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An updated calendar of the Ninth Wave, covering the time until October 31, 2015 is now available from the web page and can be downloaded together with the Mayan tzolkin from Tzolkin_wave_calendar_HI.jpg. This Ninth Wave displayed in this calendar is the wave with the highest frequency in the Mayan calendar system. This wave is the first one to bring the possibility of experiencing and manifesting unity consciousness in the past 5000 years and so the resonance we develop with it will play a decisive role for the future of humanity. Nonetheless, since it has only been active for about 4 years (since March 9, 2011) the percentage of humanity that is in resonance with it is presumably still quite small, less than one per cent at the current time, in my own estimate. Since such a low number is hardly what is necessary to generate a critical mass we will most likely have to wait some time before the Ninth Wave generates events on a global scale. This however does not mean that following the Ninth Wave is not of interest as I believe that already now it may be used as a tool for self-exploration and in order to accelerate the crucial ability of humans to download unity consciousness.

For the most part people today who follow some aspect of the Mayan calendar limit themselves to the 260-day sacred calendar, or tzolkin. It may then be in place to explain what is the difference between following this and following the nine waves of creation (in ancient times these nine creation waves, or nine winds were referred to as the Plumed Serpent, or Quetzalcoatl). I would say that the tzolkin through its combinations of numbers and glyphs describes the spiritual qualities of the days and have been doing so at least since about 550 BCE. Yet, the tzolkin just repeats itself cyclically every 260 days and is not leading humanity anywhere. To understand the large-scale evolution of history and where this is going we instead have to look at the shifting energies of the nine major creation waves.
It is the shifting energies of the nine creation waves that the Mayan calendar system is constituted by that drive history forward and prevents it from just cyclically repeating itself. The Nine Waves in other words have a direction that is very important for those that want to experience what possibilities are available to us now and in the future. It is also the nine waves, and not the tzolkin, that determine our spiritual frequencies and levels of consciousness. Associated with these frequencies and levels of consciousness are certain polarities of the mind that determine the openness to the spiritual domain that people in resonance with the respective waves may have. As you may see from Fig 1, ever since the tzolkin came in use about 2500 years ago, three new waves of the Mayan calendar system have been activated, the 7th, 8th and 9th waves. Each of these waves carries a new level of consciousness despite the fact that the tzolkin has remained the same. A day that was for instance 4 ahau two thousand years ago are in other experienced at an entirely different level of consciousness compared to a day which is 4-ahau today. Since new waves of evolution with higher frequencies have been activated people also have very different frequencies today.

Note that I am not here downloading the value of following the tzolkin. Instead, we need to recognize that the different Mayan calendars have different functions and following them may serve us for different purposes. The conclusion from the above is then instead that if we want to develop our consciousness in accordance with any particular frequency or polarity of these waves then it is not enough to follow the tzolkin alone. Instead, we have to follow the calendar of the particular wave that we want to be in resonance with.

wavesFig 1. The nine levels of evolution of the cosmos as symbolized by a nine-storied Mayan calendar and the corresponding polarities of the mind and their dates of activation.

The 6th, 7th and to some extent the 8th, waves are already well established among humanity and manifest a reality among humanity consistent with the polarities that they generate and their shifts between DAYS and NIGHTS. (Hence for instance the dualist polarity of the 6th Wave has created an immense amount of conflicts and warfare for the past 5000 years or so). The Ninth Wave on the other hand has only been active for four years and for this reason it has so far not yet become established among humanity. Yet, the Ninth Wave is the wave that develops the highest level of consciousness, and unlike the lower levels of the 6th, 7th and 8th waves people in resonance with this wave have no filters to the perception of reality. It is the 9th Wave – and only the 9th Wave – that generates the unity consciousness that may serve to create a better world for us to the extent that we are able to develop a resonance with it. This is the top-level on the nine-storied Mayan pyramid of evolution, and another way of describing its unity consciousness, is to say that people in resonance with it have a direct channel to the divine, unobstructed by filters. The unity consciousness provided by the ninth wave thus provides the best possible guidance for human beings as to how to act and be in the world and serve to manifest the divine plan. It is because some people in the past years have come to resonate with this wave that they have experienced a shift, and beginning awakening among humanity despite the multitude of conflicts that are generated by people in resonance with lower waves.

This is why actually following the Ninth Wave may be valuable to us because it tells us to what extent we have been able to do the necessary spiritual work to establish a stable and reliable relationship to the divine and a higher level of consciousness. In this view, people who have accomplished this will find that the Ninth Wave ( Tzolkin_wave_calendar_HI.jpg) and its shifts between DAYS and NIGHTS determine when they have flow in their lives and not. People, on the other hand who have not developed a resonance with the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave are not likely to experience an influence by this or its shifting energies. I invite everyone to explore his or her resonance with the Ninth Wave and use this as an indicator as to where they are on the climb of the nine-storied pyramid. It is something that each individual will have to generate the answers to him-or herself.

Santa Fe, NM, March 26, 2015 (10 Chicchan)

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  1. Hi Carl…do you remember us? We travelled with you up to Estes Park when you spoke in Boulder CO a couple of years ago.
    When I read about Switzerland leaving the Euro zone, I recalled the maps you had in your first book, in particular the one showing the vertical line running through Switzerland as a major juncture for waves of change on the planet. How perfect that he dismantling of the global banking cartel or ‘cabal’ as some call it began on the line!

    1. David … and Carl…. I remember the time I spent with you that day fondly. David, please give my regards to your wife. Carl, I am very grateful for the powerful downloads you shared with me as we where driving from place to place on that very lovely day in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I feel so blessed to be connected to all of you….. Deep Gratitude, Lori Grace Kochevar

  2. What Dr Calleman has uncovered here in the resonance with the 9th Wave is not only insightful but also essential perhaps in the everyday navigation of energies present on the planet and a high level cultivation of consciousness and resiliency…an opportunity for the human Cosmic heart to rise .

  3. Dear Carl I would be shocked if you posted the following information.

    Your mantra and ‘claims’ revolve around the new age buzzword ‘consciousness’ or what you are calling the ‘global mind and the rise of civilization’.

    As we know you are not alone, there is Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake, Edgar Mitchell, and all of the CPAK affiliates left standing, everybody with no exception has a story to tell, their version of where we came from and where what the future is all about.

    The following book linked the swastika to the evolution of consciousness over 100 years ago based primarily on the wisdom found in the east.

    One of my favorite scholars who did a 500+ page comparative study involving the Maya, Aztec and other cultures highlighting the swastika was Zelia Nuttall.

    I shared this next quote with John Major Jenkins (a friend of yours?) and he lied to me, and he would not discuss it either.
    John like all storytellers who get caught unprepared will lie.


    “After having worked, during thirteen years, without any preconceived ideas about the ancient Mexican civilization and without formulating any general conclusion concerning it, I saw all the knowledge I had slowly acquired fall into rank and file and organize itself into a simple and harmonious whole.

    Realizing this I perceived how, with the origin of the swastika, I had found the origin of the set of primeval ideas which had governed the human race from its infancy and which, in Mexican and Central American civilizations, ultimately developed into their ingenious system of government and social organization.”

    -Zelia Nuttall
    ‘The Fundamental Principles Of Old and New World Civilizations’


    Zelia Nuttall’s work + Theosophical insights + Itzhak Bentov + Carl Jung + Buddha were all in support of the swastika as a positive influence in the world.

    Carl are you content in this lifetime to be just another liar liar seeking glory or fame by tricking the sheeple into following you?



    p.s. this is my calling card Carl.

    1. Many ancient civilizations would describe their origin in the eight-partitioning of the
      global mind. It is very obvious and directly explicit from the Maya, but equally true from China
      where FuXi is considered to have brought civilization much through his knowledge of the eight trigrams
      of the I Ching. The Swastika was the most common symbol of the eight-partitioning from
      the Indus Valley or Harappa. While this is a symbol that has been much abused in its origin it is really not anything
      different from what the other ancient peoples saw as the beginning of civilization.

    2. Thanks for sharing beautiful work Carl <3
      for some judgmental comments without getting to such Dual waves , in case it is Same Arcanjo Raphael you channel,
      we are from Nazare Linage and I stand on North holding Fire on my right and Light on my left.
      I am here to guard.
      if any One doubt I can invite those who dare to pass their own Fear which called Death and we pass through.
      for those who are Centered in the heart and silent in the Mind can hear Spirit and per this time in Recent history of Humanity this Unique experience with No Human word only in silence All can Receive same Message if they are ready messengers, as it was in the History through time One at different Point of time, it is time to be in the many in the same time.

      Words will not get us anywhere, only in Silent in the presence of Sacrament of Nature as it was for thousand years, we receive and it is time of Justice per Oldest prophecy back to Persia, Aztec, Hopi, Amazonian Tribe and some Religious text or …

      if you read this and still you hear a voice in your head judging me, better to firm your thinking and the sickness…. and be centered in the heart.
      Thinking is Psychological Disease Among humanity in the End of time,
      can you think something now ? Life flows instant here now and you are in the past or in the future for a blink or or a day or a year it does not matter , Life is here now and It is Life talking through this Vehicle and I AM.

      Cause there is only "I" who write this now.
      and as I read it for myself so you read it for yourself.

  4. Dear Carl Johan. Thank you for today’s article. It makes a lot of sense, and that it does, this early in the morning and before breakfast, confirms it’s profundity to me. Your work is such a joy to me.
    Your friend Gina

  5. Thank you for all your research and work on behalf of humanity. For years I followed the tzolkin, but it didn’t seem like it was enough. Now I know why.

  6. Hi Carl Johan!
    My 2008 book, Universal Numbers and the Number 9 Destiny of Humankind (Amazon), strongly validates and harmonizes with your perception of the 9th wave via its depiction of a Cosmic Intelligence/Universal Mind (“Creative Forces” per Edgar Cayce spiritual source) that the contents of the book illustrate can be interpreted merely with the application of certain pervasive numbers that are repetitive in the affairs of humankind. Truly, the number 9 is the pathway to Soul Perfection that the Pythagorean Divine Triangle indicates only can be attained via the soul’s processing through matter, or the earth plane before it can progress to Arc(h)turus in the constellation of Bootes (the herdsman) for further processing!

    1. Hello WIlliam,
      I feel your book really makes a valid point in pointing to the importance of the number 9 as a
      number of destiny or completion if you will. There is probably a reason that our way of writing numerals
      is decimal in nature so that once the numeral 9 has been attained a new position has to be added going to 10.
      What is special about the Mayan calendar is that it translates this number into a description of the course
      of human history and destiny in accordance with its shift points. An aspect that is added in this article
      is the possibility of using resonance with the ninth wave as an indicator of personal enlightenment.
      What is enlightenment? is a commonly asked question and many answers have been proposed. One possible answer is that a person is enlightened if he or she is living a life consistent with the destiny of humanity. This could then be measured as the degree of resonance with the ninth and highest wave of the Mayan calendar system and we are no working towards making this a more practical possibility. This would be a valid indicator for the very quality you assign to the number 9, namely that it represents the destiny of humanity.

      1. Dear Carl, many people now feel much stress and anxiety, maybe due to the high frequence of the Nintave.What can we do to be in


        1. At the current time people are in resonance with several different waves of the Mayan calendar pulling them in different directions causing stress not only in the world at large, where it has essentially increased since the shift in 2011, but also on an inner plane. Resonance with different waves, very easily creates inner conflicts in ourselves and this is what we call stress. The ninth wave is essentially a wave that creates and unhindered resonance with the Divine, or All That Is and when people experience this it may be the beginning of a calling. To the extent that they resist this new resonance they will experience stress and conflict. Following the resonance may not be very comfortable either if you have lived a whole life in resonance with lower waves creating duality in the human mind. So dealing with such a stressful situation must begin with making a choice as to develop a deep connection with the divine and then follow what this calls you to do. If you do make such a choice (and in this everyone has a free will) the next step is to seek the means of deepening the connection to the divine. To the extent that you develop this your resonance with the ninth wave and its very high frequency will increase and you will be guided to take the steps in your life that lifts you from the lower frequencies of duality and move towards unity consciousness. I believe that this shift in resonance begins with your intention and then ”seek and you will find”. I think a segment of humanity has now come to a point in its development where it should ”cut out the middle men”, which could mean not only priests and holy books, but also gurus and channeled entities. Even if we in different ways of course will have to learn from others I think we have reasons to be suspicious of anyone who does not encourage that we develop our own personal relationship to the divine. Personally, I have found the courses at Oneness University very valuable in this regard, but there may be may many other ways as well. The key is to have the intention to develop a direct personal relationship with the divine and go from there. Over time inner stress is then likely to be reduced.

          1. Thank you so much for your reply, it describes what many of us, including myself, is feeling now. The stress, inner conflict, started several years ago but when the ninth day started 13-14 october 2014 it really escalated. The stress and anxiety has been very strong but has helped me to make
            necessary changes.
            I think that kundaliniyoga and meditation is of great help and also askning the divine for guidance every day. Waiting for your new book coming soon I hope!


          2. Yes, I agree. And since the shift in 2011 we are in a new field of consciousness
            so that whatever we do to support our spiritual evolution we should do within the context
            of creating unity with the divine. This may not even have been possible earlier. At least not in
            this new sense.

        2. I’m trying to understand but I’m just not understanding one thing. The 9th wave ended October 28th, 2011. You said the 9th day started October 2014. Is that the 9th day of the 10th wave or something?

          1. It is the ninth day of the eight Wave that started 14 oct 2014 and it lasts 360 days. The ninth Wave started 2011 and the days and nights in this wave is much shorter.

            This understand it.

          2. Yes, they are 18 common days long in the Ninth Wave.
            This is a higher frequency than in any other wave and this is what many teachers
            have been talking about when they have said that we ned the increase our frequencies.
            By creating resonance with the ninth wave we raise our frequencies and enter unity consciousness.

  7. Dear Carl Johan:
    Ojala that we reach the critic mass soon, because we , the
    Humanity needs it!!
    We cannot listen to no sayers, who themselves merge into
    darkness with their own negativity!
    We need to focus on the Light, which stands for LOVE and Harmony
    and HEALING. We need to be healed, and we are even able to
    HEAL ourselves, as co-creators in Universe.
    We create as ONE UNIVERSAL BODY our life on earth. As we are ONE,
    we cannot deny the DARK FORCES , as Duality still reigns here. The only thing
    we can do is to encourage each other to strive for the GOOD, for PEACE and HARMONY,
    by CHOOSING this focus in our own lives.
    And to look for those philosophies, cosmovisions , belief that go in this direction.
    whatever else throws us down into Hell = darkness, negativity, destruction.
    And remind ourselves that the roads to Rome are many!!
    If you don’t like one path, leave it, and look for another. But leave those who feel
    at ease with that road in peace.
    Stop chasing people for their conviction and ideas.
    Make an idea of your own instead. Don’t tell people what you do not believe I, but rather WHAT YOU BELLIEVE IN, with all respect for others’ thoughts.
    Thanks a lot , Carl Johan, for your inspiration to look around the corner and beyond the
    visible horisont!

    1. Yes this is the time period caracterized by the pre-Ninth Wav, which would turn into the ninth wave proper on March 9, 2011.
      During this wave we could see the first signs of the Arab Spring and the protest movement that would blossom all over the world in the Occupy movement etc during the “Year of the Protester” according to Time Magazine. But as might have been expected we saw the beginning of these phenomena as the veils were removed from the human mind already in the pre-Ninth Wave. What happened at the synchronized shift of all the waves on October 28-29, 2011 was that all the waves turned into nights. The continuation is an important story that I will cover in my trilogy. In brief, however the ninth wave is now active against the background of a night in the Long Count (or Sixth Wave) and humanity is faced with the task of accomplishing peace by climbing to the ninth wave and manifesting it through themselves.
      December 21, 2012, which had been touted by the archeologists and many of their NewAge followers as the end of the Mayan calendar, thus played no role in the shift at all and the course of events can only be understood in a multidimensional perspective including all the nine waves.

        1. I cannot quite follow this or understand its basis. Overall, there are thousands of prophecies out there, which usually do not amount to anything (see for instance all the prophecies regarding what would happen on the date december 21, 2012, when nothing happened). The Mayan calendar. properly understood when all metaphysical waves are taken into account is different, because there is empirical evidence for it. The reason that I pointed out the coming economic downturn in late 2007 ten years in advance in my books, or the dramatic frequency increase that took place after March 9, 2011 is that they were based on the actual course of history. That body of evidence is massive, and once you have grasped it there is really little reason to look for other sources of prophecy.

          1. I wanted to pay your attention to synchronization on January 5 2015. And that you think about it. Prophecies don’t matter.

    1. Well, if you ask me I do not see how this kind of information is useful. For about a thousand years, and maybe especially during the past two hundred years, people have pulled some singular verse out of the Bible to scare people about a singular day when there will be a judgement. There is always something happening in the sky to distract people from going inside. In my view there is however no such particular day when there will be a judgment. What there is in our own time after the activation of the ninth wave is a possibility for us to work towards the return to the garden of eden. This is possible, but it all depends on to what extent people leave the concept of a judgmental and punishing God behind and enter a state of direct connection with the divine.That people in the past wrote books about a judgement day does not mean that this is true, it only means that people looked upon the divine through a dualist mind, which led them to draw all the wrong conclusions.

  8. I finally feel in synchronization with the days and nights! We talked a long way back like in 2010 just before we reached the 9th waves and a lot has happened in my life including my mom passing away right in 2011. I finally feel I am flowing with these days and nights, checking back to what I have felt these couple of months. It had been a long time since I followed the Tzolkin this way and I can definitely agree this is how the frequencies are flowing. What I would like to know is if you have any more tools I can use to better manifest unity consciousness or is it completely up to me to find the answers?

    Thank you for your work! As a Mexican its great to see someone outside our culture bringing this information to light, In Lak Ech!

    1. Dear Sebastian,
      Good to hear from you and it is good to hear that you are feeling the sync
      with the ninth wave. This means that you have done some very significant groundwork
      and must already have developed some significant resonance with the divine.
      Personally I have found the sacred chambers initiated by Oneness University useful
      for going more deeply into unity consciousness. If they are not available where you are
      see what you can come up with yourself. I think once you have connected and tuned into
      the ninth wave the process will to some extent almost automatically deepen.
      Just be awake and listen to the messages you get from a higher source.

  9. It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives.Nourish it then, that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds. – Black Elk

  10. Hi Carl and All,
    This week I had an insightful experience regarding the concept of the global mind or intelligence, universal spirit ( individual perception based on what sits comfortable for those interpreting this); I happened to share a thought with my partner about this topic. I expressed that I think sometimes knowledge is obtained or insights via a universal intelligence ( for some God source, combined spirit, energy etc) – however I have also opened my mind to the concept of genetic memory as well as past life recall, not a conclusive decision made about this yet. Anyway back to the point I walked into the local Newsagent yesterday morning looking for something interesting to read, I came across the magazine New Dawn and felt compelled to buy it for the first time, hence to my amazement it contained an article on the very topic/ concept I had just briefly discussed the night before. Ok so the rational mind may argue you’d heard it before and had forgotten, possibly. Those who believe in synchronicity might say you found the information exactly when you were ready to receive it – in that given time. My thought about this came more from personal experience previous to the statement to my partner which I won’t elaborate on at this stage. I keep getting this thought and have found myself saying it more and more lately that the sooner we realise that we are all connected, via energy etc the more conscious we will be about our ability to work together to maintain balance in this lifetime on this planet… It seems that it is a matter of individual choice however this level of choice also appears to interlink with the interrelated field of cosmic energy which impacts usually on how we think, feel and behave towards each-other on many levels. Maybe it is about getting the balance back…between the neg/positive – yin/yang etc. We appear to be such an intelligent species yet we still solve world issues it seems based on fearful emotions, violent actions towards each-other, which impact on us all, our planets vital sources etc. How do we make a difference ? – for me it starts with oneself – looking within and acknowledging neg thoughts towards the self or others – by not letting them overpower your inner being; switch your thoughts by looking for the positive, feel it, embrace and send it out to each-other. Sounds simple but is it?

    1. The way I understand it, the reason that it is not always easy to create a balance on a global scale is that we are in resonance with different waves creating different forms of the global mind. Hence, the decisive role of intention. What wave is it that we want to download and manifest in the world?

  11. The Mayan Calendar and it’s significance to our lives is very new to me. Where do you suggest I learn more about it? Also, will you be updating it to include 2016 and 17? Thanks and blessings!

    1. Hello Diane,
      I suggest you learn about it through my own books: The Mayan calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness”
      and the most recent ones “The GLobal Mind and the Rise of Civilization” and “The Nine Waves of Creation” available in December of 2016.

  12. Much appreciated Carl Johan, I’m curious about the absence of more comments since September 23. Perhaps this is not the site through which you connect with your audience anymore; however I am aware of the fact that you are writing and working on the subject of the Ninth . In fact I am preparing to participate on listening to your upcoming presentation of online event, joined with Patricia.

    I am just beginning to explore The Ninth Wave, or any Wave; I haven’t had previous exposure to the study/knowledge of the Waves, but instead my heart is opening to the call/possibility of not only understanding of resonance, frequences,evolution of consciousness, awakening, synchronization, unobstructed perception, and so on, but also embody and live guided by the wisdom
    of Divine force. Many thanks!

  13. I was recently guided to The Ninth Wave and it resonates TRUTH within me. It is my intention to explore the Ninth Wave through participation in your study. I do believe I have been physically hearing this wave or perhaps all of them for some time now….anyone else having this or similar experience?

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