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Understanding the evolution of the Western world through Macrocosmic Quantum Theory 

With the presidential election coming up and so many other issues that contributing to accelerate the turbulence, few would dispute that we are now living in a very chaotic time. The year 2021 is likely to become a critical time for the future of humanity and especially of the West. The global political system and the values generally agreed upon that ruled the world for the past 75 years do not seem to have a place anymore. It seems obvious that a profound shift in consciousness underlies the change in mentality that has taken place. But what is really the nature of this shift? To understand the current world stage and especially that of the United States I assert that it is necessary to explain it by means of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory, which identifies the cosmic factors that have driven all of evolution. This theory relates the current scenario to a cosmic plan, the understanding of which allows us to take meaningful steps forward towards the complete manifestation of the Ninth Wave.

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The following topics are covered in the nine sessions:

1.   The History of the Maya and their “calendar” system.

2.   Some Features of Quantum Theory.

3. Ancient Mythological Concepts and their Modern meanings.

4.   The Nine Levels of Evolution 1:  How biological evolution works.

5. The Nine Levels of Evolution 2: The Rise of Civilization.

6.   The Four Directions are linked to four states of consciousness.

7. Days and Nights in the Sixth Wave (and quantum healing).

8.   Towards Collapse or Transformation of Western civilization?

9.   Accessing the Ninth Wave.

This course is directed to anyone who seeks a broader cosmic perspective on what is happening in the world (and especially the United States) today.

How to Join:

Please email me your name and email address with the subject line: Macroscosmic Quantum Theory Course and make a payment to my PayPal account.

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How do psychedelics work and what is their role in the big scheme of things? 

The research and use of psychedelics are now undergoing a revolution and is increasingly accepted, even if not always practiced in contexts that are considered mainstream. This revolution for instance means that research is now being performed into the mechanisms of psychedelics in established academic settings. Moreover, therapists are being educated to assist with psychedelics and the use of plant and toad medicines are becoming more frequent among the population at large. There are in other words many indicators that psychedelics in some form will become legal in the near future. This paradigm within which research into psychedelics is performed is however essentially neurological meaning that the cosmic and healing aspects of such experiences cannot be satisfactorily explained. To explain these aspects I instead propose a multidimensional model of the human mind based on Macrocosmic Quantum Theory ultimately going back to Mayan shamanic thinking. This also allows us to place the current renaissance of psychedelics in the evolutionary scheme of this theory.

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The following topics will be covered in the three sessions:

  1. A multidimensional experience of existence.
  2. How do psychedelics work and why are they healing?
  3. The place of psychedelics in the cosmic plan.

How to join: Please email me your name and email address with the subject line: How do psychedelics work? Course and make a payment to my PayPal account.