunction or opposition (often including Venus and/or Mars) is often the trigger for a revolution: this was the case during for example the French Revolution (July 14, 1789), the beginning of the American Revolutionay war (April 19, 1775) and the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989). Uranus is the planet of revolutions.
        Unfortunately, you don’t recognize what you call “physical cycles” as being of any importance, except for the day-night-cycle as this is the cycle that is needed for counting the days. I believe history proves this is a flaw and in my opinion the theory of the nine waves provides us just with a framework that needs further refinement in order to be able to grasp our relationship with the divine order of the cosmos.

        1. Yes, it is clear that we disagree. I definitely look upon anything “physical” such as planetary movements as subordinated to the Mayan waves. There are reasons for this. One is that the Mayan calendar system goes back all the way to the Big Bang long before our solar system and its planets even existed. These are waves of creation from which all novelty stems. I also have not heard of any explanation to why there would be an effect on the human mind by planets. Planetary movements that follow Newtonian mechanics can for instance never explain such a thing as the acceleration of time (because their movements are not accelerating) and this has had a lot to do with the kind of changes that are going on at the current time. What is most problematic about astrology as it is currently practiced is that the planetary cycles are not going anywhere but just endlessly repeated. This is in contrast to the experience most people have (also verified through for instance figure 1 in the article) that evolution has a direction and humanity a destiny. This will never be captured by a system based on endlessly repeated identical cycles. It is sad that so few people have studied the Mayan calendar system deeply but I hope that with the release of the Nine Waves of Creation more people will understand the big picture of creation.

  10. Based on this article it seems to me you MIGHT be saying vote for the “lesser of two evils”? I don’t see Hillary Clinton as the “lesser of two evils”. Donald Trump is totally disruptive and MAYBE this is what the world needs right now.

    There is no harm in retreating to the cave if its going to be a long dark winter. The animal kingdom does it. Why poke around in the dark anyway? Let these political nocturnal creatures creep around (outside the cave) in the dark themselves. I’ll leave my cave when its light out. Sound irrational? Could be. I’m just a creature of habit anyway.

    Looks like you win Dr. Calleman! I just ordered your book online.

    1. Yes, there are different ways to look at it. Maybe, as you are saying the time has come for the world to fall apart and then we should accept this. Yet, I do want people to be aware that we are at a time of fundamental civilizational change. If they think Trump would be able to actually fix things for the better then they are mistaken.

  11. Hi Carl, Bill here. You may recall I organised for your NZ talks and daykeeper workshops back in 2004 (I think–seems like another lifetime). I found your material quite insightful and subsequently made a number of .ppt presentations for groups in the leadup to 2012. I think you’ve done brilliant research, but I must disagree with your conclusions based on an array of information compiled from other sources.

    Firstly, I do not believe that the transition to a more balanced and egalitarian world can take place in a constructive way, as John Kenneth Galbraith said last century, “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.” Hillary is the consummate corrupt politician–the anointed one, fully supported by the banking elite. She will fully support the globalist agenda and is far more likely to attack Russia than Trump. There will be serious domestic problems in America regardless of which candidate is elected (if any!)

    Second, you have only to look at the plight of Europe–Sweden now the rape capital of the continent–to know that “unity” is an unlikely outcome when Muslim values are so disparate. We are headed into the dark for a time, and it will only be those who are able to distinguish the true Light from the false that will ultimately excise the cancer in humanity that we call the “one percent”.

    For an interesting analysis of the metaphysical big picture, I invite you to read the Wes Penre papers, downloadable in .pdf format; also, if you’re not familiar with Human Design, the man who “downloaded” the information has written extensively about the changes to humanity that are coming in this century, and it tallies with my understanding. Find out more about the system at and if you’re interested in what he has to say let me know and I’ll send you a synopsis.

    In Lak’esh
    Bill Watson
    Auckland, NZ

    1. Hi Bill, Very good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. I feel fortunate to have seen some of New Zealand through you. You may be right, that there will be no president elected next year. There are many possible scenarios to bring the civilizational shift around. But I also feel that it is critical not to be taken over by ideas that a complete destruction is necessary because of the inherent malevolence of some part of humanity. I believe strongly that human beings are the way they are created by the different waves and as the eighth and ninth waves are becoming increasingly more predominant over time people will change. But this requires that we keep our focus on creating a Golden Age. I do not think it is enough to just point to methods for individual development to have that happen. It also requires a vision consistent with the ninth wave. In other words if there is not an awareness of how the nine waves constitute a divine plan with a forward movement we may easily succumb to a negativity that blocks our path. All the best to you

  12. Buen día Señor Colleman


    Usted hace un análisis de la historia evolutiva de la vida de la sociedad humana. y lo presenta a los que quieran leer, recibe algunas opiniones: aceptivas o negativas, que es muy normal. Yo le agradezco esas reflexiones que son muy profundas y que conducen a ver hasta muy atrás de nuestra existencia, no es fácil transitar a través del tiempo antes, ahora y después, como se ve y se siente en su mensaje, ya que al final lo aclara.
    Usted habla del Calendario de nuestros abuelos, habla de todo lo que antecedió y sucedió en el 2012 según lo que se vivió de entonces. Gracias por tomar en cuenta esos datos. En nuestro encuentro en Sedona 2015 hablamos algo de trabajo y lo poco que nos dijimos no fue suficiente para reconocernos. Lo que usted hace y dice nosotros lo encontramos en nuestro trabajo en la Academia “Ka’aput Kuxtal” que es la búsqueta de la verdad que aguardan los Documentos que nos dejaron nuestros abuelos, pero lo poco que podemos ver no es nada en comparación de su contenido; lo podemos notar cuando usted menciona el origen de la existencia de la mente humana.
    Gracias también a los comentarios de sus lectores que nos inculcan mas ánimos para continuar en lo que estamos ustedes y nosotros.
    El anciano maya yucateco
    Pedro Pablo chuc pech.

    Good day Mr. Calleman
    You make an analysis of the evolutionary history of life of human society and present it to those who want to read, get some opinions: accepting or negative, which is very normal. I thank you for those reflections that are very deep and lead to see far back on our existence. It is not easy to travel through time before now and then, as it looks and feels in this message, because in the end it clarifies.
    You talk about the calendar of our grandparents, talk about everything that preceded and succeeded in 2012 as it was lived then. Thank you for taking into account that data. At our meeting in 2015 Sedona we talked some work and but the little we said was not enough to recognize. What you do and say we found in our work in the “Ka’aput Kuxtal” which is the Busqueta Academy of truth awaiting the documents left us by our grandparents, but what little we can see is nothing compared to its content; we can notice when you mention the origin of the existence of the human mind.
    Thanks also to comments from readers who inculcated us more encouragement to continue what we are, you and us.
    Yucatec Maya elder
    Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech.

  13. Hei,Carl.Jeg har stor tro på ditt arbeid.Vi bor jo tross alt på jorden som er en del av universet.Ingen tvil om at tankesystemet på jorden er i ferd med å gå i en annen retning.Jeg synest jeg merker store endringer fra dag til natt.fantasktiske ,miracels.
    Ønsker deg lykke til i ditt videre arbeide.

  14. What a chaotic mess!!! I feel that we in America are “damned if we do and damned if we don’t” when deciding who to vote for this fall. I believe one candidate is as scary as the other perhaps for different reasons, but in the grand scheme of things, detrimental to our country and our well-being. Blessings and spiritual leadings to all of us trying to make this momentous decision. Thank you for your writings.

  15. I agree that the vast powers of the one percenters must be dealt with. Here is my input in the conversation:

    A slightly skewed history of the Federal Reserve:

    Once upon a time a couple of expert printers amused themselves printing counterfeit money in their garages after work. They realized once they showed their wares they could face arrest or land a print job with the government. They succeeded spectacularly by obtaining the US money printing MONOPOLY! Positive thinking accomplish wonders for those who earnestly try!

    They call themselves “Federal Reserve” since “Private Reserve” sound too much like a distillery.

    It is claimed “The Fed” creates money out of thin air. What a stupid rumor! Thick or thin– air is present during the process but the product itself derives strictly from finely ground Douglas Fir pulp! A fully grown Douglas yields enormous stacks of money, some of which gain instant and vastly increased value within the higher denominations by adding zeros!

    Like their lucky forefathers our present Federal Reserve printer/shareholders avoid public scrutiny with great determination. I have yet to find WHO or WHERE they are. Maybe underground ? Even Infernal Revenue seems to have lost track.

    But one can’t help noticing their presence because during the 2010 fiscal year, for example, U.S. citizens contributed $3 billion in INTEREST payments alone–at 6%–down from previous 8.3% –for loaning us their admitted splendid looking forest derivatives.

    These workaholics could begin showing modesty and moderation are the opinions of critics. They ought to take up fishing and golfing full time and return- reluctantly, I presume — the money printing business to the government where the constitution says it belongs. Maybe start printing telephone directories when they get bored. In fact the federal government could “occupy the Fed” lock stock and printer and likely evaporate a major part of that enormous national debt in the twinkling of an eye!

    A tip to our trusted Internal Revenue agents: When that column of armored cars move by low estimate $3 billion once a year from the Treasury, follow right behind, then write down the address where those back tax evaders unload or the exact coordinates of any possible tunnel entrance. Good luck!

  16. Hi Carl, great article overall – well done on highlighting this cosmic flow of change. The 5th World is being born, along with all the birthing pains.
    Best regards
    PS David Icke doesn’t support either side in the circus that is the US elections.

  17. I believe the long count is an account of the approach, entry and installment of the planet Saturn into our solar system. Check “the electric universe” Talbot, Thornhill and Icke for example. A.

    1. I really disagree. The Mayan calendar goes back to the Big Bang long before there were any solar system or planets. Besides I do not think we can simply ignore what the Maya themselves were saying about it, which I quote in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. They say nothing about Saturn but about the eight-partitioning of the global mind. You may note that the Mayan elder who responded to this article verifies this. I am quite disappointed with Talbot, who has not had the courage to read my book. Originally his associate promised that he would look upon it, but obviously since I explain exactly what happened in accordance with the Mayan calendar and saw that this theory was so powerful that he would not be able to argue against he simply ignored the book and never got back to me. We are living in a time of civilizational change and I feel it does require of us to look deeply at these matters and not just ignore what alternatives others are presenting.

  18. Just a small comment about the “east” as the west has no appreciation and little understanding of China, but great fear. The decline of western hegemony is a good thing for the peoples of the world, as western colonialism and imperialism has for too long suppressed just independence movements and revolutions in countries through out the third world (as it has been called in times past). That is not to say western democracies haven’t contributed to humanity’s well being in various ways, but western so-called democracies have featured heavily in wars of occupation, coup d’etats, covert and overt killings and all manner of militaristic adventures against generally peace seeking peoples and cultures throughout the world and for many many decades and centuries. That is the dualism of the west. If you get a chance to study and examine the unity of the east, one underlying concept to pay attention to is the five principles of peaceful co-existence. China’s constitution embodies these principles since the founding of the PRC in 1949, they were first embraced by China and India in their 1954 peace agreement, and China has promoted this foreign policy philosophy ever since. Quite the opposite of US militarism. Consider this. The world is bigger than just the crazy “west”. Wei Li

    1. Hello Wei Li,
      Your point is well taken. Firstly, I think we should be aware that the East has not at the current time shown similar signs of turmoil and craziness as the West (the Muslim world is sort of in between and is more directly affected by the shift than the real Eastern powers). Secondly, overall China and India for the past half century or so have been much less inclined to intervene in other countries internal affairs than for instance the US and the UK. Part of the message of this article is that we will see a shift towards the East over the next few centuries and in the era that is opening up now they will be playing an equally driving role for the world as the West has in the last baktun. I should mention here that my book The Global Mind does discuss the origin of the Chinese civilization in the legend of Fu Xi and Nu Wa in exactly the same context that the Mayan calendar provides. I feel that is a major point because it allows us to see that civilizations all across the planet shared their origin in the Global Mind and all had interesting ways of describing this.

      1. I’ll order a copy of your book and look forward to understanding more about the Global Mind.

        Often it seems the west speaks as if what happens to it is all that is important. That India and China exercise peaceful coexistence shouldn’t be taken as a passing phenomenon of just the past 60 years. If by “equally driving role” that the east will play in the next baktun you are suggesting the same policies as that of western imperialism, then god help us all! The world won’t survive more darkness. Hopefully the Global Mind is benevolent.

        1. I am not suggesting that equally driving role means the same as Western imperialism (what made you think that?).
          There will be a balancing on the level of the Sixth Wave, since in its night neither hemisphere dominates. However added to this are the effects of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves, which will be discussed in the forthcoming The Nine Waves of Creation. The Global Mind is thus in reality complex and is shaped by the interference patterns of several different waves in the quantum field (or consciousness if you like). It is however a much too complex issue to cover in an article like this.

  19. Joshua Cooper Ramo has a new book titled “The Seventh Sense” that discusses the role of world wide networked computer systems and how that contributes to what he calls the current era “The Age of Insanity”. The book is a technocratic explanation of a version of a global mind.

    1. I have heard about it and it sounds interesting. It is important to realize however that these computer systems themselves have their origin in a human mind that has been shaped by the waves of creation and in particular the Eighth Wave of creation (which is then different from the Sixth Wave of Creation that the current article talks about). At the current time the influence of the Eighth Wave is quite influential and the change this has brought to the global mind has been decisive for creating “The Age of Insanity.” Changes in human civilization are always conditioned by the nine waves of creation.

  20. I can surely agree with your reading of the overall emerging global situation and the reasonable explanations offered in your beautiful article. Yes, it is indeed the play of duality. From my Mayan studies (mainly through your works and that of Ian Lungold) and my various ancient Indian studies, I can see several common points of agreement between their respective views on Space & Time.

    Following are some of the ancient Indian views, as I understand them; some of them may rhyme well with your Mayan understanding. Some of them might give possible clues for further investigations. Truth is ONE – it cannot be two. Hence, the apparent difference between these two views are merely varying degrees of ones current understanding. So, ultimately, the Mayan Truth and the Ancient Indian Truth has to be the same. It cannot be different. Can it be? How can ultimate truth be different?

    Duality is the very nature of our world. It is the curriculum for planet earth. Experiencing Life in duality is our exercise book. We need to work through it, work around it and transcend it. A curriculum is not the student’s fault; but it is the student’s individual responsibility . We are expected to transcend Duality by understanding it, experiencing it, detaching from it and finally consciously rising above it. (That is why our individual “INTENTION” is of paramount importance, which you had pointed out in your article. In a class room, what we learn is what matters to us finally, and not what others learnt or did not learn. Let the world be anything, it is not the reality anyway, it is only the curriculum for us – only an enabling system to aid our inner evolution. Hence our focus should be in transcending the duality, just as the purpose of any student is to pass the chosen curriculum and move on)

    Consciousness is all that there is – the only Reality (The fundamental principle of “quantum” field in your article is Consciousness in Ancient Indian thoughts. ( It is referred as “Chetana” in Sanskrit. All that is physical and non-physical, all that is seen and not seen, all that is believed by humans as “living” and “non-living” are nothing but varying degrees of expressions ( or objectification) of Consciousness (Capital “C”). The substratum for Consciousness is Brahman in Sanskrit, which is the Hunab Ku in Mayan thoughts- only the nomenclature is different, the principle is the same.)

    Higher the degree of Consciousness expressed through any form , higher will be its ‘awareness’ and therefore higher will be its ability to transcend the Duality. Thus, the only purpose of the duality based curriculum is for enabling all varying degrees of consciousness (with a small “c”) to evolve and expand to higher degrees of consciousness. Hence, we, in our present state, need to shift our focus from duality to our “intention”, as a starting point. There are many more things to do – but this is the first baby step that we need to take in our great journey back home. It is foolishness to get entangled in Duality here. It will always be here in varying intensities – according to the microcosmic day/night cycles and macro-cosmic day/night cycles -Yes, there is also an equivalent day/night cycle at macro cosmic level in Indian thoughts; Both the Greeks and ancient Indians had clearly understood this and recorded this. My intuition is that the Mayans too knew this; but the long calendar is only one piece of it that the modern world got hold. (Note: Ian Lungold had said in one of his presentations that Bakutns are divided into 13 into 13 into 13 into 13……infinitesimally divided into smaller and smaller and smaller Baktun cycles. If that it is so, the reverse is also true. There will be bigger and bigger Baktuns. It is possible that the Mayan Long Calendar is just the handling a small part of it for a purpose and not the whole picture of it. )

    According to the Ancient Indian understanding, when our solar system ( in its “approximately” 24,000 years period of circumnavigation around our Sun’s own dual pair ) comes to the point nearest to the “Vishnunabhi” (Tree of Life) human consciousness will be most intensified. When the solar system is at a point farthest from the “Vishnunabhi” (Tree of Life), human consciousness will be the dimmest. These highest and lowest points are reached cyclically approximately every 12000 years. Accordingly, there will an ebb and flow of acceleration in human consciousness. Civilizations rise and fall. This has huge implications to our present understanding of life on planet earth, no doubt.

    There is also a miniature universe similarly at tandem within in the “minds” of every human and experiencing similar ebb and flow of acceleration of its own mental virtues (Dharma, in Sanskrit). If the inner virtue has the nature of darkness, it will be intensified. If it is one of light, it too will be intensified when humanity is nearing the Tree of Life. Currently, according to Ancient Indian Yuga system, humanity is 316 years into the second ascending phase of 2400 year period. We are progressively approaching the nearest point to Vishnunabhi. (the resultant clash of intensified darkness and light and the unavoidable consequences of suffering will eventually help more and more humans to choose the intention to turn to light, CONSCIOUSLY)
    I strongly suspect that the Mayan Long Calendar was just that they were tracking the worst period of the Greater cycle of Baktun. It is unlikely to be the whole picture, and it is just a piece in the Mayan jigsaw. If you search, I believe you will find other pieces too.

    ​In love, light and joy


    1. Dear Nanda,
      Thank you for your well-informed discussion and comparisons between the Mayan and Hindu systems of thinking about the world. I find it especially valuable when you qualify the quantum field (as it is described here) as the same as consciousness in the Hindu sense. I agree that there can only be one truth, but naturally individuals and cultures will sometimes deviate in how they understand this and how they express it. I also think it is part of our limitations as individuals or cultures that we can never know the full truth and that the histories of ideas among humankind displays many such that are not true or only very partially true.
      Duality is the challenge of life, as you say and it plays a key role in our individuation as human beings. It is questionable if people before the beginning of the Sixth Wave (Long Count) really had a sense of individuality. I do not think so, but we can only speculate what the state of consciousness they were in was like. But this individuality also came at a price in the form of conflicts and violence between individuals. So duality has both good and bad side and as you are saying it is a life learning process for us to deal with it and transcend it. What I think is most interesting about the Mayan calendar system is that the different waves create different forms of duality for people to resonate with. This is what accounts for the fact that we no longer for the most part are not equally stuck in religious and social conflicts as people were a few thousand years ago. What I believe there is for us to learn from this is that it has now become easier to transcend duality than previously.
      The particularity of our own time has consequences that differ from those associated with a belief in the precession of the equinoxes, which is part of not only the Hindu system but also of Western astrology as this is presented today. While the Mayan calendar describes the quantum field and the processes that arise because people resonate with its waves (consciousness as you say), the precession of the equinoxes is a phenomenon that is well described by Newtonian mechanics and the gravitational effects that the moon and sun have on the Earth. In the precessional cycle people are thus subordinated to matter whereas in the Mayan calendar people are subordinated to the evolution of consciousness. Several attempts have of course been made to correlate the Mayan calendar with precession, but since the Maya themselves never mention a 24,000 or 26,000 year cycle we can be certain that there is no such connection and that the two systems are entirely different. Moreover, I have never seen any evidence of the effects of precession on the rise and fall of human civilizations that comes close to what I showed in Figs 1 and 3 in this article. If there is any such evidence I would like to see it.
      Now, of course the fact that I have not seen any evidence that precession has an effect does not mean that it does not have this. That there is not proof for something does not mean that we can dismiss it. On the other hand, don’t we need some kind of proof if we are to claim that something is true? I think so. To me, at least, the fact that something was a belief in ancient times – Mayan, Hindu or otherwise – does not mean that this belief is true or that it is relevant for our present time. This is not just theoretical, because if people are led to believe that the rise and fall of civilizations follows a cycle of 26,000 years they will not be aware of the urgency of the changes that are happening at the current time. They will not realize that we have now gone through a very significant shift in the Sixth Wave (which there is quite clear evidence that it is what creates civilizations) or that at the same time the eighth and ninth waves are now accessible and that this is something we need to learn and chose how to adapt to rather than waiting for something that is supposed to happen in 10-12,000 years from now. More profoundly, my criticism against the precession cycle is that it is an endlessly repeated cycle, which does not point out a destiny for humanity. I believe especially at the present time people need to become aware that life has a purpose and that humanity has a destiny to create a Golden Age, which will never be reversed.

  21. Thank you so much Dr.Carl.

    Your observations are very fair. It is a balanced comparison of our respective angles of views on the subject. I can see where our mutual difficulties lie in finding (potentially) a harmony between Mayan and Ancient Indian understanding on the subject. (Technically my views are Sanatana Dharma views and not ‘Hindu’ views. Yes, colloquially it can be termed as Hindu views, which is an expression of relatively recent origin. The term ‘Hindu’ is many things to many people, as it is not an organised religion under a hierarchy and structure. There is absolute freedom in ‘Hinduism’ to worship according to their own individual understanding, or not to worship anything at all. For this reason, one can find several types of practices in Hinduism ranging from absolute non-dualism to acute Polytheism – all according to their own current standing in the continuum of their inner evolution. Sanatana Dharma precepts predate all religions of today, including the so called ‘Hindu’ religious practices. I mentioned this only contextually. This is not our main point here).

    I am trying to find harmony between the Mayan and Sanatana views here, which I intuitively feel is there. What I am trying here is, therefore, to reach a deeper understanding of our respective understandings. I wish to share some of my further thoughts here in that spirit.

    Newtonian description of precession is fine with me. It is explaining the mechanism as to how the mechanism works or how the “effect” is manifested in the non-quantum world for a quantum “cause”. The mechanism itself is fine and I have no difficulty with it. Mechanism is the “effect” for a “cause”. What is the cause for the precession-mechanism to come into existence ? The cause of it is the Quantum Field you described, which I call consciousness (small letter ‘c’). The principle of “cause and effect” is mindbogglingly complex (Science on planet earth understands it as string theory- ramifications of cause and effect threads). As a rough analogy to illustrative my point, let us not ignore the role of steam in a steam engine by overly preoccupied with the mechanism of learning how the wheels, its axis, the crank shaft and connecting rods work. Precession is merely a mechanism in the world of ‘particles’, which is okay to be there. To get the total picture of who we are, we need to shift our attention to the cause in the ‘wave’ world. Then trace it back to the very source and recognize where our home really is.

    People are subordinated to matter and matter is subordinated to Quantum Field and the Quantum Field itself is subordinated to the SOURCE, The ALL, the Hunab Ku, The Brahman or The Consciousness (with a capital ‘C’) – Everything exists in the MIND (Read “quantum”) of the SOURCE, The ALL, the Hunab Ku, The Brahman or The Consciousness (with a capital ‘C’). The Universe is Mental.

    According to Sanatana Dharma, for anything to be considered as the Final Truth, it has to qualify for certain conditions. It has to be (1) Non-dual – It should be the cause of all effects. It should not be limited nor conditioned in any way by the presence or absence of any second thing. (2) It should be all pervading – It should not be limited by anything which prevents it from being everywhere (3) It should be unchanging (4) It should be eternal (4) It should be all knowing. Mayan Hunab Ku or Tree of Life is that. I simple call it Consciousness (with a capital ‘C’). All other things are its effects. Universe is mental. We all exist in the MIND of the Source, held closely to Itself, safe and secure. It is the influence of Duality that gives the feeling of separation to us. That too is given to us by the Source for a reason, which is another subject and matter for intense speculation.

    Coming to Great Year concept of 24,000 or 26,000 year cycles (out of which 12,000 years is Day Time and 12,000 years is Night is the macro cosmic equivalent of the micro cosmic Mayan Day/Night cycles – Apply the principle of Correspondence here to understand this. “As above so below, As below so above”) is also to be understood as the effect in the particle-world to the causes of waves-world. In my option we should not be bogged down by the mechanism of it, more than what is required to understand where we stand in the bigger picture of matter dominated world.

    According to Sanatana teachings we are now in the DAY time of the great DAY cycle. It is about 7 AM now. Night is long over. Things are better and it will get better and even better as energy emanating from the Source/Tree of Life, move forward. But we function within the duality and therefore we need to constantly deal with Duality curriculum here and transcend it . Mayan long Calendar is the “handle” for Time with in Time to navigate through the worst part of the night. Yes, 12,000 years is a long time. Hence Mayans wanted to track the worst period to give guidance to the adepts on conducting themselves to steer themselves out of the woods during the worst period of the Night time.

    Evidence? It is a vast subject. If something can be proven, it can be disproven too – Evidence is subjected to Duality. But there is as much evidence there as is there for Mayan cycles. There is an excellent work on this subject, which I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is serious in Time-Consciousness studies. Here is the link to the book

    In my mind, I am convinced that both Mayas and Sanatans are talking about one and the same thing. Now is the period of inclusiveness. Not exclusiveness. (Brexit was just another example for succumbing to Duality) We sincerely need to work for harmony amongst various casts, creeds, religion and races now. We all ultimately share the same home – The Source. We are all brothers and sisters misguided by Duality. It is always individual small efforts that result in huge changes in society.

    1. Dear Nanda,
      Even if I know little about it, my perception is that ancient Vedic thought (which maybe is a better term to use)
      is in the philosophical understanding of consciousness and its religious implications. Your intention of inclusiveness is well taken, but I do not know exactly what it is you do not think the Mayan calendar explains. Whatever this is, maybe it would be clarified when The Nine Waves of Creation becomes available. This is a theory that definitely goes back to source and interestingly, as I describe in this book Indian astronomers have recently contributed significantly to the scientific understanding of the Big Bang. Without a deep understanding of the origin of the universe it is hard to discuss matters such as precession versus the Mayan calendar. I believe we have to understand how we are connected to the source of this universe and its evolution before we jump into some astrological system.

      We have to keep in mind that just because some thought system is old or part of some religious or spiritual system it is not necessarily true. I think the world would be much better of if people let go of many of the old religious belief systems that still dominates it. People have in fact sometimes been willing to let go of old belief systems over the course of human history because theories that are more accurate, inclusive and have a higher explanatory power have emerged. Is precession such a belief system that now need to be transcended. I believe it is, but as always with new ideas like the Mayan calendar it will not come easy and will meet much resistance. It has an enormous power in popular culture (the dawning of the age of aquarius) and through astrology.

      So how do I believe that this belief system in precession came about? Well, a few thousand years ago people started to notice that the points of rising of stars would move a degree every 72 years and very significantly this was their first experience of the longer perspective of time. That there was along term perspective of time was probably such a profound discovery that it became part of their mythologies and attempts to explain the world. They then started to associate this movement with different ages, age of aquarius etc or the different yugas. Then they started to associate these changes with what was happening in the world and from this emerged the idea of the precession of the equinoxes which had had a tremendous power over people in many parts of the world much as many religions do. It dominates western astrology as a framework and in India a whole philosophy of the yugas has been developed around this. Does the fact that this is an old belief system prove that it is true? I do not think so. To begin with, Western astrology is based on a precessional cycle of 26000 years that is divided into equal time periods of 2160 years. The Vedic system of yugas in contrast is based on a cycle of 24000 years which is divided in a quite complex way with different time periods. Which of these two systems are then right? The consequences of them are widely different. How can you do predictions of any meaning if their times of manifestation will differ by 2000 years.
      Not even over the long time that they have co-existed has any means been developed to unify thee two systems. For the most part there is no clarity as to what are the beginning points of the cycles either and in India there are many different schools as to the different Yugas end. If I or somebody else were to attempt to unify these astrological systems with the Mayan calendar, which is immensely precise and goes back all the way to source and the origin of the universe, would it not be necessary to know which of these different precessional belief systems is true?

      More profoundly maybe, I think there will always be an inherent conflict in the astrological systems as they are based on identically repeated astronomical cycles and so are not consistent with the universe having a direction towards the manifestation of the destiny of humanity. After all, over the past 15 billion years the evolution of the universe has had a direction and has accelerated and this can never be explained by purely cyclical systems. If we believe that we live in a universe that has a purpose we have to adhere to a calendrical system that is pointing out a direction.

  22. Dear Dr. Carl,

    Thank you for further elucidations on your views.

    Dr. Carl, I respect and honor Mayan calendar and the great works that yourself and many others have put in to discover more and more about Mayan understanding of time. I am fully aware that Mayan calendar is also tracing the divine footprint on the sands of time. I have not said nor am I saying now that Mayan calendar is silent about the ultimate Source of everything in the universe. It was the title of your book “Purposeful Universe” that attracted me to your works and, infact, that was my introduction to Mayas too. I know Universe is a living being and she has a purpose and direction. When it is so, how can I accuse Mayan Calendar system having no purpose and direction? Perhaps, I have not expressed myself clearly enough in the last two pieces.

    Your works point out out to the readers how humans are connected to the ultimate Source through the quantum field entanglement of everyone and everything. You unequivocally confirm in your works that Universe has a purpose and point out to the inevitable need for all of us to align with the entanglements of the universal quantum field. This concept has immense practical value to help us to move forward at all times – especially in these challenging times. There is absolutely no doubt about any of them in my mind. This is also the Sanatana (read Vedic) views.

    If truth be told, we are merely discussing very trivial aspects of a noble theme here. Isn’t it? What you are saying is (and I have no difficulty with it either) that the Mayan Calendrical system was NOT arrived at by looking at the movement of the celestial bodies in space. It is based on the intuitive knowledge of the Mayas. Meaning, it came from within themselves, from their quantum resonatory field inside. Yes, Mayan ancestors had that expanded state of consciousness to intuitively know it. (Since this intuitive knowing is NOT provable to the science on earth, you are rightly proving it by showing the material evidence – whatever is left out in the ravages of time. I have no difficulty with it either – because I know that intuitive knowledge is not scientifically provable).

    But the question still remains how come this intuitive knowledge was lost to Mayans subsequently. Why did Mayans have to etch the road-map down in a stone and bury it for their progenies to know ? Because they knew people are going to lose that capacity for intuitive knowledge even further thereafter till the end of the long calendar time. When do we write down anything at all? When we cannot remember, we write it down. What does it tell us? There was a time for Mayas too when there was no need for them to write down anything. Everybody simply knew! I do not have to write down that my name is Nanda and then remember that my name is Nanda. I know my name. Likewise, intuitive knowing is not ordinarily separable. The consciousness of Mayan ancestors was in an expanded state at that time and they also knew in future they will loose it. Their progeny lost it subsequently. What they left in writing became handy to Dr.Carl and with that help we are “re-membering” our legacy. It is not just the legacy of Mayas alone. It is the legacy of humanity.

    I was merely saying that the Long Calendar was a helpful handle that the ancient Mayas handed over to their progeny in order to help them to navigate through the dark ages. Now the worst is over. But as you are following, at the micro level the cycle of day/night effect will continue, where individually we have to choose through our “conscious intention” – smaller individual cycles of Day/night is still there within the larger Day period. This is good news! We can make the choice now. We are aware enough to do that. All that I said was evidence for this larger macrocosmic day/night might cycle might still be there, perhaps, yet to be unearthed somewhere in the Mayan lands. That might help in bringing harmony amongst races. That is all I said.

    I know getting stuck in debates like whether it is centriole or DNA that is the resonator with in us or whether the ancients got the knowledge by looking at the stars or by looking inwards are trivial details. Yet, at times we do it. We are not yet free from ignorance and trivialities. Does it matter whether we know it is 9 AM now by looking at the electronic watch or by looking at the sundial? What matters is to know it is 9 AM and do what I need to do at 9 AM,need to be done – that is all. :-).

    If something can be debated and proven, it can always be debated disproved too. Principle of Polarity is at work in our world. What matters is to know the truth and move forward. May that happen to all of us. Thank you so much Dr Carl. You helped me a lot in discovering myself. I am grateful.

    1. Thank you so much for engaging in this debate, Nanda. I feel you are coming from a very deep understanding about spirituality and the living universe. It is always worth asking whether a debate is worth holding since it always implies conflicts and shakes old foundations for many people. I think however that this is important since so many people have been misled to believe that the Mayan calendar is based on precession, and I think it is important to uphold that the Mayan calendar uphold a notion of a Golden Age as the destiny of humanity. The idea that the universe would just cyclically repeat its cycles sends a completely different message that I believe disempowers people when it comes to circuiting the golden age. I am currently reading The Yugas, based on the teachings of Sri Yukteswar. It clearly seems to be a reflection of an authentic Vedic Tradition. It claims that the Kali Yuga began about 700 BC and that so the era of the Greeks in Europe was a dark age. In this sense it is however quite different from the ancient Indian text Surya Siddhanta, which plays the beginning at 3102 BCE, in fact very close to the beginning of the Mayan Long Count. I do not know how Sri Yukteswar arrived at such a different date, but maybe the book will tell later on. Regardless, it seems the authors of Surya Siddhanta were indeed in resonance with the waves described by the Mayan calendar. That would make sense since the Kali Yuga is named from the demon Kali, who is a symbol of conflict and quarrel. Conflicts and quarrels were indeed what came out of the early civilizations and empires produced by the Long Count, as I allude to in my article. But if this is true how are we to look at Sri Yukteswar placing the beginning of the Kali Yuga with the old Greek?

      How the Maya lost most of their calendrical knowledge about a thousand years ago is an excellent question. The last Long Count inscription is from AD 909 and after that point in time their calendar system degenerated and became more based on the physical reality like the rest of the world. A few Long Count dates were used in the codices up until the 1500’s, but then they disappear. I believe that had to do not only with the Spanish conquest but also with the activation of the pre-Seventh Wave in 1498 and even more so with the Seventh wave in 1755, who really made people blind to the spiritual reality. People simply in those latter days dropped all relationship to spirituality and started to focus on material production etc. The only non-physical aspect of the ancient Mayan calendar system that survived to our own time was the tzolkin. It is only in the last thirty years that the light of the eighth wave has brought so much spiritual light that the true meaning of the Mayan calendar as a reflection of the quantum wave field has been reconstructed. Thank you for being this Nanda, since unfortunately, in this process The Mayan Calendar has also been very badly misrepresented by people that have tried to make it into an astronomically based calendar.

  23. Thank you Dr Carl.

    Sri Yukteswar had written “The Holy Science” in the year 1894 and serialized it in his local Magazine called “Sadhu Sambad”. It was written in English Language (He was fluent in English, French, Hindi and Sanskrit, apart from his native tongue Bengali) and was first published as a book in 1920. The original version of this book is available to download at . (Edited version of the book is available here: ) Either way, the Source book is available.

    In the introduction of the book, on page XVI, Sri Yukteswar has contextually explained how a great mistake in calculating the Yuga period had crept into the calculations of the mainstream astrologers of ancient time. It was Sri Yukteswar who corrected these erroneous calculations. Even today, most people in India would tell you that now is Kaliyuga running. During his lifetime, Sri Yukteswar even conducted a procession in the streets to create public awareness to inform people that Kaliyuga is over and Dwapara Yuga has begun. It is said that his procession was angrily stoned at by some in protest! Since the details of the mainstream error is explained clearly in The Holy Science, I am not repeating it here.

    It is interesting to note that the reference to Yuga cycle was merely to point out where humanity stands today in terms of the bigger picture of Day/Night cycle. The Holy Science is not about Yuga at all. (Yet, the world took note of only The Yuga component of it and not of the rest of what he wrote) .

    The Holy Science is firstly about the harmony in the teachings of Bible and in the ancient Vedic teachings. Secondly, it is about the ways and means to move forward in the world of Duality. To reach anywhere, we need to develop knowledge in three stages. (1) Where we are standing now (2) Where we want to reach (3) Methodology to reach there . It is in the context of where we stand now that he is briefly talking about the Yuga cycle and how the quality of time is helping us at certain times or not particularly helping us at certain other times. It is no more different than how one would take care during the night times of the smaller day/night cycles of the 9th wave.

    Precessional observations are merely a mechanism to determine the quality of time for those who do not have the intuitiveness naturally available to them during the Great Night time. (There are people who can still hold on to higher levels of intuitiveness at all times – Remember Jesus the Christ who could hold on to highest awareness even at the peak of dark ages – on his cross ). It is not that precession per se is causing the Day/Night cycle. Precession is not the cause. Precession is similar to the mechanism of our wrist watch. It is not the wrist watch that brings in day and pushes out the night from our experience. The cause is the Hunab Ku or Tree of Life or Brahman – it does not matter what we call it.

    Dr. Carl, you might have noticed by now, the beginning of the descending phase of the Dwapara Yuga started in 3100 BC. Does it ring any bell? People got the dates mixed up. In descending Dwapara Yuga (by 3100 BC) the decline had already started; the worst was yet to come. Some of the Mayas (with higher consciousness) of that time knew what is coming and they gave a road map till the time we are out of the woods, i,e, from the time we entered the woods. The long calendar is just that handle.

    Minor variations in the time estimations of two cultures are immaterial, considering the huge quantity of time like 24 to 26 thousands of years. In is never 24,000 precise earth years, anyway. Sri Yukteswar himself wrote ‘about 24,000’ years ( he wrote this in 1894). The path of the circum navigation is in an elliptical and heliocentric orbit, and not in a perfect circle. Not only that, when the dual stars come nearer to one another, the velocity increases. For these reasons, possibly it could be anything between 24,000 to 26,000 earth years. Mechanical means of ascertaining the finer aspects of “time” is different from intuitive knowing, through quantum entanglement. But mechanical means of knowing is an excellent way of knowing in the total absence of intuitive knowing. But let us not forget that all these movements of objects in space are not causes themselves but they are mere particle level effects of something that is essentially a quantum cause. We should not be bogged down by the mechanics of it – if we do, we need to recognize that, that too is a play of duality.

    A few words on the “material evidence” that Science insists. (no disrespect to science meant here either. Asking for material evidence is the very nature of Science. You cannot blame science for that. Can we blame the leopard for sporting spots? But that will change and is changing as the Great Day progresses). Science is in the particle world and like an adamant child science is insisting for particle proof for something that is essentially quantum. Will a particle remain as particle eternally to convince another particle that both of them are not particle but waves? It is like a dog chasing its own tail. It is very unlikely that any physical evidence can be found for any of these. Very few particles can last beyond 5 -6 thousands of years. Every particle will collapse as wave by then. When our own consciousness expands, our need for evidence will automatically cease. We will simply know the truth.

    The Great Day cycle is not counter productive for human aspirations for walking towards a Golden Time. Infact, to me, the opposite is the case. It is good news that we are out of the woods at least for another 12,000 years approximately. With our severely limited life span of say, 100 years each life, we have 120 chances to make it at the best of times. It is like “moderation” in examinations, where it is much easier to pass with flying colours. Our Universal Mother Nature is so lovingly helping us to get passed and move on from here. When we expand our consciousness even further, we would know where we are moving forward – probably to another even Greater cycle of Day/Night. Now it is hard for us to decipher with our present day consciousness at infancy.

    Thank you, Dr. Carl for inspiring to me to keep writing…

    1. Thank you for that extensive clarification of certain matters. I agree with what you are saying that the development of one’s spiritual path should not depend on such technicalities, but nonetheless the perception people have on their relationship to their own time has a profound effect on how they relate to their own spiritual development. If people live in an era that they think of as dark they will see little hope for humanity to take a big step forward towards peace and love and so their own actions and spiritual paths will be colored by this perception. For this reason I will still want to approach the issues scientifically and in a fact based manner try to sort out what the Yugas mean. Could you tell me exactly what it was that Sri Yukteswar thought was miscalculated? That must be the key point that tells us what the Yugas are said to be about. I must still say that Sri Yukteswars calibration does not make sense to me. To place the beginning of the Kali Yuga (which I have come to understand as a dark age) at 700 BC seems not only counterintuitive but also counter to what we factually know about history. It means not only that the era of the Greek and the birth of human individualism, but also the work of Buddha, Confucius, Lao-Tse, Bhagavad-Gita, Isaiah, Jesus, Zoroaster and if you like Mohammed, would be reflections of a dark age. To be honest with you I think this is absurd and so I wonder what the Yugas ere supposed to be reflecting. What are there definitions on the level of human life. On that point we have clarity regarding the Mayan calendar, but the only thing implied in the book i am reading is that the Yugas are caused by the precessional cycle.

  24. Thank you, Dr Carl. Yes, I can see your point.

    Since majority of the people relate their material and spiritual progress to what goes just around them, you would rather like to test everything ‘scientifically’ before sharing anything with everybody. In fact, that is a good approach and I would only encourage anyone to to do that. Since the other micro minority (who can see beyond the immediate neighborhood) does not need any such scientific walking sticks anyway. Yes, discussions on such deep-end matters will only confuse the majority. However, it is also the responsibility of the micro minority to share some of these information with them (though not all), so that at least such a possibility exists in their awareness.

    As I said, Sri Yukteswar had not given any intricate details about Yuga in his book. That was not the topic of his book. To get a picture of what he wrote about Yuga and about the errors that crept in the calculations in the right context, may I request you to read only the “Introduction” section of The Holy Science at any of the two links I gave earlier? I fear my reproduction will only be partial and out of context. After all, they are only very few pages. Joseph Selibie’s entire book is based on those few pages. The book Yuga is the result of his research work. Just as how you researched Mayan Calendar and came out with valuable information, Selbie too researched the information he got from Sri Yukteswar (and Yogananda Paramahamsa) and came out with valuable information. Both of you appear to have used similar methodologies to scientifically examine a subject which is basically beyond the scope of science. Both have worked with similar set of limitations but with similar set of scope, as far as I can understand.

    Regarding the great personalities like Buddha and Jesus or the great spiritual treatises like Bhagavat Gita, Bibile, Qura’an etc appearing in the dark ages, my take is totally different. They are Natures’ (Our Universal Mother’s) helping tools to guide us in our difficulties. They are not the products of darkness but they are the beams of light to shed light on the dark patches of time. Is it not when we fall sick, that doctors arrive?

    Dr. Carl, I am travelling today to India and I will be mostly on the move for couple of weeks and therefore my responses may not be as prompt as it has been so far. Please forgive me, if it happens.

    Thank you very much for the opportunity provided to discuss and compare our respective notes on life.

    1. Well I have read the pages and to the extent I understand it he basis his calibration of the Yugas on precession and believes that this causes events in human history. I can not understand why the different Yugas would have had different durations. It does not make sense to me. In contrast the Mayan calendar provides wave movements where every period has the same duration which is what we know from modern physics is a characteristic of many phenomena in quantum theory but also elsewhere. In no respect do I think the Yuga system is superior to the Mayan. To give another example, Sri Yukteswar states in the introductory pages that around AD 1600 the world was turning more peaceful. This is a very strange assertion given that in 1618, the Thirty Years’ War began in Europe, which was the most devastating conflict in European history. More people died in this conflict in comparison to the population than in any other war there, including World War I and World War II. Did Sri Yukteswar not know about this? I think the Yuga system is something that we should simply let go of and replace with the Mayan calendar system if we are to understand the course of evolution in the universe including on our own planet. I am glad you have been willing to have this discussion, but I am more convinced than ever that the only calendar system that can contribute profoundly to what it is to be a human being and provide for a deeper understanding of our connection to source is the Mayan.

  25. Thank you Dr.Carl, for giving me an opportunity to compare my personal notes with yours. For putting records straight, I have never ever said “Yuga Systems is superior” to Mayan System or vice versa. If at all anything I said, that was to encourage to explore the possibility of these two systems being mutually complementary. To me it is, and still it is. Comparing our notes is not for the purpose of changing the other’s viewpoints. What we know is what is ultiamtely important to us.. Signing off with lots of love and respect – Nanda

  26. Thank you Dr. Calleman and Nanda for a very interesting discussion – this has motivated me to do some research and I have found the following two resources which I think brings some understanding to the similarities of the Mayan Calendar and the Yugas in relation to how the future may unfold:

    Personally I also feel that we should be able to draw from more than one source and that each person can or could be intuitively guided to truth. It seems that the above sources pointing to things improving after 2020 is very useful immediate information – and complimentary to the Mayan Calendar (and vice versa). The East had their own systems of mapping time and energetic movements internally and externally and so I appreciate learning about the Yugas too.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hello Jean-Jacques,
      Naturally what every person will do is to follow their own intuition. Personally, I however do not see that the Yuga system in any respect adds to the Mayan calendar. I also know that any belief system has become so much spread as the Yuga system people will keep following it no matter what the arguments are. People trust what is old whether it matches up to the new reality or not and this is part of why things seem to be moving forward so slowly. When it comes to the article on the Internet about the Mayan calendar I think you should be aware of the rethinking that followed upon the shift. The two most prominent proponents of the view that the Mayan calendar was an expression of precession, John Major Jenkins and Geoff Stray, whom I consistently disagreed with, now argue (see, Stray wrote it and Jenkins endorsed it) that the Long Count is not limited to thirteen baktuns, but may be 20 baktuns. (I argue that it is not limited at all, but an infinite wave form in the quantum field, but I think they are going in the right direction). What this means is that the argument in the article you quote that 5 x 5,125 year = a precessional cycle of 26000 years now goes out the window, since also in the view of these authors the Long Count is not limited to 13 baktuns. It is quite paradoxical since they attracted a lot of people to their belief based on the argument that 5 x 5,125 years equals a precessional cycle and now, after they experienced that nothing happened on the date they had specified, December 21, 2012, they argue that this equation is not true.

  27. Hello Dr Calleman,

    Thank you for your reply. I share your frustration with all the “goal-post shifting” after the 2012 event, and quite frankly it just adds to confusion and also reduces the credibility of Mayan scholars in general, in my opinion. However, I think very many people need spiritual guidance (and that includes me) and I think naturally old systems would be the “go-to”, for example the Mayan Calendar or Yugas or I-Ching and so on. Of course, the average person in the West only has his or her intuition to guide them to which of these system resonate with them the strongest (as we are not trained like indigenous peoples who grow up with these systems), but all the technicalities can be daunting sometimes (even in the case of the Yugas, it took me a couple of days to kind of make sense of it – and it took me almost 2 years to settle into some kind of understanding of the Mayan calendar). Also, eventually I think a kind of fatigue can set in, with things not materialising as predicted and no wonder some people feel like entering their caves and hibernating until the storms pass – especially considering how unstable things are right now – which in fact I think is a sound spiritual practice also..

    Perhaps the general message of working towards Unity and being co-creators in the new world we are waiting for (by thinking of practical solutions and new models) is an easier task to focus on in the meantime, even if it is a bit simplistic in a way it is practical – at least that is the approach I aim to take. Now that we are already quite a way into post-2012 and clearly things are unravelling in the world around us, so there’s no doubt that we are transitioning.

    As external structures are crumbling around us, strong internal structures will keep us grounded and help us stay balanced. Intuitively (and that’s all I can go on), it feels like we are at the very end of a very dark period, so the 2020 date does resonate for when things may start stabilising again, although between then and now and even after that we could still see some major upheaval, in fact everything is “being shaken up” as we speak – as was predicted, so in that respect the Mayan Calendar prediction was correct. I think things are not happening exactly as expected, but they are happening none-the-less. Anyway – I’m just sharing my personal thoughts here, but there’s no doubt we live in profound times – thank you again for providing a platform for this this kind of discussion

    Best Wishes,

    1. Dear Jean-Jacques,
      Thank you for bringing these matters up.
      Spiritually speaking what is most important at the current time I believe is to visualize the Golden Age and also who you would be in the Golden Age.But it is equally important to be aware of the Ninth Wave, and be able to follow it as a reality at the current time after the shift on 2011. The Yuga system has nothing like that and tends to simply encourage people to wait and see. In order for people to see the meaning of the Mayan calendar system I think it is important to be aware that we are part of a divine plan that has a beginning and a direction from our present point in time. I cannot see how the Yuga system would be going back to the origin of the universe (which clearly is a prerequisite for any system that aims to describe the divine plan), while the Mayan system clearly does. In the book that I am reading about the Yugas they only go back at most 26,000 years and then it is all dependent on various astronomical cycles. This is really nothing compared to the Mayan calendar system that can also provide a fairly detailed understanding of the biological evolution that has led up to ourselves. These things will be quite clearly outlined in my forthcoming book The Nine Waves of Creation and I believe that before this book is released it is difficult to get a coherent picture of the Mayan calendar system in its entirety. Best Carl

  28. Hello Carl
    In ancient times, before the Mind, maybe women shared insight and found
    connection in Nature. Here is
    invocation and corresponding Charge of the goddess:
    Whenever you need anything, once a month and best when the moon is full, and eight times more in the year, you shall meet in a safe place to celebrate my spirit , who am the queen of all women. As a sign of trust, you shall be naked in your rites. Sing, feast, dance make music and love , all in my presence. For mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and joy on earth. My only law is love unto all. Mine is the secret that opens on the door of birth and mine is the mystery of life that is the cauldren of Hecate, the womb of immortality. I give knowledge of the all-creative spirit and beyond death peace with those gone before. Nor do I ask for any sacrifice for I am the mother of all things and my love is the breastmilk that nourishes the earth.”
    Charge of the Goddess:
    ” I who am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the waters, I call upon your spirit to arise and come unto me! For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe! From me , all things proceed, and unto me they must return. Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices. For behold! All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you. And you who seek to know me , know that your seeking and your yearning will avail you not unless you know the mystery. For if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it from without. For behold! I have been with you from the beginning and I am that which is attained at the end of desire!”

  29. Hello again. Remembered it is” the white moon among the stars and the mystery of the waters” a woman’s perception or knowing, ancient~~~thank you~~~Angele

  30. Hello again, Carl
    I remembered correct wording is “seek you find not within yourself you will never find it without” I apologize for corrections. Memories~~~thank you for clarity, vision and felt presence of immediate experience~~~ love, Angele LaGrave

  31. Hej Calle!
    Tack så mycket. Tyvärr får jag säga att du, enligt mig, svamlar.
    Vad är frekvensen eller frekvenserna? Vad har du för kunskap angående politik i USA?
    Det är utan tvekan så att det blir bättre och bättre och går stadigt framåt.
    Det märker vi ju alla, eller hur?
    Hur hade du tänkt dig det hela?
    Ha det bra!
    Torbjörn Hellerstad

    1. Hej Torbjörn,
      Frekvenserna finns i mina böcker men kanske tydligast i den kommande The Nine Waves of Creation (december 2016) och det är i där som det stora sammanhanget presenteras.
      Jag har ingen aning om vad du menar med att jag skulle svamla. Eftersom jag är bosatt i USA och noga följt valkampanjen här under det senaste året så tror jag nog att jag är betydligt mer insatt i Amerikansk politik än man är i Sverige. Utifrån det perspektivet är det svårt att dela ditt synsätt att allt bara blir bättre, även om de olika vågorna naturligtvis skapar ett komplicerat samspel som är avsedda att leda till en gyllene tidsålder.

  32. “The “leave” group in the Brexit vote in the UK is for instance in many ways a direct parallel to the Donald Trump candidacy for president in the US. Both represent attempts to go back to the earlier times of Western supremacy by maintaining a national identity based on the seventh day and for instance keeping immigrants out.”

    Fascists, nationalists and extremists wake up in the morning and have coffee for breakfast. So do I. But this does not make me a fascist, nationalist, or extremist.
    M Nigel Farage defended Brexit for his own reasons, but most of those who voted “leave” voted just to get control of their destiny back from the EU European Union. They are not against Europe, they don’t despise migrants, they are not racists and don’t want fascism in the UK : they just want to be able to vote for their own laws ! For example, they don’t want to have to import GMOs after some lobbyist group has made the European Commission write up a law for the European Parliament to vote to impose GMO imports in Europe !

    Voting for Brexit was to get back control from the EU.
    Voting for Trump was to get back control from the corrupt political clique in power in the US (on both sides red or blue).
    Unfortunately, we see no one on the horizon in France to disrupt the elections in 2017 for us to get back our own control (eg *not* to send French troups to invade Iraq or illegally bomb Syria) – except maybe M Asselineau of the UPR who only “exists” on the social networks.

    Thanks for opening the debate, Carl-Johann, and much love to all 🙂

    1. I suppose this refers to the beginning of the Kali Yuga according to the ancient sources.
      I think it is obvious that the Hindu date is an attempt to capture the beginning of the Mayan Sixth Wave
      or Long Count and it is indeed very good, only 13 years off. If there could be a consensus that
      the two dates (Kali Yuga Beginning and Long Count) refers to the same event in the quantum field
      then I think we have made some progress in understanding how the universe is created.

  33. Thank you Dr, Calleman Very clear and transparent. I resonate with this. I have 2 adjustments to suggest. Everybody will some time reach to consciousness, so tolerance and trust in everybody are adequate.
    A different view about where our origin is: i just translated “Urgent Message….Alexandra Meadors (Galactic Connection) from the 25.12.16 where it is said, that our creators where false gods, that created the big bang 350000 years ago. So 80 % of people on earth are made from clay carbon and genes from these gods, who created without love. So since prime creator went through a healing and also accepting his unpreparedness, he can now offer not the original crystal soul back to us, but an upgrade, that was never existed before. He says there will be no new creations but from this new crystal matrix. Incredible, all will be new. I myself see that the energy coming to our galaxy (from our solar system, from central sun of galaxy, from creator of all 75 sectors), thing are “delivered. To receive the gift, we have really one big task to complete. We have to forgive everybody, so there is not one atom of hatred left in ourselves. Its an open play, and we can put all in now and choose to be the master.
    Love to all good beings Ananta

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