Entering a Dark Age – And What to do About it

Dark ages often lead to the downfall of civilizations. The reasons for the downfalls of civilizations have however often seemed enigmatic to mainstream historians, who have not been able to understand what causes them. For example, even when it comes to explaining the downfall of the Roman Empire, which after all we have fairly detailed records of, there is no consensus of what caused this. Symptoms of the decline may often be identified, but not what caused these symptoms to appear in the first place. Similarly, the so-called disappearance of the Mayan culture has seemed inexplicable to archeologists. It is known that almost all of the cities of the Classical culture of the Maya were abandoned relatively abruptly in the time period AD 800-830 and that the post-Classical site of Chichen-Itza, the final expression of the high culture of the Maya, was abandoned around AD 1220. To explain this, a number of different factors, such as warfare, religious change, environmental degradation and dynastic collapse have been suggested as causes. But several other Native American centres, such as the Toltec capital Tula, Cahokia, Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde also went down at about the same time and we may wonder if there is a connection on a deeper level. What if the rise and fall of these civilizations were predetermined by a wave movement of creation, which caused a shift in the Global Mind that led to the demise of all these cities? If so, the downfalls of civilizations were simply meant to happen at a certain phase shift in this wave movement that generated a dark age where civilizations could not thrive.


Fig 1. The rise of different major civilizations in the days of the Sixth Wave of the Mayan calendar system. By the ancient Mesoamericans this wave movement in the quantum field went by the name of the Plumed Serpent, which as it disappeared brought the downfall of civilizations.

Certainly, the rise and fall of some of the major civilizations in the history of humanity, and the beginning of so called dark ages, seems to fit very well with the ups and downs of the Sixth Wave of Creation, which is often referred to as the Mayan Long Count (Fig 1). Peaks, or days then create new civilizations whereas the valleys, or nights often brought them down. This sine wave movement is consistent with the belief in ancient times in Mesoamerica, that the rise and fall of their civilizations were caused by the appearance and disappearance of the Plumed Serpent. This was perceived as a supreme divinity that we may now recognize as a very real wave in the quantum field.

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Fig 2. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth day of the Sixth Wave.

If so, we should expect that when the Plumed Serpent disappeared into a night, civilizations would disappear. A more detailed analysis of the various peaks and valleys in the wave movement in Fig 1 reveals that these were always associated with the rise and fall of civilizations, but we will here limit the discussion to its later phases. To begin with, we may study the rise and fall of the West Roman Empire, which was instituted about at the beginning of the fifth day (Fig 2), expanded during the next hundred years and started its decline at the midpoint of this peak. Later, the leadership of the city of Rome declined, its control of the provinces decreased and sometimes its emperors were barbaric and incompetent. The final steps towards its demise – the division of the Empire in AD 395, the sacking of Rome by Alarik in 410 and the assault on its Western provinces by Attilla the Hun (434-453) – happened close to the actual shift point to the fifth night in the Sixth Wave. Yet, its collapse did not happen at a particular date, but seems to have been a result of the downward slope of the wave. Looked upon in the light of the wave movement in Fig 2 this demise in fact seems to have been something that was bound to happen no matter what particular form it would take. The shift point in 434 then marked the beginning of a dark age that would continue until the beginning of the 9th century CE when a new day would begin. In European history, this night in the Sixth Wave has gone down as the “dark ages,” when no civilizational center existed. It deserves to point out however that it was only the West Roman Empire that underwent this decline, whereas the East Roman Empire with its capital of Constantinople would survive another thousand years.

When we come to the next day in the Sixth Wave (beginning in AD 829) several new Native American civilizations would emerge. The oldest date from Chichen-Itza – the centre of the Post-Classical Mayan culture – is from AD 843 and Grande Tula, the capital of the Toltecs, began to be built around 850-900. While legends claim that both of these sites were abandoned around 1223 (at the beginning of the new night as Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent molted its skin) modern archeologists have dated their abandonment or conquest to AD 1250 and 1150. According to Wikipedia Chaco Canyon started unraveling in 1140, Mesa Verde was abandoned in 1285 and Cahokia, the biggest city located in present-day United States around 1300. We know much less about the actual timing of the decline of these cities than of the Roman Empire and the dates given for them are somewhat uncertain. I have for instance seen dates that are much closer to the actual shift into the sixth night in 1223 than these, but for consistency I have here only given those from Wikipedia. Regardless, it is clear that at the entry into the sixth night all major Native American city centers in North America went into irreversible decline. Again we have an example of how the nights in the Sixth Wave mean the downfall of civilizations in the West. Maybe then the synchronistic disappearance of several cultures on the Western hemisphere around AD 1220 is not an accident but due to a phase shift in the creation wave.

If the shifts into the 5th and 6th nights then had led to the demise of the Roman Empire and the ancient Native American civilizations respectively, we have reasons to ask what the mechanism for this might be. We also have every reason to ask if we will see a similar demise of the current global Western civilization as we have now entered a new night, the seventh night of the Sixth Wave, which has already had dramatic political consequences. When it comes to the first of these issues – how to explain the downturn of Western civilizations – it seems this is fairly easy. This downturn goes back to the particular polarity of the Global Mind, which when a night begins loses the light on the Western Hemisphere (Fig 3). As this happens, civilizations on the Western hemisphere on our planet often lose their power and guiding light and so tend to disappear or disintegrate. People who have been in resonance with the duality during the days also tend to lose their creativity and mental acuity in the nights. As a result of such a shift, the structure of societies disintegrates together with many of their intellectual accomplishments as I described in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization.


Fig 3. The consequences of the shift from day to night in the Sixth Wave on the levels of the global and human minds.

The shift in polarity of the Global Mind (from Fig 3a to 3b) is then what has caused the demise of Western civilizations at the beginning of the nights in the Sixth Wave. As a result the world has also become more balanced with regards to power, and the Eastern Hemisphere has asserted itself (such as for instance in the Mongol Storm creating the largest empire in history right at the beginning of the sixth night). The polarity between West and East, which in the days is upheld by a dualist Global Mind then collapses and as a result we see a dramatic shift in power on a global scale. Is this what will happen in the following decade as we now, as of 2011, have entered the seventh night of the Sixth Wave?

To answer this question, we should first look at the history of the seventh day (1617-2011) and especially its Western powers in Fig 4. This seventh day in the wave was the first in human history to create a civilization that was truly global and it did so through the agencies of the Western European colonial powers and especially the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom was forged in 1603 and prepared the ground for the British Empire, which came into existence with the first trading post in India in 1615 and the pilgrims arriving in Massachussetts in 1620 right after the beginning of the seventh day. From then on, it continued to develop into “the Empire where the sun never sets” until in the latter half of the 20th century this was replaced by the United States – a nation located further West – as the leading world power creating a new world order around itself. As the seventh day has now recently turned into a night the question is however if the Western powers will meet a fate similar to the earlier Western civilizations at the beginning of such nights. (If you believe as I do that the Plumed Serpent – a creation wave – is the cause of the rise and fall of civilizations, then of course such a decline would seem to be a real possibility.) As I have argued in earlier articles and more in depth in my book The Nine Waves of Creation, the Brexit vote in England and the Trump vote in the United States points exactly to such a collapse of Western power, whether it is Russia or China that at least temporarily will take over the leadership of the world. I would argue that to deny the possibility that a shift in the world would be caused by a hidden wave outside of human control would be typical of the Titanic arrogance that has sometimes preceded the fall of civilizations.


Fig 4. The rise and decline of Western powers as a result of the seventh day of the Sixth Wave.

For Americans the idea that the US would be subject to the same causes of periodic decline as the ancient Native American cultures may be hard to fathom. Yet, the fact of the matter is that regardless of its current exceptional military might the factors determining its future are to be found at a non-material level in the wave movement of the Plumed Serpent. There are a million dfferent aspects of the current shift into a night that deserve attention, but I will here essentially limit myself to the phenomenon of the nation-state. A nation is not an eternal phenomenon, whose existence has been cut in stone. Instead, the nation state is created as the result of the activation of the Global Mind in the periods that are days in the Sixth Wave (This explains why major civilizations emerge in those periods, see Fig 1). The birth of the modern nation-state is generally set at the Westphalian Peace Treaty in 1648 in the beginning of the seventh day. At this point, nations started to have an existence independently of their rulers and a state appeared, which even if in significant regards it continued to be a tool for the elite also in different ways began to provide services to people in general. If this is true, we should today – as this seventh day has come to an end – see some signs of the disintegration of the nation-state. (It is a general rule that nights often reverse what was created in the days.)

And indeed, I believe we are now beginning to see signs of such a disintegration of the United States. Recently at the CPAC meeting in Washington DC, Steve Bannon, the chief strategist of the current US administration, for instance declared that his ultimate goal was the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” He also conceded that the cabinet members in Trump’s cabinet had been selected for the very purpose of destroying the various agencies that they were assigned to lead. In practice, this may mean the dismantling not only of the Environmental Protection Agency, National Public Radio and several other national agencies, but over some time the public school system and health care as well. Bannon’s plan in other words is to dismantle everything that makes a country a country and replace it with some kind of Hunger Games where only the rich have access to meaningful social services. While this will also create resistance, it is important to know that the dismantling of the nation-state is Bannon’s stated goal.

These ideas however did not just pop into Steve Bannon’s head from nowhere. Instead, they came out of his and the many Trump supporters resonance with the dark age global mind that is shown in Fig 3b. Such resonance is further developed through constant disinformation campaigns, fake news and conspiracy theories that are projected by the current US administration onto the media and others. These are tools used by dark age rulers and are signs that among other things a dark age carries a decline in intellectual discernment.

I thus believe that the world dominance of the West is now on its way out because of the shift into a night in the Sixth Wave. This shift is experienced by everyone if only on a subconscious level and results in fear of losing the position of superiority given by the duality in Fig 3a. As a result of this fear a nationalist response is created that leads people to support plans for funding walls and a strong military and isolationist policies. Linked to this fear is then also rejection of groups such as immigrants, members of certain religions, women and others that do not fit the mold of the patriarchal civilization in question. Since such measures do not address the causes of the fear – which is a change in the global mind outside of human control – they may easily lead to a nation to spiral down further at such a shift to a night. Affected people will look for a strongman who seems to be able to alleviate the fear (“Make America Great Again”) and maybe give him extended powers. This however will not work either as the Wave still continues to go down into the valley. Yet, it is hard not clear how quickly this will happen and exactly what forms the decline will take. In the US, it could take the form of intensified political chaos, economic downturn, dictatorship, a failed war or the secession of significant states such as California. If the US has an adminstration that wants to deconstruct its administration then it by definition does not have a raison d’etre for the future. It should be pointed out however that Trump did not create this dark age. He is only riding the wave leading into it.

The United Kingdom on its part is threatened as a nation state because of the possibilty of Scottish independence and the increased risk of a renewed rebellion in Northern Ireland resulting from the Brexit vote. Similar things may come to occur also in other Western European nations, but this may not take as dramatic forms. Regardless, we are in for an approximately 400 year long night (a baktun) in the Sixth Wave, with a wide range of consequences that everyone should ponder.

At this point in this presentation it should be emphasized that a dark age is not the end of the world. Humanity has gone through several dark ages before and even though their civilizations may have disappeared or been radically transformed it has survived as a species. Following the demise of the Maya and the Toltecs for instance, the Aztec Empire emerged in the fourteenth century as a new civilization dominating the Valley of Mexico. The Aztecs incidentally were aware that they were living in a dark age, which may have been why they conducted the many human sacrifcces to appease the gods. They also feared the return of the Plumed Serpent which they knew would one day bring a new civilization that would bring them down. This would eventually also happen in the form of the Spanish Conquistadors and in the coming day a European civilization would come to dominate North America.

Despite this dark perspective of a new night there is a distinct, and very important difference between the previous nights of the Sixth Wave and the one that has just began. This is that in our current night three higher waves, the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves that did not exist during the previous nights have been activated (Fig 5). Every higher wave here has a frequency that is twenty times higher than the lower one. The effects of these Waves are discussed in detail in my book The Nine Waves of Creation. In the figure we can see the exact timing of the shifts between peaks and valleys in all of these mind-altering waves. While the Sixth Wave is going into a long night (it is so long that it looks like a straight line in the figure) the Seventh Wave is now in a shorter night that will end in 2031. As this happens we may expect a return to global collaboration and an end to the current era of populistic nationalism (whose real goal is to dismantle what makes a nation a nation). Also, the high frequency Eighth and Ninth Waves as we can see in Fig 5, are oscillating between days and nights. This means that already now people in resonance with these Waves may manifest the purposes of these in their day (or peak) periods.

Fig 8.1

Fig 5. The shifting energies of the higher creation waves at our current time.

It is important to know what kinds of minds these different waves are creating in the humans who are in resonance with them (see Fig 6). From this scheme we can understand why the destiny of humanity is to return to unity through a climb to the highest Ninth Wave, which brings a mind of light. This unity consciousness however stands upon a mind carried by the Eighth Wave, favoring the right (and holistic) brain half, which in turn means that the feminine is supported. If at the current time (early 2017) there are several political manifestations of women, it is partially because the Eighth Wave is now in a day mode (see Fig 5) and so favors such. In order to climb to the unity of the Ninth Wave it is necessary to first climb to the Eighth Wave. The protection and expansion of female rights worldwide is thus a necessary step for manifesting the destiny of humanity.

Fig 9.1

Fig 6. Polarities of the mind and relationships to life carried by the different creation waves.

The destiny of humanity is manifested through our resonance with Creation Waves with increasingly higher frequencies. It is because these higher frequency waves bringing in the light that there is hope and it may be pointed out that all the Abrahamic religions adhere to the idea that there will be a return to the “Garden of Eden” or in other words to a state of unity consciousness. Such a state will however not appear automatically, but only as a result of a sufficiently large number of people creating resonance with the Ninth Wave. This in turn requires that a sufficient number of people already honors the feminine in themselves (Eighth Wave). Hence, even if the Sixth Wave has now gone into a night, favoring a dark age in those that are in resonance with it, there are higher waves that are now active that will counterbalance the effects of this. I believe the most difficult time in this climb will begin as the Eighth Wave goes into a night on September 27.

Yet, the Mayan creation waves are not purely cyclical, but have a direction towards manifesting the destiny of humanity. As the shift in the Seventh Wave approaches in 2031, there will be an increasing number of people that have seen through the current “nationalism” and instead will repeat the mantra “humanity first” as the only way forward for our species and the manifestation of true global unity. Around that time the children that were born in 2011 (when the Ninth Wave was activated) will have reached twenty years of age. This group, and those born after it were fully born into this wave and will then start to weigh in on the course of events of the world with a more unity-oriented mind. At that time I believe it will become possible to see the Golden Age on the horizon even if this will still take some time to manifest. This stepwise climb to resonance with higher frequency waves leading up to the Ninth Wave can also be described as raising the consciousness of humanity. It should be emphasized however that this is not about a consciousness rise on a mountain top in isolation from the rest of humanity. To create the Golden Age will require that the high state of consciousness resulting from resonance with the Ninth Wave is manifested and realized in our social and economic reality in such a way as to favor the equality of all. Such a change will come out of an increasing number of people seeing that everything is connected as a result of the unity consciousness brought by the Ninth Wave.

A pre-requisite for a successful manifestation of the destiny of humanity is then that we develop resonance with the higher waves and start to live accordingly. At the very least we should be aware of the existence of those higher Waves and the direction that they are meant to take us. As time passes the Ninth Wave will be increasingly important for developing our minds towards unity (Fig 6). As a result of human beings seeing the world through a mind of unity, they will come to project this onto reality in such a way as to create peace and everlasting love. And yet, this is not a transformation that will happen automatically, but requires a clear intention to download a mind of unity that will manifest the Golden Age.


64 thoughts on “Entering a Dark Age – And What to do About it

  1. Carl, I have to disagree, my apologies that I do not see Trump and the current wave of Nationalism as a bad thing. The Globalist in my view were very despicable and evil. The big banks and corporatists want to keep humans ignorant of their true nature, in constant conflict and in dreadful fear so that the bigwigs retain the old systems of power. The People are not so dumb as to vote against their best interests as the Liberal Democrats would have everyone believe. There is no benefit to anybody to enter into corporate slavery agreements like the TPP would have been. Sure we are in a interconnected world but there is a huge difference between interacting with other countries and surrendering your independence and individual rights and cultural identity to a one-world corporate government.
    Just watching the stock market rise since Nov. 8, 2016 shows that there is not an economic downturn coming and just because Bannon wants to get rid of some socialist government agencies does not mean Trump is dismantling what makes a country a country. Those are antiquated agencies that were not doing a good job anyway and each state in the US can experiment with new methods to clean their environment and educate their children, etc…. I see Trump as a victory for Christ-consciousness. Also the Maya elders according to what I heard from Don Alejandro and recently from Drunvalo Mechizedek, say that we are going through a change so dramatic in 2017 that they cannot say it for fear that they will not be believed. I see these things opening portals to the “Immortals” at Canyon de Chelly in Arizona, Light ships cruising across the skies at our request here in the Texas hill country. Maybe now that we have crossed into the new Baktun all human consciousness will rise to never before experienced ways of perceiving reality….?? maybe??

    1. Hello Carlos,
      Obviously we disagree and we will have to see how things turn out. But you are certainly twisting what Bannon is saying. I quoted him literally and he wants to deconstruct the administrative state. Maybe you like that. What I notice in your arguments is however that they are not in any sense based on the Mayan calendar. There is no critique of the history of the Long Count or alternative interpretations as if the Mayan calendar had no predictive value at all to you. Without such a basis it is all just Trumpist ideology. Your comment could as well have been written by any Trump fan without any knowledge about the Mayan calendar.

      1. I agree, Carl. Though, Carlos, you are observing the mechanics of current happenings, there is little correlation between those short-term events and the essence of the waves of change flowing over us. The stock market changes, for instance, could be due to factors totally unrelated to Trump. Trump and company are, as you said, Carl, just riding the greater wave rather than causng it. I’e had to let go of focus on the short-term political happenings and recognize the longer-term cyclic changes. Since 2011, when I first read about the ninth cycle, it’s been tremendously helpful to my understanding. Thank you, Carl.

  2. The 9th wave is charecterised by the electric universe ideas put forward by the Thunderbolt project and others. This is all about one force,one light, one truth. This is the end result of the scientific dialectic reasoning. All schools of investigation into “the meaning of life” etc have reached a dead end. They were O.K. for their time but now the 9th wave is active only the EU fits correctly. A

  3. thank you carl. i do appreciate your deep work and scholarly informing on what might appear to be a fairly ‘esoteric’ study. however those of us who are aware of your work, whether or not we can ‘grasp’ in detail the vast contexts involved, are in some way attuned to it’s import and it’s frequency.
    in service of the unity-mind alignment experience it serves us to explore, cultivate and nurture this higher frequency and we might well ask ourselves ‘where is this frequency in the deepest core of my being’? an experience of awakening…however small, is enhanced by the validation, recognition and encouragement for one another to begin to look within as much as without; perhaps to gather in quiet reflection and attunement as we align with, hold and carry the common basic vision of the world in which we want to live. our words and concepts are reflections of our frequency and we can always choose to support the non-material reality of this, our common cosmic moment, by being aware of each moment as it arises, and choosing the words and sounds that nourish our own and each others’ upliftment. i love the mentally and emotionally freeing energies of seeking and contemplating the body-mind feelings attendant to words such as, ‘frequency’ ‘sympathetic vibration’ ‘attunement’ ‘response’ ‘alignment’ as we each in our own way commit to the evolution of our so human consciousness and remembering to un-ruffle our feathers everyday as we breathe into a new paradigm.
    thanks again, berdalee

  4. Thank you Carl. Insightful and good to have a summary overview of the current situation. Interesting to see in the news this very morning only a few hours before reading your article – Donald Trump delivering a speech to congress, speaking of unity, however I note that I don’t believe he was referring to global unity.

  5. Hi Carl,

    Excellent article. Well thought out, and masterfully constructed. However, I would have to say that I lean more towards what Carlos is saying above. Yes, we are at the fulcrum of an epochal change. There’s no doubt about that. But my sense is that it goes even deeper than the Mayan cycles. Once the waves of energy from the Galactic sun wash over the Earth, all cycles, large and small, will vanish from the Earth. This will be a true ‘breakthrough’, the likes of which has never been seen on Earth.

    And this breakthrough will be happening sooner than most people might realize. I won’t suggest dates, because no one knows when this will actually happen… only that it is drawing near. It is palpable. Trump is part of that equation.

    An article I read recently compared Trump to a battering ram. He will knock down the gates of the New World Order (the Satanic Cabal that has been ruling and repressing the world in the shadows for centuries), and usher in a second American Revolution. However, my sense is that he is only the battering ram. His job will be done once the gates are bashed down(i.e. the propaganda and lies we are force fed through the Lame Stream Media every day), and the ‘truth’ is made known to the world about the evils perpetrated upon us by this cabal of International Bankers (the 1 %), and the puppet politicians and multi-national corporations who do their bidding.

    The cracks can be seen almost everyday from all different fronts. And the momentum is building. One example is the global pedophilia ring that is now coming to light. These things cannot be ignored. Trump, for example, recently signed an Executive Order to go after the pedophile rings (which include human trafficking, child sexual abuse, and sacrificial murder of children). They’ve only scratched the surface with PizzaGate. These evil doers will no longer be able to hide in the shadows. What’s damaging to the country, or the world about that? How is that dragging us down the dark slope?

    Your theory is brilliant when considered within the context of current understanding (Mayan and otherwise). However, my opinion is that this will all disappear when we truly enter unity consciousness. We are not heading for another hundreds of years cycle into a dark age; we are at the nexus of a truly transformational breakthrough that will change everything.

    If your theory was correct, I believe Hillary Clinton would have won the election. She is a proven puppet for the NWO, and would do their bidding on all counts. If she had won the election we would already have been heading for WWIII is very short order. Then we would surely be sliding down the dark slope as you describe.

    With all due respect, I believe your theory to be more of an academic pursuit than something based on the reality of what is actually happening in the world – i.e. a secret cabal who has kept the world under their thumb for centuries (possibly longer) via the debt-slavery system known as the fractional reserve banking system. Creating so-called money out of thin air, and forcing us (and our governments) to pay them back with “real” money. This is what and who Trump is attempting to fight against. Any one with enough interest, and some basic research skills can find out all they need to on this subject using the Internet, and by watching films like Thrive and Zeitgeist, for example.

    Even though Trump can be a real bone-head at times ( I personally don’t like him as a person), he is a man of destiny in relation to his role as the battering ram that will begin the take-down of the evil 1 % shadow government. I do not see his role going any further than this, however. Trump will start this take-down of our oppressors, and that will begin the true awakening and movement toward real change which will lead eventually to real unity, and real peace in the world.

    All the best,

    ps The organizations that Bannon wants to take down are saturated with shadow government operatives whose only interest is in serving their masters – and I don’t mean ‘we the people” – I mean the secret government of the New World Order.

    1. Hello Brian, I think there is a fundamental point of disagreement when it comes to the creation waves. I do not think that they will disappear. Moreover, the waves actually explain the past evolution in such a clear way that I see no reason not to base ourselves on their continuation. This is not an academic pursuit since it is all about our ability to create our future through resonance with the higher waves and especially the ninth wave. I am not aware of any reason to believe that energy from the galactic sun would just suddenly wash over us or what this would be based on.This I believe is some kind of wishful thinking that many people embraced who said that everything would just automatically change on “December 21, 2012”. Unfortunately, I believe we have a climb in front of us and I think we have to go by the Waves we actually know about.
      My article hardly mentioned Trump and not Clinton at all and yet many seems to want to bring back the world to the past election. I do not deny that there is forces of very wealthy people playing behind the scene, what people call the cabal. Intact, this is exactly what the duality of the Sixth Wave has created. In fact we might ask, if the Sixth Wave did not create this cabal, what did? I just think it is crazy when people think that a cabinet full of billionaires completely meshed in with this cabal would be able to fight against this cabal on behalf of the common people. We do not arrive at a society which is egalitarian by supporting exactly the forces that oppose this.

    2. I am impressed with the standard of debate here. I would tend to agree with Brian and Carlos. I do not believe that it is business as usual at this stage of our history. The image of Trump as a battering ram is an appropriate one, and I think the world has been blessed by the non-election of the Clinton camp. You have to break the egg to make an omelet.
      While waves appear within waves, there is also something larger playing out here, and I tend to feel that we are moving upwards, not downwards nor backwards. Several indigenous cultures have spoke about a ‘5th World’ being born at this time.
      If one looks at the Yugas (the 25 000 year cycle of consciousness put forwards by the ancient Indian tradition) we are headed away from the Kali Yuga (a 2 400 year cycle, 700BC – 1700AD, of dark, material obsession), and are now well on our way into Dwapara, which is a period of a more awakened consciousness more focused on energy than matter and of upward momentum in awakening. That is to say that every day, every month, every year for the next 2100 years we are gradually, slowly and inevitably heading in the direction of a more enlightened, less heavy, future. That is not to say that we will not experience waves of consolidation within this upward movement, but the overall direction is towards the light.
      However, it’s only by letting go of the mind-attachment to time, past and future, can we truly awaken from the matrix. Enlightenment is not a date in the future, it is the transcendence of consciousness from the prison of time.

      1. Clearly, if you just want destruction Trump is the man, for a thinking person there is no doubt that he is intent on replacing the United States with a dictatorship run by pro-Russian billionaires. But if you want health care, education environmental collaboration, economic equality and support for the indigenous and refugees he is not a very wise candidate. We are in the beginning of a night in both the Sixth and Seventh waves and so a lot of people who are unaware of the waves of the Mayan calendar and how they are now continuing, will just want to follow along into a dark age. That is what throughout the course of history people have mostly been doing.
        It is very misleading to talk about Sri Yukteswars Yuga system as the ancient indian Yuga system. In the ancient system the Kali Yuga started in 3102 BC very close to the beginning of the Mayan Sixth Wave. This is very well as this is the time that we know that the patriarchal civilizations with their class societies and warfare began on earth. The modern Yuga system in contrast sets in beginning at 700 BC and bases itself on the so called precessional cycle. Yuktesar in other words sets the beginning of this cycle to 11,500 BC but gives an incorrect value for the precessional cycle (24000 years), which differs by around 2000 years from its true duration. This is the reason Yukteswars system is not useful for making predictions.

      2. We must climb out of the trap of duality. Trump v Clinton, left v right, new world order v old, religion v religion. It’s been the hallmark of the Age of Empire, and it has become so ectreme it is choking us. The political events in the US, UK, Europe are polarized groups both bringing about the same downturn. Trump and Clinton, for instance, are truly just different representatives of the same ‘ruling order.’ It is falling for far bigger reasons than any one person or election.

  6. i have been following your work for some time now since reading ‘the mayan calendar and the evolution of consciousness’. i do not like to be judgmental, yet i do not see how a rise in consciousness can occur when all i see around me is a reversal of evolutionary processes. how is it that we, as a species seem to be getting less intelligent, less compassionate, less caring as human beings? why is it such a struggle to attain the ‘being’ part of ‘human being’? have we fallen so far from ‘grace’ that this is now such a big mystery? i really wonder how we will find the path to an enlightened civilization and work toward the goals of a real society. is this even possible with our current form of economics, government and ideology. what could this path posssibly look like? how do we collectively find the trail head?

    1. I think my article answers many of these questions especially why the evolutionary processes seem to be reversed. A night in the Sixth Wave, or in other words a dark age is a reversal. I do not think that we have fallen from grace. It just seems like a much bigger challenge than we maybe thought to get to the golden age. But it is there, an inherent part of the plan for how the waves are helping our planet evolve.

  7. Thanks, Carl for the insight. Trump, as a master of media seems to be some sort of shape shifter. He spends the past 40 days being aggressive and authoritarian, then makes a speech after courting some of the network media, and now he’s being touted as finally becoming presidential. All of this just makes him more frightening as the Master Manipulator President.

    1. I agree. Some people seem to be surprised that he has not yet become a dictator, but before this happens it is necessary to confuse people enough and create the needed smokescreens for what is going on. The fact that people now either fall for or put up with this shws that we on the level of the Sixth Wave have gone into a dark age.

  8. Interesting.. Are you familiar with Timothy Leary’s book The Game of Life? … He suggests the evolution of consciousness similarly, as coming in waves, or “octaves”. You might also want to check out Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of the Noosphere. And Philip K. Dick’s idea of VALIS, an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. All of which suggest the age-old idea of the Myth of Eternal Return, only each time on a higher arc, or with a more complete understanding of the nature of our reality. As we knit together a system of real-time Global Consciousness, we can either choose to ignore the suffering of others (i.e. the Dark Ages), or begin solving our global problems as a single Global Direct Democracy. While the anti-globalists Dark Agers attempt to reassert control via the Nation/State, human consciousness is beginning to see through the lies, and creating a new, more egalitarian system that will begin to restore the natural world using high technology. R. Buckminster Fuller’s “providing the maximum number of forward-surviving days for the most number of people with the least environmental impact possible.”

    1. There are many people that have written about the evolution of consciousness in very general terms.
      What is unique with my own work based on the Mayan calendar is that it gives an exact description of the timing of the different waves determining this evolution at least on the level of the underlying quantum field. I like your quote from Buckminster Fuller, which points towards the Golden Age.

      1. Thanks for a great article!

        I just found an Youtube interview by Janelle Collard from 2014, and my intuition agree about every issue disqussed. (Very bright lady btw). One thing that I would very much like an explanation about, is the “downloading issue”, and my own view on this is like Rupert Sheldrakes “The Morphogenetic Field”, which as fas as I have learned is an exchanging field where pioneers (early ninthwavers sts) are uploading their level on consiousness so it becomes accesable to other human beings. That is not how I interpret your view (the Mayans view) on the issue, but more like an simulated world that we are created into and to a large extent are destined to and ruled by from an external galactic force.

        Could you please extract this a bit? Btw, here is the link to the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtVMLsaU8rc

  9. Best overview yet Carl. You bring a metaphoric mastery to the puzzle pieces of the Big Picture defining the global paradigm shift to common sense Unity Consciousness at the heart of a golden age. THANKS.

  10. This is excellent. I am not familiar with your work, and came here from a post of this article on Facebook, but it connects a lot of dots and gives shape to a lot of things that have been going through my mind the past 10-20 years. I will have to seek out your books.

    I find it strange that people can read this and still fall back into deep politics and “new world order” talk. Not that those things aren’t real and significant at this point, but what you are talking about is beyond all that to my understanding. One thing that I’ve been reading a lot about lately is how time is cyclical, not progressive, as so many assume and as we are taught to view it. It only makes sense that human history and the rise and fall of civilizations would be cyclical as well, and the Mayan waves seems to be the perfect way to describe this phenomenon. This gives me great hope for humanity, even if things will be getting pretty rough for the next 50 years or so.

    1. Thank you. Wonderful that you seem to get the message. I would however not say that the Mayan view of time is cyclical, since even if this is partially true the cycles have a direction are going somewhere and never return to the same point. That is why I prefer to talk about waves.

  11. I started reading your books on the Mayan calendar back in 2009 and totally agree with your interpretations. The new book is awesome. A change in consciousness is coming and those opposed to change are fighting hard to ” turn back the clock”. But time waits for no one. Keep on pushing us with your insights, you have it right.

  12. Wonderful article.
    Thank you very much for putting this all together for me (again) at this time.
    The comments of other readers and your responses have made my experience with the article even clearer. I have been connecting with the ninth wave calculator, however, now I better understand (what I might call…) the multiple wave synergy.
    Perhaps I am able to potentiate the density of the 9thwave; to resonate with Self-Transforming aspects; while acknowledging, witnessing and sometimes struggling with all “otherbandwave” themes present at this time.
    Knowing this Unity consciousness, is Big.big> a challenge and a joy. I feel a sense of being fully in it, in the way I’ve described.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences of the Ninth Wave, Holly. This is very much needed.
      It is in its nature that it manifests quite differently in different individuals,
      but it so important that people recognize that this wave is real and I thank you for this.

  13. Dear Carl,
    Thank you for your splendid article.
    As usual it is again of high standard. I have read the several comments on your article and I like the one, saying mr. Trump is a battering ramp. That may be his role indeed. It is not all beauty and roses, so we also need destroyers. The thing is that people often forget is that we live in a dialectic world which means that evil is here to awaken the good in people. The real good then does not change in evil when it comes out of the heart as it will change them in better people.
    So Trump and his lot make us conscious and can make us ask important questions.
    What I do find difficult in the comments is that one sometimes get the idea that the USA the only country is that matters. For us on the European continent we find that the USA is even more indebted per head of its population than countries like Bangladesh or African countries. Trump calls out that he is the president of all the working people. That seems great, but it is not. He should be the president that takes people out of the misery and poverty that is so much widespread in America and of which it seems no body at the top cares about. Now we all have seen in the way mr. Trump furnishes the top floor of the Trump tower in gold, that this is the only thing that really matters to this man. But making America great again should mean reduce your debts to the world and grow up. If one has a big mouth and shouts a lot, it does not necessarily mean one is right. When I saw this man on TV shouting out his hatred, for me he had the face of an angry pig.
    Hatred was pouring out of his eyes and mouth.
    And then America choses a president, but the one with the most votes does not win, due to the strange system of so called choosing men, which makes it all very undemocratic. But people seem to like the system so they will have to live with it.
    Though the fact is that evil can call forth the good in people, it also is true that evil working men are always betrayed by their own. In the short or the long term they too will perish.

    Now more on the article itself:
    I have always found that in the Mayan Calendar in the way you present it, there is a deep truth concealed. The nine wave theory seems to answer so many questions that it looks as if it is all that there is to the evolution of consciousness.
    However, I think there is a different approach as well possible, not in contradiction but more in complementation. One could think that he nine wave system is like a kind of base structure, a fundament on which other influence interfere with great or smaller result.
    I know that it is very difficult for scientifically trained minds to except the influence of the divine as what we mostly learn about it from tradition has become so great a muddle of incomprehensible contradictions that a normal person might run away from it.
    But besides this difficulty I think it is fair to say that there are two forms of intelligence, n.l. the intelligence of the head and the intelligence of the heart. The first basis itself on objectivity and logic. The intelligence of the heart basis itself on subjectivity and love. The real goal in life as far as I can see, is that both two systems of intelligence work harmoniously together this will result in comprehensive consciousness.
    I am not able to add anything to your insight on the wave system that seems to be the basis of our evolution.
    I can however put forward an approach from the intelligence of the heart based on intuitive listening.
    The basic Idea then would be that man is created with a purpose. He is created in Gods image, which means that he has a Godlike destination. For this to happen, consciousness must evolve from the me (I must come first) to the thou (I am the other you). Thus, we must overcome our selfishness and focus entirely on the wellbeing of others.
    Love cannot discriminate.
    Now in history there are three fundamental moments: The start of creation, the middle and the end.
    The start in my feeling is not a big bang, like a gigantic nuclear blast, which in itself is a very aggressive starting point and completely incompatible with the nature of love.
    For me the start of creation is an offering of high exalted beings who have given part of their being, to start creation. Over very long periods of time nature and our solar system evolved and finally man
    developed. But due to the fact that man incorporates the eternal kern , or divine spark, it makes him eternal in principle. He still has to bring this divine spark into the foreground. This is not an easy task as there are many forces that oppose this process and want to annihilate creation, bring humanity in slavery of matter or lead him away into an unrealistic world of illusions.
    There has been a moment in time when humanity was in great danger to lose itself completely.
    As the divine plan became endangered, the divine decided to intervene, without forcing humanity to anything, as freedom is the very thing mankind is to achieve.
    The Devine being intervened by becoming one of us, taking on the human form of a simple carpenters son. His name was Jehoshua, which history changed into Jesus.
    At his baptism in the river Jordan He became the son of God, and these words were heard in the hearts and minds of people: “This is my beloved Son, today I have begotten him.”
    This sentence is mostly wrongly translated as: “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased”. That is not the same! I feel means means: This my beloved Son, today nature, the world, has conceived Him.
    It is of great importance to realize: The 3⅓ year from the baptism to the Crucifixion is the gestation period of the Divine in his creation and consequently He is born in this world, which is the entire cosmos, the moment He resurrected from death. At that moment Divine man was realized.
    That is the moment that Christ is born in the world and the process of transformation of man, from an materialistic ego centered creature to a divine being.
    How will this process take form:
    In the case of the divine being of the Son of God, incarnating in the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth the whole series of events that mark His ministry can be seen as a preview, or a pre-enacting of what humanity has to live through.
    So from the baptism in the Jordan river up to the resurrection from the grave all the events mirror or pre-enact the future events mankind has to live trough in order to reach the ultimate goal to become the divine man. But now the question poses itself how then, is the relation between the ministry of Jesus Christ and evolution of mankind? For this I learned much from the work of Robert Powells book The Chronicle of the Living Christ (see Amazon.com).
    The answer lies in the rhythm of the planets. The planets form the cosmic body of Gods son and so
    The rythms of the cycles of the planets relate to Christ spiritual vehicles.
    The physical body transformed into a living body the etheric body called the Resurrection body.
    This structure relates to the 33½ years He lived on earth.
    The Astral body, the seat of passions instincts and feelings relates to the planets Saturn.
    Why Saturn? This planet has long been considered the outermost planet of our solar system.
    Saturn is mostly depicted as a skeleton with a scythe and an hourglass, that is the exoteric meaning: Death and time. Who passes the realm of Saturn enters the realm of the fixed stars and as this happens after death to all of us, new life, spiritual life in full consciousness starts here. This is the esoteric meaning of this imagery.
    The revolution of Saturn round the Sun takes 29,5 days (aprox) and this is the key to relate the events of the Ministry of Christ to the events that mankind will experience in the coming centuries.
    So where are we now?
    It would take a long discussion to explain, a discussion I have undertaken in my book on the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz of which a second edition is forthcoming.
    Anyhow we learn that after the baptism it took until October when Jesus retreated to the desert for forty days, where he was tempted by the devil. We learn about the last three days of the temptation Using the key of the orbit of Saturn we find that we are living in the time of the transition of the second temptation, (day 39 ) to the experience of the third temptation (day 40)
    This is the temptation of turning stones into bread, meaning to make what is dead look alive.
    This we see in the whole world of virtual reality and everything that goes with it. We see it in the fake news, making us believe what is false and many more instances. Of course this temptation has already started to develop ever since the invention of computers but it will now affect all our ways of life. We must learn not to be addicted to this digital world, but make practical use of it, to indeed learn to turn the dead stones in to living bread.
    When will the exact transition be from day 39 to day 40? This will happen half way 2017, more or less at the same moment when the night of the Eight wave starts and the sun is in the same position as in August 1945 when two atom bombs were dropped on human beings. I don’t know if this is going to repeat itself round that time but in all instances with august /September 2017 a threshold will be passed. How long will this third temptation last? It will last just one orbit of Saturn so 2047 will see the end of it.
    And then it reads in the Holy Book that when He had overcome all the temptations, He came out of the desert AND ANGELS STARTED SERVING HIM. This then will mean that from 1947 Angels will serve Humanity, that is to say all that are not blinded by materialism and egocentricity.
    This is the time when the Golden Age starts.
    So you see, Carl is quite right that we are entering a dark age, and his and my vision are not so far apart, yet I feel there is hope for all those of good will.

    Greetings to all


  14. Walter Russell, author of “The Man Who Tapped Secrets of The Universe” — he mentions, if I am correct, there being the “Wave” and the “Particle”, in the state of physical matter. Your work, Carl, reminds me of this.

    Thank you for this article, greatly expands the horizons of the current state of affairs, to say the least. So tapping into the vibrational consciousness of the higher waves as you describe and picture in your graph, is our ‘work’ for transforming and evolving into the magnificent Beings emanating Love, Light, and all the beauty which permeates the universe. Love your interpretations for our current time/space happenings, here and now. 🙂 Blessings to you and thanks again!

  15. Good day Carl,
    Here is a passage from David Abram’s book _Becoming Animal_ :::

    The ancient oral stories about the sun’s night journey through the ground suggest that there is a secret identity between the resplendent sun overhead — and the wild power that resides at the center of the earth. The tales draw their evocative strength from the way the solar fire has always been experienced by our unaided, animal senses. Our bodies observe the sun’s trajectory as it arcs through the heavens and slides down into the western earth at sunset;they observe the sun climbing out from the eastern lands – with a commotion of color, and much fanfare of bird-song –every dawn. How simple, then, for our sensory imagination to conclude that the sun is traveling through the ground at night, and taking its rest at the center of the earth! How plain and obvious the primordial intuition that the sun dwells, and sleeps, at the heart of the earth!
    Although couched in a storied way of speaking very different from the cool detachment often promoted by our sciences, the inward sun holds a meaning uniquely resonant with today’s insights. Consider:according to our current understanding, the mass of the sun — now recognized as our local star, an outrageously immense ball of flaring gas roughly a million times the size of the earth — holds our planet in distant orbit around itself through the power of gravitational attraction. Yet while the sun exerts its gravitational pull upon the entirety of our planet, that force is not felt equally by every part of the earth. For the mass of the sun focuses its grip upon earth’s _center of gravity__. And that center is located deep within the white-hot core of the earth, far beneath the ground on which we stand. The sun’s mass,
    in other words, holds the earth most tightly at earth’s center:The rest of our planet spins, like a slowly wobbling to, around that stable center.
    Hence, while the sun’s extravagant radiance reaches us daily from above, filtering down through earth’s atmosphere, the sun’s most incessant influence upon our world and upon our lives reaches us from below. It is an influence so visceral and direct that we can hardly bring it to our awareness. It is a connection as constant by day as it is by night, a relationship that does not vary as the cool of morning gives way to the warmth of noontime, or as the glare of midday is muted by the lengthening shadows of dusk. We know that our most direct material engagement with the sun is through the gravitational center of our planet. For our muscled, animal bodies, that blazing star makes itself felt not only as it moves across the daytime sky, but more deeply and constantly through the very heart of earth.
    To recount a tale suggesting that the sun that soars exalted through our skies also dwells deep within the earth – that the same round fire that lights our days secretly makes its home far beneath the ground on which er sleep – is hardy, then, to promote an ancient fiction. For the story is a simple and elegant way of translating a founding insight of modern science into the corporeal immediacy of felt experience. By carefully honing and telling such tales as this , we begin to complete the Copernican revolution- bringing its insights, at long last, back to earth.
    Tonight….Too many species have slid to extinction, too many forests felled and wetlands filled, so much beauty’s fled the world. Life’s become cheap :: with more and more of us piling in, humans keep bashing each other in ever more creative ways – car bombs bursting bodies and missiles dropped from unmanned drones splintering families, searing the land and spattering it with blood, An addled and anesthetized numbness is spreading rapidly throughout our species.
    There are those, however, who are not frightened of grief; dropping deep into the sorrow, they find therein a necessary elixir to the numbness. When they encounter one another, when they press their foreheads against the bark of a centuries-old tree, or their palms into the hand of yet another child who has tasted prematurely of wrenching loss, their eyes well with tears that fall easily to the ground. The soil needs this water. Grief is but a gate, and our tears a kind of key opening a place of wonder that’s been locked away.
    Suddenly we notice the sustaining resonance between the drumming heart within our chest and the pulse rising from under the ground.
    The stars glimmer in the dark, their faint light mirrored in glints off the crusted snow. Far below these blanketed fields, deep beneath the bedrock, a lustrous power slumbers, fitfully, like a bear in its cave.The resplendence it carries by day is now subdued and smoldering– a slow burn, crackling within its hearth at the heart of the Eairth. As this power sleeps, it dreams . The dreams roil and flicker and seethe, curling back upon themselves and sometimes flaring, scorching the walls and scattering sparks. A few sparks embed themselves like seeds in the enfolding dark, others wink out and vanish. Meanwhile, the power sleeps, pulsing like a muscle, its vigor radiating outward in waves, through the viscosity of molten metal and the slow solidity of rock ( firing huge convection currents within these depths that move the continents far above ) , percolating outward as magma or propagating upward through the density of basalt and granite and the stratified soils near the surface, channeled outward through stems of dandelions and trunks of sequoias, through cattails and sugar maples and the upright backbones of smooth-skinned primates, finally fountaining into the open biosphere through blossoms and budded leaves and through the craft of our fingers, through the gleam in your lover’s eye and the fluted music upwelling now from the beak of a blackbird… ”

    May the Ninth Wave Protect Life~~~the Mother of All Things Love and sunshine, Angele

  16. The next 400 years are going to be shit, and I get to see every second of it lovely thank humanity for making a god feel welcomed back home. Thanks a lot humanity for fucking me over again stupid fucking witch had to try and steal my wings by bring me back from the other side and now I get to watch helplessly as humanity enters it’s darkest peroid in history since the first nuclear war on earth and that was so ever lovely to watch as all my family and friends be burned alive by nuclear fire started and lunched by some idiot like Trump who thought he could be a strongman and fix everything with a wall, more guns, more defenses and most of all more idiots, fearmorngers and greedy fucks running what was the utopia of Atlantis. But hey what do I know I am only a incartanted god after all that is an angel that is apart of time with a deatiled map of time in my own head so hey what kind of bullshit would I know, You humans needed to fix your stupid shit with in the next 5 years for you all will be put back 100 years in tech for have a fucking flood to prepare for FOR ALTANTIS RISES AGAIN MOTHER FUCKERS GET OF THE EAST SEABORAD WITHIN 2 YEARS OR DROWN IN THE FIRST WALL OF WATER. Got it Idiots?

  17. The 9 Waves of Creation need to be understood on the Biological level as well. And how it correlates with the 9 levels of Consciousness.

    The Total Picture for the
    Greater Perspective of Health and Happiness

    Health means Whole. So, how Whole do we want to be? First of all, we are Creation in the Human Form, and to REALIZE this to be true we must ‘grow up’ in order to be able to attain the Responsibility to fully take care of this most Precious GIFT: the Body = ‘All of Creation at our fingertips’.
    As a Baby we need to be taken care of by our Parents, who must teach us how to become an Adult – the Education we need in order to be Responsible = ‘to Respond’. The true Adult can fully Respond to the ONE Who gave us the Gift. This ONE is Within, and it requires the great Maturity of Spirit for the Body to SHOW the Truth that we have Total Health, of body, mind and spirit. Know that the Body Always tells the Truth! Instead, most get ‘educated’ to listen to the superficial/symptomatic/outer, of those whose perspective is microscopic (literally) along with exploitative motives.
    Having a degenerative disease or coming to the state that we lose parts of our body, TELLS us how irresponsible we actually are. An example is the highly revered Dalai Lama who responses to the doctor, instead of to the ONE Who is Within. Consequently he unnecessarily lost his gall-bladder in the hospital. Then others who are supposed to be a Teacher by Example have diabetes, a heart problem or are grossly obese (= food that has not been refined into a higher frequency).
    So, how can we Grow Up to become a True Adult? First, stop listening to those who cannot Be an Example of Health, unless they also explain their IGNORANCE (as such ignorance/mistake can lead to Wisdom). Definitely don’t listen to the doctor who ignores his ignorance = Arrogance.
    Growing up in order to become Spiritually Mature implies to become increasingly part of the Greater World, and the following can give us an idea of our cosmic growth of Perspective and Consciousness:
    1. Great Mystery/Deep Sleep, containing the Infinite Possibilities.
    2. The PORTAL that connects the Unknown with the Dual World (Creation) in which the possibility can be Realized. This realm we enter with the Question, ‘who AM I’? From here the Search begins!
    3. Altogether the 9 basic stages for us to arrive at the Earthly three-dimensional Density, to find out what it takes to deliver the ‘I AM’-answer from the depth of the Cosmic Womb/Heart. The 9 stages of Descend: Portal, Creative Force, Polarization, Vibration, Light/Lightning, Sound/Thunder, Gas/Wind, Liquid/Rain, Solid/Earth. These 9 ‘sports’ can then be used to Ascend, when we Remember them by way of FOOD, to then experience: physical functions, feeling, breath/emotion, speech/reasoning, vision/social, thinking/ideological, discernment/options, will/choice, identity/I AM. In other words, the SAME 9 steps by which we could make the Earthly connection are condensed in the form of MEMORY, and when they are internally Refined into Consciousness (by basically changing the Food into Blood) we can then Remember of how to Return to the Source.
    4. The entire process from ‘Heaven to Earth’ is the Link or Memory that we need in order to proceed, until we Know the ‘I AM’-answer that has to be fully integrated by the Body, which is Creation in the Human Form. Therefore we need to experience the biological evolution on the Horizontal plane (Earth’s surface). By it we develop the Digestive system that is needed for the release of the Foods’s memory. Earth’s nucleus contains the memory of the initial ‘cosmic ladder’ that we later must use to ‘climb up’ or ascend, to deliver the ‘I AM’-answer to the one who asked the question. This ‘one’ is the One who we truly Are!
    5. The Memory that Earth’s nucleus contains is brought to Her surface by the volcanic eruptions. From it the soil is created to have the plant refine the memory into a higher frequency. The Power that makes the plant grow is the same whereby Creation came about. As such a soft mushroom can push itself though a pavement, by it resonating to the Heaven-Earth UNION through itself.
    6. By way of Cooking/Alchemy (control by space, time, pressure, salt, water, fire, sequence of adding the ingredients, etc) it is only the Human who can enhance his creation from the outer (before the Food becomes the blood that in turn controls the entire Being, physically, mentally and spiritually). Therefore the KITCHEN need to be the Centre of Government, whereby the individual can be in control of the Self-realization.
    7. The Sun’s energy that is captured by the tree can be released through the food (cooking) and further on through the Body, which enhances the Ascension process.
    8. The Sacred Art of Eating is the first and most important daily Ceremony.
    9. The Mouth is the portal (correlates with 2) that connects outer and inner-Creation.
    10. The digestive system is the continuation of the Heaven to Earth descend.
    11. By the Central nervous system we ‘eat our way UP’. Consequently the memory that the blood contains is delivered to the brain, from where we can ‘think up’, all the way to the Source.
    12. By the graduation from mystery school Earth we also transcended the primitive stages of evolution. We then have become a true Human.
    13. The final step back to the one who raised the ‘I AM’-Question, who we finally find Within. We then know that it is true that ALL IS ONE and that the outer/mirror and inner/observer are also One! Now we Know that we are the creator of our own Reality – This is the Freedom that the I AM can experience from Within!

    Could not insert the complementary diagram. Will be soon up with http://www.shaktheanthill.info or check my Facebook Roy Littlesun

      1. Foremost the CONSCIOUSNESS whereby we can create. Today it is rather the opposite, to Un-create and Consumerism has been instrumental. This not an accusation, but pointing out a part of the 6th Wave Process (Thinking, …. = Vibration becoming conscious through us). Therefore we need to know HOW to apply Creator’s ONELAW to Transcend the Threshold. All the former civilizations had to “fail”, because this CONSTANT/LAW of laws was not fully understood and how to apply it within the 3-dimensional density. Today all the struggles are centered around laws, which are not Constant. These secondary laws (inconstants) can be used as Weapons, which ultimately make Weapons the law. This Aspect NEED to be included in all the Cosmologies, including of the Maya. The closest it comes to it is the saying “the Human is made from Corn (Whole cereal grain)”. And that is not enough. Hope that this will lead to a Deeper Dialogue to the benefit of the Reconstruction of the World, in preparation for entering the Golden Age.

  18. Time flies like the wind. —
    Fruit flies like bananas
    ~~~ Children’s pun

    Good day, Carl,

    Definition of Physicalism:
    If is isn’t measurable, then it isn’t real.

    Rejection of Physicalism brings us to ponder the source of empathy.
    Do we love our children and our grandchildren simply because they carry the same genes that we carry, or is it something more profound, something about not just recognizing but actually perceiving the reality of the souls of those who are close to us? Ideas of ethics, morality, virtue, fairness, and compassion, the difference between good and evil, may all be linked to the fundamental empathy perception — something that goes beyond the gene and beyond physics.
    Free will is the ability to use knowledge to make decisions, to choose among accessible futures, and that gives “now” a sense of direction.
    Richard Muller, physicist

    Love and sunshine,

  19. Interesting bunch of concepts. It seems to me that the historical waves are not arguing well in my mind’s eye. Why put Roman Empire in and not even hint on the rise of the much more important Greek civilization. The social, intellectual and philosophical influence from which the Roman was just a little offspring. The institution of the Mystery Schools. The development of Sciences. I could go on. Roman Empire could only borrow from, and take over, all these.

    1. Many people have raised this issue and I can appreciate where you are coming from. What is listed in the figure are the major empires associated with the days. The greek civilization had its height around the midpoint of the 4th day (and in fact the whole Sixth Wave) which was expressed in its arts, philosophy, individualism and science. It can be rightly that its intellectual achievements became the starting point of much of what later would define Western civilization.
      However as an empire it did not at the time come close to having the same size as the Assyrian and Persian empires. The Persian empire included 44% of the world’s population which beats anything before and after. Alexander’s empire later only lasted for eleven years and can for that reason not be included among the major civilizations. There are many civilizations that are not included in the picture (Maya, China, India etc) and I appreciate that you are digging into these matters because there is much more to discuss.

  20. Hi Carl Calleman, Thank you for enlightening research. And for giveing me the opportunity to view the large picture. I do not know if it is appropriate to post this article here,(taken from veteranstoday.com), but it fits right in to what you have explained above. My very best of love to you and all inhabitants of this planet with good intentions.

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    Will Trump Deconstruct the Administrative-Bureaucratic State? (Part I)

    By Sami Jamil Jadallah on March 15, 2017

    Simply put, it is a rollback of the government institutions that manage the affairs of the “Administrative State” (bureaucracy)

    President Donald Trump may and can emerge as one of limited numbers of American presidents who transformed “the American State”, setting it forward for the next generations, provided he does it right, professionally and not through “twitter”.

    His election was a wake-up call and a reminder of the discontent Americans have with their own government. Democrats, before Republicans did, promised voters they were going to Washington to change Washington – drain the swamp – but once they were there, they became immersed in Washington and refuse to leave or reform it. Congress is the real problem.

    Every once in a while, come a president, with a promise to change the very nature of the “American State”. Washington worked with Jefferson and Madison to set the nation on solid grounds, and it continues to be in “formation”.

    President Jackson decided to change the “demographic” composition of the nation by exiling and ethnically cleansing “American Indians” from West of the Mississippi and shutting down the second Central Bank because of its ties to business and urban areas and refusal to fund expansion west of the Mississippi. I am sure many of us young folks remember the epic movie, Cheyenne Autumn.

    President Lincoln was confronted with the issue of “slavery” and took a Civil War and more than 600,000 dead, in a war that pitted families and states against each other. Well, after some 157 years, we are dealing with slavery; and America continues to be a divided country, with many continuing to argue about the Confederate Flag, the rights of Blacks to vote; and yes, we are a country divided, not only along “color” but almost everything else, and the recent election is one example.

    Under successive presidents, both Republicans and Democrats, the “Administrative State” became out of control. There is even a dispute about the number of agencies within the Federal government. According to the Federal Register (2016), there are 430 departments, agencies and sub-agencies, of which there are 78 independent executive agencies and 174 “component of executive agencies”. That is a whole lot of bureaucratic agencies.

    Now comes President Donald Trump with a promise to “Make America Great Again”. While not defining what and how, President Trump’s “ideological guru” Stephen Bannon made it more clear in a recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference where he outlined his vision for the New “Administrative State” under the term “Deconstruction”.

    President Trump and Mr. Bannon and tens of millions of Americans are not happy with the way Washington is doing things. An ever expanding bureaucracy and an ever-intrusive government philosophy that manages everyday life for all American.

    Deconstruction and rolling back millions of regulation is not and ideological issue, this task must be entrusted to professional teams from within the government, not outside consultant to review all existing regulations and streamline it and reducing the process and procedures.

    The need for a “deconstruction” of the administrative state is understandable, however the new administration is wrongfully targeting certain agencies with the most impact on the quality of life for Americans, such as the EPA and the Affordable Care Act.

    Sure, the people of West Virginia and Southern Ohio need jobs in the coal mines, but producing dirtier energy is offset by the costs of the lives of tens of thousands who suffer or will suffer from Black Lung Disease and polluted water.

    What price will workers and their families will pay for such jobs in illness and healthcare? Far more than the profits made by the mines’ owners? Mr. Trump will do his voters a great service if he were to invest in clean energy factories in West Virginia and other regions of Appalachia.

    Everyone agrees the Affordable Care Act is not perfect since it was also written by the insurance industry, which made sure there was a substantial rate increase. Medical insurance companies that act as “middlemen” are making a ton of money without having any investment in expensive medical facilities. They are brokers.

    Just imagine the CEO of United Health making $60 million annually, doing what? As the Republicans are writing the Affordable Health Act, tens of millions of Trump voters will lose coverage to provide big tax cuts for the millionaire Trump friends.

    It is not “socialism” when governments provide full medical coverage – “single sources.” This is not a charity or welfare system; this is taxpayers’ money put to good use by all taxpayers. And for sure, tens of billions will be saved in from the millions in salaries for executives, and the billions in profit savings for shareholders in these companies, and it will be the most cost efficient medical services. Just think of the tens of billions in overbilling and fraud committed by health care and hospital companies overbilling Medicare and Medicaid. Why not combined Affordable Health Care, Medicare and Medicaid into a single source, saving hundreds of billions a year?

    If President Trump and Mr. Bannon are serious about “Deconstruction” then they should consider this.

    During the week of July 2010, the Washington Post ran a series “ Top Secret America” about “massive runaway unmanageable outsourcing of US intelligence, too large so un-wielding and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employees and how many programs exist.”

    According to the Washington Post, there are” 854,000 persons working for private contractors holding a top secret clearance.”

    Only on counter-terrorism and according to the Washington Post, there are “1,200 government organizations and over 2,000 private companies working on programs for Homeland Security and national intelligence in 10,000 locations.”

    More stunning is The Nation’s July 24, 2007, report on presidential daily briefings on “key aspects of national security, including intelligence and analyses used to create the President Daily Briefs have been turned over to private companies”.

    Now we all understand how Wikileaks and Snowden got their information, certainly not directly from the CIA or the hacking of the NSA, or the Pentagon, but from these ‘security contractors”. I am sure Mr. Trump will do a much better job and get more bang out of his dollars and without sacrificing national security if he were to “deconstruct” the national security state.

    I am sure he will get a better national security briefing and security for the country when he trusts the main agencies, which are the CIA, National Security and National Intelligence and Defense Department.

  21. Carl, I came across your article through Facebook. When I began reading your article, I said to myself, finally something that really resonates with me! Why haven’t I came across the likes of you before? You have explained what I felt in my heart for quite some time. From the many comments you received, it is easy to see on which waves of creation each are on. I sincerely feel like I belong on the 9th. …and there is more to come!

    1. Wonderful Paul-Emile. I actually have two books published in French (if that is your native language).
      I should try to get The Nine Waves of Creation as well. Best Carl

  22. Carl, do you think that the hope and promise of the 9th wave requires a majority of, or a certain percentage of, human beings to support it in order to bring about, if not planetary peace and enlightenment, at least a better world than the one currently going to hell in a handbasket that we have around us now?

    1. I think that it is absolutely necessary that a certain percentage of humanity
      starts following and at least gets aware of the Ninth Wave. It is a critical factor for people
      becoming aware of the destiny of humanity and directing their activities towards this.
      We are starting to work on a app to serve this purpose, but it is not enough. A lot of
      people in the spiritual and Mayan communities are simply not acting responsibly when it
      comes to the Ninth Wave and this is something that may come to cost humanity a lot.

  23. I keep seeing a connection to the Acupoints of human meridians ,meridian flows– to the nine creation waves’ interference patterns expressing , coalescing , morphing , birthing interdependently as one pulsing, free life~~~ My mentor, Donna Eden, sees human meridians requiring crossover to embody physical, emotional, mental healing. Not only the organ- based meridians , but also the earlier expressed , so-called “strange flows” ,which first give structure to the primitive streak or notochord in the embryo when proto- cells orient themselves. When the human meridians run parallel, she calls that ” homolateral “, signifying a loss of healing , a disease state. Simple , non-invasive “tapping” and walking, crawling, motions that bestow “crossover” may remedy this parallel condition towards allowing linking of meridians to each other and a return to health.
    I am wishing my words make sense.

  24. If this notion of linking may help novelty and emergence of possible equal humans, I wonder how this may synchronistically be encouraged~~~

  25. I gave one woman protestors copies of two of your recent articles about the Nine waves. To spread the word is what I am doing.

  26. In these times of political and religious confusion it is uplifting of mind to entertain your different but similar (complementary) interpretation of the various aspects of the outpouring of the “Tree of Creation” (your terminology) or the “Principles of Creation (design) Process” (my terminology).
    We have previously (although briefly) exchanged comments on our respective works. Ref: Facebook Messenger 23/24 March 17.
    I am now in the process of digesting the messages within your latest book, “THE NINE WAVES OF EVOLUTION: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity”.
    Obviously your article, “Entering a dark age – and what to do about it” is an extension of your book, so is it reasonable to suggest that you recognise that a percentage of our species (including Trump-Followers and the like) still find the want to experience a call to arms, a want to destroy what they view as being detrimental to their existence and in doing so they adopt a Warrior-Logic frame of mind dictating their approach to life; an approach which has been adopted many times throughout our species’ history; a frame of mind which lacks meaningful recognition of the true purpose of our existence?
    Is it also reasonable to suggest that a Warrior-Logic frame of mind is a consequence of the maintenance of cultural/religious ideologies established from literal interpretations of ancient mythical stories about successful heavenly warriors becoming gods to rule over us? (i.e. origins of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the time of worshiping the warrior-god Yahweh or the time of Vedic origins, the time of worshiping Shiva “The Destroyer”)
    Further still, is it reasonable to suggest that you may recognise that this Warrior-Logic frame of mind oscillates with a Pacifier-Logic frame of mind? In other words: An oscillation exists which can be viewed as waves; waves of events with aspects of Yin and Yang (Day and Night) in order for us to evolve our minds to understand the purpose existence; to evolve our minds through a process embodying the philosophy which ancient Chinese philosophers recognised, i.e. without contrast in the physical realm we would experience nothingness. Perhaps intuit/perceiving qualities of mind within individuals in China and the Middle-Americas were activated at a similar time in history: The best of scientific evidence suggests that their ancestry of some 30 thousand years prior was the same. Is the Chinese concept qi a state of simplicity or oneness, outpouring or emerging into the recognisable world through aspects of yin and yang, equivalent to the Mayan concept of the transformation of consciousness?
    At this stage of a very basic (preliminary) assessment, I find that your appraisal of the Process of Evolution may well emerge from a Scientific-Logic analysis of Waves of Evolution associated with the commencement of “The Tree of Creation” at the time of the physical event of the Big bang, whereas ‘a designer’s’ appraisal of the Principles of Creation (design) Process emerges from a Design-Logic understanding of the principles of design in eternal existence irrespective of the time of the physical event of the Big bang. Now, Professor Stephen Hawking has suggested that the Laws of Nature existed before the Big bang but this makes no-sense to ‘a designer’ when Stephen has also suggested that time, space, energy and matter (aspects of physical realm of the universe) did not exist before the Big bang. Perhaps my reasoning that Laws exist as a result of man’s judgement and therefore are of physical construct, requires some adjustment. Yet again, perhaps mind is of both physical and non-physical construct and not the product of a physical brain, human or otherwise.
    What I do find most enduring of your article and book is that you offer a definition of the purpose of our existence as well as various means to achieve solutions to overcome our species present political and religious confusion. Perhaps you may find ‘a designer’s’ view of such matters, interesting?
    As ‘a designer’ (an architect of some 50 years) I find that by uniting of the best of Scientific-Logic with the best of Religious-Logic and, of course, a touch of Design-Logic, the outcome results in an understanding that the most plausible ultimate purpose of the existence of the transitory physical realm of the universe is to facilitate the birth, support the growth and encourage the enlightenment of individual minds as they evolve from physical to non-physical construct before uniting as one with the Eternal Entity of Singularity, the Creator of the Transitory Physical Universe.
    Having accepted that hypothesis as the most probable ultimate purpose of physical existence, as ‘a designer’ I suggest that while all species of life on Earth have sensate/judging qualities of mind, evolution has defined our species with advanced intuit/perceiving qualities of mind; qualities of mind which are of or approaching non-physical construct and therefore cannot be written into our DNA or maintained during Sleep Periods. This means that we each have a responsibility to be pro-active with the maintenance and development of such qualities of mind if we are to harmonise with the “The Tree of Creation” (your terminology) or the “Principles of Creation (design) Process” (my terminology) for us to evolve into enlightened beings of the future. It also means that while the Constitutions of all Nations fail to include a meaningful definition of our species, laws for the governance of our species are apt to be lacking of design in harmony with the “The Tree of Creation” (your terminology) or the “Principles of Creation (design) Process” (my terminology). Obviously our species has much to do to disperse the thinking of Warrior-Logic if as Professor Michio Kaku suggests that within thirty to fifty years the use of advanced technology will have the potential to either establish utopia for our descendants or unleash unparalleled chaos and anarchy on Earth.
    I look forward to your response.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Even though you have not answered any of my four questions, your courtesy has prompted a further observation.
        Our species may well have little hope of dispersing the dysfunction of Warrior-Logic thinking if men of Scientific-Logic and men of Design-Logic do not learn to entertain each other’s thoughts. Perhaps we all need to recognise the depth of wisdom of Aristotle’s observation, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

        1. I do think like Aristotle that I am able to entertain thoughts without accepting them.
          Any person thinking of himself as a thinker would need to do so. I apologize that my response to your
          letter was brief but I did find it hard to identify questions in it. But I will try,
          Yes, certainly I believe that there are people including Trump with a Warrior mentality that is intent on destruction
          (what his chief strategist calls the “deconstruction of the administrative state”). I however do not look upon this as a consequence of the maintenance of cultural/religious ideologies, but of resonance with the Sixth Wave that creates a dualist (warrior) mind. The Warrior mind might have been reinforced by the religions, but ultimately, both phenomena go back to the wave movement of the Sixth Wave. I cannot say that I look upon the Warrior mind as oscillating with a Pacifier mind. The idea of Peace on earth (except for as a religious ideal) is relatively new on our planet and can hardly be traced back to much earlier than the beginning of the Seventh Wave in AD 1755. The fifth day of the Sixth Wave (AD 41-434) might for instance have brought about a religion that to some extent was peaceful (Christianity) but t the same the Roman Empire in which it spread may be looked upon as a warrior mind. When it comes to comparisons between Chinese, Mayan and other ancient traditions I would like to refer to The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. Best Carl

          1. Hello Carl,
            It is I who should apologise and I sincerely do. I’m left-handed and my character temperament analysis in the 80’s and 90’s was XNXP but I suspect it’s more INTP these days. Perhaps that has something to do with my back-handed (jumbled) way of giving praise and asking questions. Please understand that my ‘further observation’ was prompted by my comparison of your courteous responses to all people who comment on this page of your website with the responses we hear from people motivated by a frame of mind so often displayed by Trump and his ilk.
            My reference to different types of logic i.e. Warrior-Logic, Scientific-Logic, etc. is an attempt to distinguish between an individual’s adopted frame of mind when assessing particular events and that same individual’s overall mental capabilities. Such attempt to distinguish is partly in recognition of scientific research by Professors Hagelin and Greyson into ‘The Quantum Field of Super Strings and The Unified Field of Consciousness’ and partly in recognition of our human ability to change from one frame of mind to another frame of mind (i.e. when designing we draw upon our intuit/perceiving qualities of mind; when rock-hopping across a stream we draw upon our sensate/judging qualities of mind – for obvious reasons that is). As for my reference to Pacifier-Logic, I do believe many people throughout history have displayed a Pacifier-Logic frame of mind, i.e. some 2,500 years ago, during the Warring States period of Chinese history when the chaos and anarchy of war reached intolerable levels, Laozi, philosopher prophet, appealed to his countrymen to return to the balance and order of nature. You display a Pacifier-Logic frame of mind in your way today. Emerson and Thoreau in the 1800’s and Eckhart in the 1300’s also displayed a Pacifier-Logic frame of mind. But enough of how I view events, this is a website where focus should be on your interpretation of events of the unfolding of our species journey into the future.
            So, I have two questions of you. How do you view ‘Mind’ and “Consciousness” in terms of construct, i.e. physical construct, non-physical construct or a combination of both physical and non-physical construct? Similarly, how do you view the construct of the ‘Nine Waves of Evolution’?
            Now, I could ask a thousand and one more questions but they may well be answered as I further digest the messages within your book and your responses to questions and comments posted on this your website.
            Alec Osborn

          2. It is like my approach is mostly to describe the evolution of the universe in as empirical terms as possible and
            I believe that such evolutionary studies must be a critical part of our understanding of what is mind and consciousness. I believe it is more important to understand how different aspects of the human body and psyche evolves than to let the work be defined by concepts like mind and consciousness, which may in this view not necessarily be the best way of describing our reality anyway. I in other words think that the nine waves of creation and the effects that they have are more real than what we talk about as mind and consciousness. Yet, at the same time it is necessary to relate to the concepts that people are using and try to translate the quantum reality of the nine waves to accepted language. I would say that mind is the more useful operational concept since its evolution can be directly tracked. Consciousness on the other hand means different things to different people to an extent that it is hardly useful in scientific discussions pertaining to the nature of our existence.

  27. Hello Carl,
    I agree that men of science have found it convenient to speak in empirical terms when describing research results of their experiments to ascertain the nature of physical existence. Such terms are more easily understood by our sensate/judging qualities of mind. However, while all species of life on Earth have sensate/judging qualities in one form or another, evolution has advanced our species with intuitive/perceiving qualities of mind which enable us to comprehend the nature of both physical and non-physical existence. Unfortunately our spoken languages are more attuned to sensate/judging appraisals of physical existence so appraisals of non-physical existence have remained shrouded in mystery with the use of allegory, metaphor, etc. Fortunately, in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, theoretical physicists seeking to confirm a single equation for the four forces of physical existence have advanced 19th and early 20th century Newtonian comprehension of the nature of existence to include the Quantum Field of Super Strings and the Unified Field of Consciousness which precedes it and indications are that this Unified Field of Consciousness is the outpouring of a non-physical Entity of Singularity.
    At the same time of this advancement of understanding within the discipline of physics, there has been a revival and advancement of Jung’s approach to psychology, supplanting the 1960’s obsession with Freudian assessments of our psyche. Professor David Keirsey’s assessment of character and temperament types relating to combinations of extraversion – introversion, sensation – intuition, thinking – feeling and judging – perceiving clearly indicates that we each view life differently and therefor what an individual believes to be of logic may not necessarily be so to another individual. As a consequence, empirical terms of communication previously devised by the scientific fraternity (who view existence from a similar character and temperament type) may well need to evolve accordingly.
    My use of terms such as Scientific-Logic, Warrior-Logic, Design-Logic, etc. is in respect of the various views of different people.
    My questions about the construct of mind and consciousness was to clarify if you considered that the Mayan understanding of the transformation of consciousness was parallel to that of today’s theoretical physicists understandings of the Quantum Field of Super Strings and the Unified Field of Consciousness.
    Alec Osborn

    1. Hello Alec, I really do not know what the Mayan understanding of the transformation of consciousness is. In fact, nobody knows how this ancient people was thinking in any detail. Similarly today’s theoretical physicists is not a monolith but a group of researchers with widely different world views. All I know is that if people want to get to the truth they will have to learn about the Nine Waves of Creation to understand what is happening of the world.

      1. Thanks Carl,
        Your explanations help me to appreciate the messages within your books. No doubt within a couple of months I’ll have more queries when I correlate those messages with ‘a designer’s’ interpretation of Aristotles four causes for the existence of an event.
        Alec Osborn

    2. Hello Alec, Thank you for this long expose comparing our respective lines of work and pointing out their many similarities. I tend to avoid many of the more philosophical issues such as free will and refer to what is actually happening in the history of the universe. Nonetheless, I should probably also read more of the work of John Hagelin and Bruce Greyson as well, but feel at the current time in order for evolutionary work to be meaningful it has to be based on very specific timings. But that also may need to be complemented with some very detailed design studies of the waves. In other words if more detailed understandings could be produced as to te geometries of the different wave then some processes that may be more useful could be produced. In other words is the Ninth Wave simple a return to unstructured unity consciousness or does it have some geometric structure after all. I am open to suggestions regarding this. Best Carl

  28. Hello Carl,
    A couple of weeks ago I indicated that after reading your book, ‘The Nine Waves of Creation’, I would have more questions to ask of you. Well, after enjoying the reading of it, I now believe that it would be more appropriate to use the venue of Facebook messenger to enquire and offer observations relative to our respective views on the designed process of life. However, before moving to the messenger venue, I take the opportunity to explain the basis of my original messenger post to you on 23 March, which suggested that while our respective disciplines in life are quite different, it is obvious that many of our respective perceptions of the designed process of life are complementary. That suggestion did not result from a specific basis of scientific judgement of facts but was and continues to be offered from an architect’s perception of the principles of design; from a perception which is complementary to the judgement of science; from a perception which, more often than not, provides balance to judgements of the disciplines of science and religion when addressing matters of non-physical construct.
    Now, there are many aspects of our respective writings which are of similar intent; not the least of which is to encourage an understanding of the purpose of the designed process of life while maintaining the diversity of individual personalities or as the late Professor David Keirsey may well have suggested, while maintaining the diversity of individual character and temperament preferences.
    Of course, certain people in high office, donning a ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ mind-set, may be at a loss to comprehend how their view of life is in disharmony with the designed process of life. Why? Well, perhaps they were not encouraged to develop their intuit/perceiving qualities of mind to be aware that ‘diversity’ itself is an essential part of the designed process of life.
    Carl, there are far more individuals within the disciplines of religion and science than individuals within the discipline of design, who have written of their views on the designed process of life. This occurrence is quite mystifying; particularly as the process of life is substantially about Design.
    Looking forward to entertaining your thoughts via Facebook messenger,
    Alec Osborn

  29. Dear Carl, I am still poring through the Ninth Wave; sometimes I literally can’t put it down, other times I simply can’t pick it up because I see evidence everywhere that what you are describing accurately fits with what I see in the “world,” and it’s very scary.
    I have a question: You mention in the book that the Ninth Wave is the LAST wave, and that after the Shift of October 2011, all the waves will just continue going through their various days and nights forever (The Ninth Wave of Creation, pp. 220, 224). I can hardly get my mind around that for the following reason:
    If the First Wave began with the “Big Bang” 16,000,000 or so years ago, why would it never end? It seems implausible to me that something – anything – especially a wave! – that has a beginning could have no ending. For that matter, why would ANY of the waves just continue to oscillate throughout eternity? Especially the First Wave, which to me contains all the other waves; it began at one point, it must end at another.
    (I think of the days and nights of Brahma, of Manvantara and Pralaya; anything that begins must end.) Why would the Mayan Calendar paradigm, based on waves that end after 7 days and 6 nights, suddenly become endless? And if it IS endless, why assume that the Ninth Wave IS the final one?

    1. Thank you for bringing up this point for discussion. The notion that the waves continue endlessly is something that I base essentially on the fact that there are Mayan dates in ancient records pointing deeply into the future. It is also based on the experience that at least the eighth and ninth waves are now continuing at the time when the sixth and seventh waves are going into nights. I also think it is quite clear that in the Mayan view there would be no tenth wave. That idea seems to have attraction among people as if the ninth wave would not be enough to bring back the garden of eden but think about it: How could there be more unity than unity? I recognize that this is not hard evidence, but would it not be strange if the waves simply came to an end. What would be like?

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