The 36 Day Period of the Ninth Wave – The Purpose of Celebrating April 18, May 24, etc

The Ninth Wave is the creation wave that was activated on March 9, 2011 and has continued to run ever since. By all accounts it will continue to oscillate as a sine wave without end. It is the highest frequency wave of the Mayan calendar system and has a complete wave period of 36 regular days. A new such wave period, which is the 63rd wave period since its inception begins April 18.

Next, the 64th period will start on May 24, a day that for instance will be marked by San Bushmen in Cape Town ( Then, June 29 begins the 65th wave period that will be marked by international ceremonies. In this article I will attempt to explain and describe why such global events are being created and why it is part of our evolutionary purpose to follow the Ninth Wave. Internet resources that describe this may be found at, or 

I may begin by pointing out that there are different kinds of shift points in the Mayan calendar system. One type is when a significant change in the mentality of a segment of humanity (usually not all people, but a small energy sensitive minority) decisively changes once and for all. Examples may be the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, which marked the beginning of the pre-Wave to the 8th Wave or the Conscious Convergence in 2010, which marked the beginning of the pre-Wave to the 9th Wave. Most important of such shifts may be the concurrent shift in several different waves on October 28, 2011, which has provided the background to the world we are living in today. Such events may be said to have the purpose of celebrating a shift created by the new energies of the Waves and are truly to be regarded as one-time events as the world afterwards will be forever changed,

In contrast, the marking and empowering of the beginning of new days (or peaks) of the Ninth Wave, for instance on April 18, May 24, June 29, and August 4, 2017 etc are not one-time events. They, as well as any other starting point of such a wave period are about creating awareness in yourself and others of the existence of a wave generating unity consciousness and to help you tune in to the frequency of this. This wave is the positive forward-moving wave that was created in the shift of 2011 that leads to the manifestation of the destiny of humanity as a unified species and no one talking about being part of the shift should ignore it.

What this means is that it is especially in the peak periods of the Ninth Waves that projects towards unity consciousness will have wind on their backs and this is true also if your project is simply yourself and your way of being in the world. This also means that you will have to gain and spread awareness of this wave so that you as an individual can gain the necessary guidance for how to be and act in this world even under very chaotic conditions created by lower frequency waves. This guidance is given to you especially during the peak periods of the wave whereas the valley periods are essentially periods of reaction when you have to deal with whatever in yourself is inconsistent with the manifestation of unity consciousness. This insight can only be gained from your own experience and the fact that I or someone else may be advocating creating the awareness of the Ninth Wave has little import if this is not consistent with how you experience the ups and downs of the 36-day wave form. It is only to the extent that you are able to experience your awareness that this wave form fundamentally is what conditions your process towards unity consciousness (or ascension as some would prefer to say) that you will successfully be able to tune in to the frequency defining the destiny of humanity and allow you to be part of manifesting this.

What this means is that the crucial thing is to be able to observe yourself in relation to the wave form and this will come out of learning how to tune in to it. This does not by itself require that you participate in large scale ceremonies or meditations although such events will help alert you to what is happening in the energy field that underlies the material aspects of our existence. It is perfectly sufficient that you light a candle or a sacred fire or face the sun on the first day of a day to mark that for the next 18 days you – as a being committed to the creation of a Golden Age – will have wind on your back. You may also pray for guidance for this time period regarding what steps you should take in your individual projects (and these may be very diverse) to have this come true.

The development of resonance with the Ninth Wave is thus not a one-time event. It is something that will occur over time as you fine-tune your experience of it. This requires marking several of its beginning points and this is not really a process that has an end. Over time you will increasingly become an expression of the Ninth Wave, and if you believe in the return of Quetzalcoatl, or the Plumed Serpent, you will be it. Naturally, it may be argued that there are people that are manifesting unity consciousness without consciously having developed resonance with the Ninth Wave. Nonetheless, such resonance can still be a remarkable aid also to such individuals as it makes them fully aware of the existence of such a creation wave, which is directed towards the future of humanity in unity. To also actually follow this wave with its ups and downs may in addition provide a self-correcting instrument of great importance for those who try to navigate the many large waves that exist in the ocean of creation.

To make an analogy we may look at tuning in to the Ninth Wave somewhat like tuning into a newly established radio station. First of all you and other people need to be informed that this station exists and for this purpose it is useful to stage public events informing about it. Secondly, you have to know at what frequency the station is broadcasting since otherwise you will not be able to hear it. Third, the listener may need to work to optimally tune in to the frequency so that he or she gets a clear signal. The latter is all the more important if there are several other stations that are powerfully broadcasting at competing frequencies that may make it difficult to hear the desired station. This is very much the case regarding the Ninth Wave since there are lower waves that prevent the listener from getting a clear signal. This is the real crux of the matter. Hence even if there are many groups and movements that are talking about Oneness, Ascension and fourth-dimensionality, but unless their work is connected to the Ninth Wave they will not be able to gain the guidance to get there.

So will the world change on days such as April 18, May 24 or June 29? What absolutely will be enhanced during the 18 days following such dates is the potential for manifesting unity consciousness. Already now we may see some steps in the direction towards unity also on a global scale occurring on such dates. You may for instance make note of if certain ideas or persons in power are supported by the days or the nights. This will tell you much more about the future of a phenomenon than political opinions. Yet, nothing changes in the time periods that are days unless people tune into the energy shifts and change, who you are in the world as a result of your resonance with the Ninth Wave. Over time we will then see a strengthening of the process toward unity consciousness in such a way that actions and projects expressing unity are increasingly synchronized also on a visible global scale. Resonance with the Ninth Wave will in other words increasingly become a synchronizing factor for positive projects for the world. Personally, I believe that unless a large part of humanity develops such a resonance we have very little reason to expect that our species will survive. To counteract a potentially disastrous future we must then now urgently develop a collective calling to manifest our Golden Age destiny of unity through resonance with the Ninth Wave. And it can only happen day by day.



  1. Dear Carl, thanks for all you are doing to bring our awareness to potentially understand this very important information that the code of the Mayan calendar reflects, and to see and feel this highest aspect of CREATION for ourselves, that through the last 10 years I have grown to understand in a sacred way that resonates a deep truth to my SOUL’S MEMORY… as I tune my mind into my inner Light by trusting my hearts intentions to be in truth to Creation’s Will I feel an automatic resonance with the ebbing and flowing movement of the Ninth Wave, and I am grateful to be consciously aware of this rising vibration that I feel aligning to a Divine Universal Frequency of the highest order of LIGHT & LOVE that our destiny is being called by, all I am doing is holding myself in my center, and noticing the interference that is out of tune with the highest frequency that the Ninth Wave emits, best Sean Caulfield in Cape Town, South Africa,

  2. Brandon

    Bought and read the 9 waves of creation last week. What a great book. I had a spiritual awakening during the 8th wave with the new age movement. But with so many different traditions I have been struggling to understand how both healing and god fit together. I struggled to understand how god would allow all this pain in the world. For a long long time now I have been feeling like an outcast. While everyone I know is following the conventional materialistic path I have struggled to create a living as a healer. And the looks I get from family and friends is one of sympathy. Thank you helping me understand why I have been inspired to follow this path. Now I understand how everything is connected and even how to connect with my guidance.

    Great Book

  3. Penny

    Thank you for sharing. The past few days have been tough for me as they suddenly brought a ‘petty tyrant’ into my life. But I slowed down and realized this was all for the purpose of spiritual growth. Suddenly today I was moved to meditate and really felt a great resonance – something just clicked in and shifted. I don’t know if this was some pre-peak sensation but the timing is interesting since I didn’t realize there was another shift point happening tomorrow. I appreciate your detailed blog piece about this and will henceforth make a strong effort to tune in.

  4. Timothy Bartlett

    Hello Carl, thank you for this free and informative article.I feel a great resonance with the wave’s peaks and troughs! Best wishes,Tim Bartlett, Hampden park, Eastbourne.

  5. John Norburn

    That such a resonance exists is fun to think about. I will ask for guidance how I may use the knowledge. Thanks!

  6. Gail Pettinger

    Thank you Carl for the timeliness of sharing your article. Reading this today on April 18th is so helpful in reflecting back on the past ups or high point(18 day “day” cycle) and downs (18 day “night” cycle) of the last 36 day wave. Through our meditation practices and ceremony we are greatly assisted in consciously aligning ourselves with the power of these sine curve waves. I particularly liked your clear reminder that “insight can only be gained from your own experience”. You have always said it is our own experiencing of the energies of the days and waves that is important and not what another’s teaching or interpretation that matters. This personal experiencing of the Ninth Wave frequencies is the key to understanding, to accessing and to participating in the becoming of unity consciousness and to surfing the wave. (more like kite-surfing with the wind at our backs!) Again thank you! I have such gratitude and respect for your work and dedication to making it available to others.

  7. Thanks again Carl. Krishna may have shared that I am in the process of rewriting “old” manuscripts done when they needed to be, now with time enough at 75, and aligned wave energies, happening quite easily. I’ll share this with others to alert them to your books and work.

    Harry MacCormack

  8. Thank you, Carl, for this very helpful article. I know that many sensitive people are experiencing what they call “ascension symptoms” – fatigue and body pain. Some people are able to correlate their symptoms with periods of high sun spot and geomagnetic storm activity. I’m wondering if it would be helpful for these sensitives to also monitor the the 9th wave to see if they can correlate their symptoms this wave activity? I’d like to know what you think?

  9. James

    Hello Carl,

    I have been following your work for some time, but I don’t seem to find any references to the ninth wave in any literature about the actual Mayan calenders – for example the short count, the long count and the Tzolkin. So the 9th Wave is not actually part of any of the official Mayan calendars – and therefore is probably not supported or followed by any indigenous Mayans today.

    The sacred, timeless Tzolkin (the real Mayan Calendar) is all that we need to be tuned in to the current, changing and new frequencies day by day – it maps it all – it is timeless – it needs no adjustments or replacements – and, importantly – it has not fallen out of practice – yet, you seem to very rarely mention the Tzolkin.

    Nevertheless, even if we do follow the Tzolkin – being tuned in is not enough – we will need to change our actual lifestyles – if we hope to survive as a species. Just following frequencies or waves of any kind is not enough and will not be enough. The ancient and modern Mayans lived and live in harmony with their environment and with respect towards it – they don’t over-exploit or over-consume: So, in addition to following the waves and frequencies, they also match that with practical aspect – as above, so below – as they are spiritual, so they are practical, in order to manifest the spiritual into physical reality. Is it not time to start paying attention to the practical aspects?

    • Hello James, my first reaction is that you probably have not read my most recent books. You are raising important issues that requires deeper discussions that cannot be discussed extensively in Internet posts.
      The choice of calendar all comes down what your aims are. There is no “official” Mayan calendar and if your aim is to do exactly what some Mayan elder does today then you should not follow the Ninth Wave. But then you should not follow the Long Count (Sixth Wave) or short count (Seventh Wave) either because modern day Mayan day keepers follow these. So if your ideal is to follow the same calendars as todays daykeepers you will miss out on almost the entire wisdom from ancient times. You would also miss out on the modern research that has substantiated the reality of these waves. Overall, the most important aspects of the ancient calendar systems have not been followed for about a thousand years (the last Long Count Stela is from 909 CE in Tonina). If you study the stelas from ancient times the tzolkin date is like a footnote among a number of references to the creation waves, which they were fully aware defined the meaning of a particular point in time. None of the larger context of creation is given by the Tzolkin energy. So you would profoundly have to disagree with the ancient Maya if you believe that the tzolkin is sufficient for understanding where we are now in creation. Things change. Today we are for instance living in an entirely different quantum field than people did a thousand years ago as not only are we in the seventh night of the Sixth Wave, but the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Waves have also been activated since then. Without this knowledge you will have no idea of where you are in creation and where this is now going. In our own crazy times I would say that it is critical for people to understand why this is and what calendar can lead them out of it. As the ancient Maya knew well the Tzolkin by itself does not provide this information. What this means is that if you only follow the tzolkin you will never get to unity consciousness or even be aware that the world evolves according to a plan since the tzolkin is just a 260 day cycle that is constantly repeatedly exactly. It is not going anywhere, does not point out a direction and so in order for people to become part of manifesting the destiny of humanity they simply have to follow the Ninth Wave. Nonetheless, the Ninth Wave as well as the Sixth Wave (Long Count) and the Seventh Wave (Short Count) are connected to the traditional Tzolkin in specific ways so it is a deeply interconnected system. The tzolkin serves if you like as a guarantor of the internal consistency of the Mayan calendar system with its nine waves. On my own part I have chosen to adhere to the ancient Mayan way of following the calendars and connect to the Ninth Wave even if I live in the country and tend a garden. If I ignored the Ninth Wave and merely followed the tzolkin I would simply cut myself off from being part of the destiny of humanity. So in the end it is a very consequential choice.

  10. Richard

    While the Tzolkin and other larger Mayan cycles like the long count are fully supported by the Mayas and cover great cycles of time into the past and also into the future, there is no support for any so called Ninth Wave on any mayan sources. So it seems clear that such Ninth Wave is just speculation by Calleman and it is not based on any mayan sources past or present.

    • There is an enormous amount of evidence presented in my books for the existence of the Nine Waves of Creation.
      So far no one has been able to counter this or the many predictions that I have made on its basis that have turned out to be right, but of course you can try. There are steles of nine waves of creation from Yaxchilan as well as stele 1 from Coba. Most importantly the Tortuguero monument 6 says that the current shift would mean that Bolon Yokte Kuh, The Nine-level god, would now appear in his full regalia. For more information about this see Mark Van Stone’s book about 2012. This is what our own time is about, whether you think this is speculation or not and if you chose to ignore it you will simply miss out of the message of the Mayan calendar. Naturally the ancient Maya did not follow the Ninth Wave since it had not been activated in their time, but they did say that in our time Bolon Yoke Kuh would for the first time appear in his full regalia.

  11. Richard

    Sorry but Bolon Yoke Kuh has nothing to do with periods of 36 days.
    Nor is there any relation between any such Ninth Wave to 36 days periods which are non-existent in maya sources.

    • Sorry, but you are wrong. The Bolon Yokte Kuh, the nine-story God is directly related to the Ninth Wave.
      The Ninth Wave is the top level of Bolon Yokte Kuh that was symbolized by their nine-storied pyramids. In fact Barbara MacLeod who is the world authority on Bolon Yokte Kuh, says that KUh can also mean temple (or in other words pyramid).
      To come to 36 days is then simple arithmetic 720/20 = 36 days. Yet, the truth of any Mayan calendar (and I think you can count about a hundred) can only be verified by empirical evidence and this is how the seriously interested will have to approach it.

  12. Richard

    Calleman, sir, please give some examples of predictions based on periods of 36 days. There are not any and there is no such cycle.
    There is a period of 9 (Lords of the Night to be exact) in mayan sources but has nothing to do with the meaning you try to give to it.

    • Well I certainly predicted the frequency increase that took place when the Ninth Wave was activated
      on March 9, 2011 (notably two days before the huge earthquake in Fukushima). I also predicted the
      desire for oneness that was expressed during the whole year of 2011 in protest movements.
      Naturally if you are not a person whose intention is oneness you will never be able to experience
      the Ninth Wave and presumably you have not been able to make any predictions based on the Mayan calendar either.
      Nine is the number and the ancient Maya expressed it not only through the lords of the night but their pyramids as well.

  13. In reading the discussions about the validity of Carl’s work in terms of the Ninth Wave being real or not, to me, one could not, without reading and studying deeply Carl’s body of work in his books, come to a conclusion that is to any contrary answer, and to point out that it does not just take the study of it to understand it, it takes an intuitive inner knowing through feeling the shifts of what the Ninth Wave frequency, that holds the flawless resonance of what evolution is moving us forwards by, is allowing us to tune ourselves by. The most important thing to understand is that in terms of the Mayan calendar Pyramid of TIME, the 9 Levels reflects the evolution of consciousness. From 16.4 Billion years ago, when the so called big bang conceived our Creation Story in to becoming, each step of growth lives for a specific purpose, and each step accelerated creations evolutionary process by 20 X, so the second level is 820 Million years long and 20 X smaller than the first level, this accounts for the speeding up of Creations growth, or the feeling of Time speeding up. As Carl has pointed out, it is an ancient forgotten calendar system that on schedule has surfaced now, not for not reason. It is showing a map or code that is guiding us to be aware of the Divine Plan, and be aware on the biggest scale of the Universe. From my angle, the 9 levels of evolution aligns to a common sense understanding, a sense that this is a true reflection of the growth of the cosmos, that scientifically is proven to be ever expanding, and the feeling of this understanding brings to me inner peace.

  14. Richard

    There are many predictions that can be made based on the real Mayan Calendar such as eclipses and the venus phases. This can be done even today using the same exact calendar and tables they used. So yes everyone can use the original Mayan Calendar to make predictions, mainly related to astronomy and nature as a whole.
    This calendar should be approached scientifically rather than empirically.
    While there is some basis for the posible existence of cycles of 9, and you deserve credit for that, there is no basis at all that we are at any “ninth wave” at this exact point in time, much less that such wave is composed of an infinite period of 36 days periods. That just does not make sense and there is no basis, sources or proof for that.
    Much more likely the Tzolkin goes on as always has and the mayan periods continue its rhythm according to the larger mayan periods that were already marked and described by them thousands of years ago.

    • Can you inform me if you have studied any of my work or are you just writing here to spread negative opinions about a matter you do not know enough about? Moreover, what are your scientific credentials? This would be good to know since it seems you are questioning mine. If all there was to the Mayan calendar is that it could be used for predicting astronomical phenomena like venus phases or eclipses then it would now be pretty useless as modern science is a million times more exact for such purposes. So unless you want to say that the Mayan calendar is useless for modern people you should specify what it is good for. If you do not think it is good for anything you should leave this forum, which is for those who are seriously interested in the evolution of consciousness and how the Mayan calendar describes this.

    • Babyblue

      To answer Richard, time is not as simple as that. One group of people thousands of years ago could not possibly predict exactly how time would play out infinitely as time itself is shifting. The resonance field of the Earth itself is shifting. Days are speeding up even if they are still measured as 24 hours, I know they are going much faster now. Time is fluid and changes as we move through evolution. Therefore it is also up to modern man to come to new understandings and deeper insights regarding time IMHO

  15. angelina pelano

    thank you so much carl for this information…i am so happy that you explain it all and hopefully humanity can move forward to a peaceful life of compassion and sharing and conscious recollection of our paths that all cross.

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