Are we going towards Heaven on Earth?

Course about the Mayan quantum calendar, how it identifies the nine waves of consciousness that have driven all of evolution and what we can do to live with it.

The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt

Human beings have had a vision that sometime in the future Heaven on Earth would be created and several religious and spiritual traditions have prophesied such a vision as a goal. A typical such vision is found in the Book of Revelation, which concludes with “a new Jerusalem”, where the righteous would take part in the Tree of Life. The only calendar system that reasonably could describe the timing of the manifestation of such a vision is the Mayan. This is because unlike other calendars the Mayan is not based on physical reality but on an underlying quantum field created by the interference patterns of nine separate Creation Waves referred to by the ancients as feathered or cosmic “serpents”.

At the current time, as pandemics, warfare, environmental or climate destruction create upheavals while political strongmen or dictators seem to rule the world, such a vision of Heaven on Earth may seem farfetched, and many have lost hope regarding the future of humanity. But have we ourselves really done what is necessary to evolve to a place where we are able to live up to the task of creating Heaven on Earth (which is something that can only be brought by the Ninth Wave)? In fact, ancient prophecies did not imply that the road to Heaven on Earth would be easy. On the contrary, they emphasize much hardship so it is a critical time to seriously contemplate what we can do to enter the state of consciousness of the Ninth Wave. We then first have to understand what the cosmic plan looks like, knowledge which for a long time has been suppressed or ignored. Without an understanding of this knowledge we are only probing in the dark while blindly reacting to various disasters that mostly emanate from the fact that the Sixth Wave has gone into what might be called a Dark Age. To provide knowledge about the underlying factors driving the evolution of consciousness in the universe I invite you to participate in the course Are we going towards Heaven on Earth?

Yet, theoretical knowledge is not enough to bring the Ninth Wave into existence in our lives. This is why at the final session of my course (May 29) a few teachers with extensive experience of living in the Ninth Wave will be given time to present their practical techniques to work towards its higher state of consciousness that is the goal of this creation. Confirmed for this are Lauren O. Thyme, a published author of 14 books, including The Lemurian Way, Remembering Your Essential Nature and Living in the New Lemuria, Exercises, Practices and Techniques. The Lemurian Way accesses spiritual concepts that resonate with the 9th wave of unity, harmony and divine guidance and Hala Makarem, Computer Communications Engineer. Program Coordinator. Initiator of nSite – a Next Generation Leadership Academy of Learning and Being. Visionary Creative Leader. Weaver of Emergent Patterns. Steward of a Purposeful Universal Sacred Rhythm (9th Wave of Creation) who has been journaling the 9th Wave for more than ten years.

Participants will then have a chance to continue with these teachers in other form since developing resonance with the Ninth Wave requires continuous practice. 

Starting May 1st, 2022 the following topics will be covered in five consecutive 1.5 hr sessions on Sundays:

1.  05/01/22. The History of the Maya and their “calendar” system.

2. 05/08/22. Some Features of Quantum Theory. Ancient Mythological Concepts and their Modern meanings.

3. 05/15/22. The Nine Levels of Evolution: The Rise of Civilization.

4. 05/22/22. A Deeper look at the Yin/Yang-duality of the Sixth Wave: the Four Directions, the evolution of the religions and the ego.

5. 05/29/22. The Higher Waves and the Future of Humanity. Practical ways of accessing the 9th Wave.

This course is directed to anyone who seeks a basic understanding of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory and a broader cosmic perspective on what is happening in the world today.

The course will be held through Zoom on five consecutive Sundays at 9 am PST, 12 pm EST (click here for your time zone).

The investment in the course is $200. (A few scholarships will be given to highly committed individuals). Although those registered are encouraged to participate in the live sessions all sessions will be recorded for those that want to watch at a later time. Check back for next course!