Why follow the Ninth Wave?

A small, but increasing number of people is starting to follow the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar system. Yet, even those that understand the prophetic system and the mathematical basis for the Ninth Wave may not always see its value or how it relates to their own lives and evolution at large. Others may think that since they already follow the tzolkin they do not need another calendar to follow. Since tomorrow, April 28, is the beginning of the 43rd day in the Ninth Wave (http://ahau.pagesperso-orange.fr/Tzolkin_wave_calendar_HI.jpg) a discussion about the value of following this calendar is due.

The simple answer to why you would follow the Ninth Wave is that it is the wave of destiny of humanity. The Ninth Wave is the highest of the divine creation waves and is the wave that since 2011 brings the possibility of attaining unity consciousness for humanity. Thus, no other calendar can play the same role of gauging if you, your thoughts and actions are aligned with this destiny or not. To the extent that humanity attains the state of consciousness generated by the Ninth Wave it will be able to take a path of return to the Garden of Eden (or if you like to use another prophecy: the Eagle and Condor will fly together).

To follow the Ninth Wave calendar is then somewhat like looking at your weight on the balance in the morning. You are not likely to once and for all have ascertained your relationship to the destiny of humanity. Unity consciousness, and a life consistent with this is something we will fall in and out of and requires of us a stable intention to attain and maintain this. Similarly to how your weight may tell you to change your habits of eating and exercising following the Ninth Wave may give you indication as to how to align yourself with your higher purpose. By following the Ninth Wave you may understand more of how your life is related to the destiny of humanity and make necessary adjustments. Yet, to many people, who seem to have found some temporary comfortable balance through resonating with the lower 6th, 7th or 8th Waves, to monitor their resonance with the Ninth Wave may be disturbing. It may compel them to participate seriously in the destiny of humanity and undertake deep processes. Some will start this earlier and other later, but I think we should recognize that unless we are under 4 years of age almost our entire lives have been dominated by a mind of duality. Our entire past will then have been colored by a dualist state of mind and this will have had consequences for our relationships, bodies, financial outlook, emotional life etc. To the extent that we want to align ourselves with the ninth wave and the destiny of humanity we will then have to process of all these aspects of the past in order to become what it takes to contribute to the emergence of unity consciousness. To merely have an intellectual understanding of the matter is not sufficient.

How then does the Ninth Wave influence our lives? Roughly speaking, the days in the Ninth wave (including the one that now begins) are the times when the destiny of humanity has flow. Projects, either on a personal or family level or in the larger outside world, which are consistent with unity consciousness will exhibit flow. This means that to the extent that we are developing ourselves to be conducive to unity consciousness, and act accordingly, our lives will have flow in those time periods. In the periods that are nights on the other hand, we may look upon the Ninth Wave consciousness as being deactivated. What this will mean is that in those time periods we will have to deal with all the aspects of ourselves that are not consistent with unity consciousness, residues from the 6th, 7th or 8th Waves. Typically you will in those nights have help from the flow that was generated by the preceding day, but yet you re likely to have a rougher time on a personal level. Issues pertaining to health, money or the more practical and physical aspects of life may pop because they need to be resolved for you to be part of the flow when the day begins. Hard emotional struggles may also occur within you and in your relationships for the very same reason. This is not to say that the days are “good” and the nights ”bad”. It only means that they have different roles in your evolution and your participation in manifesting the destiny of humanity.

As mentioned, only a small portion of humanity are likely at this point to have even tasted the experience of unity consciousness, but to the extent that people start to follow the Ninth Wave and its pattern of alternating days and nights they have an increased chance of becoming aware of being in this state of consciousness. They will also increasingly become aware of their own specific role in manifesting the destiny of humanity and this is something everyone will have to find out for himself or herself. For this following the Ninth Wave calendar may be a valuable tool. The Ninth Wave is not necessarily making life easy, at least not at the present time. We all have a number of things originating in lower waves to go through, process and leave behind. Yet, I am convinced that over time, as the following of this calendar takes hold and spreads, it will become an important tool for people who want to align themselves with the destiny of humanity. What alignment with this divinely provided destiny will give is an increased sense of joy and an experience of being part of something much greater.

Santa Fe, April 28 2015 (18th day of the 42nd night, 4 Flint).

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  1. Thank you for this post, Dr. Calleman. With your permission, I’d like to include it in a monthly newsletter that I send to approx. 180 people who receive the Healing Energy that I channel to them via long distance. (I’m informed that this divine energy reaches every sentient being in the universe, but I know the names & addresses of only these few.) Some receive it primarily for their health; others, like myself, are seekers on the spiritual path, and all of us can benefit from your words here.
    After all, what is life without hope for the future?
    with thanks and appreciation,
    P. in Canada

  2. Mind or brain, it is my understanding so far that, Ego is the main barrier to progress. Perhaps I have missed your view on that statement, but I am curious as to how you feel about that. Generally it is frowned upon as people balk to its very suggestion. You may have already touched on that point in your writings.and if so, please direct me to a link or book where I can ponder your views on this critical subject matter. I realize that we are but in the third year of crossing the border into the new paradigm and that chaos is bubbling with increased rapidity , but I am forever amazed as to what the general public attributes this activity to. The old reasons no longer hold power.

    I always enjoy receiving your updates Carl and know that you are a blessing to our understanding of conscious evolution.


    1. Hello Arthur,
      I agree with that statement in general terms, but use another and as I believe more precise terminology
      to describe the same phenomenon. Ego comes out of separation from the divine. If you go to my article
      https://calleman.com/2015/03/30/following-the-ninth-wave/ in this blog and look at the different frames of mind
      corresponding to different Waves, you will find that the 6th, 7th and 8th waves create a mind with filters.
      Such filters tend to separate humans from the divine and to create and ego. The 9th Wave has no such filter and so
      those that follow will tend to transcend the power of the ego and follow the divine guidance.

      1. Interesting read, M… Though iam skeptical about the Mayan pcorhepy, (just 3 months away according to the article); the fact that the article focuses on certain basic truth’s of life is endearing… :)thanks for sharing…PS

  3. Dear Carl, I value all you are doing with your work on consciousness’s evolution, thank you. You have helped bring a truly Divine spark of understanding for me. As have the Maya people’s and there calendar systems. I feel what you are saying according to my study and understanding resonates good and to me, I don’t know of any other calendar like the 9 level Mayan calendar that is as relevant as a map of the Universes vast cycles of time and how this so accurately is aligned to our modern times. So this is why I am undoubted about the fact that the 9th Waves Frequency of 18 day shifts into and out of the Days and Nights are very good to be conscious of. I have experienced and seen evidence of the 18 day shifts like you explain. In reading your article I thought to myself when you mentioned children under 4 years of age, “unless we are under 4 years of age almost our entire lives have been dominated by a mind of duality” This is very true. However, do you think that children will be void of dualism if they are born after the completion of the Mayan calendar? My thought is that because the children are born of parents of the lower levels they may take on there tendency. Or might the brain be developed enough to transcend duality by the time the children are older in about 2030 to 2060 or sooner. The process of evolution to a peaceful place of unity will take time. I feel in being realistic and looking at the state of this world it could take longer than we realise, although I hope it happens quickly. Best, Sean Caulfield…

    1. Thank you and thank you to you for keeping the ninth wave conscious for a long time.
      Daykeeping is not something only for the Maya or of the past, but very much needed in our own time.
      When it comes to very young people and people of the future I would avoid any categorical statements.
      Life is complex and their circumstances are likely to influence the children for some time to come.
      If a child born today is reared by parents who are at a high frequency and often in resonance with the ninth
      wave it will be easier for them to transcend duality. On the other hand, children born in
      parts of the world dominated by the sixth or seventh waves will find this much more difficult.
      Some will succumb and others will escape the dominance of duality. That is how I look upon it.
      Things are not automatic and some will remember destinies that they acquired even before they were born and stick to those.
      This will take time, but how much I do not think at this point even God knows because it depends
      upon the choices humans make.

  4. It’s so beautiful to be a witness of all that’s coming to light over the past 15 years, since identifying with the heart of the heavens and the heart of the earth and it’s agenda. Your work and the work of countless others around the world only acknowledges what I trust is the divine plan. Ian Lungold agrees, “We’re right on schedule”.

    1. Thank you Karen and also for what you have contributed to keeping the tzolkin count alive in the USA
      for along time. I believe the Ninth Wave calendar allows for a new kind of exploration that in one sense
      is very personal and where we have to make the interpretations very much ourselves. On the other hand
      it is not personal at all as it is fundamentally based on what we are supposed to do to contrubute
      to the destiny of humanity at large as this has been laid out in the divine plan.

      1. I so agree with you that it is both personal and not personal. Following the ebb and flow of the night and day can certainly assist us all. Paying attention certainly does increase the amount of synchronicities, or at least your awareness of them. It’s what I live for. For example, today being 6-Ahau, I had lunch with an amazing women here in Longmont who heads up the cities visionary plan to create a art district here. What a powerhouse she is and guess what? her Mayan Birthday was today. That kind of timing has to be divinely orchestrated don’t you think? Happens to me all the time, especially this week of the Eagle. Day of oneness and light, certainly something to celebrate! Thank you again for your continued dedication to the heart of the heavens and the heart of the earth.

        1. Yes, I think such kind of timing is divinely orchestrated and reflect what our attention is placed on at the moment.
          On the other hand I do not think that all sequences of syncronicities are necessarily leading us to
          our highest purpose. People experience syncronicities on different levels of the nine-storied pyramid
          and only if we create resonance with a frequency that is generated by the ninth wave can we be certain
          that we are going on a path of unity consciousness to manifest the destiny of humanity.

  5. Dear Carl, many thanks for your persistent work in studying and sharing about the Mayan calendar, including now, beyond its “end date” of October 26th, 2011 (correct me if I got that date wrong, definitely NOT December 21st, 2012 as was believed by so many and broadcast by Hollywood…)
    If April 28th, 2015 was the beginning of the 43rd day of the Ninth (and highest) wave of unity consciousness, then how long is it due to last, i.e. until which date (in our Gregorian calendar)?
    (I tried to look at the calendar with the sinus wave you gave us to illustrate that, but it was on such a small scale on my computer, that I was unable to decipher it.)
    Your explanations convinced me of the importance of following these cycles, I’m just wondering now how to apply that in my (our) everyday life, thanks!

    1. Hello Jean-Marc,
      Good to hear from you.
      It is something everyone will have to explore himself or herself, but possibly sharing
      may be helpful in interpreting what influence it has. As far as I can tell this wave
      has no end date.

      1. Hi Carl,
        I guess my question was not sufficiently clear.
        I meant to ask : “Until when will this 43rd day (of the Ninth wave) end?”
        How long do those cycles called “day” and “night” last, in the Ninth wave that is
        — since I know very well that the duration of these cycles vary greatly depending on the wave?
        Kind regards, Jean-Marc

          1. Has anyone ever told you that you have a beiuatful speaking voice? And it goes so well with all the wise and wonderful words you share. I don’t always understand the technical part of what you are saying so I really appreciate how you explain it but more than that I sense the energy in your voice is creating a field of love and transformation that is beyond what you are saying. It is a rare gift you have and share so generously and I thank you!

  6. Dear Carl, Many thanks for the explanation of the 9th Wave, this is a very interesting development from a personal experience.

    Having just finished reading the first book in the Paradigm shift trilogy, I am very keen to obtain volume 2, as I am interested in the effects of altered states of mind that I have already experienced from various plants and also through the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation. Can you advise on the possible date that this volume will be available?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you for your interest Richard.
      I think you are on the same track as I and think phenomena such as
      those given by certain plants can only be understood if we understand what the mind is.
      And many spiritual phenomena comes out of decoupling the mind, and not activating it. There is in other words somewhat of an inverse relationship between spirituality and civilization. To answer your question, the publication of the trilogy has taken a new turn as Inner Traditions will republish The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization in the beginning of 2016. The current version is thus soon to be taken out of the shelves. This puts the publication of the coming volumes further down the road and I would not expect that the following two volumes will not become available until end of 2016 or early 2017.

  7. Dear Carl, thank you for your profound insights. As it happens, I was born on 28 April 1968 and unity consciousness is certainly beginning to resonate with me very much more strongly. There is a more natural flow to my life and although I still experience challenging events, they have however taken on a very much deeper meaning for me. On my birthday this year, I experienced a strong sense of “anniversary”, and personally acknowledged this particular year as being seminal. Having only read this article today, you can imagine my sense of joy at receiving an external affirmation through your explanation. It is with great interest that I shall reflect on this more relevant calendar. Unfortunately I was not able to open the .exe file on my Mac, please advise.
    With gratitude,
    Kelvin Appelgren

    1. Dear Kelvin,
      Good to hear from you. I think we are all participating in a climb and there are individual factors that will trigger when we
      become of our resonance with the ninth wave, in your case it was an auspicious birthday. I have a Mac myself and cannot use this
      calculator, but a web based calculator is on its way.

  8. Dear Carl, I have been following your mails on the ninth wave. Is there any general advise as to how one can resonate with the ninth wave?
    According to your view, is there any time frame for completion of a person’s evolution once he/she is in resonance with the ninth wave?…knowing that each person has his/her karma and ingrained tendencies to work out & which will definitely vary..yet is it possible to complete the evolution within the lifetime? This question is pertinent as I am 61 years!
    Does it mean that Man can change his destiny once he is in resonance with the ninth wave?
    Appreciate your views & many thanks for your attention.
    Warm regards,
    Prakaash Assnani

    1. Dear Carl, Could you advise how best can one resonate with Ninth wave? Can one change his destiny? Any rough time frame for completing one’s evolution if one is in complete resonance with it?
      Appreciate your guidance,
      Warm regards,
      Prakaash Assnani

      1. Dear Prakaash,
        I would overall the development of resonance with the ninth wave is the same thing as developing an unfiltered
        connection to the divine. Many spiritual tools may serve this purpose and following the ninth wave is mostly
        a possibility for you to monitor to what extent you are manifesting unity consciousness of the ninth wave in your life.
        As i understand it the ninth wave is about manifesting the destiny of humanity and play a part of this. Some people may have a pre-set part to play in this, others may need to craft it. I suspect that there is no rough time-frame for completing this aspect of the evolution of humanity. If there would be peace all over the world I think humanity is far on its path towards manifesting its destiny. But we are not there yet.

    2. Dear Prakaash,
      I am sixtyfive and all I can say is that I want to do my best to fulfil my mission.
      I doubt that there is such a thing as completing your mission.
      I would say that following the ninth wave helps a person to align his life with the destiny of humanity,
      and yes, that may mean a change in direction as to how his mission evolves. This is up to the individual
      of course, but following the ninth wave may be a self-correcting tool on this path.
      Different traditions set up different spiritual goals for the human beings. One such goal may be to work through
      Karma as an individual. This goal is related to, but not necessarily identical to manifesting the destiny of humanity.
      I think that to the extent a person follows the ninth wave and courageously takes action accordingly then this will as a
      spin-off effect lead to the release of lots of karmic binds.

  9. Merci de tout coeur pour tout ce travail et cette aide que vous nous apportez depuis des années. C’est magnifique de constater au quotidien combien cette vague attendue est tellement particulière. C’est en méditant que je sens la différence avec “avant”, en observant ces expansions extraordinaires de conscience. Merci beaucoup!

    1. Oui, je suis d’accord. Au moins pour les gens qui tiennent un intention d’arriver
      a un etat d’unité cette vague est un realité et j’espere que beaucoup des gens veulent

  10. I am wondering when the ancient Maya began the practice of placing boards on newborns’ craniums. I am a student of Craniosacral Therapy and a student in Direct-Entry midwifery. This practice of distorting the golden ratio of the head may well have had negative effects. Any thoughts about when this practice began. Perhaps more recent than Classical Maya? Thank you for your work. Love-Angele

    1. Are people aultalcy getting scared because of the Elenin Comet and what they think it might bring or have they been brain-washed by one of Holywood’s 2012 movies produced simply to make lots of money? It was very interesting what some people did before the Y2K scare when computers were supposed to crash and we all would be out of water and unable to flush our toilets. They went out and bought land in the east mountains outside of Albuquerque. Well, if the world was going to end or be drastically different in the year 2,000 would there be any place to run to or any place that would not be affected? And yes, I am aware that the year 2,000 was based on the Gregorian man-made calendar, unlike the Mayan calendar based on earth seasons. What’s interesting is that so many books of pure speculation have been written about 2012, yet none of them have bothered to consult the Mayans themselves about the prophecy. Ask a Mayan elder and you will find that the prophecy does not mean the end of the world, but rather the end of an age of consciousness. However, if one chooses to jump into Hollywood fear, that is one’s choice.

  11. Dear Carl, I went on Facebook in order to share an empowering worldly message with you. The Facebook picture of me was painted by Mucha in 1896 and the Holy Spirit has
    named me Queen of Heavens (Rev. 12). I experienced being in the Lght of the Truth of
    Heaven when I was 18, and only now at the age of 65 this Sat. do I feel ready to communicate Love in this loveless world. Your brilliant mind has unlocked the Mayan
    calendar; your incredible insights has helped me understand why I saw the wholeness of
    my mind fully restored in a highly detailed symbolic dragon cloud which led to me being
    briefly transformed into a dragon. This occurred during the seventh day of the ninth wave
    and is connected to the Elenin comet and the previous sixth night when I celebrated my
    61st birthday in Disneyland. I give all illusions to the Truth. It is my sacred responsibility
    to reveal how I was involved in the ninth wave polarity shift to Unity consciousness for we
    Have finally entered the Age of Love.
    With much appreciation, Patricia

  12. Carl, here in Canada, we are coming up to a federal election on Oct 19th which is close to the mid point of a night. Never before in Canadian history has there been a three way split in the polls over the three major parties, however, the majority of Canadians are not happy with the direction the Harper government has taken over the last 10 years. That direction is more like the republicans in the states. Can we deduce anything about the outcome from the calendrical influences?

    1. Dear Richard,
      Interesting question. Overall, I am not sure that enough people yet are in the resonance with the Ninth Wave that it will affect a collective election like this. On the other hand, I feel the Pope’s visit to the US, which took place in a day meant a step forward for all those that think that the money should not go from the poor to the rich but the other way around. Since the Canadian election takes place in the midpoint of a night you would expect that it would favor duality and separation between the have’s and the have not’s. Yet, I would be careful of making such a prediction based on the Ninth Wave since my sense is that so few people are yet in renounce with it.

  13. ~~~I imagine energy flowing through my third eye, then my base chakra, then the bottoms of my feet, then the edges of my aura down to the center of the earth . I see this womb nestled in the arms of our galaxy which is entangled in the halo of the Cosmic Tree of Life. This helps when times are difficult. I also look toward our sun and intend that the sun is the center of my life and I align my third eye with the sun and the beauty, kindness, and truth of Mother Nature. Helps so much. Thank you, love always, Angele

  14. Dear Carl,

    Your work has been a guiding light to me for many years now. Thank you for this post! I’ve begun paying attention to the 9th wave rhythms.

    Just now, I’m looking at Fig. 10 on page 56 of your 2014 paperback edition of The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. What a compelling chart it is! (For others, it itemizes the rises and falls of civilizations in accord with the day/night baktun shifts in the Long Count, each of which being about 400 years.) I infer that in 2011 we began a night phase, and does that ever make sense! I’m moving slowly through the book, and maybe you talk about this later on: how to productively handle nights, both this long night and the 18-day nights in the 9th wave.

    The long night begun in late 2011 found me moving to a rural, isolated and tranquil valley and really hunkering into the microcosm of my village, and specifically my little 1/3 acre, growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers, which is blissful after a long career in technology. On the larger scale, I see throughout the world trends toward isolationism (and, unfortunately, extreme polarization). In the news, night does seem to be upon us, but it strikes me that there has to be a way of using nights well for rest, reevaluation, healing, and/or, what?, cultivating the deep feminine maybe? Would love to hear more about nights from you. Maybe in your forthcoming book?

    Also, does your IMU course now deal with following the 9th wave?

    Thank you for lighting a lamp for us all.

    1. Dear Susanna,
      Yes, we are definitely in a night in the Sixth Wave (Long Count). I deal with this extensively in my upcoming book The Nine Waves of Creation coming in December of 2016 at Inner Traditions. The Global Mind is really a book to describe some basic concepts especially about the past that will help people understand what is going on now and I think we are fairly aligned with this. There are in other words much deeper things at play for instance in the US election or Brexit that reflects the movements of the continuing waves. But what needs to be added to this is the knowledge about the effects of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves, which also play a significant role at the current time. My course do at IMU do not deal with these matters, but I hope more people are coming aboard so that we can have a broader discussion as to what we are to do. Best Carl

  15. Dear Carl,
    I have returned to your work since reading Barbara’s “Revelations of the Ruby Crystal”. I’m getting back up to speed with your “Global Mind” and the interview with Alexandra Meadors. I followed the T’zolkin daily for several years, but dropped it after 10/28/11.
    Is there a ninth wave graph for the 2016 current period like the one posted for the beginning of the 43rd Day? I downloaded the calculator, but would find the overall view of the wave helpful.

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Marsha,
      What still works to use is http://www.xzone.com.au/9thwave.php where you can follow the Ninth Wave.
      There is a also if you have a PC the possibility of downloading a calculator at http://www.2near.com/edge/carl/.
      I think at the current time the ninth wave is much more important to explore than the tzolkin. The Tzolkin does give you a correct daily energy, but it does not tell you what level of consciousness you are at and that is the big difference.

  16. I just read your “The Emerging Galactic Underworld and the IT Civilization”. Am wondering if you have read Joshua Cooper Ramo’s new book “The Seventh Sense” where he discusses our transition into this age of instant global connectivity – and how we need to develop a 7th sense to deal with how things ‘were’ and how things are changing. So, I ask how do we ‘mesh’ the waves of the past with the accelerating waves, align/tune to this frequency? Anyway, if you have read this and have any insights I would be most interested.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hello Again Marsha,
      I am not familiar with the book the Seventh Sense. Does it sound like accessing unity consciousness
      or the Ninth Wave? If so I should explore it. The Ninth Wave is maybe just a crude beginning and does not necessarily tell you if you are coming form this frequency in any given moment. Yet,
      it is important to distinguish Ninth Wave from how things were under the influence of the 6th, 7th and 8th Waves which is more of the past. This is also why the tzolkin no longer is enough since it does not tell you if you are in the past or are changing into the new, i.e the Ninth Wave.

      1. It is my impression that the message in the Seventh Sense is connected to the Ninth Wave as I understand, or think that I am experiencing it. I was in Bellingham a couple of weeks ago and the book came up in conversation with Gerry Clow. He said Barbara has read it and he was going to. I didn’t have the opportunity to discuss it with Barbara. Since both of you are most knowledegable on the Ninth Wave I am sure her input would be worthy. I would be interested in any feedback.


  17. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering problems with your site.
    It appears like some of the written text within your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let
    me know if this is happening to them too? This may be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had
    this happen previously. Thanks

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