Is a dangerous X-wave coming to the Earth on September 27?

Is a dangerous X-wave coming to the Earth on September 27?

Absolutely not!

This rumor has however recently come to be widely circulated on the Internet: (see for instance ). These rumors are part of the fear-mongering that often goes on at times of great change. In this case, I want to make it absolutely clear that there is no mysterious X-wave spreading gamma rays on the planet or any shift in the Schumann resonance to occur in the end of September. I happen to have received my Ph. D. from a Department of Radiobiology and have written several scientific articles on radiation risks and know something about this. What I, and any legitimate scientist, know, is that gamma rays are very dangerous. These are rays that kill life. There is thus absolutely nothing positive about gamma rays and there is nothing positive about spreading a false rumor – based on nothing – that the earth would be exposed to gamma rays on September 27 or any other date. The good news is that the so-called X wave is a purely made up story without any factual basis.

Similarly, the idea that the Schumann frequency would shift is an old, often repeated, story based on absolutely nothing. The Schumann frequency is instead constant, has not changed and will never change. Any physicist knows that such a change is impossible for reasons that there is not space to detail here. All measurements have indeed verified that the Schumann Resonance is constant. This is good news for us, since as I discuss in detail in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, the Earth’s surface frequency plays a crucial role for our contact with the Earth and the global mind.

Having said this, and hopefully made it clear that there is no reason to fear either a change in the Schumann frequency or gamma rays coming to the earth in the end of September, the question is really who benefits from such rumors. As far as I can tell, they only make passive observers of people without proposing any path forward. They distract people from dealing with their situation, which requires information that is true and not leading them astray. In this case I think the rumors may partly be based on the “end-of the-world”-prophecy in regards to the “blood moon” in the end of September, but I see this as equally negative. In my mind, making up stories merely to spread fear is unethical and tends to paralyze people rather than awaken them to the divine. What is needed now more than ever is direct contact with the personal divine that may provide guidance for courageous action into the future.

The reason such guidance is needed is that it seems fairly obvious that the time we are now facing will be very challenging and that many of the structures that have shaped out life for a long time are crumbling, politically and economically. It is a sure bet that these processes are only going to intensify beyond the end of September and personally I expect this to be a difficult time for many. But the response of wise people to these changes is not to spread false rumors or monger fear about things they cannot do anything about. It is instead to learn how to connect with the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar and move into the unity consciousness that this is carrying. This is the path that is now offered to us to manifest the destiny of humanity.

The weekend at the end of September may thus very well be a crucial time of choice for all of us and I hope as many as possible will approach it constructively and not from fear. Anette Carlström and I will be presenting a path forward at the event in Santa Fe on September 26: We will also both be on a radio show on August 28, 9 am PST, 12 pm EST with Arbra Tawwab to discuss these matters. You are welcome to listen to this interview at

Santa Fe, NM August 27, 2015

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

3 thoughts on “Is a dangerous X-wave coming to the Earth on September 27?

  1. This is good info…..I have all your books….incl The Global Mind…..keep up the good info…..

    1. Well it seems to me that some people can only think of themselves
      as evolving as a result of negative events or catastrophes, but this is
      simply not true.

  2. Hi Johan,

    Your book “A Purposeful Universe” has finally given me the empirical evidence I have been looking for that validates what I already knew but was not able to express; at least not in a rational way. Being a lifelong student of metaphysics, I am also now connecting dots and understanding metaphysical and spiritual terms and phrases in a way that is becoming clearer and clearer; it’s all just coming together. So thanks for your incredible work.

    There is a sentence in the book which I do not understand and I was wondering if you could clarify it for me. It’s this one: A second equally dramatic, finding was made by Professor Michael Longo at the University of Michigan, who studied the handedness of spiral galaxies through out the universe. (He found that a line separating the preference for the two types of handedness) approximately lined up with the axis previously discovered in the WMAP. The part that I don’t understand is in parenthesis. I’m not sure what preference refers to here.


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