Was the Japan earthquake related to the Mayan calendar?

In the discussions about the meaning of “2012” suggestions have commonly been made that we would be approaching a time filled with so called Earth Changes and natural disasters of different kinds to the point where it has sometimes been presented as if this would be all that the Mayan calendar is all about. Especially in the light of the terrible disaster that has struck Japan only a few days after the beginning of the 9th wave it then becomes natural to ask if this was predictable based on the Mayan calendar and if there are more such to expect for instance in the Pacific Rim of Fire.

Earthquakes have their origin in the continental drift, which is caused by convection streams in the mantle rising from the hot interior of the Earth. As these convection streams cause tectonic plates to move tensions between these plates will be created on the surface of the Earth and when these are released enormous energies may give rise to disasters. As I have presented both in Solving the Greatest Mystery of Time: The Mayan Calendar (2001) and The Purposeful Universe (2009) the continental drift in general has its origin in the alautun shifts of the Mayan calendar that in the Mammalian Underworld was behind this drift. In this very general sense you might say that all earthquakes (and Volcanic eruptions) have an origin in the shifts that the Mayan calendar describes.

Given that an alautun is as much as 63.1 million years long and the size of the continents there has however hardly existed any basis for making detailed predictions as to when and where an earthquake may strike. To my knowledge no one has been able to provide a convincing pattern relating smaller Earthquakes to the Mayan calendar even though serious attempts have been made (see for instance William C. Treurniet’s http://www.treurniet.ca/MayanCal/QuakeMC.htm). There are many factors complicating such predictions and so for instance while some sources claim that there has been an increase in earthquakes over the past decades for quakes 3.0 and above on the Richter scale the US Geological Survey maintains that the number of quakes of 7.0 (which are potentially of a disastrous nature) has remained constant over several decades. I see no reason to question their general assessment even though today with the high population density all over the world there is always a very serious risk that large numbers of human lives will be lost.

Nonetheless, I tend to believe that the terrible 9.0 quake that hit Japan was directly related to the beginning of the Ninth wave. There are a few reasons that I believe this to be the case. The first is that already on March 9, 2011 a very unusual pattern was apparent in the printouts of global seismographs (as observed by Frank Zweers: see http://nunki.nl/post/3746640161/9-march-2011-activation-of-the-9th-wave). This observation was made before, and lasted until, the actual quake in Japan took place and showed that something was in the works already as the energy of the Ninth wave first started to come in. The other reason to believe that the quake and tsunami in Japan was actually related to the beginning of the Ninth wave is the astonishing parallel with the great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755. Both of these quakes, and the tsunamis that followed, happened as a new wave in the Mayan calendar began, the one in Lisbon at the beginning of the Planetary Underworld and the one in Sendai at the beginning of the Universal.

The one in Lisbon hit several months (on All Saints Day) after the day on which the new wave had been activated, but given that this wave had a much lower frequency this is what you would expect if you saw it as an immediate effect of this. The strength of both quakes has been estimated to 9.0, and there were in both cases also many aftershocks. They occurred at exactly the same latitude and not far from opposite longitudes on the planet and this is again exactly what you would expect if they were related to the shift in the Mayan calendar. The logic here is that as a new wave is activated changes take place in the interior of the Earth in order to create a new form of resonance to the human beings. While the Seventh Wave favored the back side of the planet (where Lisbon is located) the Ninth Wave is expected to favor the front side of the planet (where Japan is located). If this reasoning is true we would look upon these two quakes as reflections of adjustments in the interior of the Earth that are necessary to mediate the information from the Cosmic Tree of Life to the human beings.

The Lisbon quake in 1755 is considered one of the most devastating of all time and prompted the development of modern systems of surveillance. It also had strong repercussions of a philosophical nature and so for instance Voltaire argued that the creator overseeing this world could not be benevolent as he allowed this disaster to destroy a whole capital of Europe taking more than 100,000 lives. In a similar way I know some people are now asking if the 9th wave that seemed to be designed to bring unity consciousness will bring many natural catastrophes such as earthquakes. Could there be a benevolent plan behind this? Before we place judgment on the intelligence that created this cosmic plan I feel we should be aware that it is not necessarily an easy thing to manifest such a plan without causing some harm. In fact, paleontologists argue that plate tectonics, which only the Earth has among the planets of the solar system, is a necessary pre-requisite for the evolution of life and so without earthquakes we would not be here in the first place. Such intellectual arguments obviously do not ease the pain of someone who has lost a daughter or a husband in an earthquake, but for others it may help us understand that there is no evil intent behind the creation of plate tectonics on the part of the Creator.

I thus think that plate tectonics and earthquakes are a necessary side effect of the creation of resonance between the human beings and the Earth and that when a new wave starts its interior structure needs to undergo change. I also believe that this is a time when we need to show our solidarity with the Japanese people and offer help in the ways that it is in our power to do. My own view is that we should continue to focus on the transformation to unity consciousness and praying for and sharing the experience of the Japanese people is exactly an expression of this. I do not believe that there will necessarily be an increased frequency of strong quakes in the time to come (there was for instance not such an increase after the Lisbon quake), but this is only a guess. Yet, while we always have a choice as to how to look upon reality I believe that what will lead us forward is the light. Maybe the Earth is now adjusted to mediate unity consciousness to the human beings, which remains our highest purpose and presumably also that of the cosmic plan.

6th day of the Ninth wave
March 14, 2011, 6 Eb