Macrocosmic Quantum Theory, the Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of ConsciousnessMacrocosmic Quantum Theory.

This is a course led by Carl Johan Calleman, which shows that the entire history of the universe is guided by the evolution of consciousness. The purpose of this course is to teach participants the meaning of ancient mythological concepts such as the Tree of Life, the Cosmic Serpent or Heavenly abode by translating to modern scientific language in order to make it clear that these concepts have a real existence. Hence, there will also be a significant emphasis on the rise of ancient civilizations from which can learn about our own situation today.

The course emphasizes the unity of all evolution – going back all the way to before the Big Bang – and in contrast to official science it looks upon this evolution as always revolving around consciousness. But it also emphasizes that evolution is quantized and creates different historical eras based on shifting states of consciousness and for this a background is provided in Macrocosmic Quantum Theory. The course is completed with a session as to what we are to do if we want to be aligned with the Cosmic Time Plan.

The course has six modules – each 1.5 hour long – and beginning on sequential Sundays 9 am PST. The course is interactive with ample opportunities for the participants to comment and raise questions afterwards. The price for the course is 200 USD.

The six sessions cover the following topics:

Feb 26, Session 1: The History of the Maya and of their calendar system.

Mar 5, Session 2: Some features of Quantum Theory. The Plumed Serpent (a cosmic wave) as the bringer of life.

Mar 12, Session 3: Macrocosmic Entanglement and the Heavenly Abode. The Rise of Civilization 1.

Mar 19, Session 4: Downloading the Cosmic Mind and a deeper look at the 6th Wave. The Rise of Civilization 2.

Mar 26, Session 5: Climbing to the 7th Wave.

APR 2, Session 6: Personal development by accessing the 9th Wave.

Recordings of the different sessions will be saved for the participants to listen to afterwards.