The New Science of the Evolution of Consciousness

The Mayan quantum calendar, and how it identifies the nine waves of consciousness that have driven all of evolution.

We are living at a critical time for the future of humanity and especially of the West. The global political system and the values generally agreed upon that has ruled the world for the past 75 years do not seem to have a place anymore. What underlies this change in mentality is a profound shift in consciousness.

But what is really the nature of such shifts? Do we have a choice to create them? Macrocosmic Quantum Theory identifies the cosmic states of consciousness that have driven all of evolution and relates our current situation to a cosmic plan. I believe it is necessary for everyone who seeks an understanding of the future to assimilate this theory. Such an understanding may help us to take meaningful steps towards the completion of the cosmic plan through the Ninth Wave.

Starting February 5th, 2022 the following topics will be covered in five consecutive 1.5 hr sessions on Saturdays:

1.  02/05/22. The History of the Maya and their “calendar” system.

2. 02/12/22. Some Features of Quantum Theory. Ancient Mythological Concepts and their Modern meanings.

3. 02/19/22. The Nine Levels of Evolution: The Rise of Civilization.

4. 02/26/22. A Deeper look at the Yin/Yang-duality of the Sixth Wave: the Four Directions, the evolution of the religions and the ego.

5. 03/05/22. The Higher Waves and the Future of Humanity.

This course is directed to anyone who seeks a basic understanding of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory and a broader cosmic perspective on what is happening in the world today.

The course will be held through Zoom on five consecutive Saturdays at 9 am PST, 12 pm EST (click here for your time zone).

The cost of the course is $200. Although those registered are encouraged to participate in the live sessions all sessions will be recorded for those that want to watch at a later time. Check back for next course!