Events & Courses:

Accessing the9th Wave of Evolution through Shared Unity

Online Courses:

Saturday June 27th at 10 am Pacific time (or 19.00 Central European Time)

Preliminary course schedule in Macrocosmic Quantum Theory:

  1. Introduction. The History of the Maya and their calendar system. Identification of your personal day-signs.
  2. Basics of Quantum Theory.
  3. Newtonian and quantum science in the Mayan calendar.
  4. Macrocosmic Quantum Theory.
  5. Quantized Biological evolution.
  6. Quantum Healing.
  7. The rise of civilization.
  8. The quantum field of the earth.
  9. The mechanism of psychedelics
  10. Accessing the 9th Wave.

This weekly serie of seminars with close interactions with the participants includes ten sessions of one and a half hour also giving access to the Power Point presentations used. It is meant for those interested in gaining a deep understanding of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory and the connected Mayan calendar system.

It is especially directed to therapists, healers and medical professionals that seek a broader cosmic perspective on the human existence and the consequences of this for their respective practices.

The participants will be given a certificate to acknowledge their participation. The cost of this series is 300 dollars.

How to Join:

Please email me your name and email address with the subject line: Macroscosmic Quantum Theory Course and a few words about why
you want to do this course.

The presentations will cover:

  • The Mayan calendar background described by nine-storied pyramids.
    Macrocosmic Quantum Theory – How life (and especially human life) evolves.
  • Consciousness emerges from the interaction of creation waves with our brains.
  • Why the world is chaotic at the current time – conflicting quantum waves to resonate with.
  • Developing resonance with the Ninth Wave and projecting it onto reality as the purpose of creation.
  • How do psychedelics work from the perspective of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory.
    And more...