Is the Covid19 Syndrome an Existential Effect?

Carl Johan Calleman, PhD.

Maybe I should start this article by clarifying that I do believe that there exists a virus that plays a role for causing a variety of symptoms that have come to be called the Covid19 syndrome. But what I question is if this is the full picture. While it is recognized that underlying medical conditions may contribute to the mortality of the syndrome almost nothing has been said about psychosomatic factors. Yet, it is widely recognized in medicine that psychological stressors may contribute to the onset or severity of a disease in an individual. In the case of pandemics, which by their nature affect humanity as a collective, it is however almost always forgotten that human beings are not merely physical bodies, but have a mind and soul as well and that these also may be affecting our health status. There are thus reasons to seriously consider that there may also be psychosomatic factors behind the Covid19 pandemic. 

On an individual level there for instance seems to be a number of unexpected reactions to the Covid19, which do not fit the expectations for a virus creating pulmonary disease. Unexpectedly, it sometimes seems to create deaths through heart attack or cardiac arrest even after the virus has left the body, which would point to a psychosomatic effect. It is also entirely possible that the hysteria in the press regarding the virus has added to a fear that may enhance the susceptibility of an individual to succumb to it.

Yet, overall in the case of the Covid19pandemic it seems most likely that the non-physical factors contributing to the disease are not psychological in the narrow sense of the word. Rather, these factors may better be regarded as existential. The particular point in time in history that they occur then takes on a paramount role. Could for instance the intense climate crisis that hit the world in 2019 (and seem to be continuing into 2020) have contributed to an existential crisis for humanity making it more susceptible to the Corona virus? A large global population constantly destroying the environment and climate must even to those that deny this on some level be experienced as an existential threat that could have psychosomatic consequences.

The Perspective of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory

Moreover, we must also ask if there are underlying existential factors that makes the Western Hemisphere dominate the pandemic. So far, no one has been able to explain why the population of the United States has been particularly hard hit by the Covid19 pandemic, which is something this article will try to explain based on Macrocosmic Quantum Theory. Thus, I think to truly understand the spread of the effects of the Corona virus it is necessary to expand our scientific framework in order to be able to explain the issues at hand. Because of its limited perspective you are not likely to find many modern scientists discuss our current situation from the large-scale perspective that I do, who instead of through Macrocosmic Quantum Theory will tend to look upon the pandemic from a narrow perspective of virology without seeing its global context. Despite the huge shortcomings in the common understanding of reality that modern science is associated with, quantum physics has still been able to show that there is an underlying reality to what happens in the world on a physically manifest level and this insight is necessary for understanding the existential background of the Covid19 pandemic. 

Macrocosmic Quantum Theory does not assume that the evolution of the universe on its many levels is accidental. It instead posits that quantum shifts taking place in the center of the universe are projected onto the entire universe and affect living species everywhere including the human beings on our own planet. Evolution in all of its aspects is driven by such quantum shifts generating an interference pattern of nine waves of creation. This theory, which has been massively evidenced, provides a more encompassing explanation to the evolution of the universe than any other scientific theory of the 21st century. Macrocosmic Quantum Theory is a science whose embryo goes back to ancient sources and I refer those that want to see the evidence to my books published in recent years: The Global Mind and the Rise of CivilizationThe Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum science, holographic evolution and the destiny of humanity and Quantum Science of Psychedelics. 

Already from the titles of these books it should be clear that this indeed is a science that recognizes that everything is connected to everything else, which also means that the current pandemic is part of such an all-encompassing framework. To provide some of this understanding, it is necessary to here give a very brief background to the theory and especially its origin in ancient Mayan science (which for the most part previously has been profoundly misrepresented or ignored). 

Fig 1. The pyramidal buildup of macrocosmic quantum states activated at different points in time.

At its heart, the calendar system of the ancient Maya differs from calendars from other parts of the world in that it looks upon reality as quantized and we see this because many of their calendars are not astronomically based. The evolution of the world was seen as driven by a series of quantum leaps, which are activated in the cosmic centre according to a certain schedule for such shifts. The dates for the activation of each wave are shown in the column to the right (Fig 1). This sequential activation was symbolized by a pyramidal structure in nine levels prominent in many ancient Mayan sites. The pyramids also symbolize a climb through different states of consciousness associated with these levels, which each represents the creation of a new “World” developed by a Wave with a specific frequency and a corresponding quantum state. The new quantum state changes the minds and creative abilities of the people in resonance with the Wave so that it will structure the human brain so that it sees reality through a particular filter and creates an external World consistent with this filter. 

Such quantum leaps happen at precisely defined points in time according to a pre-set schedule. Examples of Worlds created by such filters are the Industrial World created by 7th Wave activated in 1755 CE and the Digital World created by the 8th Wave activated in 1999. Because of the change in the human mind the latter quantum state brought, we are thus now living in a World dominated by smart technologies, social media and Internet and in contrast to previously it seems to be within the framework of this new World that “everything is happening”.

Despite the affront to the human self-importance this understanding of evolution may imply, this is thus driven by a sequential activation of cosmic quantum states affecting everything, including the technological inventions and religious or scientific ideas developed by human beings. To explain what causes events in human history, it is thus a basic premise that what appears in our physical reality (such as people being infected by a virus) only does so if it is consistent with the underlying quantum field created by these states. And so, if we want to understand the cosmic origin of the current pandemic we have to study if the underlying quantum field has changed in recent times to have this happen. This, we will have to do by looking more closely at the development of the Waves that this quantum field is constituted by.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Civilizations

The Sixth Wave (the Wave that has made humans develop civilization) is the most relevant as a background to discussing the Covid19 pandemic. In Fig 2, we can see how this Wave has played out in the rise and fall of civilizations. This wave was the one that mostly was given the name of the Plumed Serpent in ancient times of Mesoamerica, but would be symbolized as a Dragon or Cosmic Serpent in many other traditions as well. It was seen as a bringer of civilization (as the peaks began) but something that could also destroy or transform a civilization (as the peaks end). The existence of such a wave movement that is behind all aspects of evolution in the universe is the reason that so many ancient cultures saw a Serpent (in reality then a cosmic quantum wave) as the main creator god. Yet, modern civilization has mostly for religious reasons (the serpent and the humans were cursed in the Judaeo-Christian tradition for accepting this knowledge in the Book of Genesis) been deprived of the critical knowledge that history evolves according to a wave movement.

Fig 2. The rise and fall and rise of civilizations caused by the Sixth Wave in the Mediterranean/European context. (Quantum Science of Psychedelics, 2020)

When considering the Sixth Wave in Fig 2, it should also be taken into account that before the activation of this wave no real civilizations with cities, writing and centralized governance existed. Hence, before this the minds of people did not yet have a geometric structure that would allow them to create a civlization. Following the inception of the Wave, however as every peak begins a new civilization emerges, whereas a dark age will begin with every valley. The actual data for the rise and fall of civilizations fit remarkable well with this wave movement based on the time period that the Maya would call a baktun (Fig 2 shows their Long Count chronology based on such baktuns).

While the points of time when civilizations arose may seem obvious, we may add to this that the so-called Bronze Age Collapse essentially coincides with the beginning of the 3nd night and the beginning of the dark ages in Europe (resulting from the collapse of the West Roman Empire) coincides with the beginning of the 5th night. The peaks in Fig 2 can be referred to as days, time periods that will generate new civilizations, whereas the valleys are nights – or dark ages ­– that typically mean that such civilizations either are transformed beyond recognition or simply collapse. Overall, however, through this stepwise development of civilizations in seven days the world has gone from the first local civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley about 5,100 years ago to the current global civilization that was created by the West. 

While the wavelike rise and fall of civilizations in Fig 2 only refers to empires based in the Mediterranean/European context I showed in an earlier article – The Corona Virus and the Mayan Calendar – an Alternative Perspective – that the rise and fall of civilizations in North America even more clearly follows such a wave movement. As the reader may see in Fig 2 the shift that took place in 1617 CE meant the beginning of a day characterized by Western dominance in the world, initially manifesting in the build-up of the colonial empires of Great Britain and other Western European nations. After World War II the world-dominating role of these was however taken over by a country even further West, the United States. This seventh day (1617-2011) that favored the West however came to an end in 2011 and we are now in a new baktun (Mayan period of 394 years) in which we have every reason to expect that what happened in the previous baktun at least partially will be reversed. This is because of the mentality shift between day and night of 2011 generated by the quantum shift shown in Fig 3.

The Effects of Different Quantum States

Fig 3. The alternating states of consciousness during the days and nights of the 6th Wave.
a/ day state and b/ night state.

These quantum states originate in the cosmic center but are mediated to ourselves through the Earth as we can see in Fig 3. In the days of the Wave people are dominated by the dualist (Yin/Yang) quantum state shown in Fig 3a, which on a collective scale gives rise to creativity in places on Earth where the physical conditions are right for a civilization to appear. Yet, as the nights begin the light in this state gets “turned off ” and the quantum state people resonate with provides a dark non-dualist filter (Fig 3b). Such shifts in consciousness states on a collective scale are the origins of the rise and fall of civilizations. 

These two quantum states then manifest on both the human and planetary levels according to the principle of As above – So below in such a way that the left brain half reflects the Western Hemisphere, whereas the right brain half reflects the Eastern (Fig 3). This means that the shift that took place in 2011 had simultaneous consequences on both the planetary and individual levels as if the light on the Western/left hemisphere went out. This is something that will have large consequences both in terms of geopolitical relationships and the thought patterns of the individuals.

For one thing, when the light went out from the Western Hemisphere rational left brain thinking was no longer favored and replaced by an overall darker outlook. Since the cosmic quantum states are the most important factors determining how people think (even if they may not be aware of this) it is likely that such a quantum shift will have far reaching ramifications for all aspects of people’s lives and this as we will soon see is likely to include the effects of the Corona virus. 

The light that went out in the underlying quantum field meant that the forward drive that previously dominated Western civilization is now already on its way out (for example currently expressed in the standstill in lockdowns because of the virus). At the same time judgment, discernment and rational scientific thinking are in many respects on its way out. What seemed rational before 2011 simply does not seem rational through the new filter (Fig 3b) that came to dominate people after 2011. This shift by itself has generated confusion and sometimes unwise decisions by the public as well as rulers. Within such a framework everything that happens becomes “unprecedented” because a new quantum state dominates the thinking of the human beings. Among other things such a shift means that the political and religious institutions that seemed natural during the previous day lose credibility when looked upon through the new filter (Fig 3b). 

It is in such an unprecedented situation that especially the Western powers now find themselves. It is then not surprising that especially after the votes for Brexit and Trump in 2016 these powers have been dominated by an almost constant cultural and political crisis. The quantum state that supported their world dominance during the time period 1617-2011 is no longer at hand and this dominance is now meant to go away. In fact, in my book The Nine Waves of Creation (page 227 written before the election of Trump) I wrote a word of warning: “There is also a real risk that politicians, who are completely unaware of the underlying reality, will precipitate a social, political, economic and geographical collapse in the United States at a time when the Hologram of Good and Evil (another word for the quantum state in Fig 3a) is no longer active”. 

Written at a time when things seemed stable this was prescient. The seemingly never-ending existential crisis is exacerbated by the fact that people today are not aware that the rise and fall of civilization has a cosmic origin. Despite the positive view about the future others may have, the introduction of a quantum state of darkness (like the one in Fig 3b) may thus create a loss of hope or faith that influences their will to live. Could this cosmic quantum shift then have something to do with the prevalence of the Covid19 pandemic and in the West add to the existential crisis?

The Division Line between the West and the East

Before addressing this question it is necessary to look at the geography of the Yin/Yang polarities in Fig 3a in greater detail: Everyone knows that there is a division in properties of the hemispheres on the level of the brain and it is easy to see how these brain halves are separated inside our heads. While it is similarly generally recognized that our planet is divided into Oriental and Occidental civilizations with quite different mentalities, it is not as to easy to see how they are separated. This is because, as I have discussed in several books of mine, this division line has its origin on the level of the inner core of the Earth, and not in its surface geography.

In Fig 3a we can see that if we look at the planet from the front side, the division line between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres is a longitude that goes through the Hawaiian Islands. This means that there is also a line separating the hemispheres in Europe on the opposite side of the Earth. This line is not the Greenwich line (which essentially only reflected the needs of British naval power and trade during the preceding baktun). The division line between East and West, as I have extensively verified earlier is instead the 12th longitude East, which goes through Malmö, Berlin, Rome, Tripoli and down to Cape Town (see Fig 4).

Fig 4. The line through Rome and Berlin that divides Europe in a western and eastern hemisphere along the 12thlongitude East. (The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, 2016)

Testing the Hypothesis that there is an Existential effect in the Covid19 Pandemic 

If the Covid19 syndrome is profoundly influenced by the shift in cosmic quantum state in 2011 (see Fig 3) and has existential consequences, how would this play out in the geographical epidemiology of the pandemic? What predictions could we make based on such a hypothesis? Well, for one thing we would expect that elderly people would be more susceptible since they had become accustomed to the quantum state in Fig 3a for a longer time than younger. This admittedly is not a very strong argument that the recent quantum shift contributed to psychosomatic effects since the incidence of most diseases, such as for example cancer and cardiovascular diseases also increase with age whether there is a quantum shift or not, but it is still noteworthy that it is not inconsistent with the hypothesis. 

If the quantum shift exacerbated the existential crisis we would also expect that men would be more susceptible to the disease than women, since the Sixth Wave has consistently created patriarchal societies based on the Yin/Yang duality that has been at hand in the days (and this duality is now going out, see Fig 2). Men would then to the extent that they identify with the dominance fostered by this duality more frequently die from the Covid19 syndrome. This is also indeed what we find and this is something that medical scientists have been at a loss to explain, as it mandates an explanation on a larger level than just the differing physiology of the sexes. Human relations are fundamentally condition by Macrocosmic Quantum States.

But what about the geographical distribution of the Covid19 syndrome? If the cosmic quantum shift has played a role for its spread we would expect the existential effects of the virus to be much stronger in the West (where the light has gone out) than in the East. This is also exactly what we find and very markedly the number of deaths per capita in the United States is for instance about hundredfold that in China. Since there is no reason to believe that the Chinese health care system is a hundred times more effective than in the US, another explanation is then obviously needed. It cannot be argued that China was not affected by the virus, since its spread actually started there. Moreover, it is hard to believe that the protective measures taken in China were much more draconic than they were during the lockdown in the US.

This is all consistent with an effect of the quantum shift, but is there more evidence that the existential effect is greater in the West? Yes, a world map of the prevalence of cases of the Covid19 (Fig 5) in fact shows an enormous predominance in the Western hemisphere. The current surge in cases in the US as well as in Latin American countries such as Brasil and Mexico adds to the same pattern. The West European nations (those west of 12th longitude East) also have a much higher number of cases than Eastern Europe or Russia. Great Britain, which as we could see in Fig 1 was the main beneficiary of the quantum state in day 7 (1617-2011), has also in line with this after the shift had one of the world’s highest mortalities of the Corona virus (despite otherwise considered to have a health care system of high quality). 

A noteworthy exception in Fig 5 from this overall pattern of predominance in the West is Sweden, which has had a higher number of deaths than would be expected from its location, which essentially is East of the planetary midline. This high level according to its authorities was essentially because of its failure to adequately protect the elderly ( Yet, it is noteworthy that this country which did not impose a lockdown on its economy or the wearing of masks (schools, restaurants and even public bath houses are open) since a month now has less than ten deaths a day associated with the corona virus and only a tenth of its intensive care units are devoted to such patients. The point to realize is that there is little to indicate that its high total levels were caused by the lack of restrictions. At the current time the death rate in Sweden is very low and we are coming back to the explanation that this is largely due to an existential effect on the Western hemisphere.

Very strongly adding to the hypothesis that the Covid19 syndrome is directly enhanced in the Western Hemisphere is the distribution of cases in German and Italy. What we find when we study these maps is then that the incidence of the disease is much higher West of the planetary midline (12th longitude East) than East of it. (In Germany this line goes through Berlin and Leipzig, whereas in Italy it goes through Venice and Rome.) It is thus very hard to refute that there is an existential (or if you like psychosomatic) effect of the Corona virus associated with the turning out of the light in the West in the quantum shift in 2011 ending a period of four hundred years of Western dominance. How could this consistent global geographical distribution along the 12th longitude East otherwise be explained ?

Pandemics and Dark Ages

Is there then any connection between large pandemics and dark ages (Fig 2)? Well, the Justinian Plague in 541 CE (the first well documented pandemic) and the Black Death in 1346 CE, as well as the epidemics that killed a large portion of the native population of Mexico in the 16th Century are some of the largest pandemics in the history of mankind. These pandemics arguably coincided with an almost complete destruction of the old ways of life for this population and consequently a decreased will to live and they all happened in periods that were nights in the Sixth Wave. It thus seems like much more attention needs to be given to existential effects as underlying factors causing pandemics and that the microscopic perspective of virology does not give the full picture.

Fig 6. Distribution of Covid 19 cases in Germany and Italy. Wikipedia, Author Ythlev.

Before concluding we should however look at the most noteworthy exception to the proposal that dark ages predispose people to pandemics pandemic, which is the so-called Spanish Flu, which struck four times in 1918-20 and killed somewhere between 20 and 100 million people. In contrast to the other major pandemics this happened in a day in the Sixth Wave. How could this be? I think it should be considered that the end of World War I and its aftermath by many may still have been experienced as a dark age. World War I must be considered as one of the most meaningless wars in the history of mankind.

Millions then died in the trenches for no other reason than fighting for king and country, where no country was much better than the other even though as usual the winners write history. Those that survived would find that in some cases the countries and empires (Austria, German, Russian and Ottoman) they had identified with and fought for did not even exist at the end of the war at least not as powerful empires. To support the notion that the Spanish Flu spread much because of an existential effect you may argue that it spread largely soldiers who had witnessed the meaningless carnage first hand. There is no reason to be surprised if this situation created a malaise where a continued life to many seemed meaningless and may have added to the number of deaths created by the pandemic. The Spanish Flu however relatively suddenly disappeared in 1920, but no one can tell if it was because the virus was gone or the malaise associated with the war was over. 

Is there then also for the current Covid19 pandemic an existential effect that is exacerbated in the West by the initiation of the Dark Age in the Sixth Wave in 2011? I find the geographical distribution of the disease compelling that this is the case, especially considering the fact that the US and UK have had an extraordinary amount of deaths. A further argument that the current pandemic predominates in  the Western Hemisphere is that there it seems to be increasing over time, whereas in Europe it has gone down and in Asia it has mostly disappeared. It then also seems likely that those individuals that most strongly identified with Western dominance (Fig 3a) are the ones that will be at the greatest risk.

The new quantum state (Fig 3b) will change the social reality of the whole world, but at least initially it will happen mostly through changes in the West. It is not dualistic and so despite the fact that it is dark it is not dualist and so will not support inequality. As an example, some of the most powerful influences that the United States has had on the rest of the world in recent few years are from movements favoring equality rather than dominance: the @metoo movement, Bernie Sanders campaign against economic inequality, Black Lives Matter and the ongoing rewriting of its history through the tearing down of confederate monuments. These are in fact all expressions of the new quantum state (Fig 3b). Since this new quantum state is not going away we are likely to see more movements towards equality and because of these consequences it is easy to see that how people relate to the current pandemic is not politically neutral.

Regardless, if the ultimate reason for the virulence of the Covid19 is the existential anxiety that people increasingly feel because of global overpopulation and the ensuing environmental and climatic destruction, then of course this will also have very profound consequences for how we are to respond to the pandemic and possibly prevent new outbursts. If it is hard to explain that cases and fatalities attributed to Covid19, continues to rise also where extensive social distancing measures have been implemented this may be because the existential factor has not been taken into account. Moreover, if the existential threat is critical for its effects, then there is not so much hope that Covid19 (or some other pandemic) will go away unless the threat goes away. It may thus be good to be prepared for this to last a long time.

If the predominance of the pandemic in the West is linked to the fact that the cosmic quantum state supporting Western Dominance (and in fact all ensuing forms of dominance) is now gone then potential long term measures to curb or prevent pandemics needs to include practices to dramatically reduce the role of ego in all aspects of human life. Attachment to the previous quantum state of duality may in the future become a risk factor. Taking the opposite route of trying to recreate or maintain dominance will simply make the existential situation worse. A major reason for our current situation is that the overwhelming majority of humanity are living ego-based lives. For long term prevention of pandemic(s) a critical thing will thus be that people on a large scale embrace practices to develop a we-consciousness, which is tantamount to leaping to the 9th level of the pyramid (Fig 1). This is outside the topic of this article, but such resources are available and more may be on its way. The old ways of thinking are simply not adequate to respond to a situation that has been profoundly conditioned by a new cosmic quantum state.

Carl Johan Calleman has a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm and has been a Senior Researcher at the School of Public Health at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is the author of seven books based on Mayan science and his web site is He lives in New Mexico.

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  1. Dear Carl, thank you for this important article, it shares a perspective that for the most part is not known about, that quantum shifts of time are real and do hold an underlying effect, as understood in the evolutionary process the 9 Level Mayan calendar reflects, and as explained in your books. We are at the dawn of a new time, a time of complete Cosmic ONENESS, a time of transcending duality and surfing the waves of unity, so much will need to be healed on a collective level to achieve this, but I have no doubt that those that understand will align to the unity wave, emanating from the Ninth level and known as the Ninth Wave.

  2. Dear Dr. Calleman, My respect for your work has just boinged into prominence. Hope abounds as the connections in the quantum make ultimate sense in our everyday lives. The value of our quest toward cooperation based living becomes clearer and more important. Thank you

  3. Thank you Carl, very thought provoking.
    The Roman Catholic church has reportedly taken advantage of the US Covid loan programs to stay afloat in it’s ongoing struggle to stay in power here in the west. Darkness appears to be descending upon the dominance of organized religion.
    Smaller metaphysical groups holding more “light”, such as The Learning Light in Anaheim, Ca – where you have graciously lectured, The Goddess Temple in Orange County,Ca and even in Lily Dale, New York – the World’s Largest Center for the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism” are struggling to maintain existence in this changing mentality. I had thought that more members would be attracted to them and yet it is not so. A Western mental shift would explain much and I am grateful for your sharing this information. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts regarding the effects of future spirituality in the West. Could a concentrated consciousness, thru free will and free choice, perhaps create pockets of light during the dark valley? Thank you again Carl.

  4. Thank you so very much for writing/sharing this article……you have helped me, personally, understand so much of what is taking place on our planet…….Blessings

  5. Whenever there is a global crisis,the best thing you can ‘do’ is nothing…just ‘be’ more aware of the ‘big picture’ and ‘be’ more open-minded on how to recover…love of our home planet and the Life within is a prerequisite to be able to move onto the next wave of ‘being’…When we forget how we got into a crisis and how to get out, ‘wisdom keepers’,like Carl,will help throw some light onto the matter.

  6. I must say, This feels incredibly compatible wit human conducts & behaviors. I’m an observer and as far as I can recall, always have been. In the last century, a lot of research, studies have been carried out and many papers published to comprehend human behaviors by taken into consideration underlying emotions, feelings and living conditions patterns. All of that was of course, achieve on a human level. But when you rehearse it all and take it all together on macrocosmic level, then you start anew. In a word, you start a completely new ball game. The more I get acquainted with your work and the more I realize how astounding it is important for all of us not only to learn about it, but also to comprehend it. The quality, accuracy and the profound impact for humanity of your Macrocosmic Quantum Theory is so well mapped and documented that anyone, anywhere and at every level of our societies can comprehend it, understand it and act upon it by simply recognizing the influence of the 9 waves of creation in our life and especially, the 9th one. Thanks & Gratitudes to you and your hard work and for your dedication in this very unique moment in the history of mankind.

  7. Thank you Carl. I’ve read most of your books and have been following your work for years. I feel your right on about this virus. Appreciate all you do and I’m sharing as much as possible.

  8. As always, I am blown away. Thanks for posting an article which brings light into this horrible, horrible dark night.

  9. Thank you Carl for a very clear and exceptional overview. I would like to add that I see a block being put on we-consciousness at the moment since every social event and activity that brings people together is on hold. I am especially concerned that centuries old traditions that define communities of people will be forgotten. This is happening in every small village, town and city worldwide. I hope that humanity will remember the best traditions that bring them together, perhaps keeping community records for the future . Internet friends and zoom meetings are no substitute for personal contact. People need people! Can we find a new way through this ‘night’ that honors and bonds communities in we-consciousness? Can we bring strong points of Light into the darkness?

    1. Very good points. I think a critical factor is simply to tell the truth through Macrocosmic Quantum Theory and then it will also depend on people actually taking a stand for this and bring it out more broadly. Currently there is a great fear of we-consciousness and I think people associate it with Sixth Wave dominance where “we” was not based on equality. I do think Patricia Albee’s work with we-consciousness provides a way forward I agree that there is currently a very significant destruction of human relations, but do not think the way forward is to go back to traditions of the past. In a sense what the online digitalization of all relations that is now taking place is due to the fact that the 8th Wave is definitely taking over from the 7th (even if it may seem like caused by a virus). Our task must similarly be to let the 9th Wave take over from the 8th.

    2. Hi Carl,
      We learn as children that history repeats itself __and__ that generation to generation the polarity alternates. I can’t say that I am in agreement with all of your argument or thesis, but the portion considering the stressors ( current climate slope, western ego running amuck for too many generations, consumerism without shame) having a predilecting effect on outcomes seems to be spot on. In addition it does appear that the current social mores are promoting more gender balanced identidies, which should be a positive outcome in itself and a reduction of the primary stressors. Another of those childhood lessons we as what goes up …….., While gravity and ego and not seemingly related, the observation/song remains the same (Rain Song by Pink Floyd). As architects of our future we would be wise to take note of the long now, a view that plans for tens of millenia rather than the short term political timelines we barely pay attention to.
      With kind regards,
      Rob Roy

  10. Astounding insight as usual Carl. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. As I read your article and specifically the word Psychosomatic. It reminded me that , at the beginning of the pandemic, I related a story with my grown Daughters. That one about A man resting under a tree and Death passes by , the man asks , “ where are you bound”. Death reply’s , “ to the city to claim a hundred lives”. The man later meets Death after hearing of many thousands that have died in the city. The man confronts Death and says, “ you said you would only take a hundred ! “. To which Death replied , “ I did … Fear took the rest “ !!

  11. Please tell me, where you have explained why it is twelve degree east, that is the splitting line between earth-hemispheres. Living in Copenhagen, Denmark its of interest me. But you can´t google an explanation and in spite of having read several of your books I have never found an explanation about why the spilt is exactly there,, but only a repetition of stating it as a fact. Or can you post an excerpt here? Please!,

    1. Hello Jesper, I actually used to think that the midline would go through Copenhagen,
      but am now leaning towards Malmö. I am still open to either way.
      This is something I have discussed in several books. Originally it was a hypothesis,
      but now I think it has been proven. The best discussion of the proof is provided in
      The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization page 148-170; or maybe best
      Quantum Science of Psychedelics pages 1667-176.You will not find it by googling.

      1. Thank you for that. I will try to get hold of those two, which I haven´t red. Bul being on it, it strikes me as still dualistic concepts and in that sense maybe formulation and reflection of “our way of percieving”, more than being about something else, here the universe, in itself. I find it hard to percieve a universe split in any other way, than in a relation to a percieving it center. That can also be known as a black hole. What I am suggesting is that we hemispherically are dealing with a projection of our own percieving conditions, when using the intellect and then also being forced to use dualistic-hemispheric concepts in accordance with our own attempts, to try to master. Aren´t we in that way only able to formulate patterns. You could say, that if we see quantum-physics and “the whole wave-function” as whole-doing-supplements for our way of percieving, we have formulated the eights wave. But seen as undivided unity, which requires that we include, that we are the dividers, in the way we percieve, as long as we try to master, e. i. divide and project, a ninth wave just “is there”, which requires that we ourself also is a part. Could that way of percieving have to do with psysically being on “the earth hemispheric line” or what do you think is the literal effect of that. With thanks for many hours of inspiration. Jesper

        1. My view is that there is an inherent duality in the way the universe is created so that on the largest scale the universe is divided into a yin and a Yang. As I describe in my most recent book this is not just an illusory perception, but on the other hand different waves change the perception of the duality of the universe and this is mostly why the worlds that the different waves create turn out to be so different.

  12. Thank you, Ihavejust onequestion:
    The map over the world, could it also show where there is strongbelieves in authoroties? And when doctors sais vaccinare everyone does. IhadCovid-19 in February, atleadt 8 weeks to get well, even if the sickness lastedmaybe 14 days. I am 76 years and I have not been vaccinated for Sars or Mers or any other flue.

    1. I am glad you had the strength Åsa. I am not sure if the severity of the disease can be linked to belief in authorities and how we would measure it, but it is an interesting question. China obviously has an authoritarian regime, but this is not the same thing as saying that people there “believe in” this. The United States on the other hand has a democratic regime, but the fact that so many people voted for Trump a few years ago indicates that many “believe in” authoritarianism. So it is not clear exactly how you would classify people regarding their beliefs in authorities.

  13. Hi,
    Thanks for the clarification on the Pandemic and the Mayan Calendar! While I already knew we were starting into a night (a very long night), I was surprised by the speed of its impact on the world and the U.S.

    Are you now living in the U.S.? You, the leading expert on the Mayan.Calendar, have relocated into the heart of the darkening West. I”d like to hear about that, too, please.

    Ginger Sawatzki
    Denver, CO

  14. I have heard the saying “Earth is a reflection of perfection in Heaven” . Now I associate it to the Heart of Heaven or the Mover, Giver of Measurement and Energy, The main Mayan God. The Cosmic Center must be guiding this baktun of darkness in the west. What seems difficult is to be aware that is a period of almost 400 years. It seems like the beginning of painful things to come. Since we may not be alive through the worse. We need to detach ourselves from reasoning and get more into liberation of the soul and seek the Eternal Cosmic Soul.

    1. I do not believe that we should necessarily equate a dark age in the 6th wave with something negative. It means less forward movement, but also less dominance and in particular less Western dominance with all that this carries. Personally I believe it should have more to do with collective unity than with individual liberation of the soul.

  15. Superb article, wonderfully thought provoking, many thanks. The only comment I would make is that the spread of Spanish Flu in 1918 – 1920, although it was in a Day period, coincided with possibly the first mass vaccination in history which was on members of the American military about to go to Europe in 1917. The spread of the virus seems to have followed the movements of these troops through Europe during and immediately after WW 1

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