72 things that Volume 1 explains:

A fundamental, and yet simple paradigm shift regarding our view of the brain-mind relationship is presented in the first Volume of The Paradigm Shift Trilogy, The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization. Since everything is connected a paradigm shift will have far reaching consequences influencing how we look at a wide range of phenomena. Based on this paradigm shift this book proposes explanations to the following phenomena:

Collective Consciousness

  • The nature and origin of the human mind.
  • When the mind first appeared: The relationship between brain and mind and how the mind influences the brain.
  • Why there is such a thing as a collective consciousness, or common mind, affecting everyone.
  • What direction the global mind has been evolving and why it continues to do so.
  • The power of the four directions and how they influence human thinking.
  • The divine origin of the human mind.
  • Why mythologies from different ancient cultures have many traits in common.
  • How the divine shapes the human mind and why humans are inspired by the divine whether they know it or not.
  • The origin of orbs.
  • The true meaning of the Mayan calendar and its Long Count of 5,125 years.
  • Why it is only now that it is possible to summarize and synthesize the evolution of the human mind.

Ancient Civilizations

  • Why the first real civilizations of our planet, in Egypt, Sumer and the Indus Valley arose simultaneously around 5100 years ago and why they shared many common traits.
  • Why the early civilizations appeared suddenly like in quantum shifts with few preparatory forms.
  • Why the Giza pyramids were built in the way they were and why they embody mathematical, geodesic and physical constants.
  • Why the technology and art of the ancient Egyptians sometimes surpass our own in terms of precision and symmetry.
  • Why the pyramid shape exists in so many different locations in the world and why it was chosen for erecting buildings mirroring the “heavens.”
  • Why Stonehenge and the megalithic monuments in the British Isles were built and why they were built at the same time as the Egyptian pyramids.
  • Why people started to build pyramids and why they stopped building them.
  • Why ancient peoples built megalithic monuments heralding alignments with the four directions.
  • Why the Great Pyramid is directed towards true north and not electromagnetic north.
  • Why people later have not been able to understand why Stonehenge or the Giza pyramids were built.
  • Why the ancients looked upon civilization as a gift of the gods.
  • Why civilizations were originally organized as monarchies.
  • Who the Plumed Serpent was and how it was represented in other cultures, other than of Mesoamerica.
  • Why the Plumed Serpent was associated with Venus, calendrical energies and priest-kings and why it was seen as the bringer of civilization.
  • Why both the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Pyramid in Chichen-Itza mark equinoxes.
  • Why many ancient buildings were built in levels or terraces.
  • Why the ancient Mayan kings ceremonially connected to a point in time 5125 years ago.
  • The origin of so-called winged discs.
  • The Flood and Noah’s Ark: the end to a floating state of consciousness.
  • The tower of Babel: why a common human language split up into many different ones.
  • Why Noah’s Ark was said to have landed in “The Mountain of Ararat.”
  • Why the Tower of Babel was in Eridu in Sumer.
  • Why civilizations rise and fall.
  • Why the pendulum swings in history.

Humanity before the Rise of Civilization

  • When and how humans gained a soul and became spiritual beings.
  • Why humans in the Upper Paleolithic started to produce cave paintings– and why they stopped.
  • Why humans started to practice agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago.
  • Why so many of the large mammals went extinct 10,000 years ago.
  • Why hunter-gatherers built what is now the world’s oldest temple in Göbekli Tepe.
  • Why mythological pre-historic kings living more than 5100 years ago were said to have lived tens of thousand of years.

The Influence of the Geometric Structure of the Mind on the Brain

  • How the pineal gland is related to the mind and to enlightenment.
  • Why there is a difference between the functions of the left and right sides of the brain.
  • Why the Greenwich meridian is not the dividing line between East and West and where it really is.
  • Why the world is divided into an eastern and western civilization.
  • Why during the past four hundred years Europe was the chief exporter of civilization.
  • The delineations in space and time of the properties of the global mind field.
  • How sacred geometry has shaped human civilization and why sacred geometry is sacred.
  • Why modern worldly centers of power also utilize sacred geometry in their design.
  • Why the Vatican is located where it is and how it expresses sacred geometry.
  • Why Washington DC was built where it was and why it is a hub of sacred geometry.
  • Why the depth perspective of art has increased over the past 5100 years.
  • Why people started to use numbers and developed mathematics.
  • Why labor suddenly diversified and many different professions emerged.
  • Why and when the spoken language emerged.
  • Why and how the written language first emerged.

The True Origin of the Mind and its Relationship to the Brain

  • The origin of the different types of brain waves with their frequency ranges.
  • Why humans experience dimensions of space and time.
  • The speed-up of time.
  • Why time is experienced as having an arrow and moving forward.
  • Why human mental capabilities have evolved in the past 5000 years.
  • The origin of human self-awareness and the ego.
  • The origin of mental disorders and their consequences for cognitive functions and memory.


  • Why the different father gods of several different ancient civilizations unbeknownst to their citizens represented one and the same God.
  • Why we are physically mortal.
  • Why remote viewing, precognitions and psi phenomena are possible.
  • Why there are synchronicities.
  • Why humans have individually different fates and qualities.
  • Where the collective memory of humanity, the Akashic records are stored.
  • How the Akashic records may be retrieved by individual minds through reincarnation.
  • Why and how the minds of human beings are connected to the earth.
  • How global change occurs.